Slave Girl

by Shadow Deamon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman goes away with her hubby and his friends, and becomes their slave

I was all set to go up north to our cabin on the lake for the weekend. I had made plans with several of my friends, and we were all going to meet at the cabin Friday night for two wonderful days away from the city, our jobs, and our families. Just the "boys" with nothing to do or worry about. I came home from work early Friday and started to pack the car. I was just about finished when my wife walked out with a suitcase.

"What the hell is that?" I asked.

"Just some things I'll need for the weekend. I'm going with you to keep you guys out of trouble"

"No way!" I said, "This is for the guys only. You would be the only female there."

"Sounds like fun to me, I always wanted to go on one of these weekends of yours to see what you guys really do for two days. For all I know, you might have a woman up there and you all take turns with her."

"Don't I wish!" I said. I had to think of something to get her to stay home. She would probably spoil the weekend for the other guys, not to mention mine.

"If you go, you'd probably wind up having to do everything for us. You know, get this, do that. You'd wind up being a slave!"

Debbie opened the car door, and turning to look me in the eye, said "Just what I'm hoping for. I'm your slave for the weekend. Whatever you tell me to do, I'll do. What ever you want me to give, I'll give. I'm ready to be a total slave to your every command, no holds barred, or should I say, no holes barred..."

With that, she sat down in the front seat and shut the door. I stood by the open trunk in total amazement. We had always had sexual fantasies about this kind of thing, but we had never actually gone through with it. Here she was, implying that she would go to a cabin with six men and put out for all of them! I was excited by the idea, but I didn't want to ruin my marriage by getting the wrong meaning from what she had said. I shut the trunk and got in behind the wheel, then turned towards Debbie and gave her a long look.

"I'm not sure I heard that right," I said, "are you suggesting that you will do anything I say if I let you go?"

Debbie smiled at me and said "No, that's not quite what I meant."

My face must have shown my disappointment, for she leaned over and gave me a soft, wet, open mouthed kiss and said "What I meant was I will do anything for anybody, whenever and however they want, as long as I don't get hurt doing it. My only desire is to please you, and I know you've wanted to see me get it on with other men, so lets go and do it, just this once!" I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me, my left hand caressed her nice 36-C tits (no bra!) and rubbed her hard, pointed nipples. I kissed her, and her mouth opened to accept my probing tounge. Normally Debbie is somewhat aggressive when we kiss, but she seemed to be, well, submissive is the word. I brushed my lips across her cheek, nibbled her neck, and then wispered in her ear. "You'll have to fuck your brains out."

"I want to."

"You'll be sucking cock all weekend."

"I want to."

"You'll probably wind up getting it up your ass."

"I want to."

I looked in her eyes again. Her face was flushed, and she had that 'I'm fuckable' look in her eyes. She looked back at me and said "Please, lets go. I can't wait to get started."

It took almost three hours to get up to the cabin. Debbie and I hardly said a word on the way there. She curled up in her seat and fell asleep, and I figured she was going to need all the rest she could get, so I tried not to disturb her. She woke up just as we were pulling onto the two dirt ruts that served as a road back up into the trees to our cabin. She yawned, stretched, and then winked at me.

"I hope you haven't changed your mind," she said, "I am ready to be the focus of a two day gang-bang. Will it bother you to see me putting out for everyone?"

"I won't be jealous, if that's what you mean." I replied. "And as far as being 'bothered', I won't be as long as you're putting out for me, too!"

"Count on it, honey."

I had left early, so no one had arrived yet. Debbie and I unpacked the car and carried everything in. The cabin had a slight musky smell from being closed up for several weeks. There was one big room, a combination of living room and kitchen, and a smaller room with a big brass double bed. Taking her suitcase into the bedroom, Debbie mumbled something about "getting ready". I worked on the bigger room, checking on the supplies and storing the food and beer I had brought. I carried in some firewood, for the nights get a little cool, and set up the fireplace with kindling and wood, ready for the touch of a match to set it blazing. I had just finished when a car pulled up. I looked outside and saw John and Dave getting out. John was a tall, muscular ex-football player, while Dave was shorter and slightly overweight. They were working the cramps out of their bodies from the drive up, and were talking and laughing. Debbie poked her head out of the bedroom and asked who was here.

"John and Dave," I said. "Don't tell them I'm here yet, and don't let them in here. Yell when everyone is here and I'll come out and surprise them. O.K.?"

"You got it, sex slave!" I agreed.

"Not yet, but I'm sure I will, sex master!" she answered, and then shut the door again. I went outside to greet John and Dave, and as we exchanged handshakes Bob's van pulled up with Mike and Paul. The three of them lived close by each other and had driven up together, as usual. The six of us had all met at college, and we got together often to relax. The usual banter determined that we had plenty of beer, junk food, and herb to last the weekend. As we entered the cabin Mike mentioned that he had brought some dynamite fuck films for us to watch. "I brought something better than fuck films," I said, "I brought us a real live fuck."

Everyone stopped in their tracks. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" asked Mike.

"Well, I know this is going to sound strange, but Debbie begged to come along, and she's agreed to provide for our every desire. I hope you don't mind fucking my wife, I don't, and she sure wants to."

"Yeah, right. Like I really believe that!" Bob said. He looked at the door to the bedroom and said "I suppose she's in there naked and waiting for us, too."

"I'm not sure if she's naked yet. Let's get one thing straight, we're serious about this, I'm going to share her with all of you under these conditions: don't get rough, and don't try to continue this later without me being around. Agreed?" They all voiced agreement, but I could tell most doubted it was for real. They probably figured I was pulling a trick of some kind, and they were waiting for the punch line. I figured the "trick" was Debbie's to pull, so I turned to the door and yelled "We're all here and wondering if you're naked yet!" Debbie opened the door and walked out. She wasn't naked, but she didn't have much on, either. She was wearing a black, lacy top that tied in the front and barely contained her tits. The one string holding the two sides together looked ready to snap, and left her skin exposed from the black satin neck band down to her navel. The top was short, barely reaching her smooth stomach. She was wearing black shorts, very brief and made of a soft terrycloth that molded itself to the contours of her pussy and ass. There was a small wet spot where the shorts dipped into her pussy, and I could tell by her flushed face that she was primed and ready.

"No, I'm not naked yet. Do you want me to be?" Her voice was charged with emotion, and she fingered the tie to her skimpy top.

I looked at the others, and all were standing with their mouths open and staring at Debbie. The sound of their breathing was loud, and I could see several were already sporting hard-ons.

"Well, what do you say, guys? Do we want her naked?" I asked.


"You bet!"

"Fuckin A!"

"You heard the answer, Debbie," I said. "We want you naked."

With a small, nervous smile, Debbie pulled the tie and released her tits from the top. A collective groan from the guys (including me!) let her know the effect she was having on us. She slid her arms out of the sleeves and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of us for a moment, her arms at her sides, her shoulders back and her magnificent tits thrust out towards us, the nipples obviously swollen and hard. Then she slowly slid her hands down to her shorts, hooked her thumbs in the waistband, and ever so slowly slid the shorts off. She was trembling as she exposed her dark bush, then her visably damp pussy. She parted her legs slightly to pull the shorts from her slit, and when she got them to her knees they fell the rest of the way to the floor. She stepped away from the pile of clothes and walked up to the six of us. "I'm naked and ready. Do what you want with me."

The response was immediate. Mike looked at the VCR tapes in his hand and threw them on the couch. Five pairs of hands reached out and touched her, sliding all over her body. Debbie stood still while ten hands explored every inch of her, squeezing her tits, tweaking the hard nipples as she moaned with delight. Since I was participating in a visual way only, I stepped back to give the others more room. They moved in like animals in heat. Debbie threw her head back and closed her eyes as several hands moved down to her pussy. Paul pulled one of her thighs, forcing her legs farther apart, and Debbie shuddered as he drove several fingers into her exposed snatch.

"Man, is this babe ready to fuck!" he exclaimed, "She's soaking wet in here! Nice and tight, too! Jeremy, you're one lucky son of a bitch to have this to come home to!"

"She gives great head, too!" I yelled from across the room.

"Damn!" Bob's incredulous voice rang out, "Her ass is greased already! She's ready for more than just fucking."

I finished loading the pipe from the bag on the table and walked back towards the group grope. John was holding Debbie up with his hands cupped under her tits, his thumbs and forefingers pinching and pulling at her rock hard nipples. Mike and Paul were sharing her pussy and clit, while Bob and Dave were taking turns probing her ass. The sight really turned me on, watching Debbie's entire body being ravaged by five sex crazed men.

"I'm ready to cum in my pants" John muttered.

Debbie's head snapped erect and her large brown eyes opened and looked deep into John's. "Please don't. Cum in my mouth instead." Debbie said. "I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum."

She slid down to her knees and reached out and started opening John's pants. She had a little trouble getting the zipper past the massive bulge in his pants, and when she finally got his pants open his briefs were stretched out several inches from his body by a huge hard-on. Debbie slid her hands over his hips and pushed the back of his jeans down, while her hungry mouth kissed and sucked at his pole through his briefs. Getting his pants down to his ankles, she reached back up and grabbed his briefs. As she pulled his underpants off, her lips and tongue were busy on his cock, licking the entire length of the shaft and planting soft, wet kisses on his balls. Her hands free again after removing his shorts, she grasped the base of his shaft with one hand and his ass cheek with the other. Her fingers barely closed around his thick cock, which looked to be about a foot long. Her hand slid up the shaft, and as it neared the top a large drop of clear pre-cum formed on the head of his prick. Debbie slowly rubbed the shiney fluid around her lips, running her hand down to the base and back up, licking the second drop off of his swollen head and bringing it back into her mouth. Tilting her head back and looking up at John's face, she begged him to fuck her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and placed the head of his immense prick to her lips. She had both of her hands on his ass cheeks now, and had to stretch her mouth open even more to get the massive head into her mouth. Her breathing was rapid and loud through her nose, as there was no way any air could get past her stuffed lips.

"No fucking way." Mike said. "She can't possibly suck that monster!"

But Debbie is one of the world's greatest cock suckers, and I knew from her determination that she was going to get it all in her mouth. Sure enough, her breathing seemed to stop as she pulled on John's ass, driving his huge cock deeper into her mouth. She still had several inches left when her head was pushed back by the head of his prick hitting the back of her mouth. She pulled it out slightly and started panting through her nose again. She lifted her ass higher and worked her knees back away from John, making a straight line for his cock to slide down her throat, and with a few final deep breaths, once again pulled his ass towards her face. The sight was incredible! Watching as inch after massive inch disappeared into her open mouth. She reached the point she had before, and with a slight pause, drove several more inches in. Her back arched as she gagged, and the gag reflex, along with her hands clamped on John's ass, drove the final few inches down her throat. She held him there for a second, and then started a slow withdrawl, stopping again when she was able to pant through her nose. Again a deep breath, and again she sucked him all in, this time without a pause as she took it straight down her throat. Her body arched again as she gagged on the last few inches, but still didn't stop until her nose was pushed flat against John's pubic hair. A shorter pause, a quicker pull-out, a fast breath, and another straight stroke down her throat. Over and over, faster and faster, Debbie was taking over fourteen inches of thick cock in her mouth. John's knees started to buckle, and he grabbed the back of her head and started ramming his massive tool into her open mouth. She gagged on every stroke, but never tried to stop him. With one final, long thrust, John buried his entire cock into Debbie's available mouth and held it there, bucking as he started to cum down her throat. I watched as Debbie, too, stopped moving, and saw her throat muscles moving rhythmically as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Finally, after drinking what must have been gallons of cum, Debbie pulled the cock out of her mouth and took a deep breath. Licking her lips, she looked at the rest of us and said "Anyone else want to feed me?" We were shedding our clothes as fast as we could. I had fired up the bowl during Debbie's cock sucking performance, and we were all pretty high by now. John had staggered back to the couch and colapsed, mumbling how nobody had ever been able to suck him all in like that.

"Let's get her on the bed so we can get at her easier" I suggested, and when everyone agreed (except John, who was still mumbling to himself), I helped her to her feet.

Debbie smiled at me and whispered "How am I doing so far, honey? Am I earning my keep?"

"No time for that now, Debbie" I replied. "You still have five more loads of cum to take care of!" I squeezed her ass as she turned and moved off to the bedroom.

"I want to eat some pussy before you guys mess it all up." Dave said as he took her hand and walked with her to the bed.

She let him lead her and turned towards him when they reached the edge of the bed.

"How do you want me?" she asked. "What do you want me to do?"

"Just lie down on your back and spread your legs, honey, and I'll do the rest."

Debbie did as she was told, climbing up on the bed and lying down in the center. She spread her legs wide, tucking her heels up against her ass so her knees were flat against the bed. Her pussy lips were wide open too, giving us all a clear view of both of her holes. As I gazed at the cunt I'd fucked so often it was like I was seeing it for the first time. Her mound of soft, fine hair, the light fuzz along her inner thighs, her pink inner slit with her clit standing at attention. I looked at her tight brown ass hole with it's visible coating of K-Y Jelly, and watched as her pussy blossomed open like a flower and a shiney rivlet of pussy juice slid out and down the crack of her ass, disappearing into her slightly open ass. My view of her magnificent snatch was blocked as Dave dove into her open crotch, burying his head between her legs. His hands grabbed her knees and drove them even further apart while he stuck his tongue deep into her hot pussy. Debbie moaned, obviously enjoying his attention to her own needs, and reached her hands above her head and grabbed onto the headboard of the brass bed. It was then that I noticed that she had prepared the bedroom for all kinds of sexual play. Two ropes were tied to the outside bars of the bed's brass poles, and two more were tied to the foot of the bed. I pulled one of the lower ropes out from under the bed and examined it. The other end of the rope was attached to a band of elastic looking material with a velcro type fastener. Debbie was ready and willing to be tied to the bed and forced to put out, but I knew the ropes were really unnecessary, because Debbie was ready and willing to put out without them.

"Excuse me fellas," Mike said as he moved towards the bed "but I hate to waste a perfectly available mouth."

Debbie had heard his comment and her mouth opened as he straddled her chest, kneeling just inside her armpits and forcing her to keep her arms above her head. Mike wrapped his hand around his prick and started rubbing it all over her face, leaving trails of pre-cum on her chin, upper lip, and cheeks. Debbie's tongue danced over his cock whenever it came near, her saliva adding to the juices he was rubbing all over her face. Mike started pumping his shaft up and down with his hand, his every outward stroke bringing another drop of cum to decorate her lips and chin with. His stroke got faster and faster, and he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it off the bed until her chin was resting on her chest. He held his cock out of reach for a moment, and Debbie got the message and opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue, giving him a target to shoot for. Mike layed the head of his cock on the end of her tongue and continued to whack away for a moment or two longer. Suddenly he shuddered and a thick wad of milky white cum shot out of his cock and into Debbie's waiting mouth. The next stroke brought another wad of cum shooting out, but Mike's aim was off and it splattered across her upper lip, nose, and by her eye. The third and forth spurt again made it into her mouth, and I could see them hitting the back of her throat and sliding down out of sight. Two more weaker pulses left a puddle of cum on her tongue, some running off the side and down on her neck. Debbie still held her mouth open and her tongue out, letting Mike cum where he wanted. Finally finished, he slid his cock along her tongue, pushing most of the cum off, leaving it drip from the sides of her mouth and down her chin. As his head entered her mouth her cheeks were drawn in as she sucked his tube dry. As Mike climbed off the bed I noticed that while I had been engrossed in watching her face get fucked again, Dave had changed positions. While his hands still held her knees wide, he was now driving his cock deep into Debbie's pussy instead of his tongue. Like John, Dave was pretty well endowed, not quite as thick but at least as long, if not longer. He was looking down as he fucked her, watching his prick alternately appear and disappear down her love tunnel. With each stroke out her tight pussy tried to turn inside out as it gripped his pole, each stroke in made her pussy lips try to roll in with his thrusting cock. His shaft glistened with lubricating pussy juice, and a large wet spot under her ass showed she had had at least one orgasm already. His tempo of thrusts was increasing, his balls slapping against her ass as he bottomed out in her. Her tits were rolling in small circles in time to his penetrations. Debbie was still grabbing on to the headboard, and I could still see Mike's cum all over her face, neck and shoulders. Her head lolled back and forth, eyes closed and mouth open. No doubt about it, she was getting her brains fucked out. Dave was pounding away in a frenzy now, and Debbie arched her back as he started shouting obscenities at her. His shaft was now covered with a white, creamy foam as he whipped up the cum he was shooting into her. Dave, like John and Mike before him, slowed to a stop with a dazed look in his eyes. His shrinking cock popped out of her pussy and a river of cum poured out after it, coating her cunt and ass with creamy white jism. Dave rolled off the bed and fell onto the floor, totally spent. Debbie, too, had passed out on the bed. Bob, Paul and I looked at each other.

"I suppose we have to wait for her to wake up before it's our turn" Paul said.

"Fuck, no!" I said, "Debbie can fuck in her sleep, believe me! She'll wake up as soon as we start porking her and she'll do it all night long."

I looked at my wife, spread out on the bed with cum all over her, and knew what we had to do to her next. Bob was squeezing his cock hard, trying to hold back his load until he was into Debbie.

"I can't wait much longer, guys. Who's next?"

"Why should any of us wait?" I asked. "She has three fuckable openings, and we have three cocks to fill them with. Let's all do her together!" I saw a slight smile appear on Debbie's lips, and knew she was somewhat aware of what we were planning, and approved of the idea. I knew she was ready for it, but I wanted to make it even kinkier. "Let's roll her over and tie her to the bed. She loves to be bound and helpless."

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