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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A girl at the office is introduced to a thorough oral and anal investigation.

Chapter 1: A Taste of Suzanne

Suzanne's this girl at work I know. She's a 25 year old brunette with a very pretty face, beautiful smile and a knockout body. A perfect hourglass figure: tiny waist, generous but perky breasts and a wonderful petite ass with just the right amount of flair to her hips. Overall she looks delicious; I've been aching to get to know her more intimately for ages, but we've never been more than good friends.

I'm working late one night. I think nobody else is still around, but then I notice a light on over in Suzanne's office. I wander round for a chat and a chance to covertly ogle her breasts (the term sweater-meat was made for these). I get a real treat: Suzanne's on all fours under her desk, her back towards me. She's wearing a fairly short top, and its ridden up exposing a nice expanse of bare back (even her back is cute). As usual, she's wearing a tight pair of blue jeans which are currently stretched over her taught buttocks. As she moves forward her ass cheeks are pulled even further apart until I fancy I can see every detail of her crack through the stretched material. My cock hardens.

She finally notices me standing there and hurriedly gets to her feet. Her face is flushed (perhaps because the blood's rushed to her head or maybe she's aware of the show she's just given and is embarrassed).

"I was just fixing my ethernet connection", she explains. Trying to look nonchalant, she yawns and stretches, a habit she has that has quite an affect on me (I don't think she even realizes she does it most of the time). Basically (as usual), her top rides up again as she lifts her arms, exposing her belly. Believe me, this is a sight worth seeing: she has a wonderful flat tummy, and the cutest little belly button. A glimpse is usually enough to disrupt the rest of my work day and coupled with her recent display of ass I know what I'm going to be masturbating about tonight.

I must have stared a fraction too long; she drops her hands suddenly to her sides (I can't help but notice the little jiggle in her breasts as she does this). She says nothing, but I think she blushes a little deeper and she stares at me with a faintly accusing look; I've been caught in the act. A little defensively, I say, "Well, I could hardly help but notice, and you do have an extremely pretty tummy. If you don't want me to admire it, you shouldn't display it so often".

"Even so, you shouldn't stare". She's trying to sound angry, but I think that really she's pleased by the compliment. I decide to push my luck a little. "I really envy your boyfriend, what I wouldn't give to get a chance to kiss that little belly button of yours". She definitely flushes now. "Oh, he uh, never does anything like that. Not that it's any of your business". Now it's her turn to end on a defensive note.

I'm intrigued and genuinely puzzled. "What? He has the opportunity and doesn't take it? What's wrong with him? Or don't you want him to?". I can see Suzanne's really embarrassed at the turn this conversation's taken. So I'm surprised that she answers at all.

"No, he just doesn't do that sort of thing. He's more of a, well, sort of a hands on guy". The last little bit is rushed out, I don't think she's used to talking about her sex life (certainly not with me). I get even bolder. "What, he doesn't even...". I leave the sentence unfinished, but nod towards her crotch (which, I should mention, is prominently displayed through her tight jeans. I find it hard not to think of her vulva neatly split and pushed apart by the wide seam).

"He doesn't need to, the other stuff is pretty good. I'm sure I'm not missing all that much". She seems defensive again, but I'm encouraged by the fact she's still talking to me, so I go in for the kill. "Don't tell me that's nobody's ever gone down on you before. You have to be joking".

"Well no, but that isn't all that unusual, is it?". She sounds uncertain though. "You don't know what you're missing", I tell her. "It seems like such a shame for a beautiful young women like yourself to be missing out on so much pleasure. I could just eat you up where you stand".

Suzanne says nothing, just stares at me. I notice her pupils have dilated, and her breathing is heavy (as evidenced by the slow rise and fall of her shapely breasts). I can barely believe it, I seem to have succeeded in arousing her. I press on quickly.

"I tell you what, why don't I show you? Your boyfriend doesn't have to know. Come on, it'll be fun". This is it, my big moment. I've just about played all my cards, will it be enough? Suzanne remains quiet, her face heavily flushed, looking as embarrassed as hell. Everything's moving too quickly for her. But she hasn't said no immediately, so the idea must intrigue her at least a little. I decide to give her a little encouragement before she has time for too many doubts.

"Look, just give me five minutes. I'll just use my hands and tongue, you don't have to do anything. I'll stop if you ask me to and I won't do anything that doesn't give you pleasure. What have you possibly got to lose? You'll enjoy it, I'll enjoy it and nobody is hurt. No need to say anything, just nod if you want me to".

She looks at me for a second or two more, then nods, shyly and almost imperceptibly. I think she's ashamed and excited all at the same time.

"What do you want me to do?" she asks, her voice low, barely audible. I step into her office (I've been standing at the threshold up till now), close the door and adjust the blinds so that no one can see in (not that's anyone's around anyway). "Just stand there to begin with. Let me do the work".

My heart is beating so fast I think it's going to explode. My cock is a rigid pole inside my jeans. Suzanne has finally noticed the bulge and openly stares at it. Only fair after my similar treatment of her body I suppose. She raises her head again and looks straight into my eyes. Hers are a beautiful mixture of green and brown, and seem very large at the moment. She opens her lips slightly, they look moist and inviting. I have an overwhelming urge to kiss her, but I'm not sure she'd be expecting that and I don't want to scare her off at this stage. Not having come this close.

I step up close to her and take a deep breath. Suzanne doesn't wear any perfume, but she doesn't need to. She smells wonderful, especially now she's excited. Despite the lure of her breasts, I decide to concentrate on the task in hand. Time for other pleasures later, if I impress Suzanne enough.

With trembling hands I reach for her jeans. I can't resist running one hand round the back and lightly cupping a buttock. Suzanne flinches ever so slightly, but doesn't pull away. Encouraged, I slip down the zip of her jeans. I can see the top of a pair of white panties exposed. That sight alone is almost enough to make me cum there and then. Using both hands, I proceed to tug at her jeans. They don't come off easily, they are tight fitting, after all. Once they are bunched around her ankles, Suzanne lifts each leg, slips her shoes off and frees herself completely.

I kneel before her crotch and examine her panties from a distance of a few inches. They are deliciously skimpy, revealing much more than they hide. Around her pubic region they've worked themselves into the folds of her vulva. The cottony fabric is now darkened with her juices as her excitement shows itself.

Slowly -- I want to remember this moment -- I peel the panties from her, exposing an inch of flesh at a time. Suzanne remains very still, though I can clearly hear her ragged breathing. I glance up; her eyes are closed, and she looks to be poised in anticipation. Finally, I succeed in revealing the full glory of her womanhood. Quickly, I pull the panties down her legs and Suzanne shrugs them from her feet. Now I can admire her without distraction.

Suzanne keeps her pubic hair well groomed; there's a thin, neatly shaved vertical strip that just covers her vaginal slit. Through this the thin, slightly crinkled lips of her outer labia show clearly, glistening slightly. The hood of flesh at the top of her snatch just covers the nub of her clitoris, and I fancy I can see it throb every so gently.

I place a hand on each hip (God, her skin feels so good) and position myself for her pleasuring. I decide to prolong the anticipation somewhat and start with the initial object of my desires. A spasm goes through Suzanne's body as my tongue makes contact with the skin of her belly. I draw a tight little circle of saliva around her belly button, my tongue gliding effortlessly over her young firm flesh. I gently probe into the pit of her belly button, consumed with pleasure, barely able to believe her velvety texture or the fact that she's letting me do this at all.

Suzanne is not complaining. Her breathing is slow and heavy, her eyes closed and her hands resting on my shoulders. I move my right hand from her waist and caress the outside of her thigh and her ass cheek.

I end my detailed exploration of her belly button and begin to draw my tongue down towards my eventual goal, tracing several lazy loops on her flesh as I go. Suzanne's breathing quickens. I pull back slightly, removing my tongue from her skin. Suzanne's breathing falters and her hands grip my shoulders. But she needn't worry, I just want to bring my other tools to bear. Using the index finger of my right hand and a light touch, I trace the lips of her outer labia. I give the hood of flesh over her clitoris a slight nudge and Suzanne's body stiffens in response.

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