The Beginning

by April

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Rape, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: She had tons of chores to do and finally down to the last two, as she sat back in her car waiting for the store to reopen, she had no idea she was being watched

Only 2 more errands to do and her day was through. She zoomed into the parking space behind the back of the music store. She hurried to the door only to find they were not open, she read the sign "Be Back at 4:15", looking down at her watch she slowly walked back to her car, it was only 2:30 but she had no choice but to sit and wait. She turned the radio on and rolled her windows down. It was a hot summer day in the south, she had dressed in her normal tube top blue jean shorts. Laying the seat back she closed her eyes, as she listened to the music.

She must have fallen asleep, she woke up to the sound of the door slamming.

A tall man was now sitting in the passager side of the car. She screamed as she awoke, and tried to get away from the large man. He covered her mouth with his hands speaking sternly to her, "You had better not make a sound, YOU WILL DO AS I SAY, or else do You Understand?" She was very frightned, visabling trembling she nodded and he slowly removed his hand from her mouth. He lowered the tube top mawling her breast, pinching her nipples roughly, she begged him to stop, he smiled evily as he moved his hand to her shorts feeling her warm wet snatch. He jerked her legs apart and pushed the jean material into her cunt folds. She jumped at the feeling of the hard fabric against her bare pussy.

The minutes seemed like hours as he sat there with his hands roaming her half clothed body. He forced her into the back seat and darred her to try anything. He layed his seat back and ordered her to remove her clothes. He glanced around the parking lot and made sure no one could see anything. His large white truck blocking the view from the streets and the building blocking the other side. She nervously removed the tube top, her large breast jiggled freely in the cool summer breeze, she look up toward him, his muscular build and large body assured her she must comply as he had ordered. She unbuttoned her shorts raising up slightly sliding them off her hips and to the floorboard below.

He grinned as he shoved her legs apart forcing her cunt to be totally open to his full view.

He pulled her pussy lips apart pinching her clit hard, rubbing it between his fingers, watching her exspression change, sensing her arousal yet involuntary wetness. Plunging 3 fingers immediately up her wet cunt. Yes my slut, you will be stretched today. She gasped as she realized she was in his total control. She tried pulling herself up but he shoved her down on the seat, plunging his thumb into her unlubricated ass. She jumped at the new sensation. He laughed evily, he took the seatbelt tying her hands up with the belt. He staffed the tube top in her mouth. He threatned her as he got out of the car ordering her not to move, or make a sound. She watched as he went to his truck, getting a large black bag fromt he cab and returnign to the drivers seat.

He drove to a small motel, parking in the rear of the lot he opened the otel room door and untying her hands and carrying her half naked body inside. Once inside he lowered her to the bed, tying her securely with the rope from the bag. Not a word was said he tied each leg to opposite corners of the bed, placing a pillow under her ass, forcing her cunt wide apart and angled in perfect view, tying her wrist to the opposite sides of the headboard she was totally helpless.

He snapped pictures of his new victim totally at his mercy. He sat on the edge of the bed his black bag at his feet. "You are to do whatever I tell you, or you will regret itI can guarantee that", he belloud. He took the rope and tied her breast tightly causing the bllod to run to the nipples then he places clothespins around each nipple, he watched the pain of her sexual tourment in her facial exspression.

She gasped as each clothespin bit harshly on her tender skin. She begged and pleaded with him to stop, please let let her go. He laughed and placed a gag ball into her mouth, tears filled her eyes as she submitted to the gag.

Only soft moans could be heard that is better slut, he laughed as he forced her cunt lips back placing clothespins on the outer lips and pulling them back with a piece of thin rope. He then place a clothespin on her clit and enter lips, laughing as her body jumped to the pain of the new sensation. She had almost forgotten the pain in her swollen nipples.

He reached into the bag taking a huge dildo from it, greasing it up and then fingering her exsposed ass hole.

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