Out of the Norm

by tinamarie102

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Fiction, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Boyfriend and girlfriend decide to spice up their sex lifes when some new adventures

Tonight was our mystery night. We had agreed to write down some fanatasies we wanted to fulfill and see how many we could do in 48 hours. It first started with us taking a shower together. Stepping into the water first I let the warm water stream down my body, before grabbing your lucious body and bringing it toward mine. Making two bodies into one. I couldn't help but touch you. Your wet skin rubbing up against mine was making me lose control. Finally, letting my wondering hands follow your curves,dropping to my knees quickly, I stroke your wet cock through my hands. The warm water helping to stimulate his senses. By the time I had stroked him 3-4 times, he was bulging in my fingers. Throbbing so hard that I could feel your heart beating. Your passion was growing steadly for me too. Your fingers wrapped through my wet hair, intangling them tightly as you lifted me to meet your stiff wet cock.

Slipping him into my mouth I was instantly overcomed by a sweetness that only you possessed. Your cock slid slowly through my awaiting mouth,slipping through my throat like a snake as you continued to tickle my tonsils with that wonderful top spot. Sliding your cock out of my mouth, I let the some of the warm water penetrate my mouth before gobbling you back up again. The smooth motion felt good on my throat as my wet mouth engulfed that cock. Teasing his body to no end, as your forcefulness increased I felt your motions faster into my mouth. Rushes of water and cum filled my throat as you pushed my body farther under the stream of water. Not giving me any time to prepare for the watery blowjob. For several minutes you drowned me under the warm shower of water. Your thrusts filled me immediately, swallow after swallow your sweetness found its way to my tummy, until your torture got te best of you. One deep full thrust into my mouth and cum flooded my tummy. Hot and steaming as you jerked load after load in my soaked mouth, until your body was completely emptied.

Slowly you pulled your cock from my mouth. I sucked him litely as you continued to pull him from my mouth. Once you were completlely out of my mouth you were a complete gentleman and helped me back to my feet. Kissing me softly, I knew you were happy with that BJ. As we finished our shower, we took turns soaping each other down, making our bodies squeaky clean for our adventures ahead. Stepping out I grabbed a body towel, tucking it under my arm so I could dry my hair as you stepped out. Your body looked so yummy wet baby! Has anybody ever told you that? Those droplets of water across your body turn me on. Your wet cock looking more inviting than in the shower, that I had to help dry you off. Taking a fluffy towel, I started across your chest. Being gentle and slow. Making sure to get all those precious droplets of water. Working my way across your tummy I rubbed your cock. Drying him through both hands, Then dropping to my knees to go down each leg. Then looking up at you to see that smile of approval. I don't think you realize what that does to me to make you happy. I would do it 24/7 if ever I had more than these precious 48 hours with you. Again, like a gentleman I am helped to my feet. Whispering in my ear you ask me if I was ready to play? My response back was ALWAYS!

As we walk hand in hand to the bedroom, there on the edge of the bed is two boxes. Fanasties that we had wrote down earlier, reaching into your fantasty box, I pull out out first fantasy for the night. All the note said was. DO AS I ASK AND WANT NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Looking up at you I nod my head. Taking my hand you take me around the side of the bed, you lay down first. Getting positioned on your back, you spread your legs open and invite me to crawl between them. As I get closer to your waist you motion me to stop. "Baby, I want you to ride me! But you must keep your hands embraced in mine. Not letting go no matter what!" Agreeing with you, I postion myself over your cock letting it slide into my pelvis as I take your hands into mine, As you hold me up in a sitting position, I slowly start to rock your body up and down. Letting your cock slip in and out of my body. "Faster Baby!" you command as I had to do what you wanted no questions asked. Picking up the pace, I notice you close your eyes and take in the moment. Your fingers firmly gripped into mine as I continue my rapid accent up and down on that stiffening cock. As your cock swells with excitememnt you tell me again to go faster. The sounds of slapping wet flesh fills the room as I continue to bounce up and down off your body. So, as I pick up the pace I grind your body deep into the mattress. Streams of cum drip rapidly from my body. Soaking your cock and balls as I continue to mash you deep.

Then all of sudden out of no where you shouted. "Tell me who is fucking you!" With a stardled look on my face, it takes me a moment to respond. Again, you shout, starring me in the eyes. " I asked you who is fucking you!" With a resounding and loud shout I said "YOOOOU are fucking me!"

"That's what I wanted to hear!" you said as you drop our hands over your head which forces me to lay across your body, as your wet hot mouth suckles my ear. "Repeat your answer until I say quit!" you whispered as I started saying "YOUR fucking meeeee... Your fuuuuucking meeee..." My body grinding you so deep,smothering you with my body with every stroke. Feeling the strokes deep into my pelvis, I was overtaken by your cock and I totally lost my mind when I let a sensitive question slip from my lips. "Will you make me pregrent?" I gave you a few minutes to absord that shocking question. I know thats a very important decsion, but it was answered quicker than I expected. Looking at me as I continued to ride your body you said. Fuck me harder baby, and soon you will know your answer!" Lifting me back up to a sitting position, I kept my fingers locked into yours as my strokes continued to go faster and harder until your wonderful thighs shook beneath me.

"Princess, here is your answer!" As you pull me back close to you again. This time wrapping your arms completely around my waist,pulling me in tightly as you start filling my pelvis with your hot sticky cum. Your moans of satisfaction filled my ear as my fucking slows,as I let my body fall into yours. After a few moments of silence I hear you say.

"Does that answer your question?" "Yes, it does baby." as we relax still holding each other tight.

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