Las Vegas Awakening

by LaffWithMe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: On a trip to Las Vegas, a young white wife finds out she likes black cock while her husband can only sit and watch.

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"Rodney, Rodney, I won, I won!" It was my wife screaming into the phone so loud that I thought everyone at work could hear her. Not that it made much difference. We lived in a small town where everyone knows everyone and I worked at the family feed store with my brother and sister.

"I won a week in Las Vegas on that radio show! I was the ninth caller and I won us a vacation."

Little did I know what a change that was going to make in our lives. We'd been married three years before. Sweethearts since the sixth grade we had wanted to get married since we were fifteen but of course we had to wait until we were eighteen. As I said, we live in a small town and most decent folk are very conservative. It may be difficult for most of you to believe but the most we did before we were married was French kiss, and at that we thought we were courting eternal damnation.

After we were married the floodgates burst open so to speak. Our honeymoon was a camping / fishing trip for two weeks. Claire loves to fish as much as I do so we thought it would be great. The only pole that saw any use in those two weeks was my stiff rod. We fucked morning, noon and night. Claire just couldn't get enough. I'd wake in the morning because she was sliding her pussy over my morning boner.

That first year we continued to fuck every day. I hate to say it, but sometime in the second year I began to get tired of fucking her. Neither of us had any experience; we just were doing the same old missionary position over and over. Along about the time we won the trip to Las Vegas, Claire had decided we should try some other things. It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but she is the one who is more adventurous and is the dominant one in our marriage. She read some book that described sexual positions, oral and anal sex, and recommended using sex toys and lotions. Unfortunately, we were hundreds of miles from anyplace that sold things like that.

Which brings us to Las Vegas. Wow! The first day and night we spent in the casino that we were staying in. The next day, we rented a car and drove around. The casinos were awesome, but what caught our eye was a sign on a store, "Adult Books". We didn't go in, but we saw it and Claire talked about it. That night I asked Claire if she wanted to go to the store. Like little kids, we were almost afraid to go. But like kids we were drawn to what we thought of as something a bit bad.

We found our way back to the store about ten in the evening. There were sex books and videos lining the walls. In the back was a sign that said 'movies'. There were a half dozen men visible looking through the magazines. At the front of the store the clerk sat behind a display case that contained lotions and sex toys. Claire clung to my arm and we looked at the display.

"You kids goin ta have ta show me some ID."

We froze, looking at the clerk like school children caught by the principal. He was an older black man, about fifty I guess. He had on a green Hawaiian shirt that stretched over a significant belly. His white shorts were dirty yet still seemed very white against his thin black legs. He stood up and scrutinized us, looking at Claire mostly.

"Well little missy? Ya got some ID to show Mathew?

Claire fumbled with her purse. Her blond pigtails swung as she nodded that she did. I could see the mans eyes move up and down her. She did look young. She is only 5-1. She wore a blouse, which masked her small breasts. However the shorts that she wore did wonderful justice to her legs and ass.

She handed her drivers license to the clerk.

"My, my. Twenty-two. Child you could pass for sixteen. A foxxyyyy sixteen, heh, heh."

He sat down again. "Take your time, you see anything you want, you come ask Mathew."

"I think we want some lotion. Is there any that you recommend?" Claire stammered.

"Well, I'm partial to this," as he pulled a bottle from the display. "Just a few drops on ya boyfrens cock and he'll be hard as a rock, rub a little on your pussy and you'll swear you're in heaven. And it tastes good."

"OK, we'll take it." Claire said. She wasn't looking at the clerk; she was staring at the large rubber cocks in the display case.

"Rodney, look at those. They look so real but they're so big. " She whispered to me but it was loud enough that the clerk overheard.

"The reason they look real, little missy is that they make them from copies of the real cocks. Some of the biggest adult stars are here. Ever hear of John Holmes? He's still one of the most popular."

"Yeh, right. I guess you think I'm really dumb. No man's penis is that big." Claire seemed almost insulted.

The clerk laughed, an almost sinister laugh. "Little missy, you ain't been round to many guys have you? If you're brave enough to come peek around the counter you can see proof that some men is that big." He leaned back on his chair.

Claire went to the opening in the counter and gasped. "Oh my!" Rodney look at him."

I looked in. The clerk had pulled the leg of his shorts back and his thick black cock was exposed. Actually about half of it, we could see the outline of the remainder of the shaft covered by the white shorts. Claire didn't take her eyes off it; it was obvious to the clerk that she was interested. He pulled the foreskin back exposing the head of his cock.

"Go ahead missy, touch it, see if it's real."

Claire pulled back. "No. No. We better go."

"Come again. 'I'm here most every night from eight to midnight." The clerk chuckled as we left the store.

"Rodney wasn't that the most scary thing we've ever done? I can't believe that man asked me to touch his penis. I guess what some people say about them black men is true, I mean about them being kind of like animals. I mean his penis was almost big as a horse." Claire chattered about the cock all the way back to our room.

That night she asked me how big my penis is. I didn't know. I thought it was normal. She wanted to know, so she retrieved a tape measure from her stitchery bag and measured. "Five inches, umm five and a half."

Not much more was said until the next night. About eleven o'clock Claire said, "Rodney, let's go buy one of those rubber things."

"You want to? You really mean it?"


" OK, let's go." I replied.

"OK, let me comb my hair first." And Claire disappeared into the bathroom. When she came out I did a double take. She had taken down her braids, now her blond hair hung down below her shoulders. Instead of the loose blouse, she had on a white tube top with no bra. Her breasts even though small showed as perfect mounds and if you looked closely you could see the bumps of her nipples. She wore a thigh length skirt instead of the shorts that she had been wearing. She now wore shoes with low heels, which enhanced the shape of her legs.

When we walked into the store, the clerk looked up and smiled. "Hey, you kids use up all that lube already. Must a been some hot fucking last night." He laughed.

He was dressed the same as the previous night. I looked more closely at him. I couldn't say he was ugly but he wasn't good looking either. Yet he seemed to have a way about him that made you relax.

"Um, ummm, don't missy look hot tonight. You not the flat chested little thing I thought you was. I hope that boyfriend of yours knows how to nibble proper on those little apples."

Claire blushed. I had mixed feelings. I thought I should be angry at this stranger talking to my wife like that but I was feeling twinges of excitement.

"Can I see one of those rubber penis's?" Claire said.

He took three white and one black from the display case and laid them out for Claire's inspection. He had moved them to the end of the counter by the pass-through opening. "Anything for little missy. O' course most people calls them cocks. Pick 'em up, feel 'em. Almost as good as the real thing."

Claire touched one, then picked up another. She put it down and picked up the black one.

"Now that's a good choice missy. Almost like Mathew's." He laughed.

Claire squeezed and felt the black rubber cock, oblivious to the few other customers who came and went.

"Here, see how they compare." As he spoke, the clerk took the dildo from her hand and pulled his cock part way out so that he could hold the rubber cock next to his cock.

"What do you think? Do you think it looks like the real thing?"

Claire stepped into the opening to look at his cock next to the rubber cock.

"Go ahead missy, see if they feel different. You're man don't mind."

He took her hand; she allowed him to guide her hand to his cock. I watched, mesmerized. At first she just lightly touched the black shaft with her fingertips. He guided her fingertips back and forth along the part of his cock that was exposed.

He set the dildo down on the counter and Claire continued to rub his cock.

"Go ahead missy, wrap your fingers around. Pull back and watch the head come out.'

His cock looked big and black in the small white hand of my wife. She pulled the skin back and his high crowned cock head came into view. It was shiny, purplish and I could see his cock get hard.

"You never felt nothin like that before did you missy. I see some hard little nipples now."

His hand pushed her top up exposing one breast. Her nipple was hard, erect and open to view by anyone in the store.

"My, my. You got fine little titties. How big your titties girl?"

"Twenty-eight B." Claire whispered.

She almost seemed to be in a trance. I could see her hand lightly fondling the black cock while she stared down at it.

"Little missy, I thinks you'd like playing with a big nasty black cock. Never had nothing like that before have ya. I thinks you an me an yer boyfriend needs to party. No sense you buyin a rubber cock when I'll let play with a real one. Wadda ya say. I'm off work in five minutes." He talked quickly and Claire seemed to be nodding in agreement.

"I don't think that would be a good idea. I think we better go." I spoke as I was guiding Claire to the door.

"God Claire, I can't believe you were actually feeling his cock. I mean, right there in public. And guys were looking at you, they saw him pull your top up." We were walking to the car.

"What'd you think Rodney? Am I really nasty?"

"I guess you're nasty, I mean showing your tit and letting him feel it and feeling his cock. It was kind of fun."

" I liked it. I think we should do it." Claire almost seemed to be demanding.

"Do it?" I stopped walking. "Do what?"

"Have a party. With him, you know. It's our last night. Nobody will ever know." She was now coaxing me back toward the store.

Mathew came out as we approached the door. "Hey, little missy and boyfriend decided to come get me." He laughed and closed the distance between us. He pushed his way between us, putting his arm around both of us as if we were old friends. "So where's your car. What club you stayin at? We'll go there." His hand had disappeared down Claire's top: I knew he was playing with her nipple as we walked to the car.

I was coming to the realization that although I hated this man's pushy, crude attitude, I was getting hard watching him fondle my wife. I also realized that Claire enjoyed having him fondle her in front of me.

The ride to our hotel was short but seemed long as I watched the two of them in the back seat. As soon as they got in the car he began kissing her or maybe it was Claire that began the kissing. I could hear them talking, louder than a whisper but not loud enough for me to understand what was said. Whatever it was, Claire giggled quite a bit in between prolonged kisses. I could also hear the sucking sound as they kissed and I knew that she was sucking his tongue. I recognized it as one of her favorite things to do when kissing. I resisted the urge to turn my head and watch them; I just stole frequent glances of them in the rear view mirror. I felt like a peeping tom and it excited me.

When we arrived at the casino the valet parking attendant watched as Claire and Mathew exited the rear seat. I felt my face flush when the attendant took the car key from me. All I could think of was " what if someone we know sees us." I hurried through the doors into the lobby, Claire and Mathew following behind giggling. I was anxious to get to our room, embarrassed that my wife was behind me being fondled by a black man. Claire on the other hand seemed almost to enjoy the looks of some of those we passed. In the elevator, an older white couple gawked as Claire made no effort to stop Mathew from pushing her tube top up to expose one breast.

Once in the room, Claire wasted no time. She sat on the edge of the bed, pulling Mathew to stand in front of her. Mathew was removing his shirt while Claire ran her hand up the leg of his shorts. I just stood watching as her hand moved inside his shorts. I could see the outline of her hand, then saw the outline of his cock shaft.

"Lookin for ya licress stick missy?" His hands were on her head.

"Umm, uh huh" she moaned as he pulled her face in to rub against the dirty shorts and the thickening shaft beneath.

Claire rubbed her cheek against the outline of his cock. I could see the movement of her hand beneath the cloth pulling the shaft so that it pressed against her cheek. Then she pushed the shaft down so that the head of his cock was exposed out the bottom of his shorts. She began licking the cock head. I watched Claire's white face, his dirty white shorts, the tip of a black cock poking out, her pink tongue flicking around it.

"Time to let the snake out missy. Ya got it woke up. Best pull down my shorts an see if ya can handle it." He laughed and Claire obeyed. She pulled her hand out from his shorts, then unsnapped and unzipped the shorts. She pulled them down and squealed softly as the large cock flopped free. Mathew stepped out of his shorts and at the same time pulled the tube top up over her head. His cock hung down, looked semi-hard. It bobbed against Claire's face and she attempted to nuzzle it.

"What ya think girl? Never had a nice big black cock before have ya?"

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