Wild, Wonderful Weekend

by BiggerJim

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nice couple's weekend in a lonely cabin. First time group action.

Kelly and I were poor, but very happy. We'd been married three years and had not ever taken a real vacation trip since our honeymoon. So, when Bob and Patty invited us to go to their cabin for a long weekend, we jumped at the offer.

Bob and Patty are our next-door neighbors. We've been friends with them since we moved in. We usually see them two or three times a week, and have dinner together at least twice a month. Bob's parents own a cabin in the mountains, about 2 hours away, and they have the opportunity to "reserve" it 5 weekends per year. The balance of the year went to Bob's brothers and his parents.

Bob told us that there was a pond on the property, so we should bring swim stuff. We also needed to bring in everything we might need in the way of food, toiletries, etc, since other than four hundred acres of forest; there was nothing within 20 miles of the property.

We piled into their Jeep Friday afternoon. With one stop to load up on food and booze, we were unloaded and settled in by dark. Exhausted from the workweek and getting set up, we ate light and hit the sack early.

I find that sleeping in a new place is always difficult the first night. Kelly and I lay there, whispering about how we liked the cabin and were grateful to get away. Just relaxing, we soon heard a low thumping sound. Exchanging puzzled glances, we quietly got up and stalked down the hallway. Looking around the doorway, into the living room, we spied Bob and Patty furiously fucking on the living room couch. Now, what we should have done was turn around and go back to bed. We had investigated the strange sound and discovered its origin. We didn't.

As our eyes adjusted to the scene, I could see Patty lying on the couch. One leg was hooked over the back of the couch and the other was propped on an ottoman. I do not think that an Olympic gymnast could have spread her legs any wider. Bob, looking into Patty's face, braced himself on her shoulders and drove his cock deeply into Patty's loudly squishing pussy.

Although we couldn't see his cock pistoning in and out, we could see that he had to pull back rather far each time he plunged his stiff rod deep into Patty. It didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that Bob was hung like a mule. Patty, in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, was urgently whispering, "C'mon. Harder. Faster. Give it to me!"

Squeezing my hand to get my attention, Kelly implored me, "C'mon, John, let's go back to bed." I reluctantly complied and we shuffled quietly back to our bedroom. Kelly must have gotten as worked up as I was, because as soon as we closed the door, she shucked her nightie, jumped onto the bed and spread herself wide open for me. Standing there like an idiot, I watched as she spread her pussy wide with one hand and frigged her clit with the other.

I finally snapped out of my trance when Kelly said, "John, I'm not going to wait all night. You've got three seconds to get your cock out of your pants and into my pussy." Now, my Daddy didn't raise me to have to be told things twice, so I peeled off my shorts and dove atop my writhing wife. Lifting and separating her legs wide, I lined up the swollen knob of my dickhead and slowly, ever so slowly, eased it into her drippy cunt. I was awarded a long, satisfied, "Yeeesssssss..." as I hit bottom and began a slow, sawing motion.

In and out I slowly worked my stiff pole, grinding in hard when I hit bottom. With Kelly's legs split, she had great access to her super-sensitive clit. She kept on massaging it as my hips rocked back and forth, corkscrewing my cock in and out of her greedy cunt.

"OMIGOD" Kelly cried, as her back arched and she pulled my hard-on even deeper into her. Her orgasm grabbed her in a vise of sensation as her body went rigid. Her mouth was thrown open in a silent scream, her eyes rolling back into her head as I plowed in harder and harder. She finally collapsed in exhaustion as I slowly worked my still stiff dick in and out of her tired pussy.

"That was nice," Kelly whispered.

"Sure looked like it," I said. "But I'm not done yet."

"How do you want me?" She asked.

"Get on your hands and knees on the side of the bed."

Taking a firm grip on each of her lovely ass cheeks, I guided my still swollen pole deep into her still drenched love hole. Taking a few slow strokes to get well lubed, I gradually increased my pace. Within moments, my cock was slamming into Kelly's punished pussy. I could hear, as well as feel, my bloated balls slapping against her sensitive pussy lips.

Knowing what I like, Kelly reached between her legs and massaged my aching balls. "Ohh, I'm close, baby," I warned. "I'm getting a hot load of cum ready for you. All you have to do is milk my balls until it shots out into your greedy pussy." Taking this not-so-subtle hint, Kelly gently squeezed my nuts and I shot my load, pounding deeper and deeper until I fell to the bed, spent.

We both slept well the rest of the night.

"You guys sleep OK?" Patty asked over breakfast.

Looking sheepishly at each other. Kelly and I agreed that, although it took a while to get to sleep, we did sleep well. Nothing further was mentioned about the night's gymnastics.

What's on the agenda for today?" I asked.

"Agenda? We don't need not stinkin' agenda?" Bob announced. "Whatever you guys want to do. How do you feel about a nice hike through the woods, then we can cool off with a dip in the pond?"

"Works for us," Kelly replied.

With that settled, we cleaned up from breakfast and got dressed for the hike. When we met on the cabin porch I was pleased to see that Patty was wearing cut off shorts that would have gotten her arrested in most public places. The legs ended at the bottom of the pockets, and still allowed half of her ass to hang out the bottom. And what an ass it was! Kelly, seeing me ogle Patty's ass, elbowed me hard and suggested we get on with the hike.

Two hot, sweaty hours later we arrived back at the cabin. "Man, I could use a dip. I've got to smell like a goat by now!" I announced.

Bob said, "Yeah, I'm with you on that. Let's go." And started down to the pond.

"Wait!" Kelly called. "Don't you guys want to get your bathing suits?"

"Get one if you want to, but I'm jumping in with these clothes on. It's to give me an opportunity to cool off, and rinse the sweat and dirt from them. Remember, we've got no laundry facilities here. We hand wash and line dry." Bob continued out on the small dock and dove into the cool pond.

Kelly, Patty and I followed and we were soon all splashing and washing in the cold water. I don't know that it would have been much different if we took off our clothes before we went in, because the girls' nipples proudly showed through the wet t-shirts they both had on.

Bob produced a bar of plain soap, took off his shirt and washed it. Passing the soap to Patty, he rinsed his shirt, wrung it out and tossed it onto the sunny grass to dry. I didn't see Patty take her shirt off, but she was soon following suit. Keeping the water at chin level, she demurely washed her shirt, rinsed and pitched it onto the grass.

The moment of truth came when Patty passed the soap to Kelly. Staring at the soap, then at me, she shrugged her shoulders and peeled off her top, washed, rinsed and wrung it out. I did the same. A half hour later, the soap had made the rounds three more times and all our clothes lay drying in the sun as we bobbed in the pond.

Kelly was the first one to pipe up, "Well, now how are we supposed to get out of the pond? All our clothes are on the shore."

"Like this," Patty responded. She swum over to the ladder, shook her hair out and climbed up onto the dock... She stood there like a defiant goddess. Her short brown hair glistened with auburn highlights in the afternoon sun. Droplets, like precious jewels hung from her nipples as the water coursed down her body to pool at her feet.

"Holy shit," I murmured under my breath. Looking at Kelly, I challenged, "You wouldn't dare!" I could see the indecision on her face. After a few moments, something inside must have settled the argument. Without a word, she paddled over to the dock, looked me straight in the eye and climbed out.

Bob and I looked at each other and exploded in genuine applause. Wading over to the ladder, I looked up and could see Patty and Kelly standing side-by-side at the top of the ladder.

"Sorry, guys," Kelly said. "This is our ladder and our deck. You can't use it."

Warming to the game Bob replied, "It's only yours as long as you can defend it." Taking a firm grip on the ladder, he started climbing out, but was pushed back down by both girls. As he started to fall, he grabbed Kelly's arm and pulled her back in with him. "I've got Kelly. Get Patty!" he commanded.

Looking up the ladder, I saw Patty standing there defiantly. Her legs were partly spread and, for the first time, I noticed that her pussy was shaved, all except a small patch at the top. I managed to get up on the deck, wrestling all the way. I finally succeeded in getting a firm grip on Patty, and we both tumbled back into the water where Kelly and Bob were still wrestling.

After a few moments of spirited splashing and groping, I managed to subdue Patty and pin her arms to her sides. As I did so, Patty reached down and grabbed hold of my stiff cock, squeezing it affectionately. I was initially shocked, but did not let loose the grip I had on her.

Bob had Kelly similarly held and he asked me, "Wanna trade, or has Patty go you right where she wants you?"

(What I did not know then was that Bob and Patty had discussed a scenario like this. They had been discussing having a "group thing", and decided that this might be the way to get one going. He knew that Patty was going to "approach" me and use my reaction as a guide to how they would proceed. Later I found out that he had been groping Kelly under the water. When she didn't put up a fuss, he took this as the "go ahead" sign.)

Sputtering and blabbering, I was at a loss to come up with a response that wouldn't piss someone off. Patty came to my rescue and, giving my balls an affectionate pat, suggested that we get out, get dry and get some lunch.

Lying out on towels in the sun, we slowly baked into a state of stupor. Kelly and I dozed a bit, and when I rolled over I saw Bob laying flat on his back, with Patty sucking on his long, hard cock. Gently nudging Kelly awake, I pointed out what was happening on the next towel.

Kelly and I were both mesmerized. Me, by the sight of Patty crouched over Bob: her petite mouth stretched out around Bob's massive erection. Kelly's attention was riveted on the view of Bob's big tool, slowly disappearing into Patty's hungry mouth.

Watching Kelly intently, I could see her snake a hand down between her own legs, seeking her own pleasure. I let her diddle her clit for a moment, and snuggled up behind her as she lay on her side. Worming my way into the "spoon" position, I gently prodded her pussy from behind and, as she spread her legs, I slowly impaled her on my rampant cock.

Each couple knew they were being watched by the other, but did not want to acknowledge it. Not yet anyway.

Reaching around, I cupped Kelly's ripe tit and gently squeezed her nipple. Her sharp intake of breath coincided with the withdrawal of my cock. Heeding the call of her greedy pussy, she humped back against me and pulled my cock back in. This frantic action caught Bob and Patty's attention, but did not break their rhythm. Pumping Bob's cock with wild abandon, Patty took most of it down her throat as he grunted his orgasm loudly. A thick stream of cum leaked around Patty's lips as she continued milking his rapidly deflating cock.

Watching this horny display must have put Kelly over the edge. I felt her pussy spasm once, then again at my insistent thrusting. He muffled cry signaled her climax as she collapsed onto the towel

Disengaging her pouting lips from Bob's limp pecker, Patty suggested, "Why don't we get out of this hot sun and into the cabin? I could use a drink."

Gathering our clothes we silently trooped back to the cabin. Once inside we all enjoyed a few cans of ice cold beer and some sandwiches. Surprisingly, it was Kelly who broke the ice. "Was that the first time you had sex in front of another couple?" she asked.

"Yes," Patty replied. "Although, we always wanted to try it. Was it a turn-on for you?"

"Worked for me!" I replied.

"Me too," Kelly sheepishly chimed in.

Bob added, "I kind of think of it as like having sex while watching a porn film. Just with a really great TV!"

That mild joke really served to break the tension as we all laughingly agreed with him. Once refreshed, we agreed to begin again. Kelly and I took one couch and Bob and Patty took the other, across the coffee table.

Standing, I slowly stripped Kelly, kissing her exposed flesh as it was revealed. Paying special attention to her nipples, belly, thighs, and pussy, I soon had her quivering where she stood. During this "warm up" Bob and Patty watched; not doing much more than the occasional kiss.

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