Auntie Ariel

by Baron Darkside

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Christian discovers the joy of unbridled sex with his experienced, beautiful aunt.

Waves of shimmering heat bounced up from the slate border surrounding the swimming pool as Ariel sat up. Her skin, already a deep bronze was glistening with sweat as she glanced down at her watch. It was three-thirty on a hot, still Saturday afternoon. It portended to be Another Lazy, Wasted Saturday Afternoon as her boyfriend, Jack had already left for the day.

Oh, well, she thought to herself, it's time to go in and have a toke. Maybe that'll give me a little lift so I can make it through the rest of the day.

Turning, she looked over at her nephew, Christian and his girlfriend, Sara. They were ignoring her as usual as they playfully picked and poked at each other... She watched them for a few moments noticing that her nephew, Christian, who was eighteen now had turned into quite a good looking young man even if she had to say so herself. Sara, his girlfriend was comparably pretty, just beginning to blossom into a comely young lass.

Sara did a good job of filling out her swimsuit, Ariel thought, but the girl was not in the same league as Ariel.

Glancing down at her own body, comparing it with the girl's body, Ariel knew that she would win hands down in a beauty contest. Ariel was proud of her forty year old body and how well preserved it was. It was definitely time for a toke, she mumbled, sitting up slowly, feeling her big, pendant breasts wiggle and roll heavily under the tiny bikini top.

"I think that I'm going to call it a day and go inside,"she remarked in the general direction of the cavorting teenagers.

"What, huh," Christian laughed, turning toward his aunt as Sara tickled him, "what, uh, what did you say, Auntie?"

"I said I going inside," she repeated herself, swinging her legs off the chaise lounge. Both of teenagers stopped teasing each other for a moment and watched her get up. Christian couldn't help admiring her big, drooping breasts that were barely covered by her skimpy bikini. He watched them appreciatively as they wiggled and bobbed enticingly. Her breasts were phenomenal, he thought, wishing Sara had big, soft breasts like his aunts. God it would be wonderful to bury his face down between them and try to suffocate himself in their warm softness. His aunt was wearing a new bikini, and its brevity gave him a new insight on just how beautiful she really was. The new suit barely covered anything and he could see that she was tan and beautiful all over. Too bad, she was his aunt, he thought lewdly, ashamed that he had even thought such a thought. Still, the tiny suit hid only some of her abundant charms and her beauty was so captivating, it was working it magic even on her nephew. Watching her rise, he saw that her whole body was glistening seductively with a sheen of perspiration that highlighted every fetching curve and cranny of her beautiful body.

Suddenly, Christian felt a perverse twinge of excitement course through his hardening cock as he looked on with fascination He vulgarly felt himself becoming aroused watching his aunt stroll across the patio. Cursing himself for even thinking about her in a sexual way, he shamefully turned away from her and focused his attention back on Sara.

"Hey, you wanta go upstairs and do it?" he whispered to Sara, reaching over and squeezing her breast through the thin material of her bathing suit.

"What about your Aunt," Sara asked him, smiling mischievously as she watched over his shoulder as Ariel disappear into the house. Sara had felt a pang of envy as she had watched the older woman walk across the patio. God, I wish I had an ass as pretty as hers, she had thought to herself as her eyes had followed Ariel across the patio.

"She'll go to her room and have a toke," he laughed softly as he felt Sara's hand steal down to his throbbing manhood.

"Wow, you are ready, aren't you?" Sara snickered, tickling his rock hardness through material of his bathing trunks.

"You'd better believe it," he groaned, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that his aunt was gone so that he could straighten out his growing difficulty.

"What made you so hard," Sara grinned at him, wondering if he had been turned on by his aunt, but not having the courage to ask him.

"You," he lied, feeling her hand rubbing his bulging cock through his bathing suit. Pulling Sara into his arms, Christian rubbed his hard maleness against her groin as he kissed her long and deep. They stood on the patio kissing for several moments, their tongues exploring the other's mouth wickedly until they finally they had to break for air.

"Wow," Sara panted, feeling her tiny nipples harden with expectation, "you're making me hot, too."

"Good, let's go," Christian puffed, taking her hand and roughly dragging her across the patio, "we'll have a toke and then, uh, uh, make love, okay?"

"What about your aunt," Sara asked him, trailing along behind him, "won't she smell the marijuana?"

"Probably not, because she'll be smoking herself, but it doesn't matter anyway," Christian bragged, stepping inside the house, "she knows I smoke pot!"

"Really?" Sara exclaimed, disbelief written all over her face, "your aunt doesn't mind that you smoke marijuana?"

"As long as I don't do it anywhere but at home," he said softly as they crept across the room, "she says she doesn't mind. In fact, she said she would furnish it, if I only did it at home. How could I turn that down?"

"Wow," Sara giggled nervously, "that's neat."

"My aunt is a neat lady," Christian boasted as they tiptoed up the stairs.

"She sounds like it," Sara said reverently.

Reaching the top of the stairs, they were greeted with the telltale odor of marijuana in the air.

"See, I told you," Christian snickered, leading Sara down the hallway to his bedroom. Slipping inside his room, Christian quickly stole went across the room and opened the drawers to his bedstand. Reaching inside, he pulled out two tokes.

"Uh, What time is it?" Sara asked nervously, seeming to be losing her nerve, "My mom is going to pick me up at four-thirty and I don't want to be soused when she gets here."

"Uh-oh, it is already three-forty five," Christian told her, glancing down at his watch.

"Uh, maybe, uh, why don't we just share one, then?" he suggested, lighting one of the tokes.

"Uh, Okay, I'll just have a couple of puffs."

They sat on the bed for a few moments solemnly puffing on the marijuana cigarette until it was burned down to the end.

"Nice," Sara said, smiling inanely as she watched Christian stubbing the toke out, "that was some nice and mellow stuff.

Now I feel nice and mellow too."

"How do I feel," Christian asked her, boldly pulling his bathing trunks down to reveal his jutting manhood.

"Oh, My, Wow," Sara blushed, reaching out and taking hold of his throbbing maleness, "how come you're so big?"

"You make me big," he grinned sitting down beside her.

Wrapping both of her hands around Christian's massive cock, Sara found that still over half of his great peter still jutted up above her clenched fists.

"God, it must be at least a foot long," she said adoringly as she ran her hands up and down the entire length of its rigid stiffness.

"Almost, but I'm an inch short," he gloated, slipping his fingers under the waist band of her bikini bottom.

"Big deal, one little inch," Sara snickered as she let him skillfully skin the bottom of her bathing suit down her long, shapely legs.

"Oh, you are horny, aren't you?" she tittered excitedly as he suddenly began forcing her down onto her back.

"I've been wanting to fuck you all afternoon," he panted, pushing her downonto the bed.

"I could tell," she giggled, spreading her legs apart to reveal her youthful, little fuzz covered womanhood. Looking down at her youthful pussy, Christian saw that the soft, curls of golden hair that covered her mons pubis seemed almost nonexistent. Grinning expectantly, she continued to spread her legs apart wider and wider. The opening of her puffy little pussy was sticky with her wetness and the fleshy lips surrounding it were stuck together hiding her inner sanctum. Then, as she spread herself wider, the lips finally parted and her pussy gaped open, wet and ready.

"God, you have a beautiful pussy," Christian groaned, clumsily scrambling to his hands and knees. Lying on her back looking up at him, Sara stared at his huge, thick cock, slashing back and forth angrily as he crawled up between her outstretched legs. It was like some evil, one-eyed serpent seeking prey.

Finding it, it stopped directly above her gaping little snatch.

"Every time we do it, I don't think it will fit," she whispered fearfully, "but it always does."

"I don't know how it all fits in your tiny, little hole,"

Christian groaned, taking hold of his cock and slowly guiding it down towards her wet, drooling slit. Tenderly, he placed the great, purple head of his cock down in between the soft, wet lips of her pussy and slowly began to push the throbbing monster down into her hot, tightness.

"Oh, My, God," Sara gasped as she felt his cock sliding down into her waiting wetness, "you're too big."

"Fuck you're tight," he groaned, straining to force his entire eleven inches down into her hot engulfing softness. "Oh, Fuck, it feels so good."

"God, yes," Sara gasped as she felt his huge, swollen cockhead finally grind up against her cervix and his hairy belly rub up against her belly.

"God, I love the way you fuck me," Sara gurgled as Christian began to slide his huge, thick cock in and out of her dripping little slit. Meanwhile, down in her room, Ariel had finished her second toke and felt her melancholy slowly begin to lift.

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