Hen Night

by Macca Hobbes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Interracial, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Monica and the girls are living it up on their friend's hen night. The challenge is to see who can acquire the most pairs of men's underpants. Flick has to work the hardest to earn her contribution, but the orgasm is more than worth it.

The group of girls laughed loudly as they claimed their 15th pair of men's underpants. It was Monica's hen weekend, Ibiza, 2am and the game was simple: get as many pairs of underpants from blokes as possible and dress Monica in them. It had been Steffi's idea about three hours ago and the ten scantily clad babes were making good progress, aided by vodka induced fuel stops at more or less every second bar. Monica looked a real sight. She was wearing leather shorts and a tight leather top, covered by boxer shorts and pants of various colours and sizes.

The group had made its way along the bar-lined street and out into the square. They were receiving plenty of attention from groups of guys. Steffi made a beeline for a group of blokes from England determined to add to the tally.

Felicity grinned at her friend's confidence. "Fucking hell," she exclaimed as she watched Steffi virtually throw herself at the blokes. Felicity was perhaps the most reserved of the group.

"Come on Flick!" said Julia, grabbing her by the hand. "I spy more underwear."

Flick felt herself being dragged across the courtyard towards 2 black guys who were quietly watching the proceedings. The guys smiled as Julia explained what they were up to, ensuring to flash her cleavage when appropriate.

"So who's first then?" she asked, staring straight at the guy closest to her. He grinned at her, which was as good as a yes as far as she was concerned. She grabbed his hand and led him back towards Monica and the girls, leaving Flick and the other guy to stand and watch. Julia looked back over her shoulder and yelled "Don't you dare come back empty handed Flick!" Flick had assisted in three of the pairs of underpants won so far, but hadn't attempted to bargain for a pair on her own yet.

She looked at the black guy stood next to her. He was at least 6ft 6 tall and very well built. He was wearing black jeans and a silver shirt with only the bottom buttons done, showing off his strong chest and six-pack. She'd never been with a black guy before, but had wandered if they were as well hung as she'd heard. Maybe now was an opportunity to find out!

She straightened her back and held back her shoulders to accentuate her figure. She was slim and looked tall, but at 5ft 9 she was eclipsed by his physique. She was wearing a short, bright red dress with thin straps that ran over her shoulders and tied behind her neck. They'd spent plenty of time on the beach and her whole body was golden tanned. She knew she was looking sexy.

"So," she asked, trying to curtail her nerves, "are you going to donate your underwear to the cause?"

"I don't know," he grinned. "I'm a bit shy."

Flick laughed and stepped closer to him. A wave of confidence took over her and she placed her hands on his belt. "I'm sure you've nothing to be shy about!" She looked up at him, ensuring to widen her dark brown eyes. "And it is for a good cause."

She looked at him expectantly. He smiled back at her. "I dunno," he said shrugging his shoulders. She cocked her head to one side. "Please? Pretty please? You heard my friend, I can't go back empty handed."

"Well," he sighed. "I suppose you did ask nicely." Flick clapped her hands gleefully. "Cool," she nodded. "Come on then. Let's have 'em!"

The guy took a step back from her. "Not here though," he exclaimed. He motioned to the square. "There's no way I'm getting them off in the middle of this place." Flick looked around. Her friends currently surrounded his mate and she could hear the squeals as they achieved their goal. As she turned back towards him she spotted an alleyway between two restaurants, about 50 feet away from where she was standing.

She was determined she would go back to the group with his pants, so she grabbed his hand and led him towards the alleyway. "Come on, it'll be quiet over here."

They walked up between the buildings and turned into a small courtyard that appeared to be a garden to the restaurant. It was deserted, and dimly lit. "Will this do for you then?" she asked. He surveyed the courtyard and shrugged his shoulders again. "Suppose so." Flick sighed mockingly, then crossed her arms, and nodded to his waist. "Go on then." He smiled at her again. "I still dunno," he said. "What do I get out of it?" Flick raised her eyebrows towards him. "Fucking hell, now you want to bargain?"

"Well, it has to be worth my while, doesn't it?" Flick wondered if he was serious or using this opportunity to get his way with her. She wasn't one to get it on with a complete stranger - that was Steffi's job - and all she really wanted was to get his pants. And maybe a peek at his, hopefully, big black cock.

She quickly formed a cunning plan that would achieve her objectives. "Tell you what," she whispered sexily. "I'll swap my panties for yours!" He smiled and nodded approvingly. "Sounds like an OK deal, I suppose." He moved to unbuckle his belt. "Ready then?" he beckoned towards her. She laughed and shook her head. "Uh no, you first." "Hey, that's not fair," he responded. She giggled and smiled sweetly. "You can trust me. Now, you first."

He sighed and undid the buttons on his shirt, then unbuckled his belt. Her plan was working and she was feeling very pleased with herself. She felt her heartbeat race as he slid his jeans down to his ankles, revealing a pair of black Calvin Klein's with an enormous bulge. She could haer all the people out in the main square and she felt a real sense of excitement as he started to slide off his shorts. Her eyes focused on his crotch as she waited to see his cock spring out. When it did, she visibly gulped.

"Fucking Hell!" she exclaimed. "It's enormous!" He wasn't hard yet and it was easily 9 inches, by far the biggest cock she had ever seen. She couldn't move her eyes from it. Her body tingled.

"Now it's your turn, he said." He had to ask again before she could prize her gaze away.

"Wh... what?" she asked.

"Now you give me your pants." She looked at him. His shorts and jeans were around his ankles. Her mind raced, and she remembered her game plan. "No, no. Deal is you give me yours, then I'll swap." He shook his head. "What, I take my shorts off then you fuck off back to your mates? Don't think so babe!"

Flick looked at his knob again. To be honest, she might have done a runner a few minutes ago, but now the huge black member that dangled in front of her filled her mind.

"You can trust me," she exclaimed, holding her hand out towards him. He shook his head again. "Your turn."

She felt herself blush as she realised her plan had backfired. Along with Julia, she had swapped her panties earlier in the evening with a couple of French guys who hadn't spoken any English. She'd planned to reveal this to him by cheekily flashing her pussy at him before running off back to the group with his shorts.

"I'm not wearing any," she announced. "You what?" he answered. "I'm not wearing any," she repeated. "Prove it," he dared.

Flick quickly tried to sum up what was happening. Her head was telling her do a runner now, but the little devil on her shoulder had a louder voice. He was standing next to a bench seat and she moved across and sat down on it. As she did, her dress rode up her thighs. She looked up at him and gently parted her legs before sliding her dress up towards her hips, revealing her naked, shaved pussy. She noticed his cock twitch, but was surprised when he bent down to pull his shorts back up.

"What are you doing?" she questioned.

"Deals off," he responded coolly. "You've nothing to swap." Flick was amazed. Things had seemed to be getting out of control, but now he was just going to puts his shorts back on and disappear. She felt a bit disgruntled, and her determination to get his CKs burst through again. She leaned towards him. "Stop, stop. Come on, you may as well let me have them now."

He paused and looked down at her. "Well, what can you offer instead then?"

Flick looked at his cock again. Her mind raced with intrigue as she wondered how much bigger it would grow. He had moved closer to her and had his hands by his side. He seemed so confident, just stood there with his enormous cock dangling between his legs. She noticed that it had stiffened slightly. The intrigue took over. "Fuck it," she murmured to herself and shifted forward towards him.

"I'm sure we could come to, erm, some arrangement," she offered, looking up at him, wide eyed. He took a step forward. His cock was now level with her face. "I'm listening," he said.

Flick looked directly at the cock in front of her. It had grown another couple of inches and she felt a tingle in her pussy. Her mind was racing, "how the hell did I get myself into this situation?" she thought to herself. She was quite reserved usually, never going beyond a good snog on a first date. Now she was a few inches away from a cock that belonged to a guy she'd only met 5 minutes ago. Her stomach was racked with nerves.

She reached her hand forward and tentatively took hold of his cock. She felt it stiffen as she clasped her hand around it. She gently stroked the shaft back and forth; her eyes wide open and fixed as it grew in her hand. She slid forward on the bench so that she didn't have to stretch so far, and in doing so felt her dress ride up higher on her thighs. She felt the cool night air around her bare pussy, and the nerves turned to horniness. She slid her hand down the shaft and grasped it more tightly. It was rock hard now and she was amazed at how big it was. It was easily fourteen inches in length and she could only just wrap her hand around it. She pulled it back and forth more quickly, still watching it intently. It was exactly level with her face and she looked with fascination as the foreskin peeled back, revealing a shiny head. Without even thinking, she moved her head forward and placed her lips around the head.

She still couldn't believe what she was doing, but she was driven just to lightly suck away on his cock head. She felt it grow again as she ran her tongue around the tip. He groaned slightly and pushed forward. She closed her lips around the end of his foreskin. Her mouth tingled and she jerked his shaft with short sharp motions. As she looked along his member she wondered how much would fit in her mouth - it just seemed so big. For a full minute she jerked him off and sucked the end of his cock. The nerves had gone completely now, and she was concentration fully on giving him the blowjob.

He was slowly pushing into her mouth and she couldn't resist finding out just how much of it she could fit. She lifted her head off him, took a deep breath, then plunged her mouth down onto his big, black cock.

She gagged a little as she took about 6 inches. She slid her head back up then plunged forward again. She felt her jaw widening as she took a little more. She repeated this quickly for several minutes, gradually taking more and more cock. She barely had more than half in her mouth, but it filled her. Her pussy tingled again and she realised she was getting very turned on. She bobbed her head back and forth on his shaft, each mouthful engulfing her eager mouth. Her whole body was moving with the motion of her blowjob, and her little red dress was tight around her body. She wasn't wearing a bra - the dress was tight enough that she didn't have to - and she could feel her rock hard nipples rubbing against the material. Every inhibition she had had deserted her body and she felt herself sliding her spare hand along the top of her dress.

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