Fully Interactive

by RussellG

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man offers a certain Theme-Park C.E.O. some new technology that is VERY user friendly!

This is not a true story, and is written as a parody for Entertainment purposes. It contains copyrighted characters and Sexual acts. If you are under 18 then stop reading this right now and go do your homework


"Come in", I said as I sipped my Doctor Pepper.

The man stepped into the room, accompanied by what I can only assume was a bodyguard. I was a little annoyed; my invitation had been for him to come alone.

He looked around as though he was uncomfortable.

"Please sit down Mr. Eisner, no need to be nervous." I lifted my glass to him. "Care for a drink? I have Pepsi, and Doctor Pepper. I you want something a little stronger I can call room service."

"Ah... no thank you."

I smiled. "Let me guess, you weren't expecting to meet someone quite so young as I am. Am I right?"

He cleared his throat. "Well yes. But your invitation to meet was rather... interesting."

I laughed and took another sip. "I bet! She is something special isn't she? Tink... come here would you?" I watched Mr. Isner's expression go from all business to one of wonder as a familiar glowing fairy flew from the next room and hovered between us for a moment before swooping in front of him and smiling. You'd think that the CEO of the Disney Corporation had never seen TinkerBell before I thought to myself as she flew over to me and gave me a tiny kiss on the cheek before landing on the arm of my chair. "I knew that if I sent you a normal invite you wouldn't come, but TinkerBell showing up in your office and spelling out the hotel and room number I was in using glowing fairy-dust... I knew you wouldn't be able to resist."

He continued staring at Tink as she preened her wings. "I've never seen anything quite like it in all my life. It's an incredible illusion to pull off. Even our own people haven't been able to come up with holograms as sharp as this!" He leveled his gaze at me. "How much do you want for the technology? I'll can better ANY offer you'll get from anyone else."

My smile broadened. "Well Mr. Eisner, or can I call you Mike? You see Mike, this isn't an illusion." I made me point by stroking my finger down Tink's back. Bells chimed and she squirmed in delight from my touch. Mikes eyes popped out of his head while his jaw dropped. "She is VERY real."

"Ho... how is that possible? It can't be a robot!"

"Well no she's not... not the kind you are thinking of ant any rate." I held up my hand, palm up and flat. Tink leaped up and used my hand to strut, turn and shake her tiny ass at my shocked guest. "Tink here is a nano-particle construct. Tiny machines reproduce and build on a design that is programmed into them. She's fully interactive, and capable of a wide range of actions that can be programmed into her."

"So she's not alive?"

"Not in the same way as you and I are. She doesn't need to eat, but she does need to shut down for a few hours to recharge he systems once every 48 hours."

"What you're talking about isn't possible, it's science fiction!"

I set down my glass and stood up. Tink flew up and perched on my shoulder as I guided my guests into the next room. "Gentlemen, I present you the Nano-Particle-Assembly-System or NPAS. As you can see the whole unit is very compact, and resembles a conventional laptop and scanner but this unit on the floor is where the finished unit is assembled." I pointed to a pad on the floor that looked like those things that the crew on the Enterprise stand on in the transporter. "I assume that you would care for a demonstration?"

"Ye... yes. If it's not too much trouble."

My fingers flew across the keyboard as the unit powered up. "Now normally I would have to scan in an image of character that I want the nano-particles to form and. But I have a few saved on the main drive, as well the desired characteristics and voice patterns."

"You can get them to talk?"

"Yes. Tink here as you know from the films doesn't talk. She just chimes. I am thinking of giving her a voice as an added feature. Maybe Julia Roberts voice like the one she did when she played TinkerBell in Hook."

Tink nodded and clapped happily. I watched as both Isner's and his Body Guard's eyes grew wide as an outline appeared on the pad. The outline grew more solid with each passing moment. Flesh, hair and cloth filled in the outline that faded and there on the pad proudly stood Princess Jasmine in all her royal glory! "Now that the unit is fully formed I implement the programming." My fingers once more moved in a practiced motion and a few seconds later Princess Jasmine's eyes opened and smiled, flashing her perfect teeth as she walked off the pad and over to me.

"Hello Raymond, it's good to see you again!"

I smiled at my stunned guests. "It's good to see you again too Jasmine." I leaned down and she planted a kiss on my cheek. "This is a guest of mine. Jasmine I'd like you to meet Mr. Isner. Mr. Eisner... meet Princess Jasmine."

The Princess turned and approached the visibly shaken C.E.O. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Eisner." She stood on her toes and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Um... it's nice to met you too Jasmine."

The Princess smiled prettily and came to stand between us. "Would you like a further demonstration of the unit Mr. Eisner?", I asked.

He slowly nodded and I reached for the remote to turn on the CD player. Music worthy of any Arabian Night's movie came through the speakers. "Jasmine would you dance for us please?"

"Oh yes... I LOVE to dance!" She moved to the center of the room and began to move and sway to the music.

I motioned the two men to chairs, which they sank down into slowly while never taking their eyes off the dancing beauty. She moved with a grace unmatched, swayed, twirled, and whirled with the rhythm.

"As you can see she's been programmed to dance as well, if not better, than any human dancer."

"She's sweating too!" Eisner gasped.

"Yes... it's part of her programming. And I think that it very exciting, don't you?"

Eisner nodded while his bodyguard just gaped.

"Now let me show you something... special." I clapped my hands and Jasmine shot a VERY sexy smile to all three of us and began to do a stip-tease that would have ranked higher than any performance on any stage. Bit by bit her deeply tanned body was revealed. The perfect slopes of her pert breasts and lean flat tummy as she removed her top while doing an oh-so-slow turn. While her back was to us she used her thumbs to inch her pantaloons down to show us her perfectly heart-shaped ass and the light blue g-string panties she was wearing. Giving her cheeks a shake in our direction she turned and gave us a view of those pert tits once more and used her finger-tips to tease her puffy areola's until her nipples were erect. She tweaked them between her thumbs and fore-finger and then slowly moved her hands down her taut belly to the g-string. I looked over at my two guests... Isner was sweating visibly, and his bodyguard let out a groan as the princess rubbed the front of her remaining garment until a spot of wetness began to show through the material.

"My God!" Eisner said.

"It gets even better. Jasmine honey... would you?" I motioned at Eisner. She smiled and strutted over to his chair and stood in front of him.

"Did you like my dancing?", she asked in a sing-song voice.

"Y... yes. It was very good!"

"I can tell... you look as if you were enjoying yourself." Her hand went down and came to rest in the C.E.O.'s crotch. "It feels like it too! Mmm... nice and hard!"

I smiled as I watched as Jasmine unzipped the head of the Disney company's pants and proceeded to give him what I knew would be world-class head! He gripped the arms of his chair and groaned as this fantasy princess come-to-life sucked his cock like a seasoned pro... swirling her tongue around the head on the upstroke and deep throating him fully. From the look on his face I knew I had chosen the right demonstration, Jasmine was REALLY good! It wasn't long before he let out a loud groan and Jasmine was swallowing his load, and lightly licking his rapidly deflating dick as he gasped and wiped the sweat off his flushed face. Good thing I didn't use Jessica Rabbit for the demo, if Jasmine did that to him Jessie would have killed him.

Jasmine gave him a smile and kissed the head of his cock before tucking it back in and zipping him up. "Well Mr. Eisner, I take it you can see that there are MANY different possibilities for my nano-constructs?" I handed him a hand towel to wipe his face.

"Yes... I can see that there could be many things that they could do.", he said as he watched Jasmine walk back to the bar to clean herself.

"I'm glad. They could be used to replace characters in the parks... but that would put people out of work. But... how much would certain people pay to have a fantasy come to life? To wake a real Sleeping Beauty with a kiss, and then make love to her. Or have a nice session with their own Little Mermaid, bend Belle over, or have a private dance from Jasmine?"

He nodded while smiling slowly. "Yes... there would be quite a market for something like that. Since they aren't human it's not prostitution. What about STD's?"

"Not a problem, all constructs have a system that breaks down any matter introduced into the system, breaks it down and absorbs it. All of them can be used either orally, vaginally, or anally with no fear of disease... and they all swallow!"

Across the room Jasmine licked her lips and patted her sweaty tummy as if she had just enjoyed a gourmet meal.

"I think I've seen everything I need to see Mr... what did she call you?"

"Grant, Raymond Grant."

"Very well Mr. Grant. I am interested in this new technology."

"Excellent! Now I was thinking that 200 million to start, and of course I would be keeping the rights to the actual unit technology."

"I'm afraid you don't understand Mr. Grant. I am Interested in the technology... but I'm not interested in paying for it. Allen... if you would?"

I heard a click from behind me, and a gasp from Jasmine. I slowly turned and saw that Eisner's Bodyguard had drawn a Glock pistol and had it aimed right at my head. THIS was NOT good.

"You're just going to take it all and leave me here with nothing eh?"

"No, that would cause problems. I'm sure that my technical people can figure out how this thing works, without your help. Besides, I don't think a kid like you could have built something this sophisticated. More than likely you stole it from somewhere. So you could hardly report that a respected businessman like myself took anything from you, but leaving you behind it not an option. You could make thing complicated later on, and I've learned over the years that it's not a good idea to leave loose ends. So Allen will take you out to the desert and get rid of you."

I shook my head. "I should have known. This meeting was a gamble, but I was hoping that things would work out differently. But I guess I'll have to go with my alternate plan instead. Diana, Betsy... if you would please!"

Before either man could move a glowing "Golden Lasso" fell around the bodyguard's shoulders and pinned his arms to his side, holding him fast with a blank expression on his face.

"Thanks Diana." I said as a Red, White, and Blue clad Amazon figure stepped into the room with a broad smile.

Mr. Eisner tried to rise while speaking, but the sharp blade of a Katana blade stopped both actions and forced him back down into his chair. A Purple haired woman dressed in tight fitting fighting clothes scowled at him with a mix of anglo and asian features.

I sighed as I walked across the room to stand in front of the frightened C.E.O. "Mr. Eisner... did you REALLY think that I would bring you here to try and make a deal and not have any plans for my own protection?" I put an arm around the waist of my sexy ninja-girl. "Since your company hasn't yet produced a heroine that has special abilities or powers... I had to go to the comics for some extra protection. Psylocke and Wonder Woman were my first choices. Diana has her strength, speed, and Amazon Battle skills while Betsy here is the supreme mistress of martial arts as well as a Telepath. So if I were you I wouldn't move or try to yell for help... nobody is in any of the adjoining rooms to hear you." I gave Betsy's waist a squeeze as she sheathed her sword and walked across to Isner's immobile body-guard. Diana uncoiled her lasso from around him, but before he could recover Betsy's hand moved in a blur as light flared from it in the shape of a blade the went into Allen's thick skull and caused him to collapse. Eisner's face went dead white.

"You killed him!"

I laughed. "You are obviously NOT a reader of comic books are you Mikey? If you will notice... there's no blood. The reason behind that is the weapon Betsy used was her Psychic Knife. It's a manifestation of her telepathic powers, when he wakes up he'll remember only what I want him to remember. Now as for you..."

"You're not going to kill me?"

"I should, especially after what you tried to do... and for what your grand-son did do."

"What do you mean, my grand-son is just a baby. He couldn't have dome anything to you!"

"Not now... but in 50 years he will have... or I should say would have."


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