by wildsweetone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Gay, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: The cleaning woman watches two gay males making love.

It took me 4 minutes to cross the road and pull into Number 73. The traffic was nonstop and slow moving most likely due to the rain. I drove the length of the driveway and pulled up under the carport. There'd be no one home for hours and parking there would save me getting soaked.

With my basket of cleaning equipment in one hand, I opened the car door and got out. I grabbed my clean apron from the backseat, slammed the door shut and went up the three stairs to the kitchen entrance.

The rain was falling heavy on the carport roof drowning out the other sounds including the constant traffic. It hit the roof so hard that it was bouncing right off. The spoutings were all full and the excess rain was pouring in huge waterfalls all around the edge of the carport.

I unlocked the door and went inside. Cleaning this house only took me a couple of hours each week and it was relatively easy work. They kept their house very tidy. No old newspapers lying around, no piles of dirty clothes... It was bliss cleaning really. Usually a few breakfast dishes, vacuuming and polishing, cleaning the bathroom and that was about all.

This morning, the kitchen looked spotless. I carried my basket through into the lounge and put it down on the glass topped coffee table. As I put my apron on, I let my gaze wander over the room. It looked relatively neat and tidy in here too. I moved around the lounge, picking up cushions from the couch and fluffing them up, replacing them just right... A magazine lay on the floor. I picked it up, and glanced at it's cover as I closed it. Home and Garden. A stunning house on the front, with views overlooking Auckland Harbour. How the other half live eh? I put the magazine away on it's rack and straightened up the other four.

Taking the polish and duster from my basket, I began dusting the beautiful mahogony furniture. I loved the dark, rich coloured wood. The deep tones warmed the room. Two wine glasses stood on the china cabinet. They looked sparkling clean and I guess they'd forgotten to put them away, so I replaced them in the cabinet myself. I stood in front of the cabinet and went to open the door. A movement on the reflection of the glass caught my eye. I turned to see what it was.

The door into the bedroom was slightly ajar and something was moving in the room. It looked like a person. I went towards the door and opened it a little more. I stood still and stared.

Laying on the bed face down was Jake. Standing beside the bed and with his back to me was Jake's flatmate Nigel. They were both completely naked. Jake's head was turned on his pillow slightly and resting on one forearm... He looked fast asleep. His dark hair covered part of his face. Nigel had his back to me, his short grey-streaked hair was messy, like he'd just woken up and run his fingers through it. He bent and moved onto the bed, laying on his left side in a full length stretch against Jake's body still with his back to me.

I knew I shouldn't be there. I have no idea why they were home, nor where their car was. Obviously they had no idea I was standing in the doorway watching them. But I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I just stood staring. Completely fascinated and very, very curious. I'd wondered about these two and over the last couple of months, I'd wondered what it would be like to see two men making love. What it would be like to see them both naked and together like this. I couldn't pull myself away from the door. They looked so perfect together. Jake's muscular tanned frame and Nigel's slightly older, but still healthy body snuggling together on the fourposter.

Nigel's hand moved. It slid over Jake's waist, and moved slowly up the centre of his back. Jake stirred in his sleep and Nigel's hand stilled for a moment. Then it moved downwards and he splayed his fingers and slid them all the way down past Jakes waist, then low over his untanned buttocks. I took in a deep and slow breath.

Just watching Nigel's hand had stirred incredible feelings of wantoness inside me. I almost begged out loud for Nigel not to stop. My eyes widened as I guessed where his hand was going next. He'd moved it over Jake's thigh, and forward over his body and out of sight. Jake stirred and mumbled in his sleep. Nigel's mouth nuzzled softly against the nape of Jake's neck. Jake moaned. I watched as his tongue flicked out and licked. I could taste the saltyness myself. Jake turned over. Clearly I saw where Nigel's hand had come to rest. He held Jake's hard shaft firmly and was stroking gently.

At my sharp intake of breath, Jake's eyes opened and impaled me on the spot. A hot flush of embarrassment rushed over my body, rendering me speechless. Nigel continued stroking. I expected Jake to stop. He didn't. Instead, he watched me as I watched his hand move up Nigel's thigh. I couldn't take my eyes of his hand as it moved higher. His well manicured nails dug gently into Nigel's back. I looked up as Nigel moaned deep in his throat. Jake's wet lips moved closer and closer to Nigel's mouth.

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