Anue has arisen

by Somno

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/ft, Mind Control, .

Desc: Sex Story: The long dead Egyptian witch queen Anue has arisen and walks the Earth in mortal form. 1600 years is a long time to go without sensory stimuli, but she is about to rectify the situation

A Timeless Voice

Mary Carmichaels lifted her glasses and gently rubbed her straining eyes before glancing at the wall clock, 2115 it read. God, Mike was going to be pissed off. She had been promising him that she would spend less time at work, but here she was again deep in the bowels of the Natural History Museums storage vault cataloguing the most recent findings of an Archaeological dig in Egypt. Her greatest passion from a young age had been the vast history of the Ancient world, so it was only natural that as she reached adulthood she would choose a career in anthropology. Mary was an attractive 24year old, 5ft 8" with fiery red her which was normally tied in a severe bun. She rarely wore makeup and didn't go out of her way to show of her feminine attributes, so at first glance she normally went unnoticed in a crowd. But she had a slim attractive figure with small pert breasts; her best features though were her eyes. They were large and deep grey in colour, hidden behind a pair of silver rimmed glasses, which she had to wear when reading.

Replacing the glasses she looked down at the ledger to the read the inventory number for the last item from this shipment. Item No' 21 A Golden Pendant of unknown origin. She wearily pushed back her chair and rose from the table moving as carefully towards the miscellaneous crates stacked in the corner of the vault. Scanning the various crate numbers she finally found a small wooden box with the serial number she was after. Mary lifted the package, which was no bigger than a cigar box and returned to her seat. She prised open the lid and looked inside, nestled securely in the centre was an ornate golden necklace on which hung a circular pendant. Mary retrieved a small cassette recorder from her desk draw and pressed the record button. She began to examine the jewellery in greater detail. As Mary studied the necklace she would speak into the recorder.

"The Pendant itself is 8cm in circumference and 2cm in thickness, it has been designed in the shape of an eye with the centre piece having been crafted from an unusual green gem."

"It looks like an emerald but has an almost luminescent quality about it."

A very unusual design she thought glancing once again at the wall clock. Mike will probably have gone too bed now, in a bad mood and we will just end up arguing, no use rushing home for that whispered a voice in her head. She shook her head slightly in an effort to clear the cobwebs of tiredness.

"Did I just think that?" Mary mumbled in a slight daze.

"Hmmm, were was I."

"Ah Yes, the pendant seems to have originated during the reign of Ramos II, this due to an inscription, which mentions the witch, queen Anue who was executed by the Pharaoh Ramos II around 560BC."

As Mary continued to study the pendant she noticed a faint glow deep in the green gem. She strained her eyes in an attempt to look closer, it seem to be a swirling pattern which looked like it was moving.

"Mary look deeper"...

A small voice whispered in her mind.

No it was her imagination.

But that pattern is so beautiful and relaxing look how it changes, I... must rest just for a moment...

"Mary, Mary, Mary..."

"What who's that."

The words were barely audible as they slurred out of Mary's mouth, she couldn't look away from the pendent. A strange tingle started to run through her body, slowly building in momentum, a pleasant relaxing sensation. It ran up and down her entire being stimulating her nerve endings and sending small bolts of pleasure to her erogenous zones. The sensations continued to build and Mary's body reacted accordingly. Her nipples became rock hard and strained against the white cotton bra, visibly showing through her blouse. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs as the sensations intensified, she had s desperate need to touch herself and release the pressure but her limbs wouldn't obey her.

"Mary look deeper, deeper, deeper" the sibilant voice whispered again.

And she did, no longer curious about the voice her thoughts revolved around the glowing gem and the wonderful feelings she was receiving.

Mary's breathing quickened and small moans escaped her lips, but still she was unable to move or look away from the gem. A tiny voice in the back of her mind was screaming warnings, but another voice, a woman's voice demanded her full attention and soon the warnings faded and were no more.

The voice spoke to her more often now, it coerced her and promised her power beyond her wildest dreams if she surrendered to the gem as it spoke jolts of pleasure shot through Mary's body bringing her close to the edge of orgasm, but never quite reaching her peak. She trembled and gasped as her pleasure zones were overloaded with sensations.

She needed to cum, why couldn't she cum her mind screamed from the ecstasy of the assaults.

The voice offered her release, but she would have to pay a price.

"Will you pay my price, say yes and we will be as one, pleasure, power all will be ours for the taking."

"Say YES Mary, say yes."

"I... No... Can't, must CUM, need to Cum, Nooo... Nnnn..."

"Say the word Mary and I will let you cum."

"Nooo, Gasp, I... Uhhh, No, what's happening..."


"Uhhh can't... Oh... YES!"



As she screamed out her surrender the gem pulsed brightly and beam of green light shot out and into Mary's eyes. Mary screamed in pleasure and flew back of her chair landing roughly on the concrete floor. Her torso writhed and jerked as multiple orgasms wracked her body, each one stronger than the last. She had never known pleasure so intense, it swept through her body and soul wiping away any semblance of intelligent thought. Then the world went black as her consciousness slipped away.

Her mind had shut down from the massive sexual stimulation. In the vault the silence, was only broken by the shallow breathing of the fallen anthropologist.

John Goodman had been a security guard at the museum for 10 years, he was 41 years old and in reasonably good shape. He had been happily married to Amy for 19 years and they had two teenage daughters Jessica and Katrina. He didn't need the job he had made a small fortune in the antiques trade and had retired 5 years ago. However he soon got bored at home and so started work at the Natural History museum. He liked his job it gave access to many of his interests without the crowds of people seen during the day. It was 2230 and he was finishing his second patrol of the evening, John new Miss Carmichaels was working late tonight, so he left the downstairs vault alone, knowing that the anthropologists didn't like to be disturbed when engrossed in their work. As he approached the rest room he heard a loud piercing scream echoing from the vault stairway. Stunned for a moment at the sudden intrusion in the museums normally graveyard like quietness, John's brain went into overdrive, it must be Miss Carmichaels, and she must have had an accident.

John rushed to the rest room and grabbed a first aid kit then sprinted for the stairs leading to the vault. The screaming stopped as John reached the bottom of the stairs and only the deathly quiet remained, not a good sign he thought.

John opened the vault door and entered the large room, the lights were still on so it probably wasn't electricity, he looked towards the far end of the room were the new crates were normally stacked and could make out the prone figure of Mary Carmichaels, lying behind the big oak desk.

He quickly made his way across the room and knelt down beside the prone figure, placing his fingers on her neck to check for a pulse. Good he thought, she's still breathing, he then studied the stricken woman to see if he could identify the problem. Mary lay on her back, with her arms and legs spread apart, her long tweed skirt had risen up and exposed her thighs and white lace panties. Her blouse had come loose from her skirt and the top two buttons had snapped of revealing a nice cleavage. He could see the outline of her nipples poking through the blouse. Her skin was hot, flushed and sweaty and her breathing was slow and rythmatic which only helped to accentuate the rise and fall of her breasts. John felt a twinge of arousal looking at the prone woman, he had always found her attractive from afar, but up close lying helpless like this was having obvious effect on his body.

He quickly subdued it, feeling guilty for thinking such thoughts whilst she was in distress.

If Amy could see me now, she'd have a fit. That, girl is young enough to be your daughter, she would say. John has always been faithful to his wife, but that didn't mean he couldn't look? Distracted for a moment he didn't notice the slight tremor running through the prone body.

Suddenly Mary's eyes opened and she exhaled a long slow breath before she sat up sharply. John almost jumped with her sudden movement,

"Uh Miss Carmichaels are you all right, I heard a scream and found you lying here."

Mary turned and looked at him her face was totally impassive, but he was struck by the colour of her eyes, he was sure that she had greyish coloured eyes but now they were a bright luminescent green.

She didn't answer him but continued to rise to a standing position; then she strode purposely towards the oak desk.

John stood up and followed her trying to make sense of what was happening. As he approached he noticed that she had picked something of the desk and draped it round her neck.

"Ahh Miss Carmichaels I really need to know what happened, do you need a doctor, were you assaulted?"

The woman turned round just as he reached the table, he noticed she had a peculiar smile on her face and was now wearing a golden pendent on a chain.

"Miss Carmichaels?" as he spoke she lifted the pendant towards him and began mumbling some foreign language. John was at a loss; he didn't know what to do next, when suddenly a bright green light shot out of the pendant and into John's eyes.

Anue Tut Sept, Witch queen of Egypt, Destroyer of innocence, Mistress of the damned, Priestess of Sekhmet, once again breathed the sweet air of life. She looked at the statue still form of the man who she had subdued, then looked at the body she now possessed. Ah smile of exultation crossed her features.

1600 years her essence had resided within the pendant, and now at last she was free. Free to wreak revenge and take control of mankind's destiny for her goddess. She searched through the memories of Mary Carmichael's life to familiarise her with this new and different world. This Mary has wasted a good body she thought; throughout her life she had been more interested in study and work than the vast wealth of earthly pleasures available in this modern age. Although she was 24 years old, her sexual experiences were very limited. Mary had a strict upbringing by her catholic parents and so her views on sex were tainted with her parent's beliefs. Until she had started living with her fiancé Mike six months earlier she had still been a virgin. The experience in the vault had been her first real orgasm. She had not really enjoyed sex with Mike, but this was not his fault. Mary found that her mind was too active and wouldn't let go to her more basic needs, so feeling guilty she had faked her orgasms with Mike.

Anue could still feel the residual after affects of that orgasm and after so long without sensation the feeling was overpowering she was becoming extremely aroused.

She looked at the man in front of her, he stood as still as a statue, eyes glazed and unfocused. Searching through Mary's memories she found him, he was a security guard who worked here and his name was John.

Well John its time you took on a new job, raising the pendant before the man's eyes she uttered the a few words of power. The pendant's gem pulsed with light and once again bathed John's eyes in its luminescent colour.

"John can you here me." The still form mumbled a yes, but kept his eyes glued to the gem.

"Good, listen to me closely, you will listen to what I say and repeat it, as you repeat it so it becomes the truth, do you understand."


"Good, from this moment on you are my devoted slave. You love me with all your heart and soul, I am your goddess, you would kill or die for me at my slightest wish."

"I am your devoted slave." 1 love you with all my heart and soul, you are my goddess, I would kill or die for you at your slightest wish."

"You are my sex slave and will obey me in all things."

"I am your sex slave and will obey you in all things."

"Nothing or no-one is more important to you than pleasuring your mistress."

"Nothing or no-one is more important to me than pleasuring my mistress."

"Pleasing me will in turn please you."

"Pleasing you will in turn please me."

"Displeasing me will cause you immense pain."

"Displeasing you will cause me immense pain."

"You will live your life as you have always done when not in my presence, and will tell no-one about me."

"I will live my life as I have always done when not in your presence, and will tell no-one about you."

"You are my slave."

"I am your slave."

"Do you understand slave."

"Yes my mistress I am your devoted slave."

Anue released the pendent, the man was now totally in her power, and she was going to make the most of it.

"John you are married and have daughters, will you willingly give them to me as slaves?"

"Oh Yes mistress what ever you desire."

"Tell me about them."

"Amy is my wife she is 38 and an aerobics instructor at the local gym, she has long blonde hair and blue eyes her body is in as good condition as it was when we were married 19 years ago."

Katrina is my oldest daughter at 19 years of age, she is at collage at the moment and will not return home until the spring break. She gets her looks from her mum, sometimes they are mistaken for twins."

Jessica is my youngest daughter at 16 years of age, she still lives at home and his sitting her mid term exams. She is very pretty with short dark hair and a elf like quality about her."

"Good, I think they will soon join my army of slaves, would you like that?"

"Would you like to see your wife and daughters naked and serving your mistresses sexual needs?"

"Oh yes mistress, they would make good sex slaves."

"But first I need your attentions slave."

"John have you ever licked a woman's pussy before."

"No Mistress my wife would not let me..." John replied in answer to her question.

"Are you a quick learner?" she finished.

She slipped the tweed skirt down over her hips, letting it fall to the floor around her feet, and gracefully stepped towards him...

John's eyes surveyed her body with an animalistic lust, his mistress was so beautiful he needed to worship her body, he must please her.

Mary/Aneu pressed her round breasts together with her hands through the blouse, rubbing her nipples hard. One of the hands slid down her flat stomach and under the fabric of her panties to reach in between her legs. She brushed her fingers over a light tuft of downy hair above her pussy, and played with her cunt lips, rubbing gently and slipping a finger inside her velvety folds. Her eyes locked on her slaves eyes; she could see the lust boiling over. But he was unable to move until she commanded him. As she built a steady rhythm with her fingers, she studied the captured male before her. He was 6ft with a good build, dark hair graying at the temples and brown eyes. She could see the outline of his erection through the jeans and this aroused her even more. She removed her hand from its busy task and slowly licked her juices from those fingers sighing softly.

Mary/Aneu removed her panties and blouse and then approached John, lightly running her hand over his chest as she circled him.

His body trembled with pleasure as his mistress touched him. She pressed her firm tits into his back, and reached around his body to unbutton his shirt.

"You see, John, I own your mind now and I know all your secrets your every fantasy you desire is open too me."

"Your whole life will be devoted to pleasing me, and you will enjoy every second of it."

Her hands drifted lower, pulling open his jeans.

"You have been looking at this girls body for many years, you like to look, and you wanted to have, but never had the guts?"

"You have always fantasized about having Mary, well now Mary will have you."

"Yes Mistress, I want to have you," he whispered. "I live to give you pleasure, please mistress."

He felt Mary/Aneu's hot breath on his skin.

"Soon," she whispered back.

Her hands pressed down on his shoulders, pushing him to his knees.

"I want you at the right height to suck on my pussy." She said as she walked around him.

She moved her arms towards his head, and then grabbing him by the hair she pulled him into her mound.

John closed his eyes in pleasure; his mistress let him have the honor of adoring her body. His tongue found her slit and he devoted himself to her pleasure. As he licked and sucked, he could taste the sweet love juices of his goddess, which made his cock strain and jump from pleasure.

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