My Wife's Sister

by lizipicka

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, InLaws, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: How I was seduced by my wife's sister

Janis came to stay with us when she and her husband Richard were getting divorced. Richard had begun drinking soon after they married and had soon become more interested in his beer than his wife. Needless to say it was a bad time for her. My wife and I wanted to help her get back on her feet so we offered to let her stay as long as she liked.

Janis was my wife's younger sister, a petite blonde with smallish breasts but a tight little butt that filled out blue jeans deliciously. She was so different than Lynn, my wife of seven years, who had large beautiful breasts and perhaps a little too much ass. Janis also had far different sexual needs than my wife.

Lynn wanted sex three or four times a month which often left me in the bathroom with a magazine and a tired arm. Janis, so Lynn told me, wanted sex with Richard every night. Often while I was taking care of business in the bathroom I would fantasize about Janis and how good it would be to have a wife who wanted sex as often as I did. I never really thought it would happen though.

About two months after Janis moved in with us she started flirting with me. Teasing me about being almost as hard up as she was, and wearing tight jeans and wiggling a little extra when I was around. Lynn noticed it too and mentioned it to me a couple of times saying that Janis was a hot bitch and she thought Janis was after me. I usually just said I hadn't noticed.

One morning about a month later Lynn had to go to work early and I had the day off. I got up about nine thirty or so and stumbled into the bathroom to masturbate and then shower. I had just barely stepped into the shower when I heard the bathroom door open. I looked over the shower door and there was Janis in a bathrobe.

"Hi!" she grinned at me.

"Uh, Hi" I stammered back standing naked in the shower with the remains of a hard on left from jerking myself off.

Janis bent over letting her robe fall open enough to expose one small tit and picked up the 'Penthouse' magazine that was still lying on the floor. "You poor man!" she said rising back up. "Has my sister been neglecting you?"

"Uh..." was all I could say.

"Well maybe I can help you out." and with that she set the magazine down and then dropped her robe to the floor. "May I join you?"

"Uh..." again I was lost for words as I stared at Janis's perfect body.

She didn't wait for me to find words or to invite her in she just stepped up to the shower and opened the door. My cock had become fully erect again just looking at Janis and I was a little embarrassed standing there like a gawking teenager with my hard-on in my hand.

Janis didn't miss a beat. She stepped right into the shower with me and then quickly went to her knees. I watched as she took my cock from my hands and then extended her tongue to begin licking at the base. Her tongue traced it's way delicately all the way from my balls to the head of my cock. It swirled around the head a couple of times and then her lips sank down taking my cock between them until they were at the base of my shaft. My cock is not monster long, only about seven inches, but it is big around when erect. It filled Janis's mouth and throat but I could tell she was skilled at what she was doing.

The sensation was new to me. Lynn had never given me head in all the years we had been married. I looked down into Janis's eyes as she looked up at me and began slowly fucking my cock with her mouth. Her eyes showed lust, love, and just a hint of amusement. It was then I realized I had been standing there with my mouth agape since she had first walked in the bathroom. I closed my mouth and my eyes and just concentrated on the feeling of Janis's mouth fucking my cock.

She continued this as the hot water beat down on both of us for at least ten minutes until finally I lost control and exploded into her mouth. Janis swallowed every drop and then stood up smiling and kissed me with the taste of my cum still on her lips.

My cock never even began to deflate as I pulled her to me. She whispered, "Fuck me Bill. I need fucking so bad. Fuck me here and now. Put your cock in my pussy."

I turned her around and lifted her up and back against the wall of the shower. The water was splashing off her chest and running over her small thirty-two B tits. She spread her legs and wrapped them around my hips pulling me to her. I nearly passed out as my cock pressed against her wet pussy lips and then easily slid past and into her cunt. As my cock sank into her Janis gasped and scratched my back.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck me so good!"

I began pounding into her as her dirty language, so different from Lynn, raised my excitement to the next level. Her ass was pressed up against the shower wall and it made noisy slapping sounds as each thrust pressed her back against the wall. With a hand under each ass cheek I leaned my head down and began licking her left nipple as the warm water from the shower flowed past. Janis was moving in rhythm with each stroke of my hips and with one hand she grabbed my head and pressed it hard to her breast.

"Bite me!" she pleaded, "Bite my little titty!"

I sucked her erect nipple into my mouth and held it between my teeth, never missing a single stroke with my cock pumping her pussy. Keeping time with my fuck strokes I sucked and bit her nipple. With each stroke I could feel my balls swelling. Just when I knew I couldn't hold out any longer Janis arched her back and screamed.

"I'm cumming, Oh God Yes!" Janis was so loud I was afraid our neighbors would hear her. "Cum with me! Fill my cunt with your love!"

With that we came together, my cum flowing into her pussy and out and down her tight thighs. We stayed in the shower holding each other, relishing the feel of each other's nude body until the water grew cold. Shocked back to reality by the cold water I quickly twisted the knob and we both laughed as we jumped out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and began drying Janis's perfectly smooth skin. I tussled her hair with the towel and then moved lower, drying off her shoulders, arms, and then her chest. I remained longer drying her breasts than was really needed and this made Janis giggle and moan gently. I turned Janis around to dry her back and to admire her bare ass. It was as beautiful as I had imagined. Soft, round, and perfectly smooth, her ass was a masterpiece of art. I slowly lowered the towel and began gently buffing away the drops of water clinging to her skin. She reached over to the counter and handed me a bottle of skin moisturizer.

"Would you mind putting this on my back?" Her voice was soft and gentle like falling rain.

"Not at all!" I was startled by the rough sound of my own voice but I took the bottle and poured a copious amount into my hands. I started rubbing on her shoulders and as I moved down she raised her arms above her head to give me more room to work. With her arms raised she was a picture of beauty! Her bodylines flowed gracefully like the lines of a purebred racehorse, smooth and graceful.

Just rubbing the moisturizer on her back had renewed my erection and as my hands moved over her ass my cock began dancing up and down like an excited schoolboy. Janis reached behind her took my cock into her hand.

"Put some on this too." she smiled back to me over her shoulder.

Without a word I poured a good amount of the moisturizer onto my cock.

"Now fuck me again!" Janis's words were all I needed. She bent over and put her hands on the sink counter and then spread her legs. I took my cock and rubbed her now exposed pussy lips with it. Up and down over those swollen soft folds I ran my cock. Janis began moaning softly and then louder. I gripped her hips with both hands and pushed my cock into her pussy, easily sliding all the way in until my hips pressed against her beautiful ass.

I held my cock perfectly still for at least thirty seconds, letting the tension build. Janis began moving her hips forward and then back. Taking my cock almost out of her cunt and then thrusting back to force it deep into her again. My left hand slid up and around her torso finally resting on her right breast gently pinching her nipple between my finger and thumb.

Janis's moaning rose in tempo and volume as we watched each other in the bathroom mirror. I savored the image of erotic pleasure as I leaned forward and began kissing her neck around to her earlobe. She responded by thrusting faster and faster. I moved my right hand from her hip around and down to begin rubbing her clit as my cock slid in and out of her dripping pussy. I could feel her short pubic hair against the palm of my hand as my finger rubbed and flicked her erect clit.

Janis's moaning became loud grunts as we both lost control again and I filled my wife's sister's pussy with my cum. As we calmed down Janis turned in my arms and kissed me.

"Thanks!" she said picking up her robe and sliding it over her back. She let it hang open loosely and winked at me as she left.

I stood naked with my limp cock dripping it's last cum drops onto the floor thinking about what had just happened. I had never been unfaithful to Lynn before and I didn't want to lose her but I desperately needed to have Janis also. As I thought about how I was going to keep both I dried myself off and got dressed.

I was standing in the bathroom. Stunned that Janis, my wife's sexy sister, had just seduced and fucked me in my own shower. I finished dressing and combed my hair and then went into the living room. Janis was there, lying on the couch with a tight pair of jeans and a white t-shirt on.

"Hi lover!" Janis smiled at me as I entered.

"I guess I wasn't dreaming then." I smiled back

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