Mom, What Do You Have For Breakfast?

by Indy Pop

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Food, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Mother and son enjoy a special dessert for their brekfast.<i>(A sequel to the story "I got a lover, my son")</i>

(This is only a work of fiction. The story is complete in itself; however, to relate to characters please read, "I got a lover, my son")

A cold morning breeze sent a wave of shivers through my body, forcing me to open my eyes. With half opened eyes I looked at the opened windows, which I had forgotten to close last night.

It was a pleasant cold November morning. I glanced at the wall clock; it was showing ten past eight. I was late today, very unusual for a person like me, as I am an early riser. But, after having a fantastic night of fucking and sucking with my only son, it was not possible even for me, to maintain my rigid schedule. And this hadn't happened for the first time. Ever since I started screwing my son Jonny, I was unable to get up early. Thankfully, it was Saturday and I was in no hurry.

I looked at my nakedness. My hand moved between my thighs, into my pubic area. I could feel the traces of my son's dried cum in my dark bush. Last night, I was so contented after our two rounds of lovemaking that thereafter, I immediately fell asleep.

I looked at my son Jonny, lying next to me, snoring lightly. Jonny stopped sleeping in his own room, and was now sharing my bedroom. After all, he was the man of the house and his horny mom needed a daily quota of his hot deluge into her famished pussy. I glanced at his cock; it was hard, jetting like a flagpole from his dark thatch. I felt my pussy going wild just from seeing his erect cock.

I tried to control myself. Jonny was still sound asleep, and I wanted him to be fully recharged before we start our lustful weekend. I left the bed and went to the bathroom. I stood in front of the vanity and inspected my reflection in the full sized mirror.

I was amazed to see the woman in the mirror. Not only my pubic hair, but also my whole body, my hair, my face, my nipples, my stomach, were all covered with the traces of the dried cum. I had always loved the feel of cum over my body. I smiled at the shameless slut looking at me through the mirror.

I watched what my tits looked like while I squeezed and caressed them with both hands, enjoying the pink of my nipples, and how crisp my bush of black pubic hair looked. My tits are very sensitive, and soon they were buzzing with a sexual excitement, which was communicating itself directly to my clitoris. I was feeling a new prickly feeling in my cunt, and I was wet again.

I turned my ass towards the mirror, and spreading my legs I bent over, looking at my firm ass from between my legs. I watched my wet pink pussy slit peeping out of my thick fur. My fur is really very bushy, and a trail of hair goes around my ass hole too. I laughed at how it looked like a puckered brown hole surrounded by a curly beard.

I had never shaved my pussy. My late husband adored my hairy pussy and never allowed me to shave it. Now, my son also has similar tastes. I ran a finger through my anal crack. My anal passage is not virgin. My late husband used to intrude into it occasionally, and I had always enjoyed the experience. So far, Jonny had not paid much attention to my sphincter, he was still busy exploring his first pussy, but I knew that it wouldn't be long before he would start discovering the other delicious aperture his mother can offer to his raging cock.

I finished my daily rituals, took a hot bath and came back to my room. Jonny was still sleeping. I admired his lean athletic body. My son is not into bodybuilding; he prefers athletics and likes to participate in long distance races. Due to this, he practices daily for hours. It had given him a good lean athletic body, quite unlike his father who was rather flabby in his later days.

There was some movement between his thighs, his hard cock was jerking gently between the dark thatches of his pubic hair. It was hard to guess whether he was having an erotic dream, or it was only the morning hardness, so natural to all the males. I lovingly watched his hardness, trying to recall the pleasure it had been imparting to my hungry pussy ever since we started having sex. I felt my pussy twitching with exhilaration.

After drying myself, I took my bra and panties from my drawers, but decided against wearing them and put them back. The morning was a little cold so I put on my bathrobe and went to the kitchen.

I prepared coffee for me, and was busy preparing breakfast when I heard the sound of footsteps behind me. Jonny was standing at the kitchen's door, supporting his tall lean frame against the door. His hands folded at his chest, he was smiling at me. He was still naked, his hard cock extending like flagpole, his mushroomed cock head looking at me invitingly. My heart skipped a beat.

"Morning mom! Can I have some coffee?"

"Morning honey." I smiled back. "Help yourself."

Jonny moved to the kitchen counter, but stood directly behind me. He bent over to pour the coffee from the kettle to his mug, and in the process pushing his groin just a little into my firm ass. I could feel his throbbing erection push its way between my ass cheeks as he leaned over. I was pinned between my son and the kitchen platform, I felt his erection growing and pushing into my ass even more.

Jonny lifted his steaming mug. His free hand slowly moved towards my bottom. It entered inside my bathrobe and grabbed my bare ass. He started running his finger along my anal crack slowly. I felt my legs start trembling; and it took my all will power to control my urge to reach and grab his cock and put it inside my burning pussy.

Jonny was oblivious of my condition; he traced my puckered hole and his eager fingers probed it. Feigning ignorance I continued with my work. Jonny also kept on drinking his coffee, while his other hand was busy snooping my anal opening.

All of a sudden, he withdrew from me. Reluctantly, I watched him go. Jonny put the empty coffee mug into the sink. To my relief, he was back and started from where he had left. He grabbed my ass cheeks with his hands, pulling them so forcefully that I cried with pain.

His softened his grip a little, but spread my buns and brushed my puckered hole with his erect cock. He took hold of his cock with a hand and started running his cock along the length of my crack, sending waves of intense pleasure through my body. Things were getting beyond control. I could feel my pussy fluids flowing down my thighs. My legs were quivering, and I found it extremely hard to concentrate on my work.

Jonny continued playing with my anus for a while. Then he dropped to his knees, his hands still on my buns spreading them wide. He gently nibbled at my tight buns, gripping them between his teeth, pulling them erotically and then releasing them. His soft bites were imparting a burning desire into my body and I ached to feel his tongue at my rectum.

As if he read my thoughts, I became aware of his moist tongue slowly entering my anal region, the place where his cock was roaming a few moments ago. I felt his wet tongue gently touching my puckered hole. A mild shock ran through my body, and I moaned with delight.

With great fervor, Jonny started lapping my asshole, his tongue making flickering movement across my puckered hole. I bent my body over the platform to provide his darting tongue an easy access to my ass and pussy. My pussy was oozing wet and my cunt juices were traveling down my trembling thighs.

From his position, Jonny could see the condition of my pussy, as his moist tongue slowly traveled down towards the ridge between my ass and pussy and then to my dripping pussy. Releasing his grip on my ass, he pushed apart my thighs wide to gain more access to my cunt. He licked the wetness spreading over my thighs, and slowly his mouth cupped my dripping cunt.

He folded his tongue and pushed it through my cunt slit. My cunt was more than willing to accept this intrusion, and slowly his tongue was completely buried inside me. I loved the experience and rewarded him suitably by filling his hungry mouth with my overflowing love juice. My dripping pussy was engulfed by my son's hungry mouth, his eager tongue moving in and out of my wet furry hole, his lower teeth nibbling at my swollen clitoris.

It was too much for me, and within a short span of time a shattering orgasm overwhelmed my body. I grabbed the platform to prevent me from collapsing over his licking mouth. With a wild cry, I flooded his greedy mouth with my passion fluid. Jonny did not move a bit and kept sucking my warm juices till he had guzzled every drop of my spending.

"You taste really good Mom," Jonny said with an evil smile spreading across his face, licking my pussy juices from his fingers.

I realized that I was panting, although during the whole episode I was only standing. It took me a while to regain my breath. Jonny was already on his feet and was standing beside me; studying me. His hands were again inside my bathrobe, lightly caressing my thighs and wet bush. His lips and nose covered with my pussy nectar. He was licking his lips. His eyes were gleaming with a wicked grin.

I was back to my senses; I smile and kissed him on his lips. He responded with equal passion and inserted his tongue into my willing mouth. I tasted the sweet flavor of my pussy juice over his tongue.

After a while, I moved away from him. I desperately wanted him inside me. I wanted him to fuck me badly, to thrust his hard cock deep into my hungry pussy. Before I could ask him to fuck me, his question surprised me.

"Mom, what do you have for breakfast?"

Frankly I didn't expect him to ask this question at this moment. I looked at him surprisingly.

"Why? It is omelets, sandwiches and milk. Do you need something else?"

"Yes mom!" He was staring at me, grinning from ear to ear with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"I think I'd prefer to have dessert first."

"Dessert?" I was totally confused. I could guess he was scheming something nasty. My son was a shy teenager no more. He was playing games with his horny mom.

"Yes mom, dessert, a special one."

He moved to the fridge and opened it. He searched in the side cabinet and when his hand came out, it was holding a bar of my favorite chocolate. He took a bowl from cupboard; poured a little milk into it, removed the wrapper off the chocolate, broke the chocolate into many small pieces and dropped them into the milk.

He put the bowl over the gas stove. The heat of the burner started melting the chocolate and soon the pieces were completely melted. Jonny turned off the burner, and took a spoon from the cupboard. Using the spoon, he thoroughly stirred the content of the bowl, turning its content into a rich brown cream.

Finishing his task, Jonny looked at his preparation. He dipped his finger into it, felt its temperature, and took an iota of cream on his finger. He brought his finger to his lips and tasted his recipe. Satisfactorily he nodded, his head approving his preparation. He then handed me the bowl.

"Ladies first, mom."

I had been watching him silently, and by the time he finished his preparation, his intentions were clear to me. I took the bowl of liquid chocolate from his hand. I gently, grabbed his cock in my free hand and led him to the dining table, pulled a chair and shove him to sit on it. Jonny sat on the chair astride, his legs apart and his raging manhood rising like a pole from his dark thatches.

I got down between his legs, took his raging cock in my hand and fondled it lightly. I dipped my hand in bowl, smearing my fingers with the mildly warm creamy liquid chocolate. Slowly, I applied the cream to his cock. I spread it along its length, smudging it purple head with a thick coat; I smeared his pubic hair with thick sweet fluid and covering his big sack of balls. Soon, his whole groin area was covered with chocolaty paste.

It was time to enjoy my special dessert. I stuck out my tongue and gently tasted his piss hole, thickly covered with chocolate. It tasted like a mix of chocolate and cum. Playfully, I licked the coating from his cock head, savoring every bit my favorite adhering to his hard on. I ran my tongue along the length of his shaft, licking the sweet brown cream off it.

The whole thing was an out of this world experience. Every stroke of my hungry tongue on his cock was sending waves of hot passion through my body. Jonny was also feeling the same, as he had started moaning, asking me to continue my efforts.

I kept on licking his hot pecker, eating every bit of chocolaty paste glued to it. Finishing my task with his cock length, I concentrated my attention on his large testicles richly garnished with chocolate. Alternately, I took his balls one by one into my mouth and sucked them. My mouth was filled with my favorite chocolate, and I must admit I was enjoying my dessert immensely.

I covered his shaft with my fingers, moving up and down slowly across its length. I smiled at him and circled my lips and slipped them over his cock. My tongue again swirled around the head. Jonny groaned at the swift contact. My lips moved along the shaft, sucking him hard and fast. Jonny's hard prick was now completely engulfed inside my mouth. Jonny grabbed my head and forced his pelvis up to bury his cock deep into my mouth. His groin was moving to and fro, and he was fucking his mom's hungry mouth like a reciprocating piston, grunting and moaning with the effort and ecstasy. About a minute later I felt the unmistakable tremble. He was preparing to reward his horny mother with his hot jism. I felt his cock grow, even bigger in my mouth and suddenly his hot deluge started flooding my mouth. The hot jets of cum splashing into the back of my throat, gagging me for a moment. I recovered immediately and continued guzzling every drop of his hot seed with great fervor.

Jonny's cock continued jerking in my mouth, sending drops of cum splashing against my oral cavity. Slowly, like all good things, it came to an end; the jerking subsided and the inundation stopped. I continued sucking his cock and trying to squeeze even the last drop of cum from his cock.

His cock was now losing its hardness and slowly, it softened inside my mouth. When I removed my lips from his cock; Jonny's eyes were closed, and he looked delirious with the tremendous pleasure he had just received from his mother. He was breathing heavily; his limp cock now languishing along his thigh. Playfully, I kissed his cock and licked his pubic region, sucking off some more cream from the neighborhood.

Jonny had opened his eyes, and was looking at me intently.

"How was the dessert mom?" His voice was still trembling with excitement.

"Great son, it's your turn now." I replied, running my tongue over my lips to catch the last drop of his cum. "Let's see, how'd you have your dessert."

Jonny stood from the chair, removed my bathrobe making me completely naked. He led me back to the kitchen counter. My back facing the platform, he took my hands and supported them at the corner of the platform. I was in an arched position now, with my hands supporting back on the platform, and my streaming hairy pussy thrusting forward to the lustful eyes of my son.

Jonny assessed my position and then adjusted the position of my legs by spreading them further. My pussy was now open even wider to his lascivious gaze. Jonny brought his nose to my cunt, his eyes glued to it. He took a deep breath and gently flicked my cunt lips with his tongue, running it through my wet bush.

He took the bowl in his hand. He dipped his fingers into it and lifted the thick gluey liquid. Slowly, he started smearing the cream on my pussy lips. He applied the sweet dark brown liquid evenly over my pubic hair. He scooped some more cream from the bowl and this time he spread it across my puffy pussy lips.

His fingers were moving smoothly over my wet cunt lips spreading a uniform layer of cream along the length of my slit, smearing every strand of pubic hair over my love canal and even on my protruding clitoris. My whole genital area was covered with chocolate cream.

He took another scoop of cream from the bowl. I was surprised where he would be using that extra. My surprise was soon turned into a rage of passion, when he bent between my astride legs and started filling my anal crack with the cream.

He spread my ass checks with one hand and with the other hand he smeared the cream across the length of my crack, especially concentrating on my puckered hole and the smooth silky hairs surrounding the opening. I could feel his finger entering my hole, applying a coat of chocolaty emulsion. By the time he finished daubing my ass with cream, I was already in a state of extreme rapture.

Finishing his task, Jonny moved away from me, and stood between my open legs. He was lustfully gazing at his handiwork, his cream-coated finger was inside his mouth and he was licking the cream off his finger. I tried to examine my pussy and I could see thick chocolaty paste covering my pubic region.

His other hand was gently massaging his cock, which was showing the signs revival. Jonny lustily watched my chocolate-coated cunt and slowly bent his knees to the floor. His face now aligned with my cunt, gradually he lowered his head to my cream coated opening.

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