Her Sweet Heady Scent

by Ray1031

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was their anniversary and they had to work. The dirtiest job in the place. Cleaning the Pit, a trash and slug dump in the deepest tunnels. His wife was on the catwalks lining the walls of the pit and he was working the floor when an explosion in another tunnel knocks him out and kills the power. Things get interesting then.

© Nov 2001

They were working in the 'Pits' when the explosion came. Ken working the floor of the pits had first felt the least quiver in the ground beneath his feet. He'd turned, looking up at Jeni on the upper catwalks as the first thunderous roar of the explosion echoed around him. Then the concussion wave rolled in behind the roar and knocked him flat. Laying on his back, stunned and dazed, he was barely aware of what his eyes were seeing.

The lights in the cavernous chamber flickered, dimmed, brightened and dimmed again before finally going out completely. In those last flickering seconds before he completely lost consciousness, he saw Jeni thrown over the catwalk railing by the concussive force. She reached the end of her safety tether and was snapped to a sudden stop. As the lights went out, both figuratively and actually, he saw her unmoving form swinging at the end of her tether from the catwalks forty feet overhead.

The towel he was drying his hair with blocked his vision as Ken stepped from the shower. He was caught totally unaware as Jeni snapped his buttock with the towel in her hand. It was a perfect shot. Just the barest tip of the towel touching his skin as it snapped at the end of it's arc.

"Ow! Hey, that hurt." Ken uncovered his eyes as he danced away from the contact, turning to see her standing with a devilish smile on her face. "No fair. I wasn't even looking." He smiled back.

"That's the best time," she replied, pulling the towel back for another snap. But Ken fooled her, charging rather than dancing away from her attack, nullifying the effect.

Wrapping his arms around her he spun her as he gathered her up into a bear hug from behind, lifting her naked form completely off the floor. She struggled in his arms, her brown hair falling into disarray around her almond shaped face. Her buttocks wriggling against his upper thighs and pelvis as she struggled. Only a manner of seconds passed before he began responding to her naked form against him. Her heavy breasts sliding and slapping against the tops of his forearms, he began to come erect, rising up between her scissoring legs.

She stopped struggling. Feeling his rising joystick between her thighs she looked down as the head made it's appearance and rose to lightly rest against her love lips. Reaching across her thigh, she grasped the tip between her thumb and fingers. "Lookee here what I found." She pinched and pulled.

"Hey, wife! You ever wanna use that again, be careful. After ten years you know how sensitive the little guy can be." Relaxing his arms, Ken allowed her to slide downwards to her feet. It bent things downwards, but he still had some flexibility so it wasn't painful.

"What did you say?" Jeni spun in his arms and looked up into his face and eyes.

Smiling, Ken kissed her forehead and leaned back before saying "Happy Anniversary Jeni. Have I ever forgotten?"

Her eyes softened as she wrapped her arms about his waist and squeezed hard. Her breasts flattened against him as she rested her chin against his chest, still looking up into his eyes. "No. But this is the first year you didn't say it first thing in bed and start the day with an Anniversary fuck."

"Well I'll fix that right now, though it'll mean no breakfast. We're due at the work site in an hour."

Picking her up, Ken carried her back to the bed and tossed her onto it. Even under her slighter weight the springs squeaked loudly as she landed. Sounding almost like an explosion in the quiet room...

Ken woke up choking and rolled over where he lay. Coughing up what felt like a shovel full of dust and dirt, feeling the hard packed dirt beneath his forearms and realizing that his eyes were open but he couldn't see... he remembered. The explosion. Lights going out. Jeni... JENI!

"JENI!!" he called out. He heard nothing. "Jeni!" he called again, listening. He couldn't hear. Except for the sound of his own voice inside his head, he couldn't hear. Bringing his right hand to his ear he found wetness. He couldn't see, so he tried to smell the wet on his fingertips. Nothing, all he could smell was dust. He tasted the wet and metallic sweetness of his own blood.

"Concussion must have damaged my ear drums." he said. His own voice rattled from side to side inside his head but no other sound was heard. Slowly he levered himself to his hands and knees. There was a sharp pain in his side. Feeling there, he found it dry but tender. There were no tears in his heavy work shirt. He'd either bruised his side badly, or had broken a rib. Slowly, gingerly, he raised up to his knees and reached out into the air around him. His left hand touched one of the massive structural I-beams. Resting his hand against it he steadied himself as he slowly stood up.

He wanted to rush to Jeni's aid, but thanks to the pain in his side he was already grounded back into reality and knew he had to move slowly, carefully in the surrounding darkness or he could seriously injure himself. Then he'd be no good to either of them. His head was spinning...

Jeni had him on his knees in the center of the bed arching backwards. His hands behind him supporting them both as she lay full length with her breasts pillowed against his upper thighs. Her left hand was travelling over his buttocks as her right encircled the base of his cock, angling it upwards towards her slowly descending mouth. He saw her lick her lips in both preparation and glee as she slowly opened her mouth...

Ken's head cleared. Visions of Jeni fading away as the dizziness passed. He took stock of himself and slowly rubbed his hands over his body checking for damage to himself and his equipment. He was amazed to find he was half hard when his hands reached his crotch. He chuckled and was immediately reminded that he couldn't hear. Finding no other damage he stood still and tried to decide the best way to proceed in the total darkness of the Pit. How best to help himself and Jeni. He'd found his flashlight and it was broken... he couldn't get it to light or if it did, he couldn't see it, which was the same thing to him. He left the switch in the 'on' position and rehung it from his belt.

The first thing he decided was that even though he couldn't hear, that didn't mean Jeni couldn't hear. So from that point on, he was going to put all of his thoughts into words. A running commentary on the situation and his actions. Hoping to keep both he and she calm and posted on his thoughts and progress. It would help him to think more clearly as well.

"Jeni. Sweetheart. I don't know if you can hear me or not. I can't hear me, or you, or anything. I think the concussion damaged my eardrums. There was an explosion and the power went out. That's why it's dark. I am standing and I remember exactly where I was when this started. I will be working myself around the edge of the wall to the ladder. Then I will climb to the scaffolding above and find you. I will pull you up where you are hanging from your safety rope. I will rescue you, my love."

Ken began moving around the I-beam to the wall beyond. He was going to move along the wall at arm's reach, the fingertips of his right hand just touching the wall as he moved. He was doing this for guidance. But also because he would pass under the place where Jeni should be hanging. Though he didn't want to think of it, if she had fallen, he should trip over her where she fell.

The Scaffolds above were narrow which was why Jeni was up there instead of he. He could handle heights, but the narrowness of the catwalks made him nervous. While she had no problem with it.

"I've found my flashlight, but it doesn't seem to be working Jeni. I'm going to have to do this in the dark, unless your flashlight still works and you can turn it on for me." He paused.

"No, huh. Well, you just hang in there Ha-ha. Okay. I know this isn't a laughing matter, but I've got to keep talking. It helps focus my thoughts and I hope you find it calming. I wish now that I hadn't let you talk me into quitting smoking. At least I'd have a lighter in my pocket for light. But since I don't smoke, I don't."

Ken was moving slowly. His fingers just touching the wall, his feet moving slowly in a shuffle step so he could feel any obstacle before he struck it headlong. His left hand was waving an exploratory pattern before his face and chest as he moved, for the same reason. He wanted to hurry, to rush to his wife's aid, but couldn't afford to take the risk.

"You'll never believe what I was dreaming about when the concussion knocked me out. I was dreaming about this morning when you snapped me with the towel and the great sex afterwards, before we came to work. I had this fantastic picture in my head of that great blow-job you gave me to start things off. Your breasts felt so wonderful resting on my thighs and it tickled a little as your nipples hardened into my legs." Ken chuckled. "After ten years, it still amazes me that you get so turned on giving head. I can lick your pussy for an hour. Explore every crease, every channel, every nook and cranny of you and your nipples won't get as hard."

Ken had reached the next I-beam and breathed a sigh of relief as he worked his way around it.

"Jeni, Honey. Good news. I just reached the next beam and I didn't find you. That means you didn't fall, I hope. I also didn't feel anything drip on me anywhere, so that means you're not bleeding, right?" He laughed. "Yeah, right Ken. Ask a stupid question. If she is conscious and trying to answer, you can't hear her. Real dumb! "Okay, I'm around the beam and starting to move along the wall. The ladder is just beyond the next beam. Now, where was I?"

"Oh yeah, eating your pussy. Now there's a meal for you. One I could, and have, eaten for over an hour. But, like I was saying. In all the times I have eaten your pussy, I have never yet seen your nipples get really hard. Not unless they were already hard or I was playing with them as I ate. But put a dick in your mouth, and up them little suckers pop. Firm and hard. I remember once when you got so excited I thought I saw them quivering a bit at the very tips. I've always wished I could do that to you by eating your pussy. You know how I like to eat your pussy... FUCK!"

"Oh God that fuckin' hurt. No harm done though. If you're wondering, Jeni, your husband just stubbed his fucking toe on a concrete block. Too damned cocky. The last section was so easy I forgot all the crap they tossed against the wall in this one. I'm sorry Jeni, but I have to slow down even more now. I can't afford to really hurt myself or I won't be able to help either of us."

Dropping to his hands and knees, Ken began a new mode of travel. Feeling the way ahead with his hands first, then bringing his knees forward and touching the wall beside him before starting again. It was slow, but safe.

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