Surprise, Surprise

by Jammes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man's lover gets surprised by his reaction to her misbehavior.

"How could you?" "How could you do this to me?" I shouted at Karen, waving a handful of printed out emails at her. "This is cheating on me you know." She stared back at me her face white. "James, I..." I interrupted her. "And the things you talked with this man about! I began to read from the latest email she had exchanged with this bastard. "I'm going to use you like the whore you are." "You're going to beg me for it bitch!" "I'm going to make you scream for my cock to fuck you hard and deep." "And then!" "And then, you wrote back to him!" "Yes, Scott, I'm your whore, I'm your little cum slut." "Fuck my in any hole you want." "I want your cock in my pussy, in my mouth, and in my ass." "I'll be your whore!" I stared at her. "James, he's in a completely different country," she cried. "There's no chance that we will ever meet." I glared at her. "So that makes it ok then?" "Tell me Karen, do you really want to be treated this way?" Karen looked at me face then turned her face to the floor. She nodded her head her face turning red.

I stood there in silence, shocked by all this. I let the printouts drop to the floor and walked out of the room. I had been completely surprised when I found the email folder tucked away in a subdirectory. I had been even more surprised when I opened it up and found a series of letters back and forth between Karen and some Canadian guy. The letters had dated from three months ago and from the beginning were filled with sex talk and innuendo. But lately they were getting more and more extreme and explicit. The worst thing was that from what I read Karen was the one pushing for it the most. I walked in the kitchen and sat down at the table burying my face in my hands. How had it come to this?

I was Karen's first, and as far as I knew only real time lover. From the first I had resolved to be the most considerate and thoughtful lover there was. Every other girlfriend I had talked about what assholes their first boyfriends had been and how much they disliked the way they were pushed into sexual acts they didn't enjoy. I had vowed not to do that to Karen. I was several years older and willing to show some restraint. We had dated for several months before we became lovers. I had never pushed her to do anything she felt uncomfortable with and had not even brought up sex acts that I 'knew' she would hate. And now here she was talking with some guy online begging for all the things I had protected her from.

I heard Karen entering the kitchen. I looked up into her tear stained face. "James I'm sorry I hurt you," she stammered out. "Please I'll do anything I can to make it up to you." "It's just that I felt there was something missing from our..." "From our sex life." I stared at her in disbelief. "So, you think we're missing something and that these letters make up for it?" She blushed "No, not really, it's just I never felt that I could say any of these things to you." "You're so sweet and kind, I didn't think you would ever... , well, you know." "No, I don't know," I said. "Tell me." She blushed again. "I didn't think you would ever treat me like a slut," she said softly. I was silent for almost a minute. "Alright," I finally said. "Alright, you want to be treated that way, we'll do that." "We were going to go out tonight, and we will." "But tonight, you're going to be my slut whore on display." "Go get dressed up, bitch!" Karen gaped at me in shock. Then looking at my face and seeing how serious I was she jumped up and ran from the room to our bedroom. I got up and moved to the living room, making my plans for the evening.

I settled down in the living room and waited for Karen to come back. In about 15 minutes she showed up and stood in front of me. She smiled anxiously obviously hoping that I would approve of her outfit. Instead I met her with a sneer. "You can keep the top but change the pants to skirt and lose the bra," I ordered her. "But James, I..." she began to speak, but before she could say anymore I stood up and in two steps reached her. I slapped her hard across the face. "You will do what I say bitch!" I shouted into her face. Her face turned white and she scurried from the room. I waited another 5 minutes and then she was back. I looked her up and down. She had traded in her hip hugger pants for a black skirt. Her nipples were showing plainly through the thin fabric of the red blouse she wore and were nice and hard. I gestured to her to come closer. Slowly, almost fearfully she approached me. I snapped her purse out of her hands and it down on the coffee table. I stood up and looked at her face. She still had a faint red mark from my earlier slap. She flinched when I held up the knife but didn't move away. I reached out and grabbed the first button on her blouse. She gave a small cry when I cut it off but didn't say a word. She stayed silent as I worked my way down cutting each button off her favorite blouse. I turned and picked up her purse. I opened it up and pulled out a tube of lipstick which I then opened. "There's not enough lipstick on you bitch," I snarled. Good little whores have tons of lipstick. I held the tube up to her lips and smeared it on thick. When it was on nice and heavy I pulled back and gave a small smile of satisfaction. Then suddenly I separated her blouse and uncovered both her tits. Taking the lipstick I scrawled bitch over her right tit and whore over her left tit. Then I sat down and pulled her closer to me. I spelled out CUNT with an arrow pointing down on the left side of her belly button and PUSSY on the right side.

Karen gave a small whimper at my handiwork on her body but didn't utter any further protest. I stepped back and gave a small nod of satisfaction. "Okay slut close your shirt," I told her. She pulled the shirt closed and stood there. As long as she just stood there the only thing showing would be the arrow pointing down just over and under her belly button. But if she moved and wasn't holding the shirt closed it would fly open. "All right listen up," I told her. "Your name isn't Karen anymore, it's Slut." "You will not respond to the name Karen, and you will not use I or me to refer to your self." "Do you understand me Slut?" I said in a louder voice. She looked down at the floor and shook her head yes. "I didn't hear you," I said louder. She looked up at me briefly. "Yes, sir," she said. I gave a sigh. "Yes sir what?" She cleared her throat. "Yes sir, my name is Slut and I must not..." She trailed off and then tried again. "Yes Sir, this one's name is Slut and she is only to respond to that name." "That's better," I said. "Don't forget again or you will be punished." I waited. After a few seconds she looked at me and realized I was waiting for a response. "Yes sir," she said hastily.

I led the way to the door. Slut stepped into place behind me. I opened up the door and stepped outside. I took a few steps away and realized she was still standing in the doorway. I turned to look at her. "Well, Slut, coming?" I asked. She looked at me. "James, I don't think I can do this," she said with a tremor in her voice. "Please, can't we stay home tonight?" I walked back to her and looked deep into her eyes. "No," I said simply and quietly. She looked back at me and slowly lowered her eyes. I walked to the car and climbed in. Prior to tonight I had always opened the car door for her. I waited and watched her walking around the car holding the sides of her shirt together in the wind. The door opened and she climbed inside.

I drove quickly to the club. I chose one we had been to before but not one we had been to often. I could see a bit of tension leave Slut's shoulders as we headed out. I had selfish motives for my behavior. If too many of her friends saw the way I was going to treat her tonight there might be some interference. I pulled into the parking lot and looked over at Slut. "Listen Slut, you may hold your shirt together outside but once we are in you will untuck it and leave your hands off." "Understand." She nodded, "Yes sir, thank you sir." "Now let's go," I said and opened the door. I walked to the front of the car and waited for her to join me. Together we to the entrance. I paid the cover charge and we walked inside the club. Inside it was somewhat dark and the music was loud. The club was packed but fortunately I spotted a good table over by the wall. Slut started to slide into the chair on the opposite side of the dance floor but I grabbed her arm and pushed her into the most open seat there. I also shook my head when she started to move the chair in. She got the message and hung her head slightly. I leaned toward you. "You will dance with anyone that asks." "Keep in my sight at all times and move your body hard so your shirt flies open." I couldn't tell from the colored lights but I imagine her face was turning red. Looking down though I could see her little nipples were hard as rocks.

Sitting there looking sexy, it didn't take long for a young man to approach her and ask her to dance. With a quick scared look at me she nodded and headed out to the floor. The song had a strong beat and soon the two of them were moving fast. Slut's shirt flew open almost immediately. The reaction from the young man she was dancing with and many of the other nearby dancers (especially the males) was amazing. There were heads swiveling and turning and following her every move. Men were moving closer to her all the time. I was not surprised when her partner moved closer to her and reached out for her tits. Slut pulled back and shook her head smiling at him but resisting his attempts to touch her. The music stopped before he had many other opportunities. She shook her head as he asked her to continue dancing and they walked back to the table. Along the way he whispered into her ear and she answered him something. She quickly pulled the chair out and sat down. He made a move to join us but I waved him away. "You've had your chance, now go away," I said rather rudely. He frowned but moved away back to the dance floor.

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