Making It So

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Paul finds a mysterious naked young woman named Amber in his living room. He follows his instincts and "makes it so".

Chapter 1

Amber was lying there in front of Paul as though she'd been sunning. Her bra was obviously undone and the cups hung down loosely off her petite but nicely rounded B-cup sized breasts, her remaining body obviously naked underneath the towel that covered her body from the shoulders down.

Amber's pretty dark brown shoulder-length hair set off her little girl cute face and Paul found himself totally puzzled as to why she was there in his living room.

"I'm pregnant," Amber said as though in confirmation of some event in the past between the two of them that would explain her new condition and that Paul should be well aware of. He wasn't. Paul couldn't remember ever being with Amber sexually at all. He's lusted after her and wanted to fuck her on many occasions but he could not recall a single time that he'd had the pleasure of dipping his horny cock inside her wet pussy.

Surprisingly, there was no one else around so Paul wondered how Amber had gained entry to his house.

Paul didn't think for a single minute that Amber's newly conceived baby was his. How could it be? He absolutely knew that he had never fucked her. Then he was reminded of one of his favorite phrases that Captain Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" used to say: "Make it so." Paul figured if Amber was truly pregnant, great. If she really wasn't, he intended to "make it so".

Paul stood there in front of Amber as she lay motionless, staring up at him with her dark brown eyes. He could feel his cock growing hard quickly into a very hard thick erection. His pants and briefs were soon lying on the floor beside Amber's naked body. Paul only knew one thing now - in a few minutes he WOULD fuck Amber and he already knew it was a sexual experience he would never forget.

Amber had just turned 18 and was just graduating from high school. He'd seen her around a lot and he found her extremely sexy. She always seemed to be in good spirits and always flirting and playing around with the guys she was around.

As Paul quickly got undressed, he looked at Amber lying there on her stomach in front of him, and he wanted to pinch himself and see if this was something like the beginning of a very hot wet dream. He noticed the beautiful cleavage formed by Amber's twin breasts hanging down provocatively from her chest. He loved how the cups of her white bra hadn't fallen off of her tits but still concealed the naked beauty of her body at that moment. And he could barely tell around the edge of the towel covering the remainder of her body that she didn't have any more clothes on.

When Paul had gotten totally naked, he stood there in front of Amber, stroking the long thick shaft of his cock, and occasionally flopping the bag containing his large nuts to entice her and tease her in preparation for the hot fucking he was just about to give this hot young babe.

"Amber, you're such a hot girl. I've been wanting and wishing for this opportunity longer than you could possibly imagine. I don't know how you got in here and what possessed you to come and lure me into making love to you. But, unless you don't want to get royally fucked, you're in just the right place. I'm ready, are you?"

"Yes, Paul, I'm more than ready. I want you to fuck me and give me the hardest drilling you can manage, baby," Amber said as she leaned up further, allowing the unfastened cups of her bra to fall a bit more away from her tits.

Paul walked over to Amber's side, taking the edge of the towel and flipping it off, away from her body. Sure enough, when he uncovered her, Amber was totally naked except for that little bit of her bra that was still concealing her tits.

Paul moved over behind Amber's extended legs and he moved them apart to allow him to kneel in between them. Even before doing that, he could see the dark-fleeced pussy lips between Amber's legs and he leaned over, taking one finger and rubbing it up and down over the soaked lips of her pussy and then rubbing her already aroused clit. Paul knew he'd never done this with this sexy young woman before but he was more than willing to go along with her and the intimations that he'd fucked her before.

After slipping his finger up and down Amber's wet pussy a couple of times, Paul then spread her pussy lips and slid two fingers in and out of her very tight cunt a few times. That really got her attention and Amber turned and looked at him with a glance that seemed to say she was anxious for him to mount her and really give her the hard fuck she so badly needed.

Paul stroked in and out of Amber's pussy a few more times and then he took his pussy-lubed finger and slid it into the tight little rosebud of her hot asshole. Amber's asscheeks were so beautifully smooth and sexy and Paul could barely constrain himself from wanting to dive inside her hot pussy now.

Before he mounted Amber to make love to her, Paul leaned upward over her naked body, his leaking cock rubbing against her naked ass and he found where her bra was still cupping her breasts. Pulling down to bare her breasts completely, Paul cupped each of her rounded breasts in his hands, squeezing and kneading them, and feeling her nipples hard against the palms of his hands.

Amber was moaning and bucking her rear end back against him as she felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her body. She was more than ready for a hard lusty fuck. Paul moved back down where he could sit on his haunches between Amber's spread legs and then he slipped his fingers up and down her wet pussy again before he moved up close to her naked ass.

Then Paul realized he was at the moment he'd been wanting with Amber for a long time. The moment he'd get to sink his thick cock inside her and fuck her completely.

Paul spread Amber's legs a bit further so he could really get his cock inside her completely and fuck her as deep as he could reach. He reached over to a pillow lying at the foot of a nearby chair and slid it under Amber's tummy as he lifted her up to angle her pussy just right for his rear entry. Then, taking his cockshaft in his hand, he rubbed the full swollen head of his dick up and down her dark-furred pussy. She seemed to be trying to wiggle backwards onto his cock, to impale herself on his manhood before he could slide inside her body himself. Paul moved to give Amber just what she wanted and he grabbed her narrow waist firmly in both his muscular hands, pulling her back onto his cock as he looked down between their bodies, watching her cunt lips spread and take him deep inside her.

Paul knew Amber had been fucked before, her pussy was very tight but it permitted him to thrust inside her without any virginal opposition. He just knew it had never been him that had gotten his cock inside this sexy young woman's pussy in the past. At that moment, he didn't care if she'd fucked every single man in her neighborhood and every guy in her high school. He was the man with his cock just entering her horny young cunt and that was all he cared about for the moment -- the hot tight wet pussy taking him and holding him firmly inside her needy body.

Holding Amber tightly, Paul thrust his hips forward strongly, his cock sliding quickly inside Amber's tightly clasping pussy. He couldn't believe how hot and tight she felt. He'd fucked few pussies that were as tight and wet as hers. Holding Amber firmly, Paul began to really ram his dick in and out of his hot young lover's body at a furious pace. Then, with Amber firmly impaled on the length of his cock, Paul reached forward under her chest again, cupping both of her tight firm titties and squeezing them, hearing her moan from the combined stimulation of having her pussy crammed tight with his cock and her breasts being caressed and fondled passionately.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh baby, yeah, fuck me, Paul, fuck me good and hard, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah," Amber begged as Paul pounded in and out of her body. He loved the sound of his large cum-filled nuts whacking again and again against her wet pussy and then he could hear her moans and whimpers as she began to orgasm as he drilled her cunt. "Fucckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," Amber moaned as she climaxed and orgasm after orgasm washed over her young body.

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