Wanda and Three Sailors

by Slutluver

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: The first of many adventures of my slut Wanda and how she took on 3 sailors.

When Wanda and I planned an afternoon at the beach to do nothing more than relax and polish our tans, she had a memorable experience. The memory of that experience is also so vivid in my mind that I will be able to recount it for you.

Wanda had chosen to wear a daring thong bikini that covered only a tiny fraction of her voluptuous body. As we made our way across the soft, hot sand, heads swiveled in our direction as lecherous men and envious women ogled Wanda's statuesque body. Even before we dipped our toes in the shimmering blue water, she had been fucked in the imaginations of hundreds of men and boys and more than a few women.

We sought seclusion at the far end of the beach where Wanda could take off her top and possibly her tiny thong bikini and get a full tan. After setting up our two umbrellas and spreading towels on the sand, I raided the ice chest and popped the top on a frosty can of Bud. As I gulped the brew in defiance of beach regulations, I watched Wanda slip out of her flimsy halter and stretch out on a towel. Her lovely round tits were so firm that they barely drifted to the side.

There is something about the beach on a hot summer day with semi-naked women all around and the pungent smell of suntan lotion in my nostrils that makes me horny and keeps me horny for days afterward. I wanted to jump Wanda's bones then and there. I wanted to toss aside my trunks, straddle her chest, and fuck between those tantalizing tits. I imagined a crowd gathering to watch the spectacle and cheering when I popped a creamy load into her smiling face. I always get that way when I am at the beach.

My dick was doing my thinking for me. I had to regain control. A half-hour splashing around in the pristine water helped to clear my head. The shrinkage factor had turned my hard-on into a wrinkled worm. I returned to the little oasis that Wanda and I had created for ourselves and discovered that we were no longer alone. Three young men had set up camp just a few yards away. No doubt they had been drawn to Wanda the way stray dogs are attracted to a bitch in heat. Not surprisingly, they frowned when they saw me.

I stretched out beside Wanda, who was peacefully dozing. Eager to call her attention to her fawning admirers, I "accidentally" nudged her. "Oh, sorry, Wanda, I didn't mean to wake you." She sat up and yawned, her lovely tits swaying like ripe fruit on her chest. "Pour me a Margarita, dear." I retrieved the thermos containing Wanda's favorite poison from the ice chest and poured the beverage into a paper cup. "Here you are, darling. By the way, you have attracted some fans."

"Oh, aren't they cute," she said. She swung her tits back and forth to tease them. Wanda is the epitome of a cock-teaser. She loves nothing more than teasing a man until he is on the verge of creaming his jeans. "Do you think they are hard yet?" she asked, pulling on her nipples. "I don't know about them, but I sure am," I answered. "I went to a lot of trouble to get rid of my hard on, and now you have given it right back to me."

It was about then that I sensed that something very exciting was about to happen. Wanda and I were both as horny as hell and three young studs were ogling her from a few feet away. All I had to do was find a way to put all of the ingredients together and we would have a delicious sex stew. "Hey, dudes, what's up?" Even though I was almost old enough to be their father, I tried to act cool but probably seemed a fool. "You guys are going to get burnt. We have plenty of shade over here. How about a beer?" They hesitated, looked at each other, then shrugged and came toward us. "Notice the tents," I whispered to Wanda. She giggled when she saw their baggy trunks tented in front.

I don't remember their names, but for clarity I will call them Tim, Ray and Jim, the first three names that come to mind. They introduced themselves and politely exchanged handshakes. They were on leave from the Navy, which explained their short hair and fine builds. They were eighteen years old, part boy and part man. They didn't know it, but they were in the prime of their lives. There wasn't an ounce of fat on them and their dicks stayed hard for hours!

Thankful that I had had the foresight to throw in an extra six-pack, I passed out three frosty cans of brew. It wasn't entirely out of generosity. Guys that age can't drink, especially on a hot day at the beach. Getting them a little drunk would speed things up. "So how long are you guys here for?" she asked. "We have to head back to Norfolk tomorrow," Ray said. "You came down here looking for girls, didn't you?" she teased. "Yeah, but we didn't get any, I mean we didn't meet any."

"Come on, Timmy, let's try the water," Wanda said. She took the shy sailor by the hand and led him toward the blue water. I knew then that she intended to fuck him. I tried to carry on a conversation with Ray and Jim, but we had little in common. They said something about just returning from a long cruise. That meant that they were probably especially horny. Wanda and Tim playfully splashed each other and horsed around like a couple of kids. When Wanda stood next to him, I could tell by the position of her arm and the look of awe on his face that she had her hand in the cookie jar. The slut had gone for his cock in record time! I was so proud of her.

Five minutes or so passed and Wanda came out of the ocean with a big smile on her face. Ray and Jim raced across the sand and dove into the water. They were as eager to find out what had transpired as I was. Wanda plopped down next to me. "Well, did you jack him off?" I asked. She grinned the way she does whenever she has been a very naughty girl and wants to tell me all about it.

"I started to jack him off, but stopped before he squirted. Why waste it?"

"Good girl. How big is his dick?"

"Bigger than yours, cowboy."

"Did he get a feel of your pussy?"

"I let him get a handful. Did you see him grope my tits?"

"Do you want to fuck him?"

"Oh, God, yes, baby. I've never been with more than two guys at a time."

"You are almost old enough to be their mother, you cradle-robber."

"It's been a long time since I had any young stuff. Anyway, they are legal."

"Damn, I didn't bring the camera!"

"You will just have to commit it to memory. Now go find a place for us to fuck. I'll do them right here."

My heart raced with excitement as I headed toward the far end of the beach. It was late in the afternoon and only a handful of people were still taking in the last fading rays of sunshine. Wanda probably could have gotten away with fucking them right there under the umbrellas, but there was no point in risking arrest when there were other options. A short distance away, scrawny trees and mongrel bushes encroached on the beach. I made my way down a well-worn path and came upon a small clearing. A burnt-out campfire was evidence that others had been there recently. Hundreds of condoms, some still fresh, littered the surrounding bushes. It was the perfect spot for Wanda! Overwhelmed by intense excitement, I dropped my trunks and masturbated for a few minutes. It felt so good to scratch that itch!

I returned to our oasis to find Tim and Ray sucking Wanda's nipples and Jim finger-fucking her. When they saw me, they abruptly stopped what they were doing. "Oh, please tell me you found a place!" Wanda demanded. "I found the perfect place for a fuck party," I answered. "Okay, guys, help me break camp," I said. It wouldn't have been prudent to leave our things there for any scavenger to pick over. The three young men were so eager to get the party started that they had everything packed up in seconds. If they were that efficient aboard ship, the Navy was lucky to have them.

I led the way through the scraggly trees and shrubs as the boys, loaded down with all of our gear, struggled to keep up. I didn't offer to help. Lugging all of that stuff was a small price to pay for the privilege of fucking Wanda. "Wow, cool, here's one that's still warm," Wanda said, holding up a fresh rubber. "I wonder if there has ever been a three-on-one here? If only these bushes could talk."

"Okay, boys, get those trunks off," Wanda ordered. "Shouldn't somebody stand guard?" one of them asked. They looked in my direction. It was clear that they didn't want me to watch, but they would just have to get used to it. "Larry doesn't let me fuck other guys unless he gets to watch," Wanda explained. "Anyway, it's more exciting if there is a chance of getting caught." They had to pull out on the elastic waistbands of their trunks to get them past their hard dicks. Wanda and I both gasped when we saw their rigid cocks bobbing up and down. They were all hung better than I am. Wanda was in for a treat! She immediately dropped to her knees and gobbled their peters as though they were candy. She nudged the sailors into a tight semi-circle in front of her so she could get to any cock by simply turning her head.

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