Googly Eyes

by sourdough

Tags: Romantic, Mind Control, Heterosexual, MaleDom,

Desc: : The pretty teenager was used to admirers but this one made her feel oogly googly.

Mary Jane Walker stood at the street corner waiting for the school bus. The normally gregarious 17 year-old was strangely silent, ignoring her fellow students' attempts at conversation. The attractive coed was nervous about something. Well, the problem was that boy. Something had to be done about that boy on the bus. Mary Jane just wasn't sure what could be done. It's not like the boy had done something wrong. He'd just looked at her.

Mary Jane was used to being stared at. She'd been used to it since she was a little girl. This was because the teenager was a classic beauty. Boys and men stared, leered, ogled and gaped at Mary Jane whenever she was in their presence. The lovely schoolgirl was tall and dark-haired with hazel eyes and a peaches and cream complexion. Her long, shapely legs were always on display. She never wore slacks or jeans, which Mary Jane considered unladylike. She was blessed with an hourglass figure, perfect teeth and a friendly smile. All this coupled with her winning personality made Mary Jane a very popular girl indeed. Mary Jane was no genius but that would never be a handicap for her.

Yet, there was something about this one boy's look that gave her the "oogly googlys." The oogly googlys to Mary Jane was something that made her feel weird and uncomfortable. Mary Jane always accepted admiring stares with good grace but this weirdo's look had really gotten to her.

Normally Mary Jane wouldn't be riding the school bus but Jerry, her boyfriend and captain of the football team, had his driving privileges taken away from him by his parents for poor grades. Until Jerry improved his grades he wouldn't be able to drive Mary Jane to and from school and on dates. Mary Jane had considered another boy friend as a temporary fix but she didn't want to relax her standards. The only other boy she'd consider was dating her best friend.

The first time she'd seen the boy was two weeks before. He was seated near the front of the bus as she climbed aboard. She recognized the familiar stare that told her he was mentally undressing her but there was something else too. It felt like he was touching her also, touching her body and maybe even her very soul. Mary Jane picked up her pace as she walked by his seat. Out of the corner of her eye she could see him smile briefly before returning to the book he'd been reading when Mary Jane had boarded the bus. Normally Mary Jane liked to sit near the front but since that would mean sitting near that boy she instead went to the back, almost to the nerd section which was the extreme back of the bus. That's where that boy belongs, in the nerd section thought Mary Jane.

The boy was certainly nothing to look at. He wore glasses and Mary Jane could have sworn she saw braces when he smiled. He had a bad haircut and bad skin. He wasn't dressed fashionably. The only thing missing was the pocket protector for his pencils. Mary Jane didn't recognize the boy. She hadn't seen him before. She knew all the juniors and seniors. He must be new or a lower classman. Mary Jane was a junior herself. Since Mary Jane didn't know his name she nicknamed him Googly Eyes, for the way he made her feel.

Mary Jane didn't see the boy during the school day. They must have a completely different schedule she thought. She was grateful for that, at least. Yet Googly Eyes was never out of her mind for very long. Was she being irrational? Maybe, she thought. Mary Jane wished she could point to something concrete. Something she could complain about to her teacher, counselor or parents. Jerry would beat that twerp to a pulp if she asked him to but even Jerry would ask why she wanted him to do it. The young beauty didn't have to see Googly Eyes on the bus home. Mary Jane had cheerleader practice after school and her mom drove her home after that.

Each morning on the bus ride to school Mary Jane would experience the same distressing feelings when she came under Googly Eyes' scrutiny. After the third day, a mere glance from this boy was enough to insure that this attractive teen would have an uncomfortable ride to school.

The final straw came just yesterday. Mary Jane had actually made it to her seat without any weird feelings. She felt that the curse had been broken. Googly Eyes was just another boy she could safely ignore. Her relief was short-lived when she was suddenly doubled over with a massive orgasm. Mary Jane had never before experienced such pleasure in all her previously self-induced orgasms. But instead of feeling joyous, she felt humiliated. The pretty coed looked toward her tormentor with tears in her eyes. He was looking her way. The strange boy smiled and winked at his victim before looking away. Mary Jane finally decided she would have to confront Googly Eyes in person and ask him very nicely to quit whatever it was he was doing to her.

The bus finally arrived. This was it. Mary Jane took a deep breath and climbed aboard the bus. At first she didn't see him. He wasn't in his usual seat. Mary Jane finally spotted him all alone in the very back seat of the bus. He wasn't even looking her way. Had he lost interest in her? That would be a blessing. Still, Mary Jane had made up her mind to follow through on her plan.

There was a pep rally scheduled for that day so Mary Jane was dressed in her cheerleader uniform. It consisted of a tight-fitting long sleeved sweater emblazoned with the school colors and logo. There was also a brief skirt that barely covered a pair of bright red panties. Of course when she started her routine her panties were fully exposed but that was part of the fun of cheerleading. Exposing her panties to the public eye in any other way would be a breach of modesty but this way was perfectly acceptable. The squad had wanted to get outfits that exposed their midriffs but the principal vetoed that idea. He was such a fuddy duddy thought Mary Jane.

Mary Jane initially thought she would just go up to the boy, have her say and then leave. She decided it would be impolite. Her mother had always taught her that it was important to remain a lady no matter what the provocation. The nervous teenager sat down beside the boy and adjusted her skirt. There wasn't much to adjust. The short uniform skirt didn't even cover her upper thighs properly when she was sitting down. Maybe this wasn't such a great day to stage a confrontation thought Mary Jane. She faced straight ahead and tried to think of a way to make her approach. Mary Jane wasn't thinking very long before she felt something on her thigh that caused her to look down. It was the boy's hand! She grabbed his hand to move it away but her hand remained frozen on his. An outraged expression formed on the pretty coed's face. Darn him! thought Mary Jane. She turned to yell at him and saw his eyes. She hadn't been this close to them before. Oh, no! They were making her feel oogly googly again. Mary Jane lurched as if she were trying to keep from falling.

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