The Tank

by conwic

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Interracial, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: The female pilot of an A-10 attack aircraft goes head to head against a hostile tank during one of those third world peace keeping missions and loses. She is shot down and captured by the crew of the tank she was trying to destroy. They take out their anger on her by stripping her, mounting her on the front of their tank like a hunting trophy, and gang raping her.

DISCLAIMERS: This story includes descriptions of rape, bondage, and torture. If descriptions of such activities offend you, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! If you are under twenty-one years of age, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may be reproduced and distributed electronically where the laws allow so long as it is not changed in any way and authorship is acknowledged. I welcome comments and suggestions from readers. All flames will be ignored. I would like to thank those people who have helped me write this story.

"AGHEEE!", she screamed in fear and rage as the man sank deeper into her. She stiffened with the pain and grunted again, involuntarily this time, as her rapist jammed his cock ever deeper into her aching cunt, his strong hands cruelly mauling her large breasts. Her six foot, muscular body, deeply tanned but for the white strips at her breasts and crotch, was straining desperately but futility against the ropes at her feet and hands which were holding her nude body spread eagle against the hot, unyielding metal of the tank's front slope as the rapist mauled her. Tears were leaking from her eyes as she stared up at the grinning face of the Arab mounted on top of her. Through her pain she could feel him emptying himself inside her, spilling his despised seed deep inside her. She clenched her teeth with disgust, her pain and humiliation twisting her strong features- her high cheekbone and wide mouth- into a mask of hatred as the man emptied himself into her. As soon he was finished, another man took his place on top of her, brutally forcing his way into her cum sodden passage. She closed her eyes against the pain and humiliation as he began to rut in her, her mind racing back over the recent hours to find out how she had ended up tied to the front of an old T-54 tank and gang raped.

She knew that her name was Mary Manley and that she was a pilot in the Air Force. Dimly, she remembered that she had been flying her Warthog- an A-10 ground attack aircraft, escorting one of the C-130 transports bringing food to the refugees around Juba in the southern Sudan in what she thought of as another of those God damn "meals on wheels" missions that were so popular these days... She remembered orbiting over the stationary C-130 and seeing three tanks suddenly appear from the bush to attack the vulnerable transport as it unloaded. She remembered attacking one of the tanks- her natural prey as an A-10 jockey- and being rewarded with an almost sexual climax as it literally dissolved under the hammer blows of her 30mm cannon. After all those years of training, she had gotten her first tank! The rest was a confused jumble of impressions. Next she remembered her plane beginning to shake as the instrument panel in front of her lit up like a Christmas tree. The golden BB, she realized instantly; a round must have gone directly into the air intake of her port engine and been caught in the whirling turbine blades. Now the engine was tearing itself and the plane apart; she knew that she would go with it if she didn't eject immediately. She thought that the shock of the ejection must have made her black out for a second. When she looked around as she hung in her chute, she saw that the remaining two tanks had broken off their attack and were moving to intercept her as she fell toward the open field. Her wingman got one before the third one reached her. Then, he broke off his attack when he saw that the remaining vehicle had reached her position. As her wingman circled helplessly overhead, the uniformed men who had been riding on the tank grabbed her at gun point and put her on the back of the tank. Then the lumbering monster had driven back into the sheltering bush with its human hostage. Mary remembered the sinking feeling she had experienced in the pit of her stomach as she watched the cover of the trees hide them from her only connection with rescue, her wingman's A-10. She had not been afraid until then, not even when the men had pointed their AK-47's at her and stripped off her chute and helmet as they surrounded her. Only when she realized that she was alone with these men did the fear come.

The first hour as the tank was losing itself in the bush was a time of mounting tension for Mary, even though no one tried to hurt her. Three angry looking, scruffy riflemen shared the back deck of the tank with her, one of whom always had his weapon trained on her. Another man rode in the hatch of the tank, its commander apparently. Unlike the first three, he ignored her as he concentrated on guiding the lumbering tank through the tree and bush covered Savannah land. The heat and the stink of the aged diesel was making Mary a little sick at her stomach though she tried to hide it from these men who were staring at her so intently. This was the first time she had ever seen a tank up close, let alone rode on one. She was much more use to shooting at tank hulks on the practice range. She hated those tank hulks; they were ugly, ominous looking monsters- like the targets in a video game. Mary was sweating heavily now; her flight suit quickly becoming saturated with her sweat and molding itself to her very feminine body, uncomfortably emphasizing her large breasts. Seeking some relief from the oppressive heat, she unthinkingly unzipped the front a little to get some ventilation, leaving the zipper resting between her breasts. The three men responded with obvious and growing interest. Mary became increasingly nervous as they spoke excitedly among themselves in a language she could not understand. Her mind was racing now as she considered her position. She was alone, captured by what she guessed were soldiers of the anti-Western Moslem fundamentalist Sudanese government which was fighting the African Southerners. It was apparent that they were getting over their surprise at capturing a woman and were discussing the possibilities her capture open up for them. She tried to put up a calm front, but the fear was growing within her. The ugly image was forming in her mind- Rape! As she always did when she was worried, she unconsciously began running her hand through her short, black hair in an unmistakably feminine gesture. As soon as she did this, Mary realized that it was a mistake. Now the three men were closing in around her in response to what they interrepted as the flirting gestures of a Western whore.

Mary backed up until she was against the rear of the turret. She put up her hands and shook her head "NO" as the three men closed around her. It did no good. Two of them grabbed her arms as the third put both hands on her breasts and squeezed hard. She screamed and tried to free her arms. When that did not work, Mary threw herself backwards onto the turret, dragging the two men with her as she swung her booted right foot between the third man's legs. That put him out of the fight as he collapsed onto the engine deck, clutching his groin. Mary struggled to break free of the other two and jump off the still moving tank. She got one arm free before a sudden darkness overcame her. She never saw the tank commander swing his pistol at her head.

As Mary slowly regained consciousness, she sensed that the vibrations had stopped; the tank was not moving. She could feel hot metal against her bare skin. With a shock she realized that she was naked, that her flight suit and whatever protection it offered were gone. A glance downward at her exposed breasts with their large, red nipples brought her vulnerability home to her with the impact of a blow to the stomach. She tried to bring her hands down to cover herself; then she discovered that she could not move her hands. She tried to break free, her muscular body straining against her bonds. Mary found that she was helpless; that she could not move either her hands or her feet. She saw that she had been tied to the front of the tank in a half sitting, half reclining position. Her arms were tied above her head to the barrel of the tank's main gun while each of her knees had been tied to the remains of what had once been the tank's headlights, spreading her obscenely. She saw that she had been placed so that her vagina hung exposed at the angle made where the tank's sharply sloped armor reversed itself and ran down and back to join with the tank's undersides. Her cunt and asshole were, she realized fearfully, perfectly positioned to be penetrated by a man standing on the ground in front of the tank. There about 20 meters away in the shade of a tree were the men from the tank, clustering around a small fire. Mary looked around. She could not see anyone else. She was beginning to feel the pain brought on by the way they had hung her like a side of beef on the tank's front. The pressure on her arms was tremendous, threatening to pull them out of the shoulder sockets. They alone supported her as she hung there with her cunt and ass perched on the edge of the tank's front slope. With her head throbbing from the blow, it was hard to think. Still, Mary knew that she was going to be raped; that there was nothing she could do to save herself. She could only wait, bathed in sweat as her torso absorbed the tremendous heat of the sun while her ass and upper legs absorbed the heat radiating from the tank's armor. She felt as if she were in an oven. Images of her coming rape filled her mind despite her efforts to control her thoughts. She found herself moaning in fear.

Mary had no idea how long she hung there waiting and slowly baking. One moment she was alone, and the next she opened her eyes and saw the seven men standing there before her. All - but one-were bearded with dark hair and skin. As she watched, they disrobed, laughing and stroking their cocks. Mary tried to make them understand that they could not do this to her; that she was a prisoner of war- that there were rules! They ignore her unintelligible words. She tried simpler communication, screaming "NO" and "PLEASE!" at the grinning, hairy, unwashed men clustering around her. They laughed at her, replying in their own sing-song language. Mary tried desperately to make some sense of their words. She could not understand them, but deep within the words she could hear the sound of the men's lust- low and animal like. It terrified her!

The first man, a huge balding man, pressed between her legs, his erect cock searching for her hole. She felt his cock press against her dry cunt; then the pain lanced through her body and into her brain as he impaled her on his member.


He buried himself inside her cunt with one powerful thrust and began fucking, making her heavy breasts bounce with his brutal thrusts. His cock was, Mary feared, shredding the interior of her vagina; it felt like sandpaper rubbing against the unlubricated lining. The grinning, bearded man leaned forward over her as he concentrated on raping her. Immobilized by the ropes binding her to the tank, Mary could only hang there as the man hugged her sweaty body to his own, his unwashed odor enveloping her like a blanket. As he moved inside her, the pain from her impaled vagina- sharp and intense- washed in waves through her struggling body to her brain.

"OOOOOHHHH!... UGHHH!... NO... PLEASEEE!", Mary screamed.

The man's powerful strokes drove her against the unyielding steel of the tank. The man leaned back and shifted his hands to her untanned, cone shaped breasts, squeezing them in time with his strokes, crushing the soft yielding flesh in his callused hands. He continued impaling her with his cock as he tried to crush her body and spirit. As he fucked her, Mary moaned helplessly, impaled and humiliated, as the man pumped harder and harder into her muscular, captive body. He was literally knocking the breath out of her with each powerful stroke. All she could see was his face, inches from her's, hypnotizing her with its menace like a snake would its prey. She lost all sense of time. Finally, he spent himself inside her. Mary could feel the hot, wet sensation filling her; her only thought was the hope that the wet feeling was from his cum and not her blood.

In a second, the man was gone to be replaced by another, younger man. Her now lubricated cunt offered him no resistance as he buried his cock inside her. He fucked her as brutally as the first man, seeking her hot, tight cunt with his cock. He fucked her with short jackhammer-like strokes as the tears streamed down Mary's face.


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