by Dave

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Science Fiction, Torture, .

Desc: Sex Story: An attempted rape results in an alien encounter.

In the dark corner where I usually sat, I saw her come in. Tall and lithe, she was a perfumed picture of femininity as she flowed through the doors and down to a small, unoccupied table in the candlelit portion of the club. She was on the make, but my time-tested agenda of restraint reigned supreme and I studied her without staring. She would be euphorically primed by alcohol before I would seduce her and savagely invade her unsuspecting femininity only to withdraw as her own arousal betrayed her secret desires. This night she would return home exploited and wanting as I ravished my aging and obese wife with her images floating through my memory. It was a simple game of fantasy where everyone got a taste of fulfillment without ever being fulfilled.

The night was long as were my glances at the small firm mounds of her youthful breasts. She danced and whirled, drank and swirled with her would be lovers who would cop a feel or press her close only for her to turn away with feigned disinterest. She was a real player, and called herself Britney in the game of names. How her hosts longed for her, and how she desired them while hating herself and the desires she repressed with laughter and liquor. As night turn into morning, her coordination faltered and soon she found herself where she had tried so hard not to be; alone. I watched her intently, sipping on my club soda and smiling ever so pleasantly at the over done waitress who mistakenly assumed my desire for her was blind to the cellulitis that engulfed her sagging skin. The air was thick with smoke and the throbbing bass guitar, as the crack head guitarist tried to make his melodies worth the applause from the drunk over in the far corner. It was time I made my move.

Sliding into the chair next to her, I crooned my previously rehearsed love songs, keying on the phrases that made her gaze lighten until she began to open her beleaguered soul to my feigned interest. Giggling and gurgling she mourned of lost loves and spent hopes, wondering if she could ever really feel loved. Feelings were so fleeting, I had observed as I wrapped my arm around the delicate shoulders that easily melted into my embrace. In the amount of time it took me to receive the over diluted libations from a suddenly snotty waitress, we had evolved from inquisitive strangers to intimate sole mates.

I suggested the night air would be more pleasant elsewhere, and she nodded her silent agreement before excusing herself to stagger into the depths of the ladies room. I stood quickly and strolled past the door into the cool night air, fumbling for the condom with my left hand while singling out my car keys with the right. This was almost too easy. After a few tense moments, she came to my side and, tucking her arm securely in my own, I escorted her to the family sedan parked on the dark side of the lot. As she eased into the passenger side of the car, I planted my fist firmly on her right jawbone, temporarily ending her awareness. The look on her stunned face was priceless. Making a quick survey of the near empty lot as I slid into my seat, I brought the motor to life and eased the car on to the now quiet thoroughfare.

Driving past the subdued lights of the suburbs, I stole glances at my senseless quarry as her head rolled from side to side with the motions of the car. She was a sensual temptress with her skirt riding high on her well-shaved thighs. My heart raced with each passing moment, eager to explore the treasure concealed beneath the thin veil of her clothing while anxious for her reaction to my forceful invasion of her private sanctuary. As we passed through the last signal on our way out of town, a dark van pulled onto the highway behind me and Britney began to moan. I began to panic, wondering if I had overlooked someone or something somewhere that may have triggered a response from someone she knew. My throat tightened as did my grip on the wheel as I made a quick U-turn and sped past the van on my way back towards town. At the first cross street, I made a screeching right turn before slamming on the brakes and, jerking the passenger side door open, I shoved my intended victim out onto the damp pavement. Before I could close the door, the van screeched to a halt in front of me and two dark black leather figures with dark visored helmets leapt to the side of my car and pointed the muzzles of their sinister rifles at my head and crotch. Britney moaned and rose slowly to her feet as did I when I stepped from the car with my hands behind my head. I could hear muffled sounds emanating from the back of the van just before one of the girls reached Britney and the butt of a rifle slammed into the back of my skull.

The room was incredibly white as were the two platforms that hovered noiselessly in which Britney and I were secured. We were naked and warm. A small plastic tube protruded from the tip of my cock that was filled with pockets of bubbly semen that oozed slowly to a small covered collection bottle positioned next to my thigh. I could feel a pulsing mechanism of some kind firmly pressed against my prostrate that sent electric charges through my abdomen which triggered a steady release of bubbly sperm from my flaccid genitals. My balls ached and throbbed as did the muscles from my abdomen from the constant stimulation. Sweat trickled down my forehead and exhaustion overwhelmed me.

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