Some What Different

by Big-R

Copyright© 2002 by Big-R

Sex Story: Bill finds he is gifted with the ability to read and alter minds. He uses that gift to enhance his and others' sex life. He alters the troubled minds of others and becomes fiancially secure.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Mind Control   First   .

William (Bill) Evans was nearly ten years old when he began to realize that he was different from other youngsters. He was in the fourth grade in grammar school and was making excellent grades. His teachers were thinking of letting him skip the fifth grade.

Bill found that he could read others thoughts sometimes. Bill was cautious at first, he knew that if his gift was discovered by others he would become a novelty, considered weird, and even perhaps an instrument used by his government. Bill had seen a movie depicting just such a horror story in the past.

When he was still nine years old Bill had looked at Brenda and thought "Spread your legs girl and let me see your panties." Brenda was sitting in the swing of the play set in her back yard. Brenda acted as if Bill had actually spoken to her. She spread her knees as wide as she could and raised her skirt to her waist. Brenda looked at Bill and asked if that was what he wanted her to do.

Brenda had never been modest, she had even taken all of her clothes off one time last month. She wanted to get a good look at Bill's dick, she had offered to let him see her if he would get nude and let her feel of it. After that Brenda lost any reservations about becoming nude with Bill, she would often jerk him off and play with her own sexual organ. Brenda was near ten years old, the same age as Bill, their birthdays were three weeks apart.

That afternoon was the first time she had ever done something he had just thought about and not spoken in words. Bill asked Brenda why she had showed him her panties. Brenda said she had done that because he had asked her to.

Bill figured Brenda had somehow guessed what was on his mind, and just thought of it as a coincidence. That Brenda could hear his thoughts was a silly idea.

The next day in school Bill heard some older boys talking about a girl that loved to suck their cocks. One of them said her mouth nearly drove him crazy it felt so good. They agreed that her mouth was better than fucking a girl, she could not get 'Knocked Up' that way.

That afternoon after school Bill walked next door to Brenda's house. A small shed had become her play house, there was an old love seat in there and a tiny table and two chairs. Brenda was in her playhouse with a doll. Bill went inside and sat on a small chair watching her. Bill was wondering if he could get Brenda to take his prick into her mouth. Brenda stopped dressing her doll and looked at Bill and said "Bill I don't want to do that. Bill had not said a word yet. Bill asked Brenda what she was talking about. Brenda said "I can not take you in my mouth like you want, that would make me a cock sucker."

Bill was quiet, that Brenda knew what he was thinking with out him saying a word scared him. Bill left and stayed away from Brenda the rest of the week. He did not walk with her to and from school. Bill began to try to understand the ability to send his thoughts to others. He found that there was a force in the back of his head that pushed his thoughts out to others. He practiced controlling that force. Bill found that he could contain his thoughts in his own mind if he kept that force contained. By constant practice Bill learned to read others minds. He could delve into a person's mind with out them knowing it.

Bill was walking over to visit a friend across the park Saturday morning. A young mother was sitting on a bench in the shade nursing her child. While Bill was still a good distance away from her he thought about how he would like to see her tit close up and feel of it. He used that force in his mind and made her want that as well.

When he was near the young mother she put her baby down and said "You can look at it and feel of it if you want." After Bill had looked and gently felt of her breast she said he could suckle on it if that was what he wanted to do. After Bill had sucked all the milk out of that tit she gave him the other one too.

The young mother said "I do not know why I have let you do this to me, it is kind of like I have been compelled to want you to."

Bill left her and went to Ned's home. Ned was there with his older sister Pam. Ned was ten years old Pam was fourteen.

Their parents were away for the day. They felt that Pam was old enough to look after Ned and the house while they were gone. Ned took Bill to his bed room and they looked at comic books for a while.

Ned asked Bill if he would like to swim in the pool. Bill said he had no suit. Ned said he had one that was too small for him but should fit Bill. They undressed and put on bathing suits. They found Pam at the pool when they got there.

Pam was wearing a suit she had grown nearly out of. Pam had developed large tits since the suit was bought. Her nipples almost showed. The hair of her bush showed at her crotch.

The three youngsters swam together for a while. Ned said he was playing Little League Ball that morning and he had to leave. Ned told Bill he could swim as long as he wanted as long as Pam would stay with him at the pool. Ned said the pool could never be used by someone alone.

Ned left them and Pam got out of the water and spread a large beach towel. Bill took in every detail of her young body. Bill directed thoughts to her of her becoming nude for him. She told Bill she was going to work on darkening her tan.

There was a small building housing the pool equipment and it had room enough to be a dressing area as well. Pam went in there and returned with tanning oil. She stretched out and asked Bill if he would put oil on her body. Pam said now that her parents were not home would be a good time to tan in the nude, she asked Bill if he minded. That was a foolish question. Would any nearly ten year old boy mind seeing a girl naked?

Pam slipped that bikini off and lay on her stomach. Bill sat beside her and looked at the first nearly adult nude girl other than pictures he had ever seen. Bill had been able to look at Brenda but she had no tits or hair around her cunt. This was a woman not a girl.

Pam said "Start rubbing in oil dummy or I will blister while you gawk." Bill poured a lot on her back and began rubbing it all over her back and legs. Bill read what she was thinking. Pam was wishing Bill was her age or older, she was needing sexual relief. Then Pam thought "He is only four years younger than me, I wonder if he knows anything about sex."

Bill let his hand rub between Pam's legs, he slid his fingers between the cheeks of her pretty ass and rubbed over the pucker. His hand ran down between her legs and one finger entered her.

Pam realized that this boy knew enough to be useful in satisfying the gnawing desire in her belly.

Pam rolled over on her back and spread her legs. Bill's cock was hard and pressing the front of his bathing suit out. Pam saw that and told Bill to take his suit off. At ten years old Bill's cock was not large. Bill made her think it was though, he planted the idea in her mind that she wanted to suck him off. Pam asked Bill if she sucked him off would he then do her with his mouth.

Pam was still a virgin because her parents thought she was to young yet to have dates. This was one of the few times she had ever been alone with a boy. Pam still had her maiden head and wanted to keep it but she was burning to have sex of some kind with a boy.

Bill told Pam he had never done that to a girl but if she told him what to do he would try.

Pam wanted to go into the little pool house to continue their sex play. There was a bench in there they could use. Pam had Bill to lay down on the bench and hang his spread legs off the end. She got on her knees between his legs and took all of his prick in her mouth. In a short time Bill had an orgasm without an ejaculation. (that would happen for the first time about a year later.)

Pam then got on the bench and Bill did her with his mouth. Bill could read Pam's mind and did the things that gave her the most pleasure with his mouth and tongue. They did each other one more time and Bill left to go home.

The next day was Sunday, Bill and his parents went to Sunday School and Church. His parents were invited to a cook out down the street, kids were invited but Bill preferred staying at home and watching a ball game on TV. Shortly after his parents left Brenda came over. Brenda was upset because Bill had avoided her all week. When Bill went to the door after Brenda's knock and let her in, Brenda clutched herself to him and begged him to not be mad at her anymore. Brenda promised to be his cock sucker if that was what he wanted of her.

Bill lead a sobbing girl to the couch and told her he was not mad at her, he told her she would not become a cock sucker if she just sucked only him. Bill said that was making love to him. Bill said a girl was a cock sucker if she sucked off every guy that wanted her to.

Bill had Brenda undress and lay on the couch. He used every thing he had learned from his adventure with Pam the day before to give Brenda intense pleasure with his mouth.

Brenda had three screeching orgasms before Bill quit. Brenda lay on the couch lost in dreamland for a while.

Bill brought them both cokes. Brenda sipped hers and asked Bill what he wanted her to do to his prick. Bill told her and she said that what he wanted did not sound as if it would be hard for her to do.

Bill was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. He slipped his clothes off and lay back on the couch. His cock was hard from the pleasure he had gotten from using his mouth on Brenda's pussy.

Brenda asked if Bill was ready, he told her he was. Brenda took a big sip of her coke and swallowed it then took him in her mouth. Her mouth was cold from the coke. Bill groaned from the sensation of his hot penis going into that cold orifice.

Brenda had jacked Bill off many times and had learned that she could play with herself and achieve a climax while bringing him to an orgasm. She began doing that with his prick in her mouth. The day before Bill had made Pam take all of his cock in her mouth, he had caused her to have a climax as she did. Bill had Brenda do that and then have a huge orgasm when all of it was in her mouth. Bill was directing Brenda with his thoughts. She was doing different things to his cock as he thought of them. Frequently Bill made Brenda have orgasms, not big ones but pleasant ones. Bill wanted Brenda to want to do this to him often.

Finally Bill had an orgasm, it was better than the ones Pam had caused the day before.

Bill caused Brenda to have a heart stopping climax as he had his.

Brenda fell back on the carpet breathing hard, she said "That was wonderful and I will be your cock sucker any time you want me to be now." Bill had put his fingers in Brenda many times, he knew she had no hymen.

Bill asked Brenda if he could fuck her. Brenda told him she had not let him do that before because she had been scared of becoming pregnant. Brenda said that several days before, her mother had given her the first talk about "The birds and the bees." Brenda said that her mother was preparing her for her first menstrual period. An enlightened Brenda told Bill she had found out that she could not get pregnant until after her first cycle.

Bill told her he could have told her that a month before but it did not matter anyhow because he could not cum with sperm yet.

Brenda said "Let's fuck then."

Bill was hard again and Brenda was on the carpet spread open for him. Bill slipped his cock into her.

The many times Brenda had orgasms had made her cunt juicy wet, Bill's cock went right in and filled her. Bill projected her having a huge orgasm in to Brenda's mind. Brenda did have that orgasm and nearly fainted from it.

Bill projected in her mind how Brenda should fuck him back as he probed his cock into her. Brenda began to thrust back at him and moan her delight. Just after Bill felt the sensation of nearing his release he had Brenda have another large climax. They finished almost together.

Bill got off of Brenda and got his near hot coke and brought his darling hers.

Several hours later Bill's parents came home and found their son and the next door neighbors daughter watching a Disney movie. Brenda went home when the movie was over.

The next day was a normal school day, Brenda and Bill walked to school together. Brenda wanted to talk about their new approach to sex and how great it had been the day before. Bill mentally told Brenda to hush, he told her to keep it to herself and not tell any of her girl friends anything about them having sex or sucking each other off. Bill planted the thought in Brenda's mind that she must keep it a secret that she had been having sex with him.

Brenda and Bill walked home from school together. Brenda wanted Bill to come to her playhouse when they had put their books up and spoken to their mothers. Bill asked Brenda why. Brenda said "So I can suck my man off." Bill wanted to fuck Brenda instead. The day before he had gotten on and in her in the missionary position. Bill wanted he and Brenda to try some of the other positions he had seen in adult magazines.

Both of them spent a little time in their homes and then slipped in to Brenda's play house.

Bill sent the thought to Brenda's mind that she wanted to suck him up a hard then fuck. Brenda had changed out of her school clothes and put on shorts and a tee shirt, she was bare foot. Bill was still wearing the clothes he had worn to school.

Brenda asked Bill if he wanted her naked and on the love seat. Bill told her he did. Brenda slipped her shorts down around her ankles and stepped out of them as she slipped her shirt off. Bill had a lot more to take off. He looked at Brenda's slim figure and knew that someday she was going to be a real beauty and she was his. He knew he could get her to do anything he wanted her to do.

Brenda lay on the love seat as Bill undressed, she was so excited she was playing with her cunt. Bill sat beside her and started playing with her nipples. They got hard as little near ripe cherries and turned bright red. He noticed that her tits looked a bit larger than when he first saw them two months before.

Brenda said they were growing some, she could tell because they ached a lot and her mother had told her that was the reason.

Bill asked Brenda to put her mouth on his cock and get it harder, he wanted to fuck her a new way. Brenda was eager to give him pleasure, her warm mouth engulfed his penis. Bill projected some instructions to Brenda concerning using her tongue on him. Brenda had a shuddering climax soon after she had him in her mouth.

Bill saved his own orgasm for when he was deep in her cunt. Bill had Brenda straddle him and put his prick into her. He told Brenda to move up and down on his cock. Brenda got excited because of the new feeling and began to have frequent orgasms. Bill had a climax and made Brenda stop for a bit. They embraced and Brenda said she liked doing it that way. She had liked it when Bill had squeezed her small tits, that really felt good. After they had rested Bill had Brenda get on her hands and knees. He was hard again and pushed into her from behind. Brenda had said she liked for him to play hard with her immature tits, Bill clutched one in each hand. Bill was on his knees behind Brenda and pounding his cock into her hard. Brenda was having frequent climaxes. They spent over an hour in Brenda's play house that day.

Sex between Brenda and Bill became a regular thing and for the next five years they indulged in each other nearly every day.

When Brenda began having minstrel periods they used condoms for their couplings.

They had their sixteenth birthday the same month. Bill and Brenda took Drivers Education in school, they got their parents to get them a learners permit and began to drive with their parents. Brenda had become a beautiful young adult, she had become tall and graced with a killer body and large tits. She became a cheer leader and was voted Home Coming Queen in the tenth grade. Bill played Foot Ball and used his mind control to make other players give him opportunities to score.

Brenda could have had a lot of dates with other students but would smile and say she had a man. It was the same with Bill, he was the dream man to a lot of girls.

There was a beautiful Phys. Ed. teacher hired for their school. She was married but Bill read the disenchantment she had for her marriage in her mind. He read her longing for a good man and a healthy relationship. She was almost ready to seek a divorce. Her name was Mrs. Nan Patton and she was twenty four years old, two years out of college.

One day he observed her watching Brenda in her class. Bill sensed that Mrs. Taylor was yearning to be intimate with Brenda. PE was Brenda's last class of the day. Bill had Mrs. Taylor keep Brenda after school to practice her dismount from the balance beam. Bill had implanted in both of their minds a desire for the other. He had discovered that Nan Taylor had engaged in several lesbian relationships while in college. She was not a Lesbian, she did not even consider herself to even be Bi-sexual. Nan still considered those affairs with other women as a result of curiosity.

Brenda took a shower after her several perfect routines on the balance beam. Nan joined her there. Nan had locked the shower room door before she undressed. Nan asked Brenda if she minded her joining her. Bill had prepared Brenda to let Nan make a pass at her and let her know she was interested. Nan asked Brenda if she would scrub her back and offered to do hers in return. Brenda soaped Nan's back and used a wash rag to scrub. Nan rinsed off and took the wash cloth and then did Brenda's back. Brenda turned around and put Nan's hand on her tits. That was all it took for Nan to begin kissing Brenda's mouth. In a few minutes Nan was kneeling before Brenda kissing her lovely pussy. Brenda had a big climax and sank to the floor of the shower. She and Nan kissed and fondled each other for a long time while the shower water pelted on them.

Nan professed her love for Brenda and asked if Brenda had the same feeling for her. Brenda told Nan she was in love with Bill but was attracted strongly to Nan. Brenda told her she wanted to be with her again if Bill would let her. Brenda said she would ask Bill if she could that day. Nan had nothing to say to that. They dried off and got dressed, after several more kisses Brenda left. Bill was waiting for Brenda on the school steps. They started the walk to their homes. Bill asked Brenda to tell him about her meeting with Mrs. Taylor. Brenda was reluctant to talk about it at first, she had no idea that Bill had caused it to happen. Bill made Brenda confess that she had cheated on him with a woman. Brenda said she had felt compelled to give herself to Nan. Bill laughed and told Brenda it was alright and that he wanted her to see Nan often now. Bill said that he only wanted them to be intimate when he was there though.

Bill programmed Brenda to tell Nan she could not cheat on her man unless he was with them when they made love. Bill programmed Nan to accept that and they became a threesome.

Nan had married a real prick, he was having affairs with other women. Bill had him fall madly in love with one pretty little air head and ask Nan for a divorce. Nan was willing to not contest a divorce if she could get the house and half of the money in the bank. He would keep his car and she would get to keep her's.

Bill had been working during the summers and saving his money. He wanted to buy his first car. During the school term Bill worked on Saturdays cutting grass. He cut a used car lot every two weeks. Good Hearted Henry put an old truck that had been customized on his lot. Bill wanted it, the truck had a new engine and drive train and was nice inside and out.

Henry wanted two thousand for it, Bill made him think the seven hundred Bill had saved was a fair price.

Bill had wheels!

He and Brenda began going to and from school in his truck.

Since he had discovered his ability to read most others minds and project his thoughts he had read a few books on that subject.

Bill discovered many ways to improve his ability. Several items he had read warned of ever letting his gift become known. As Bill became more accomplished at using his control on others he became more cautious. He began to make his suggestions to others more devious, more as if the victim had the feeling that they had acted logically. He made someone certain that anything Bill had them do was their own decision.

Bill knew nothing about the stock market but thought there might be big bucks to be made there. One of Bill's yard mowing accounts was an investment broker. Bill planted the thought in the man's mind that he should help the young high school student start an investment program. Brandon Parsons knew Bill had no money to invest and started him an account with two thousand dollars of his own money. Bill was to pay him back four thousand after ten years. Brandon would manipulate the investment and make it grow.

Bill was making enough doing yard work after school to buy condoms and take Brenda to nice places on their dates.

With Bills increased skills at reading other persons minds and placing thoughts, no make that compulsions, in their heads his own mind changed. Bill developed a memory of every thing he read or saw. He could read a full page of script in seconds and understand in full every thing he had read.

At sixteen Bill began taking college courses at the high school in the evenings. He seldom attended classes except for tests and made almost perfect scores on all of them. In the same month Bill got a high school diploma he became a junior in college. Bill was seventeen.

Brenda graduated the next year. She was not going to college. She got a job in a large hospital and entered nursing school. Bill was content with his relationship with Brenda and Nan. The three of them were together often.

At age nineteen Bill graduated from college with honors. His major had been Clinical Psychiatry.

Bill went right to work at a large clinic. The patients were recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and persons suffering from some sort of mental breakdown. Bill spent his first month learning the ropes. When he was scheduled his first patients they were all drink or drug abusers. Because of his ability to read their minds Bill could help most of them. He managed to find the underlying reason for their addiction. He would plant a feeling of revulsion for the item of their addiction. He made it so strong that his patients would become physically ill from just the thought of the substance they had been addicted to.

Bill was scheduled several mental patients. He found that harder, following the maze of twisted thoughts in their minds to the center of their illness was a challenge. Bill patiently began repairing those disordered minds.

After two years at that clinic Bill was becoming known in his profession for his high rate of success with his patients. He entered private practice with an elderly doctor. Their practice was devoted to very wealthy patients. Most of Bill's patients were young addicts. Bill was twenty three at that time.

Bill grew a beard to appear older, his mature manner was evident but his youthful appearance was a handicap. Bill wrote several articles for the medical journal. Those articles concerned the identifying the cause of a patient's problem by simple tests.

Bill had wondered for years if there were others with his abilities. He suspected there were but had never met anyone he was sure was like him. Three or four times he had met people that when he tried to delve into their mind he had found only black, nothing. They appeared normal but there was a shield hiding their thoughts from him.

Bill had found one such person to be the woman renting the apartment next to him. She was often at the pool on Sunday mornings. Bill was intrigued by her, she was about his age and apparently worked. Often as he was leaving to go to his job at the practice she would be leaving to go to her job. Bill spoke to her and offered her a ride to work. She told Bill she would be glad to not have to ride a bus to work that morning. Ben did not know it but Pat Hall was reading the inner part of his mind and had made him ask to drive her to work. She worked for a doctor in a building two blocks away from the building his practice was in. Pat had Bill ask her to lunch. She knew Bill shared a practice with an elderly doctor that intended to retire in less than a year. He had already promised he would turn his practice over to Bill when he retired. Pat delved into every recess of Bill's mind. She found that Bill had no bad qualities or faults. She had discovered Bill's long time relationship with Brenda and Nan Taylor. Brenda or Nan did not even suspect that Bill was controlling their activities.

Pat had become wary of any emotional relationship, she had several bad ones behind her. Pat decided she would take a chance with Bill. She needed someone to fuck the lonely feeling away sometimes and the thought of becoming involved with two other women sexually made her wet down between her legs. Pat had used her talents a number of times to get young pretty women to want to make lesbian love to her. None of them had been the least bit Lesbian and after each adventure Pat had erased all of the event from their minds.

Bill dropped Pat off at her office building and was in his office in time for his first appointment at eight. Bill had a break between nine and ten, his nine AM appointment had canceled the day before.

Six or eight weeks before Bill had ordered a publication concerning Mental Telepathy. It had come the day before and he had forgotten to take it home to read. Bill read the one hundred twenty page book in ten minutes. He learned a lot from that book, Bill was given information on several new to him approaches to mind control of more than one person. He found that any time he could not see into a person's mind that person was gifted with Mental Telepathy and had created a mind shield. Bill learned how to create one of his own.

Bill realized that Pat was like him and could get into others minds. Bill figured Pat had looked into his mind that morning and liked what she had found. He thought that she had forced him to ask her out for lunch. That had been completely out of character for him.

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