Sherry's Mom

by Homer Vargas

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Humor, Slut Wife, Mother, Daughter, MaleDom, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Sherry's Mom has a problem. Her daughter is STILL not pregnant afoer a year of marriage.

Note: Mother Debbie, the famous advisor of cuckold husbands, is the creation of CDE. He has generously let me borrow her in order to help another woman in need. (See "A Woman Who Loves Men.") Thanks CDE! Also, I acknowledge inspiration from Dee Dee, wherever you are now. :(

Chapter 1

Hello, out there on the World Wide Web. This is Mother Debbie with another edition of my Internet column for those of you who need the kind of advice I offer.

Well, let's turn to today's case. It's a little out of the ordinary. I call it: "Sherry's Mom"

Dear Mother Debbie,

I know you usually help only cuckolded men and wimp wannabes, but I read your very perceptive reply to the young woman in "A Woman Who Loves Men" and I was hoping you could help me as well.

My problem is my daughter, Sherry. She is eighteen and married to Ralph, a nice young banker and fairly handsome. I had my reservations about him when I noticed that Sherry never talked about him fucking her on dates. Of course I know it's normal for high school girls to fuck behind their mothers' backs, but I gradually came to the conclusion that he wasn't fucking Sherry at all! I checked her panties for semen and never found any. More ominously, she always came home still wearing them! And not only panties. My daughter actually wore pantyhose on dates! I hadn't worn pantyhose since the time I missed getting fucked when a boy came while trying to get me out of them. Hell it' not easy even to masturbate in the stupid things!

Of course Sherry had met Ralph in of those fanatical religious groups that tell people not to have sex before marriage, but I never dreamed that my Sherry, who had started getting herself off at eleven when her tits started their very successful development, would actually go for that stuff. How else is a woman to know if a guy has a big enough cock and a strong enough sex drive to keep us well filled and well fucked the way we need? I told her going to the altar without having a bun in the oven was risky, but she wouldn't listen.

I should have known that if this Ralph was the man for Sherry, he'd have whipped out a cock that put her 9" vibrator to shame and waited until she fell on her knees to worship it. Still, it didn't seem too important at the time. What persuaded me to encourage Sherry to get Ralph to marry her was his ability to afford lots of babies for my Sherry. Ralph himself is a bit dim, but his family money is BRIGHT green. Of course he is totally in love with my Sherry. What man wouldn't be? Sherry takes after me, funny, intelligent, and made for sex -- narrow waist, long blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, 5'9" (she towers over Ralphie, even without her trademark 5-inch heels) and 37D breasts. She differs from me in just one important way; she is not interested in cuckolding the little wimp.

I admit this is partly my fault. When she was growing up I was so busy bringing home lovers to service my horny pussy and to keep Dan, that's my darling hubby, with lots of tasty mouthfuls of cum to drink from my well-used twat, that I didn't want Sherry around to get in the way. I was forever sending her over to her Aunt Joyce's house when she was little. I guess I did not realize how much an impressionable young girl can be influenced by another adult. My little sister does not approve of my lifestyle and passed this distaste on to my Sherry. By the time she was a teenager and I was ready to bring her in on the fun, Sherry was totally in Joyce's orbit and refused even to help me do threesomes, much less pull trains for my friends.

Hell, the silly girl wouldn't even fuck her own Uncle Bob. Can you imagine? And Joyce's husband is one horny bastard; I've fucked him enough times to know. I'm practically the poor guy's only outlet when he's in town. Joyce doesn't want any kids and will only fuck him about once a month when she's super safe. I felt sorry for Bob with two sexy women around the house, neither of whom would so much as give him a blowjob. He's no stud like my lovers, but he's no pencil dick like my husband either. He deserved to have his sexy little niece fucking him on the side at the very least.

Anyway, back to MY problem. Sherry has been married for almost a year now and her belly remains flat as a board. She has let slip that Ralph only screws her about once a week, which is terrible, but still ought to be enough, don't you think?. I'm afraid this Ralph is seriously under-powered in the in the baby-making department. I have, of course, hinted at the obvious solution, letting Sherry use one of my well hung lovers, but she will have nothing of it. She is even talking about adopting. Damned if I'm going to see Ralph's money wasted rearing someone else's bastard when he could be paying for my daughter's bastard!

I'm thirty five years old, Mother Debbie. I deserve grandchildren. My question is how

Sherry's Mom

Dear Sherry's Mom,

Oh, dear, you do have a problem and one that many women like you have, arising from excessive discretion about your affairs around your children. Mother Debbie does not enjoy saying, "I told you so," but she recommends much more blatant cuckolding in order to set a good example for daughters. After all, if a little girl don't see her mom walking into the house from a date in sexy get-ups, disheveled, and with her lovers' cum running down her legs after a last minute fuck the car or hear Mommy in her bedroom braying for some well-hung guy to fuck a baby into her while hubby watches, how is she going to learn? And since you don't mention any other children, I take it you have been having so much fun you've neglected to let your lovers give hubby a houseful of little bastards to rear. No wonder you have a problem child!

However, Mother Debbie is here to help, not to lecture on child rearing. Since your daughter has been exposed to her Aunt Joyce's negative attitude toward sex and your own failure to set a positive example, her attitude is understandable. The solution is staring you in the face. It's not too late to change those inappropriate role models. You'd better start with Joyce, for if at this point Sherry sees you starting to flaunt your infidelities, she could reject you entirely. Try first to open up your repressed sister to the joys of extra-marital sex with a strapping stud fucktoy. (Sounds like the woman needs it!) If Sherry sees her admired Aunt Joyce becoming a proper slut and then you begin to show her you are the same, that should do the trick.

Let me know how you fare.

Best wishes for a cheating, preggy daughter,

Mother Debbie

Chapter 2

Hello, out there on the World Wide Web. This is Mother Debbie with another addition of my Internet column for those of you who need the kind of advice I offer. Some months ago I got a letter from "Sherry's Mom" who was having trouble getting her daughter to cuckold her wimp husband to get pregnant, because of the influence of her goody-goody little sister, Joyce. I had some ideas about to deal with the unfortunate situation and I am happy that "Sherry's Mom" has written back to tell me how my advice turned out.

Dear Mother Debbie,

You are a genius! That dumb sister of mine is finished as an "example" for my Sherry. She's knocked up higher than a kite and NOT by her husband.

Let me tell it the beginning.

Well, I followed your advice and started getting closer to Joyce, inviting her over for lunch occasionally and sometimes meeting her for a drink in the afternoons. I told her of my worries about Ralph. Not only did she NOT share my concerns, she was horrified that Sherry was fucking "like a minx" (once a week?) without protection and thought she was damned lucky NOT to be pregnant. Although we were getting to be better friends, I was making no headway when I occasionally hinted that Joyce ought to get herself a hunky young lover and start letting him fuck her silly.

Fortunately, about this time I had met Leroy, a big, bad, gansta rapper who was fucking my lights out so often I hardly had time to worry about Sherry. Still, I did mention to him one time wanting to loosen up Joyce. "Nuttin' loosen up a marri'd white woman faster'n a big black cock in her pussy," Leroy opined. I'd certainly been feeling a good bit looser since Leroy had been reaming me with his beautiful fuck pole (my Dan is in heaven with the amounts of cum I bring home for him to lick out), so I had to agree.

From this conversation emerged a plan. Leroy knew of a club in a small hotel owned by a brother - superficially decent and in a good part of town - where white wives went to meet their black lovers. I figured I could get Joyce to go there with me. "Din ya puts dis in 'er drink," he said handing me a small envelope of white powder. "Makes 'em horny as a skunk." A little taken aback, I asked if he'd ever put that in MY drink. "Yose ALREADY hornier'n two skunks," Leroy snorted. "I'd be wastin' yo money." I could see the point about my money. I wasn't exactly paying Leroy by the fuck, but I was "helping finance his next album."

Making sure the fateful meeting occurred when Joyce was fertile was MY idea. She had changed her tampon over at my house the week before and I did the arithmetic. We met at 5:00 and by 7:00 I had her pretty tipsy. Bob was out of town on a business trip (and probably happily at last getting laid) so Joyce had no excuse to hurry home. The hot jazz was soft and by the time the mixed couples started drifting in, Joyce was too high to notice the giggles and gasps of white wives being warmed up for a night of hard fucking.

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