Winter Chill

by soaring eagle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man becomes a voyuer while attempting to rescue a couple while they were skiing.

On a cold and brisk wintry morning Jerry and Terri woke to the fresh smell of fresh brewing coffee as it percolated automatically by the timer set the night before. Jerry was the first to get up and get dressed and ready to start the day. Terri made her way downstairs in a skimpy teddy that barely covered her cold causing erect nipples. When she arrived to the kitchen table where Jerry was already sitting with two cups of coffee waiting for her arrival, Jerry looked at her with a stunned look and said to her" I never realize how beautiful you really are." She smiled and sorta blushed and said" You are only saying that because of what I am wearing." Jerry replied "no I'm not, I would have said that even if you were to have come down here wearing corduroy pants and a black ugly turtleneck." "Why thank you, and I love you too."

After drinking their coffee and eating their breakfast they decided that they better be getting to work. Jerry was an EMT for the Ski resort and Terri worked as the receptionist in the resorts hotel, they got to see each other off and on all day long.

They were standing in the lobby shooting the shit with other co workers when Jerry's CB went off calling for all available EMT's to report to the top of the slopes, Jerry gave Terri a kiss and responded quickly to the sight. Once he arrived his boss told him of a call in that there were two young adults missing from their party and they are not sure where they last seen them.

Jerry hopped back on his snowmobile and was off in search of the two missing persons, he went all over the mountain and then he noticed a cave that he has never seen before and he figured he would check it out. He got to the cave and grabbed his flashlight out of his pack and walked inside calling for the two, but there was no answer. He thought to himself if I was in the middle of now where and cold that I would go in farther to get away from the cold as much as possible. Jerry walked quietly, farther in to the cave and he hear some noise and went to check it out. He walked around the one corner and his eyes suddenly got real wide and his jaw dropped, there he saw the two missing people, but what he saw was not the normal way to keep warm, they were fucking like there was no tomorrow.

The woman was laying on her back with her legs up almost locking behind her head while the guy with his huge thick cock was pumping it in and out like it was a jackhammer, then the two switched and all Jerry could do was stand there not making a peep or a movement and watched the two go at it. The two people switched and now they were what looked to be a combination of missionary and the 69 position. The woman still on her back with her legs spread apart and the guy was facing away from her with his cock buried deep inside her shaven pussy. She started to moan and groan as he pumped his dick in and out of her, making his cock shine with her love juices.

Jerry, knowing it was getting late, decided to walk back toward the entrance to the cave and started to call the two by name again and walked into the cave and the two came running out toward him yelling for him and when they met each other the two that were fucking thanked him gratefully for finding them. Jerry had the two hop on the back of his snowmobile and took them back to the resort and other EMT's tended to them, making sure that they were okay.

Terri came running to see if Jerry was okay as well and they hugged each other and kissed. they talked about what Jerry had saw and Terri said that she thought that it was very erotic to make love in the snow or in a cave when it is cold because the body heat would help heat things up.

After work and back at the house Jerry and Terri was getting ready to eat supper when Terri brought up the two in the cave and stated that when she was a teenager that she would climb out her bedroom window and sit in the snow in her bra and underwear, and would think about how she would love for a certain man would come to her and make long lasting love to her in the snow. Jerry looked at her and told her" you never told me this before." he started to think about what it would be like to fuck his wife in the snow and to see if the snow would melt from underneath them by the sexual heat they would be making.

Later that evening after they ate supper Jerry went outside, without Terri knowing, and stood in the middle of the yard with snow up to his ankles and wearing nothing but his underwear. He yelled for Terri to come outside, she walked out and saw that he standing there waiting with his pecker protruding from his underwear. She slowly walked toward him and they kissed and started to fondle each other. Terri reached down and grabbed a handful of Jerry's long hard cock, she felt it get harder s she touched it. She then kneeled down and slide his cock out of his underwear and completely removed them from his body, there he stood completely nude in the middle of the back yard in ankle high snow.

Terri grabbed his cock into her hand and slowly guided it toward her mouth and her tongue slid out and she licked the head of his dick and flicked her tongue at the hole in his erect penis. She leaned her head further toward him sliding his whole cock into her hot awaiting mouth and she sucked his whole shaft from the head to the base. With her knowing that Jerry liked his balls sucked on, she gently cupped his shrunken and tight balls into her hand and start to slowly and erotically caressing them and tucked them deeply into her mouth, he danced around with enjoyment as she sucked on his balls.

He decided it was time to lay down on the ground but he was hesitant about doing so, but he slowly inched his way to the ground. He figured it was ALL or NOTHING and sat right down into the snow, he jumped a little bit because of how cold it was but he sat right back down in the same spot and she did the same thing and then she rubbed her hands along his chest and gently pushed him back and he laid there butt ass naked in the freezing snow.

She continued to suck on his long hard manhood as they laid there in the snow. Terri said "okay my turn" and she laid back in the snow and he leaned up and then leaned over and started to kiss her succulent looking nipples and slowly making his way down her stomach kissing and nibbling all along her chest and stomach and finally stopped at her throbbing clit. He began to kiss and lick her clit very gently while rubbing where love hole. She started to squirm around with enjoyment and delight, as he was sliding a finger in and out of her cunt while he sucked and gently bit her clit as he pulled back the skin that surrounds it exposing it to it fullest.

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