I Really Thought I Knew My Wife

by Drifter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Cheating wife discovered, then a lot more...

Chapter 1

I really thought I knew my wife. We had been together for eight years and things had gone extremely well in all areas of our life. Kay is a good looking, sexy thing at 29. Still has a killer body that she frankly enjoys showing off. Hell I like for her to show it off too. But I had always thought that it stopped at a little flirting, a little flashing, a little touching. When we would get home after a party where she had flirted pretty good our sex would be the best. It obviously turned her on. Did I ever wonder if she cheated on me? Yah I admit I had. Yet her love and devotion seemed to be mine. She did so many things to make me happy in life. I would see her dancing close with another guy at a neighborhood party and I would get a touch jealous and a touch excited at the same time, wondering what they were talking about? How he was touching her? If I lost sight of her for a while I wondered if she had been off playing hide the digit with someone? Those thoughts both tortured and tantalized me. I hated them and loved them. I wanted to catch her doing something. Why? Was I a voyeur? Maybe. Did I really mistrust her that much? She always told me she loved only me and was mine forever. I guess I believed that. Still...

A lot of worlds can coexist I guess. Kay can be my loyal wife loving only me and still enjoy flirting, dancing close, being touched by others. I know I do. I love my wife, but I enjoy all of those things with my good looking, sexy neighbors every chance I get.

One night Kay drank a little more than usual and someone's brother was visiting and had taken quite a shine to Kay. He had fed her drinks, paid a lot of attention to her, flattered her, flirted with her, all not quite out of my vision, just on the edge. Then they were dancing again as it got late. The room where the dancing was going on was empty except for them. I watched from a dark hall that was convenient. Kay was sort of hanging on him, I chose to believe because she had too much to drink. I knew better. They danced off into a dark alcove. They didn't notice a strategically placed mirror and as I watched I saw him kiss her. She seemed surprised at first and then she kissed him back. Kay gets real amorous when she has had too much to drink. The kiss was quickly very hot. His hands began to wonder over first her trim little ass that feels so good in your hands, then on top of her full firm breasts. The kiss continued and I saw no resistance on my wife's part as he slid his hand inside her blouse onto her braless tits. She broke the kiss and laid her head back in pleasure with her eyes closed as he opened her blouse and toyed with her bare nipples - Something that drives her wild.

I looked around to see if others were watching. Most of the guests had gone home. I was the only one that could see what was going on. Then his hand went down beneath her short skirt and then up between her legs. He was obviously stroking her pussy. Did she still have on panties? Was she going to stop him here? He met no resistance yet and he began stroking his hand in and out and it was clear he was finger fucking my wife. Kay was into it good now. I could see her hips hunching in rhythm with his fingers as she gasped for breath. I could see the pleasure all over her face. She was surprisingly passive. In our bed she is a wild cat, frequently taking the more aggressive role. I stood there watching this man pleasuring my wife and I let it continue. At first I had expected her to stop it, now I wasn't sure she wouldn't let him fuck her right there. I wasn't sure what I wished for. I knew I wasn't going to say anything no matter what they did.

Then she came hard for his busy fingers. Her blouse was wide open her beautiful melon-like tits on full display. Her skirt was up to her waist, she did have panties on, pulled to the side to give him access. When she came she sort of just sagged. She came to rest with her butt on a sofa table in that hallway. He kissed her again for some time and I saw him move between her relaxed legs during that kiss. He was going to fuck her right there. He pushed her skirt higher. Kay seemed to not know or not care that he was getting things ready so he could slide his cock into her. Her arms were around his neck and she was really into the kissing. I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out. Then he pushed between her legs further. Suddenly she looked up at him, breaking the passionate kiss. She must have felt his cock touch her wet labia. She had this look of disbelief on her face and she moved her head from side to side as if she were trying to say no. He gave a short hunch and he must have gone in about an inch. She just stared at him for the longest few seconds in my life. Then she raised her lips to his again in complete surrender and he moved several inches closer as he imbedded his cock fully in my wife.

They were still for a few more endless seconds. Then he began to fuck her. Slowly at first. She broke the kiss again and buried her face in his neck clinging tightly to him. He pulled her legs up on his hips and I watched as Kay wrapped her legs around his waist and hunched up eagerly to meet his cock at each thrust. She was really loving getting fucked. It wasn't long before she came and a silent scream came out of her as she contorted her face in that oh so familiar way. He fucked her harder faster and she came again. She was in Nirvana. Then he strained into her as he obviously filled her pussy with his cum. I briefly wondered if she might get pregnant even though I knew she was on the pill. After a few moments of their repose he regrouped his energies and pulled back letting his limp cock fall free from her. He had what he wanted.

Her legs were splayed at that moment and she had been well fucked. She lay there, slow to get moving again. At that moment she opened her eyes and looked right at me. To say the least she was surprised to see me standing there watching. She seemed to be in shock and I turned and walked away, into the part of the house where our host was entertaining the few remaining guests.

I started telling everyone goodnight. In seconds Kay walked up beside me and nodded to everyone and walked out the door. I followed her wondering what was next. She didn't say a word but walked to our car and got in. I drove us home still not saying anything and without waiting for her, got out and went inside. I went up to our bedroom and began to strip for bed. Shortly I heard her come in the front door. I crawled in bed and lay there looking up into the dim lit room, reliving that scene of my wife letting this stranger fuck her.

She came upstairs in a few minutes and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower come on. I thought of the way she had fucked him back. The way she had put up no resistance to any of it. She had been an equal partner to it all. The shower stopped and after the expected delay, she came into the room dressed in her normal sheer nightgown. I thought she looked awesome, I didn't blame the guy for fucking her. I felt a desire to make love to her... no, not to make love, to fuck her.

Her voice was throaty, broken, she had been crying. "Can we talk?"

"Sure" I said and left it there.

"John, I don't know what happened."

"Unfortunately Kay, I do know what happened. You got fucked."

Her breath sucked in. She shook for a moment as she cried. After a bit she calmed, "I... I don't know what happened John, I certainly didn't plan to let that happen. I have trouble believing it wasn't a dream even now."

"No dream Kay, it was a fast and easy seduction for him. You were easy. I was so sure you would stop him and I could write it off as too much to drink but no real harm done. But he fucked you and you loved it. You came three times with him. If I hadn't of caught the two of you, you would never have mentioned it to me... would you?"

She sat there. Several times she started to say something but stopped. Then she started, "You are right John, I was easy, at first I thought it was fun getting all that attention from a younger single guy. He danced real good and I found myself getting turned on. He took me along the path I was enjoying so much with great skill. I kept thinking I would stop him before anything too bad happened. But when he started touching my nipples and my pussy I completely zoned out. It felt so good. At that moment I wanted to be fucked. I thought at one point, as soon as I get home I am going to fuck John silly. When he finger fucked me and I came, I sort of went into limbo, I was numb, until I felt his cock touch my lips down there. I wanted to stop him but he shoved it in a little and it felt so good. From then on I needed to be fucked. I would have fucked anyone at that point. Your right though, I did enjoy it. I came hard over and over. It all felt so good. As I rested feeling his cock go limp slowly, he pulled it out of me and stepped back and I saw you and thought, no this can't be."

She went silent then. It was an uncomfortable silence that lasted a long time. Then she said, "Do you want a divorce? I won't contest it."

The words cut me to the quick. This was the woman I loved. Was it that easy to destroy a marriage? Was her fucking this stranger enough to destroy what we had. Until a couple of hours ago that idea would never have entered my head.

"I don't think so, I don't know. I seem to be having a hard time thinking."

"Oh John, I am so sorry, it wasn't to hurt you. I just needed it. I was so turned on, so hot and wet, at that moment I just wanted to be fucked. The truth is I didn't want to say no. I wanted what I got. But I didn't want to hurt you."

"I believe all of that somehow. Now I don't know where to go from here. You love me but fuck other guys."

Another long silence then I asked, "Has this happened before?"

The silence was deafening. She quietly wept. I wondered who? How many? Where? How often? Then I wondered if the neighbors knew.

"I have to know it all Kay. If we have a chance of not splitting up, I have to know what I am dealing with. I have to know if I or we can continue to live in this town, or will too many of the guys I see on a daily basis have fucked my wife. I have to know who, with nothing left out. Maybe then we can try to work something out. I don't know if we can."

"How many Kay?"

After a short silence she said very softly "Seven counting tonight."

"You have let seven of our neighbors fuck you?"

"No, not all neighbors, just Bill, Dan and Jim."

The guys on each side of us and right across the street.

I don't know why I asked the next question, the deed was done but I said, "Just once each?"


"A lot?"


"Still going on?"

"Yes. The three of them told Richard he could fuck me if he tried."

"That was Richard tonight?"


"They each know you are fucking the others?"


"How do they know?"

"We all do it together sometimes."

"All three of them."


"My God Kay, that must have been some sight."

"I have videos."

"Of the four of you?"

"And others. Their wives. Friends, visitors, some of their older children."

"So you are into swinging, only without me?"

"I guess so."

"Damn, how long has this been going on"

"About a year." she pause and then looked at me with a hopeful look on her face, "I think you should join us."


"You could join us when we swing. The other wives would love to have you with us. I tried to get you to consider it before it got rolling but you showed no interest. I don't think I can give up my regular diet of ready sex no matter how much I love you. So the only answer is for you to swing with me."

I must have looked open to convincing so Kay picked up the phone and dialed one by memory, her part of the conversation went "Hi Mary," Mary was one of the hottest wives in the neighborhood right next door to us. "I need a favor, my husband caught me fucking Richard tonight at your party. I told him everything and asked him to join us swinging. Can you come over now, I want you to fuck him. OK see you in a minute. She hung up the phone and dialed again "Peggy, I need your help, Johnny caught me fucking Richard at Mary's tonight, I told him everything and asked him to join us. Can you come over and fuck Johnny tonight, now.? OK see you soon."

Then she turned to me, "Two ladies I know you lust after are on their way here. If you join us you can fuck them and a lot of others any time you want to, and me too of course. That is the main rule in the club. You can divorce me, tell me to leave right now and Mary and Peggy and I will go away. That would be bad cause we have so much love between us. You can fuck them tonight and still divorce me tomorrow, or you can know how much I love you and come play with the rest of us."

I heard the door bell ring and voices outside our front door. Mary and Peggy had gotten there at the same time. Damn what was I going to do? I thought I knew...

Chapter 2

I had watched that night, at the regular neighbothood party, while a friend of someone there fucked my wife. And she had been so easy for him, she didn't resist at all. I knew my wife loved sex but I didn't know she would be so easy for some strange guy to fuck, and right in front of me... After we were home I was still in shock, in a daze. But as she talked and I listened, I learned my sexy wife had been part of a neighborhood swing group for a year. How had I missed all that? How could I not have recognized some kind of sign? But most... how could she do that and still claim to love me?

Then without asking me, she had called two females in their swing group and asked them to come over and help her convince me to be part of it. When the door bell rang at our home, the home we had worked for together, the home I had thought was near perfect. That was when I seemed to come awake again. Kay was heading for the bedroom door to go let them in. She had a confident smile on her face, thinking everything was going to be OK. That was when I stopped her.

"Kay." she stopped and looked at me waiting, "Tell them to go home. I'm not ready for this. To tell you the truth I can't believe this isn't some bizarre nightmare. I am still trying to understand that you could have done this to me."

I had always been slow to anger and I still wasn't there. I felt no anger, just shock, and the sense of her betrayal was starting to sink in.

She looked lost, scared suddenly, "Please honey, please Ron, you will get used to it, and we can have so much fun with the group."

I shook my head and said again, "Tell... Tell them to go home. I'm not interested." This time a little more forcibly. She knew that tone.

"OK dear. I will do anything you want. Please don't be angry. I do love you."

"Then how could you have betrayed me so completely?"

She was the one in shock now. She muttered,

"OK... I just thought... this would... make you happy... I will tell them to go home... maybe tomorrow..."

And she went to the front door. Had she really thought I would be so easy to convince. Or had she ever given it a thought before this night?

I stared out the window as the two of them turned and headed back to their houses. They both looked up at our bedroom, there was no way they could see in. I was still staring as they walked away when Kay returned.

She sat on the bed and said,

"What do you want from me? Believe me I am so sorry you are upset."

"I don't know Kay. I am still stunned that you would do this to me. I need some time. Could you go to your folks for a few days while I try to see if I can deal with this?"

She looked like I hit her.

"But what can I tell my parents?"

"I don't care Kay, tell them I am angry at you. They don't need to know any more than that. at least not yet. Where are the tapes you mentioned?"

She disappeared into her walk-in closet, we both had one. In a minute she returned with a box with about a dozen video tapes in it. She quietly sat it on the bedside table.

"You want me to leave?"

"Yes, I need a few days."

"Days?" she said even more frightened.


I turned silently to stare out into the night as she dressed and then said,

"Call me please."

"OK, when I can."

I heard her car pull away and saw it fade into the distance as I stared blindly. I moved to the box of tapes. They were labeled with dates from a year previous, to only a few days before. I pulled the most recent one and pushed it into the video player in our bedroom. We had watched a few porn movies together. Then enjoyed really hot sex together. They turned us both on. But this was different.

The TV came alive and there on the screen with no preamble, I saw Kay on her hands and knees on a big bed, my neighbor Jim was fucking her dog style as she sucked Bill's big cock, Mary, Jim's sexy wife was sitting beside Kay playing with my wife's perfect breasts. Kay was loving it. That was enough. I ejected the tape and turned everything off. I returned the tape to the box, turned the lights out and flopped on my bed, wondering what I was going to do.

Then moments later the phone rang, it was Kay's mom, Evelyn,

"Ron, what's going on. Kay would only tell us you were angry at her. What happened?"

"Not now Ev, it's between Kay and I."

"Ron, I need to know."

"No you don't. Like I told Kay, I need a few days alone." and I hung the phone up.

Almost as I broke the connection, the phone rang again, it was Mary from across the street.

"Ron honey, it's Mary. Honey please don't be mad. It was all just fun. Kay still loves you totally. If you need to think it over, that's cool. But all of us would love for you to join us. We have been trying to get Kay to bring you with her ever since it started."

"I guess I missed that invitation Mary, not sure how I did that but I don't recall anyone saying anything."

"Haven't you ever thought about playing with other couples, you and Kay?"

"Sure I have thought about that. I have thought about fucking you and Peggy and most of the wives in the neighborhood. But with me it was just fantasy."

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