by Whisperglass

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A girl at the office is introduced to a thorough oral and anal investigation.

Chapter 1: A Taste of Suzanne

Suzanne's this girl at work I know. She's a 25 year old brunette with a very pretty face, beautiful smile and a knockout body. A perfect hourglass figure: tiny waist, generous but perky breasts and a wonderful petite ass with just the right amount of flair to her hips. Overall she looks delicious; I've been aching to get to know her more intimately for ages, but we've never been more than good friends.

I'm working late one night. I think nobody else is still around, but then I notice a light on over in Suzanne's office. I wander round for a chat and a chance to covertly ogle her breasts (the term sweater-meat was made for these). I get a real treat: Suzanne's on all fours under her desk, her back towards me. She's wearing a fairly short top, and its ridden up exposing a nice expanse of bare back (even her back is cute). As usual, she's wearing a tight pair of blue jeans which are currently stretched over her taught buttocks. As she moves forward her ass cheeks are pulled even further apart until I fancy I can see every detail of her crack through the stretched material. My cock hardens.

She finally notices me standing there and hurriedly gets to her feet. Her face is flushed (perhaps because the blood's rushed to her head or maybe she's aware of the show she's just given and is embarrassed).

"I was just fixing my ethernet connection", she explains. Trying to look nonchalant, she yawns and stretches, a habit she has that has quite an affect on me (I don't think she even realizes she does it most of the time). Basically (as usual), her top rides up again as she lifts her arms, exposing her belly. Believe me, this is a sight worth seeing: she has a wonderful flat tummy, and the cutest little belly button. A glimpse is usually enough to disrupt the rest of my work day and coupled with her recent display of ass I know what I'm going to be masturbating about tonight.

I must have stared a fraction too long; she drops her hands suddenly to her sides (I can't help but notice the little jiggle in her breasts as she does this). She says nothing, but I think she blushes a little deeper and she stares at me with a faintly accusing look; I've been caught in the act. A little defensively, I say, "Well, I could hardly help but notice, and you do have an extremely pretty tummy. If you don't want me to admire it, you shouldn't display it so often".

"Even so, you shouldn't stare". She's trying to sound angry, but I think that really she's pleased by the compliment. I decide to push my luck a little. "I really envy your boyfriend, what I wouldn't give to get a chance to kiss that little belly button of yours". She definitely flushes now. "Oh, he uh, never does anything like that. Not that it's any of your business". Now it's her turn to end on a defensive note.

I'm intrigued and genuinely puzzled. "What? He has the opportunity and doesn't take it? What's wrong with him? Or don't you want him to?". I can see Suzanne's really embarrassed at the turn this conversation's taken. So I'm surprised that she answers at all.

"No, he just doesn't do that sort of thing. He's more of a, well, sort of a hands on guy". The last little bit is rushed out, I don't think she's used to talking about her sex life (certainly not with me). I get even bolder. "What, he doesn't even...". I leave the sentence unfinished, but nod towards her crotch (which, I should mention, is prominently displayed through her tight jeans. I find it hard not to think of her vulva neatly split and pushed apart by the wide seam).

"He doesn't need to, the other stuff is pretty good. I'm sure I'm not missing all that much". She seems defensive again, but I'm encouraged by the fact she's still talking to me, so I go in for the kill. "Don't tell me that's nobody's ever gone down on you before. You have to be joking".

"Well no, but that isn't all that unusual, is it?". She sounds uncertain though. "You don't know what you're missing", I tell her. "It seems like such a shame for a beautiful young women like yourself to be missing out on so much pleasure. I could just eat you up where you stand".

Suzanne says nothing, just stares at me. I notice her pupils have dilated, and her breathing is heavy (as evidenced by the slow rise and fall of her shapely breasts). I can barely believe it, I seem to have succeeded in arousing her. I press on quickly.

"I tell you what, why don't I show you? Your boyfriend doesn't have to know. Come on, it'll be fun". This is it, my big moment. I've just about played all my cards, will it be enough? Suzanne remains quiet, her face heavily flushed, looking as embarrassed as hell. Everything's moving too quickly for her. But she hasn't said no immediately, so the idea must intrigue her at least a little. I decide to give her a little encouragement before she has time for too many doubts.

"Look, just give me five minutes. I'll just use my hands and tongue, you don't have to do anything. I'll stop if you ask me to and I won't do anything that doesn't give you pleasure. What have you possibly got to lose? You'll enjoy it, I'll enjoy it and nobody is hurt. No need to say anything, just nod if you want me to".

She looks at me for a second or two more, then nods, shyly and almost imperceptibly. I think she's ashamed and excited all at the same time.

"What do you want me to do?" she asks, her voice low, barely audible. I step into her office (I've been standing at the threshold up till now), close the door and adjust the blinds so that no one can see in (not that's anyone's around anyway). "Just stand there to begin with. Let me do the work".

My heart is beating so fast I think it's going to explode. My cock is a rigid pole inside my jeans. Suzanne has finally noticed the bulge and openly stares at it. Only fair after my similar treatment of her body I suppose. She raises her head again and looks straight into my eyes. Hers are a beautiful mixture of green and brown, and seem very large at the moment. She opens her lips slightly, they look moist and inviting. I have an overwhelming urge to kiss her, but I'm not sure she'd be expecting that and I don't want to scare her off at this stage. Not having come this close.

I step up close to her and take a deep breath. Suzanne doesn't wear any perfume, but she doesn't need to. She smells wonderful, especially now she's excited. Despite the lure of her breasts, I decide to concentrate on the task in hand. Time for other pleasures later, if I impress Suzanne enough.

With trembling hands I reach for her jeans. I can't resist running one hand round the back and lightly cupping a buttock. Suzanne flinches ever so slightly, but doesn't pull away. Encouraged, I slip down the zip of her jeans. I can see the top of a pair of white panties exposed. That sight alone is almost enough to make me cum there and then. Using both hands, I proceed to tug at her jeans. They don't come off easily, they are tight fitting, after all. Once they are bunched around her ankles, Suzanne lifts each leg, slips her shoes off and frees herself completely.

I kneel before her crotch and examine her panties from a distance of a few inches. They are deliciously skimpy, revealing much more than they hide. Around her pubic region they've worked themselves into the folds of her vulva. The cottony fabric is now darkened with her juices as her excitement shows itself.

Slowly -- I want to remember this moment -- I peel the panties from her, exposing an inch of flesh at a time. Suzanne remains very still, though I can clearly hear her ragged breathing. I glance up; her eyes are closed, and she looks to be poised in anticipation. Finally, I succeed in revealing the full glory of her womanhood. Quickly, I pull the panties down her legs and Suzanne shrugs them from her feet. Now I can admire her without distraction.

Suzanne keeps her pubic hair well groomed; there's a thin, neatly shaved vertical strip that just covers her vaginal slit. Through this the thin, slightly crinkled lips of her outer labia show clearly, glistening slightly. The hood of flesh at the top of her snatch just covers the nub of her clitoris, and I fancy I can see it throb every so gently.

I place a hand on each hip (God, her skin feels so good) and position myself for her pleasuring. I decide to prolong the anticipation somewhat and start with the initial object of my desires. A spasm goes through Suzanne's body as my tongue makes contact with the skin of her belly. I draw a tight little circle of saliva around her belly button, my tongue gliding effortlessly over her young firm flesh. I gently probe into the pit of her belly button, consumed with pleasure, barely able to believe her velvety texture or the fact that she's letting me do this at all.

Suzanne is not complaining. Her breathing is slow and heavy, her eyes closed and her hands resting on my shoulders. I move my right hand from her waist and caress the outside of her thigh and her ass cheek.

I end my detailed exploration of her belly button and begin to draw my tongue down towards my eventual goal, tracing several lazy loops on her flesh as I go. Suzanne's breathing quickens. I pull back slightly, removing my tongue from her skin. Suzanne's breathing falters and her hands grip my shoulders. But she needn't worry, I just want to bring my other tools to bear. Using the index finger of my right hand and a light touch, I trace the lips of her outer labia. I give the hood of flesh over her clitoris a slight nudge and Suzanne's body stiffens in response.

Lightly gripping the lips of her vulva with the fingers of both hands, I part her sex and look upon the delights within. The moist pink flesh of her inner labia are coated in the juices of her arousal, begging me to lick her clean. I can't believe her boyfriend wouldn't want to eat this most inviting of cunts. I breathe deeply, savoring the sweet aroma and, keeping her spread open with the fingers of one hand, trace my index finger round her inner moistness. Suzanne's breathing is fast and hard, a concentrated look on her face as I remove my finger and suck it into my mouth. Her fluids taste just as good as I'd hoped; thick and sweet, a tangy promise of what is to come.

I look once more into the depths of her womanness and then up at her rapt features. "You have a beautiful pussy, I'm going to enjoy eating it". A brief nod is my only reply.

I move forward once again and, while spreading her open with my left hand, move the tip of my tongue into her. It is exquisite; the smell of her cunt in my nose, the taste and texture of her moist womanhood on my tongue, the feel of her taught skin as I caress her ass with my free hand. I run my tongue round the inside of her outer labia, collecting the excess juice and greedily swallowing it. I venture a couple of quick darts of my tongue into her vaginal passage. Even to my tongue it feels tight, though slippery with juice and invitingly warm. Suzanne's hips begin a subtle rocking motion, encouraging my exploration of her pussy. Time becomes meaningless, I'm lost in a world of Suzanne; probing her most tender depths and receiving her fragrant nectar in reward. The motion of her hips begins to take on more urgency as I continuously repeat the cycle of tonguing her vagina and lapping up the resulting juice.

I decide to move the intensity up a notch; I want her first orgasm to blow her mind. So I ever so gently probe the flesh at the top of her pussy, popping her clitoris into view. It is gorged with blood and fairly large (from my experience), and I just know it's going to be highly sensitive, so I move slowly. Suzanne knows what's coming and is holding herself very still. As I lightly touch the tip of my tongue to her clit a low moan escapes her and she moves her hands to the back of my head, gently encouraging me to proceed. Thus assured, I probe again, more strongly this time. Suzanne's hips give a little wiggle, and I take this as a sign to start playing with her clit. I alternate circling the head with my tongue with popping it in my mouth and gently sucking. Occasionally I dart my tongue down and clean her tight little cunt.

Suzanne's breathing has quickened again, the motions of her hips coming in short stabs as she pleasures herself on my tongue. She stumbles backwards a step, pulling me with her by my head, so she can rest her ass against the edge of her desk. I intensify my probing, determined to give her as much pleasure as she can take. I move my right hand from its exploration of Suzanne's ass cheek and position it beneath her cunt. I rub my index finger back and forth along the sensitive skin stretched between her ass and pussy, receiving moans of encouragement as reward. I circle her asshole a few times then press the tip of my finger firmly inwards. I'm not sure that Suzanne knows what to make of this, but she's too carried away by the action of my tongue in her twat to really care. Her asshole refuses to yield for a second, but quickly her sphincter loses the battle and my finger plunges into her anus up to the first joint. Suzanne's ass is very tight (I doubt she has been fucked up there), but my finger is slim and persistent. Over the course of the next couple of minutes, as I lap her pussy and tease her clit, I slowly work my finger in up to the knuckle. As I begin to slowly fuck her ass with my finger, Suzanne alters the rhythm of her hips to accommodate. I think I've won her over to the idea of anal sex play. I'm so wrapped up in the intimacy of my contact with Suzanne's most private places, places that no man has touched with his tongue before, that I know I won't rest tonight until I have tasted her ass. The thought of pushing my tongue through that tight little ring of muscle into the depths of her anal tract fills me with desire; I am totally consumed by my need to be one with Suzanne. To violate her most completely.

Suzanne's motions are almost violent in their intensity now. Her back arched, she pushes her pussy into my face and makes small rotating motions with her hips as if unsatisfied with how quickly I move my tongue within her cunt. Her face and legs are covered in a fine sheen of sweat, the smell of her sex fills the room.

I feel she is nearing orgasm, so I begin a constant assault on her clit with my tongue, while at the same time furiously pounding into her ass with my finger. Her back arches one last time, her whole body shudders and my finger is almost pushed out of her ass as her muscles contract. There is a small pause then another, milder, shockwave. This continues for about a minute as Suzanne slowly comes down from her orgasm. I keep up my tonguing throughout, but more gently, slowly bringing her down from the peaks of pleasure. Once she has finished I pop my finger from her ass and make a last pass with my tongue. I gently probe and clean her crevices and inner thighs, where some of her juices managed to escape my earlier ministrations.

I stand up and place my arms around her. She opens her eyes and looks deeply into mine. "Thank you", she whispers. I use one hand to brush a stray wisp of hair from her face. "No, thank you" I say as I lean in to kiss her. Her mouth opens to accept my tongue and a hot, hard little spear of flesh enters mine, eagerly exploring me. I wonder whether she is enjoying the taste of herself in my mouth.

As we stand there exploring each other's mouths, I run a hand up underneath her top and cup a breast. Her tit feels warm and heavy in my hand as I caress it through the fabric of her bra. On cue, Suzanne reaches up behind her back to undo the clasps. I pull her top over her head and at last I can see her breasts in their natural state. She really doesn't need a bra, her tits stand proud without any support; her nipples erect and standing to attention. Suzanne's breasts are medium sized, but they look large against her narrow frame. I gently stroke my hands over her silky skin, paying special attention to the sensitive skin around her nipples.

"Please suck my nipples, I really like that", Suzanne asks. "On one condition", I reply. Suzanne looks puzzled. "I want to eat your pretty little ass", I say with a grin. Suzanne smiles and nods.

Bending my neck, I suck a nipple into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the rough flesh, feeling it harden still more in response. I alternate this with gentle sucking. Meanwhile, I use one of my hands to play with Suzanne's pussy and ass; gently penetrating her tight little holes one at a time. My mouth moves from one nipple to other and back again, occasionally stopping to lick the flesh of her globes themselves. After a minutes or so of this, Suzanne is ready to cum again. Using my tongue and fingers in concert, I play her body like an instrument, orchestrating her orgasm. As she subsides, I pull my fingers from her twat and lick them clean.

"Right, now for desert". I position Suzanne so that she's leaning forward over her desk, her ass in the air. "Hold your ass cheeks apart with your hands. There, that's lovely". I gaze in admiration at Suzanne's perfect ass; young and taught, good enough to eat. Framed in the center is her little crinkled rosebud of an asshole, tightly clenched. I start by licking in long, slow strokes from her cunt to her ass; dipping the tip of my tongue into her sweet twat at one end and then coating the path between with her slick juices. The flesh between her holes is sensitive; each lap of my tongue produces an appreciative murmur.

Suzanne is becoming aroused again; the folds of her young womanhood are heavy with her fragrant oil. I slip first one, then two fingers deep into her vaginal passage and begin to gently masturbate her, a finger occasionally brushing the tip of her clit. My tongue explores the rim of her anus, tasting her. And the taste is beautiful to me; a mixture of pussy juice, fresh sweat and a sweet, almost nutty taste that is a prelude to the more intimate depths of her ass.

I probe her rosebud gently with my tongue. Well trained by my finger, her sphincter gives a little, eager to accept my attentions. But I pause with just the tip of my tongue within, savoring the taste, the texture, the sheer joy of being about to penetrate Suzanne in a such a deeply intimate way. Releasing the pressure on my tongue, her ass pops me out again. I repeat this cycle several times, teasing the muscles of her ass.

Finally I am ready. I push forward smoothly into her anus. Her sphincter resists the bulk of my tongue, but I apply continuous pressure and am rewarded with slow steady progress into Suzanne's inner regions. Her ass is very tight: my tongue is encased in a hard, yet slippery, tube of flesh and muscle, deliciously warm. The taste is intense, indescribable. It is not unpleasant, I am so deeply a part of Suzanne that all aspects of her are beautiful, they are a part of her, so I love them.

I probe and retreat, probe and retreat, reveling in Suzanne's secret glory, inching my way further into her ass. Suzanne holds perfectly steady, making only low, barely audible sounds as my tongue explores her.

At last I can go no further. My tongue is a warm dagger embedded to the hilt in Suzanne's ass. I wish that my tongue were longer, that I could fully explore her anal tract, my tongue wending its way deep into her belly.

I begin to fuck Suzanne's ass with my tongue. With each stroke I withdraw fully, lick her rim and plunge back in to my fullest extent. Her sphincter offers no resistance now, my tongue is a welcome visitor. Suzanne responds by pushing her ass back into my face, willing me deeper into her. I match her rhythm and intensify the actions of my fingers in her cunt.

I know how Suzanne cums now. I can anticipate her orgasm, when she will give herself over to total bliss. As she nears that point, her ass muscles tightly grip my tongue, as if unwilling to let it go. We work together as a perfect machine, dedicated to Suzanne's pleasuring.

Her orgasm sends waves of muscle spasms through her ass, tightly squeezing my tongue, now trying to expel it. I maintain my ground, however. I want to experience Suzanne's joy as closely as possible. With my tongue and fingers buried deep inside her during this moment, I feel closer to Suzanne than I have ever felt to anyone else.

Eventually the waves subside. Reluctantly I slip my tongue from her crevice, her moist asshole slowly closing behind me. Suzanne stands and turns around. Eagerly she kisses me, her tongue exploring mine, savoring the taste of her own ass within my mouth. As my fingers idly play with her cunt, I realize the Suzanne and I are just at the beginning of our journey, and it's going to be a lot of fun reaching the final destination.

Chapter 2: Inside Suzanne

I spot Suzanne in the corridor as I'm about to head off home. It's early evening and she's just come back from softball practice (our company fields a small amateur team). Despite being well into the fall, today we'd seen some real sun and this is reflected in Suzanne's appearance. She's wearing a white tee-shirt, the areas under the arms and in the small of her back dampened by sweat, and a pair of satiny blue shorts. Her slender, lightly tanned arms and legs glisten with the sheen of exertion. Her hair is taken up in a pony tail (she normally wears it loose) and she's wearing a yellow baseball cap, which for some reason that I can't explain makes her look even sexier than usual.

She has her back to me and hasn't seen me yet. I decide to surprise her (pleasantly, I hope). The corridor is carpeted, and it's relatively easy to walk up behind someone without alerting them to your presence, even if they're a moving target, as Suzanne is.

Once I'm within striking distance I take a quick look to make sure no one else is around then, in one smooth motion, slip my left arm around her waist while at the same time pushing my right hand into the back of her shorts. Suzanne gasps in surprise and starts to turn her head, just as my groping hand reaches between her legs and finds her pussy. She recognizes my touch as I open her up and draw a finger between the lips of her cunt, and her surprise turns to satisfaction. Her eyes close and a small noise of appreciation escapes her lips. I rub my digit a couple more times within her sex then withdraw my hand and pop the finger into my mouth. Her pussy is moistened more by sweat than vaginal secretions and the juice is salty and slightly bitter, but it definitely tastes like Suzanne.

"Hmmm, tastes good", I tell her as I maneuver my left hand up underneath her tee-shirt and massage a breast through the material of her bra.

"Feels good too", she replies. "We better get out of the corridor, someone will see us. Let me catch a quick shower, then we can play".

"Why wait?", I say. "I like the way you taste now, I want to lick every inch of your body clean, every sweaty little nook and cranny". I slip my hand back into her shorts and playfully trace my finger up and down the groove between her ass cheeks, while still fondling her breast with my other hand.

"I like the sound of that, but let's at least get to the locker rooms first. I was the only woman playing today, we shouldn't meet anyone else".

"OK", I say as I reluctantly withdraw my hands from her body. "Your wish is my command". She looks back and treats me to an impish grin: "I like the sound of that too".

It seems to take forever to reach the women's locker room, not helped by the fact that all the way I'm treated to the sight of Suzanne's ass cheeks swaying rhythmically from side to side within her shorts. I can't help but recall the soft velvety texture of her flesh and the exquisite taste within. I can't wait to explore her again. Also, there's the worry that we'll be seen by a co-worker on the way. I mean, it makes a pretty obvious picture; Suzanne in shorts and tee-shirt closely followed by a guy with a hard-on that's threatening to bust out of his jeans.

We make it there unobserved, however. Suzanne makes a quick check inside and gives me the all clear. As I walk into the locker room Suzanne is already pulling off her clothes, with an urgency that suggests the anticipation has been just as hard on her.

I pull her to me and kiss her long and deep. As our tongues explore each other's mouths my hands rove over Suzanne's body; touching, caressing, teasing. As my fingers gently explore her pussy I can feel her becoming excited already, her vagina lubricating itself with oily secretions.

True to my word, I begin to lick Suzanne's skin clean. Starting from her face; around her lips, along her nose and under her eyes. Using the gentlest of touches I wash away the salty deposits of her dried sweat. It's a tremendously erotic experience; Suzanne trusts me completely and just stands there, eyes closed, breathing deeply, enjoying my attentions. I spend some time on her earlobes (Suzanne's are very sensitive) then move on down her neck, circling her body as I go.

For her back I use long, slow licks of my tongue, tracing vertical slashes on her skin. At the same time I massage her body with my hands, until her muscles go limp, no tension at all left in them. Suzanne sighs, clearly enjoying being pampered in this fashion.

I work my tongue round to the side of her stomach. Suzanne shakes and giggles; she's ticklish there. I take one of her hands in mine and hold her arm up in the air so I can lick up into her armpit, where the taste of her sweat is most intense. As I work my tongue against her skin, I very gently tickle the palm of her hand with a free finger. My tongue moves on up her arm and upon reaching her hand, swirls around her palm. I suck her fingers into my mouth one at time, savoring the taste. Suzanne suddenly grins and, reaching her free hand down to her pussy, begins to push each finger in turn into her well lubricated hole. I take that as my cue to start on her other arm. This time when I reach her hand I am treated to a double taste treat; Suzanne's mingled sweat and cunt juice. I suck on her fingers greedily, not wasting a drop.

From there it's onto the front of Suzanne's body and the glory of her breasts. I take my time here, since I know Suzanne likes having her nipples sucked. I tease her, moving my tongue in ever tightening circles around her nipples, my lips just brushing their sensitive, crinkled skin, but never actually fastening upon them. Suzanne becomes restless, her hands moving to the back of my head and gently pulling me forward. I relent and begin to play with her nipples in earnest, alternating soft and hard sucking with gentle manipulations with my tongue. All the while my hands caress her tit flesh and stroke her back.

As I move back and forth between her breasts, Suzanne's nipples first harden and then become puffy; gorged with blood. She's really getting turned on by my actions, so I move a hand to her crotch and begin to gently rub her clitoris. A minute or so of this and I bring her to her first orgasm of the night. Suzanne never really makes any noise when she cums (or during sex at all, for that matter). Her orgasms are marked only by a change in her breathing and the spasms of her muscles. I like to slip a finger into her vagina as she cums, to feel her pussy walls contract around me; grip, relax, grip, relax, again and again, gradually diminishing in strength.

That little piece of fun has only created more sweat for my to clean up, so I move on further down Suzanne's body, to her stomach. This holds a special place in my heart, since it was here that my exploration of Suzanne first started. I grasp a buttock in each hand then set to work; first working my tongue over the taught skin of her tummy, then wriggling into the tight hole of her bellybutton. Suzanne giggles again, she doesn't really understand my fascination with her bellybutton, but she's content to let me play.

I decide to skip the obvious erogenous zones for now and move directly to Suzanne's legs. I get her to splay her feet wide apart so I can bring my tongue to bear upon her inner thighs. These, along with the backs of her knees, prove to be surprisingly sensitive. By the time I'm finished tongue washing them, Suzanne is having trouble standing (it doesn't help that I couldn't resist licking up the drops of her juice dangling from her pouting pussy lips while I was down there). That fits right in with my plans though; Suzanne has to sit down so I can lick her feet properly.

I've never been much of a foot fetishist but, as I've said before, everything about Suzanne delights and surprises me. So it's with great relish that I take each foot in turn into my hands and subject it to a careful tongue probing. Suzanne's feet weren't really dirty to begin with, but by the time I'm finished they're as moist and pink as a newborn's. She keeps her feet in good shape, the toes are well manicured, and it's a delight to take each one into my mouth and suck on it. I'm careful not to miss anything, wriggling my tongue into the gaps between her toes. For her part, Suzanne appears to find the whole experience relaxing. She slumps against the wall, breathing slowly, a wistful smile upon her face.

She seems so peaceful that it would be shame to make her stand. So when I'm finished with her feet I gently pull her hips forward a couple of inches so that her pussy juts out over the locker room bench she's sitting on. Thus prepared, I start my assault upon her vagina.

I've eaten Suzanne's pussy half a dozen times since my first sexual encounter with her. I know how it looks, tastes, smells and feels under my tongue. And yet each time is like the first, my excitement undiminished and so intense that I could almost cum in my pants just from tasting her. I will never grow bored with Suzanne's cunt, it is a source of eternal pleasure for me. And for her as well, if the grinding of her hips is any indication. Suzanne locks her legs round my neck, pulling my face into her sweet twat so that it almost suffocates me. What a way to die that would be! I can't imagine a sweeter death than drowning in this girl's moist sex. But not today, I have other delights planned.

Suzanne has had plenty of time to build up a surplus of vaginal fluid, and I have my work cut out for me. I go at it with abandon, greedily slurping and sucking away at her cunt, darting my tongue into her moist tunnel. Suzanne has learned how to contract the walls of her vagina around my tongue, giving it quick squeezes of encouragement. In return I caress and suck at her clitoris, now stiff and erect like a little prick.

Her hips have moved forward sufficiently for me to reach underneath her pretty little ass and slide a finger up her anus. It slides in up to the knuckle with almost no resistance. Suzanne and I have been practicing, and her ass can now take up to three of my fingers at once. Her sphincter still needs time to adjust however, so I add the fingers slowly, one at a time, finger fucking her for a full minute between insertions.

With three fingers up her ass and a tongue in her cunt, Suzanne is ready to cum. She is biting her lip and arching her back, thrusting her pubic mound into my face with short sharp stabs. But I'm not finished with her yet. I pull my fingers from her ass and stop my vaginal manipulations. Suzanne unlocks her legs from my neck and eyes me with a quizzical expression as I look up at her.

"I want you to cum with my tongue in your ass". That puts the smile back on her face. I lay down on the floor, cushioning my head with my hands, and Suzanne squats above me. Slowly she lowers herself onto my face and my tongue comes up to meet her, slithering gently into her open and inviting asshole. As Suzanne begins a steady but subtle rocking motion, my tongue begins once again on its delightful exploration of her butt. I can feel Suzanne twist round slightly and I wonder what she's up to. She grabs the hand that I was using to finger her ass and sucks the three offending digits into her mouth. Now she's tasting what I'm tasting. I can't believe the change in Suzanne since our first "encounter". She enjoys the taste of her own body just as much as I do and throws herself into the pursuit of sexual pleasure with a gusto that I previously wouldn't have believed her capable of.

I continue to slide my tongue up and down inside Suzanne's anal tract, lost in ecstasy. Indeed, on one occasion I tongued her ass for nearly an hour, oblivious to everything except my tongue and her anus.

Suddenly Suzanne shifts her weight forward. I have to crane my head up in order to keep my tongue within her. For a moment I wonder what is happening; then I feel her hands moving over my crotch, her fingers undoing my fly. This may sound strange, but up till now Suzanne has never seen me naked or pleasured me directly. Our handful of sexual liaisons have all centered around my manipulations of Suzanne's body, something that satisfied me so deeply that I felt no need for more direct stimulation.

But I'm certainly not about to complain. Suzanne's nimble fingers finally succeed in loosing my penis from the confines of my lower garments and it springs free into the air. I feel gentle fingers softly stroking the shaft, a sensation so exquisite in my heightened state of arousal that it's almost impossible to bear. I takes all my concentration not to cum there and then. Worse is to come. The motion of Suzanne's fingers on my dick become more focused, less gentle. She wraps her hand around the shaft and begins a pumping motion. At the same time I feel a set of fingers begin to explore my balls, gently fondling them.

The feelings I'm experiencing are intense, and it's becoming difficult to maintain the rhythm of my tongue in Suzanne's ass. Not that she'd notice anyway, she has found a new toy to play with. Just when I thought the pleasure could not intensify any more, I feel the first brush of her lips against the head of my penis. Suzanne very nearly has her first taste of my cum there and then, but I manage to hold myself under control once again (now is the time to think furiously of tax returns and mortgage bills).

Her tongue darts out and briefly touches the tip of my cock, tasting the pre-cum that has gathered there. It is withdrawn into her mouth for analysis. I hope she likes the taste, she's going to get a mouthful of it soon the way she's going.

Suzanne extends her tongue once more and begins to lick my shaft above her pumping fist. She covers the surface of my prick with the same attention to detail I paid to her body earlier, even pausing her masturbation for a minute to lick the base of the shaft and take my balls into her mouth (one at a time). On the next upwards lick, as her tongue reaches the very tip of my cock, I feel her warm lips engulf my penis and slide down its shaft. She only takes a couple of inches into her mouth, but that's more than enough. I'm floating on a cloud of bliss as her tongue gently but insistently explores my cock, focusing around the glans, probing the tip.

Suzanne begins to suck gently on my cock whilst intensifying the pumping of her fist around my shaft. As her sucking becomes more urgent, I can finally take no more. My balls have been preparing for this moment for some time now, and my semen basically erupts into her mouth. I guess Suzanne manages not to gag, because I don't feel the suction let up, not for a single second. Greedily, Suzanne sucks the last of the cum from my prick, continuing to masturbate me until she's sure I'm empty. Once my cock softens, I feel her slide her lips from me and once again her tongue is licking my shaft, searching for any last traces of semen.

All I want to do is lie there, stupefied with pleasure. But I have a job to finish. With renewed vigor I remount my attack on Suzanne's anus. She sits back a little to give me easier access. Suzanne likes her ass tongued, but it's rarely enough to bring her to orgasm, so I apply my fingers to her cunt once more. She's sopping wet, no doubt aroused by the sucking off that she's just given me. It turns out to be quite difficult for me to finger her effectively given the position we're in, so Suzanne takes over, her fingers replacing mine in her moist cunt.

She's in a hurry, and brings herself to orgasm in under a minute. As ever, the sensation of my tongue deep within Suzanne's anus as she cums is incomparable. My lips hard against her asshole, I even manage a few thrusts of my tongue during her orgasmic contractions.

When she's finished, Suzanne lifts herself up, my tongue slipping out of her ass, turns around and lies down on top of me. She kisses me and I discover she has a little surprise in store. She has retained a quantity of my cum in her mouth, so as we kiss we can both taste the fruits of our own bodies. My cum is salty but not unpleasant. I guess Suzanne must like the taste, because my limp dick has been cleaned spotless.

"Hmmm. Now it's my turn to compliment you on your taste", says Suzanne as she levers herself into a standing position. "Time for that shower now, I think. Care to join me?".

I don't really need to think about the answer to that one. I follow Suzanne towards the nearest shower stall, shedding clothing as I go. By the time I join her, she has already started to soap herself down. I help her out, my fingers gently soaping and washing the parts of her body that I so recently licked clean with my tongue. I pay careful attention to my favorite parts of her anatomy; her pussy and ass. I gently probe them, being careful not to get any soap into the more sensitive areas, where it might sting.

For her part, Suzanne explores my body with her fingertips. Her hands eventually come to rest on my manhood, and she starts to play with me. I begin to stiffen again. Straight away Suzanne drops to her knees and with no warning pops me into her mouth. This is the first time I've actually seen Suzanne suck my prick and the sight of her lips stretched around my shaft (which has rapidly become fully erect again) is almost too much to bear. Suzanne's not playing around this time, she goes at my dick like a steam engine, her head bobbing back and forth, taking my cock a little deeper into her throat each time. Either she's a quick learner or she's done this before, because before long she's taking my entire length in her mouth (mind you, that's not necessarily a major feat, I'm not that long).

Despite my recent orgasm, I'm almost ready to cum again. I can feel my muscles tighten, ready to blast another load of cum down Suzanne's throat. But again Suzanne surprises me. Sensing my imminent ejaculation, she pulls her mouth from my dick and stands up.

"Right. Now you're prepared, I want you to do something for me". I look at her expectantly. "Of course", I say. "Anything you want".

"I want you to fuck me in the ass. With your prick this time". I'm stunned. I mean, I haven't even fucked her in the conventional manner yet. But I'm also excited. This is more virgin territory for me to explore. My cock is longer and thicker than my tongue or fingers. It will fill her more completely, reach further into the depths of her bowels than ever before. How can I refuse?

"It'll hurt, I don't have any lubrication with me".

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