Pleasure Planet

by Dave

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Science Fiction, Torture, .

Desc: Sex Story: An astronaut crash land onto an orgasmic planet.

Not that it mattered that the desert winds blinded him as he struggled towards the shelter of the cratered foothills. Nor did he find refuge in the locaters steady hum as its powerful beacon saturated the heavens with it's powerful signal. He assumed his rescue was imminent, but his survival until then was in serious doubt. For even now, as his tortured genitals released yet another spurt of his dwindling seed, his knees gave way and he crumbled into the sand. Not far behind, a pack of ravenous she-creatures sniffed at the air and scurried between the clouds of billowing sand on all fours. They could sense his nearness and they hungered for the blood laced cream that soaked through his drenched fatigues and into the sand beneath his prone form.

Twenty four hours earlier, his probe had left the command ship in search of the trace life forms that had briefly appeared on their long range scanners. Albeit the planet's infrastructure was apparently too young to support life forms, there was conclusive evidence to the contrary sending the on board science team into a frenzy. Thad was selected for the mission because of his background and youthful exuberance. Within an hour, he was fed, briefed, and jettisoned into the alien atmosphere, where, shortly after the launch, he lost all communication with the command ship. Shortly thereafter, a series of unexplained events befell the unsuspecting vessel, forcing from it orbit onto a aimless course into oblivion.

As the probe entered the near atmosphere, Thad's attempts to maintain the pre-programmed flight path became useless as the tiny craft was buffeted violently on its axis by the turbulent jet stream. His appeals for assistance went unheard, as the tiny craft continued to accelerate on its lethal descent towards the crater pocked planet. Just before the craft plummeted into the surface, Thad diverted all the ships power reserves to its emergency shields; an evolution that would ultimately save his life. The probe violently slammed into a sand berm with such velocity that the point of impact was turned to glass crystals. The tiny ship continued tumbling and bouncing across the dunes, leaving a trail of crumpled debris behind the agonizing screams of its occupant. With a final wallowing hop, the careening mass slammed into a crater wall and disintegrated into rubble as the shields collapsed and the sole occupant was violently thrown through the only viewing portal onto the wind-whipped sand. A muffled explosion blew sand in all directions as the last power supply expired furiously, and the remains of the craft was consumed by the wind driven fire. It took some time before awareness returned to the battered astronaut, and by then, he was surrounded by them.

"There was a small explosion on Ship Sector 4."

"Was the alien ship disabled before it could land?"

"Affirmed; perhaps it was an escape craft."

"Monitor the ships' surface for any unusual activity - if there were any survivors, the surface dwellers will lead us to them."

Thad stirred slowly, assessing the extent of his injuries while they studied him intently. As he convinced himself that his battered assets were intact his eyes focused on the first creature from where he lay. Clothed in tattered animal skin remnants that barely covered the exposed weathered skin, he looked into the face of one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He started to rise as his eyes focused on a second with similar physical characteristics and identical eyes - deep brown orbs that failed to show any emotions while exposing his inner most fragility unmercifully. He was surrounded by these beautiful females, with perfectly symmetrical assets, weathered skin, and wanton eyes the burned with desire. Despite the ferocity of the blowing sand, his parched throat and his bruised extremities, his genitals began to awaken in anticipation as his breath quickened.

They glanced at each other briefly before turning back to the alien visitor, licking their lips passionately as Thad struggled to his knees. So intent was he on the women surrounding himself, that he failed to see the small translucent centipede that wiggled through the sand and into his tattered flight suit. By the time he became aware of its presence, it had already penetrated his undergarments, struggling desperately to reach his tightened sphincter. His desire soon gave way to panic as he began swatting at the barely visible invader desperately while the small circle of women watched disconcertingly. Despite his best efforts it found its way into the plump muscular ring, and burrowed into the resisting flesh with such veracity that it was able to enter the dark canal. Within moments, it had torn through the wall of his colon and embraced the over ripe prostrate, piercing the fragile membrane to dine of the life-supporting contents inside.

Despite the agony from his torn colon, Thad experienced erotic stimulation unlike he had ever experienced before. Deep within his torso, the little creature was sending tiny electrical impulses into the neural network that ended in the crown of his throbbing manhood as it fed on squirming sperm. Unable to control his arousal, he massaged the growing lump in his suit and focused on the nearest woman as she silently caressed her pussy. Despite no linguistic foundation, they immediately understood each other. Savagely, she lunged onto his battered torso and clawed at his crotch until his raging cock sprung free. She poised her quivering loins above him pausing just long enough to position the head of his cock within her furry lips before plunging onto his hips with enough force to momentarily knock the wind from him. As he gasped for air, the first load of sperm laden cream exploded into her depths, coating her womb with life giving seed, before the second, more forceful burst shot forth. Aided by the small creature within, the second eruption carried so much velocity that the unsuspecting recipient was blown free from the throbbing rod on which she had perched as her own orgasm tore through her convulsing torso. Seizing the moment, another woman leapt upon him and completely engulfed the cum spurting machine within her dripping pussy just as the third spurt thundered between his legs and into her quivering pussy.

As if a scene from a erotic horror melodrama, the scene repeated itself over and over again whereas one satiated woman would fall away as another would leap astride his thrusting torso with barely a stroke lost. Thad could feel his essence dwindling with each new seminal surge, yet he was unable to escape the throes of his orgasmic nightmare until the final recipient collapsed on his torso with an audible gasp of fulfillment and the creature that nestled within his pelvis stopped feeding. All about him were strewn satiated she creatures, reveling in the orgasmic throes they thought extinct with the death of the last male several years earlier. To them, cum was the essence of their existence, and because there had always been far more women then men, the male populace eventually succumbed to the ravenous appetite of their counterparts. Without intervention, Thad would soon join them.

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