Wedding To Remember

by whiteboy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Fiction, Cuckold, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story of a white couple getting married and when that black guy comes and raveshes that virgin bride before the grooms terrified eyes.

It all began on my wedding day, not too long ago, on a clear summer day with the sun shining above. We were driving in a brand new limousine which with my considerable money, I could easily afford to rent for a week, plus pay a limo driver to take us to our destination.

My new wife's name was Sarah Kellar and my name is Mike. We were both still wearing our wedding clothes; I with my texedo and she in a traditional two thousand dollar wedding dress and her veil making her look even more lovely than she was naturally. Her natural green eyes and long red hair were what captivated me from the beginning and her nice firm legs and beautiful breasts didn't hurt either.

She was a virgin when we got married; she seemed to believe, like most good Christians, that a woman should only have sex after she gets married. It was a constant headache for me because she would get me hard and ready for her then turn away leaving me high and dry, and state, "Not until we're married honey."

In fact, once I tried to go for her pussy in a heat of passion; she pushed me off and threatened that if I ever tried again she would breakup with me and tell the authorities I tried to rape her. That was the last time I ever tried that again.

We were on our way to a hotel for a week for our honeymoon and happy as could be, especialy since it was going to be my lucky night. We exchanged the occasional chaste kiss but she still didn't allow it to go any further than that explaining it was improper to have sex in front of other people.

I cursed out loud for deciding to hire a limo driver, especially a black one. The driver looked in the rearview mirror, clearly annoyed by my words. He was a very imposing character, tall with the build of a body-builder which made him look like chiseled rock and made him look more like a bodyguard then some cabby.

"Did you just call me a nigger?" He ground out in anger, his eyes turning cold like tiny ice cubes.

My new bride gave me a horrified look and slapped me across the face. "Don't you ever use that word around my presence! I can't wait any more then you for our time alone but you didn't have to offend our host like that!" She hissed these words with such heat that I felt fear tighten my stomach the fact that I might not be able to consummate our marriage as I wanted to was almost too much to abide.

Turning to our driver, she gushed out, "I'm really sorry about my husband's behavior, sir, sometimes he can just be so rude to other people!" Adding by way of apology, "Is there any way we could make it up to you?"

The limo driver cast my bride a friendly smile. "Sure... maybe if you let me join you at where you're going and possibly share a couple of drinks before I get back to work..."

Before I could voice so much as a "no" my bride shot me a glare as if daring me to say anything and turned a friendly slightly flirtatious look that she usually reserved for me at the rearview mirror and stated, "I am sure my new husband won't object to that." Casting me a thoughtful look, she added, "Of course that is if you don't mind ole sourpuss here."

My cheeks flushed red and I abruptly shut my mouth at their mutual laughter. This was an unexpected side of Sarah, before she never made such a comment about me or acted this way; but, I shrugged it off realizing that married couples made these kind of jokes all the time.

Thirty minutes later, all three of us made it to the honeymoon suite. It was a nice room meant for couples, but not particularly for three people; namely Sarah and I, who sat side by side on a loveseat, while Marvin, (this, it turned out, was the name of the lemo driver) sat on the floor in front of us.

It was no time before Sarah and Marvin began to get along more than we ever did. She even started to act as if I didn't even exist in the room causing my jealousy to flare but I kept silent afraid that I might get her pissed off at me.

Drinks were exchanged and the few minutes Marvin claimed he would just spend with us turned into hours as they talked the day away. Soon it became dusk and finally I was brought into the conversation. "I am so glad that I am finally married to Mike, a man who will be able to take care of me and love me!" she exclaimed, adding as an after thought, "you have no idea how many times I've found men who just wanted to have sex with me like some slut and I'm glad that I refused them all and came wedded as a virgin."

Marvin's eyes widened in shock at these words, "You a virgin? How can you be a virgin when you're such a beautiful woman?"

Fits of giggles overwhelmed Sarah and a faint flush came over her pale complexion, "Well that I am and I am proud of staying one! Whats the point of having sex unless you're married and in love like me and Mike?" She said putting her hand demurely on mine and giving a slight squeeze as if apologizing for ignoring me.

"Well, you don't know what you're missing out on! For one, you'll be having sex with the same man for the rest of your life never knowing what other men out there are like."

Susan just shook her head and said, "I don't want to know what other men are like. My Mike is just enough for me, I know he can be a real sourpuss sometimes but he can be so romantic and sweet!" Casting me a look filled with love I began to bask in the moment that I never tried to overly push myself on her.

Giving me a mocking glance, Marvin got off his chair and stretched, showing off all his muscles. "Well, can I at least show you what you'll be missing?"

Susan's flirtatious gaze suddenly turned as cold as ice, "I think you had better leave. Courtesy is one thing, but that is outright rude especially since I am married now. No offense, but I don't find black men all that attractive."

Shooting me a disdainful glance, he slowly clenched his fist and before I knew it I felt a flash of pain and was out cold.

"You leave us alone and untie my husband this instant, Marvin, or I swear I will call the police!" These were the first words that I woke up to. With my head pounding, I noticed I was unable to move my arms and legs, and when I tried to speak, I discovered some form of rag was in tied around my mouth, blocking any sounds that might escape.

When my vision cleared, I noticed that Susan was on our wedding bed struggling fiercely against this hulking monster. I was filled with hope, since she must have managed to still keep herself clothed minus her veil, but my hopes were dashed when Marvin promptly slapped her hard across the face. Her eyes had a glazed look to them, but she still put up a fight that looked as if it was destined to fail as I desperately tried to set myself free. The rope must have been as strong as steel but still I didn't give up.

As Marvin held her down, he took off his shirt revealing a body unlike any I have ever seen. His chest and back was just rippling with muscle after muscle making me concious of the fact that I looked puny in comparison. After he took off his pants and underwear, I felt even more demeaned, if that was even possible!

My bride's gasp of shock and unconcious awe echoed throughout the room as the biggest dick I ever saw in my entire life sprang out, hard as a rock, extremely thick and uncut, at least twelve inches long. His nut sack hung obscurely, showing balls as thick as a bull's. I knew that if I didn't get out of these ropes and try to put a stop to this, all hope of consummating our marriage would be ruined.

With his cock swaying, he tore off Susan's wedding dress, pissing me off as I screamed in my gag and my lovely bride was finally bared to me. Her full breasts were encased in a tight looking bra, she was wearing beautiful custom made white panties, which she must have acquired to surprise me, the kind where you could just see a hint of her virgin pussy.

Marvin aggressively tore off her white nylons and panties showing me that she actually shaved her precious pussy that was meant just for me. She was openly struggling but Marvin was handling her like a pro. When he tore her bra off, I noticed her nipples were hard as tiny pepples. It must be the cold, I told myself, even though it was fairly warm inside.

"So, you fucking white cunt, why don't you just give it up and open those legs for me and your wimp husband over there can watch the show!" he aggressively ordered as he held her down, his black cock leaking precum. She simply turned her head stubbornly away from him and crossed her legs as if to deny him entrance.

With a loud laugh he pulled her legs apart and put the tip of his cock at the entrance of her tight white pussy. "Be prepared to be deflowered, bitch!"

Susan's screams were muffled by Marvin's large black hand as he slowly entered her pussy an inch at a time, stretching it more than I thought possible. I screamed in my gag as loud as I could as his ball sack finally settled against her lower pussy lips. I was amazed that my new virgin wife was able to take such a large tool in her pussy, but took it she did with loud screams and protests. As he withdrew I noticed that there was blood all around his cock and some was on the sheets; I closed my eyes, saddened that I was not the one to take her virginity.

Five minutes later, a loud moan interrupted my tormented thoughts. Reluctantly, I opened my eyes again to see she had her arms around him as his overlarge cock moved in and out of her; plowing into depths no man had ever plowed into. She cast me a helpless look and screamed so loud for a moment that I thought she was in pain until I realized that her nails were digging into his back and knew she just had her first orgasm with a man, he had been in her for only five minutes and she had come already!

I felt truly powerless at this, for I never expected my Susan to cum like she just did with this man who was supposed to be raping her, yet the next words shocked and hurt me even more. "OH YES! Fuck me Marvin! I never..." She suddenly gasped in another tiny orgasm, "OH! I never thought that it could be like this!" Her eyes suddenly turned glossy once again and she came more violently then last time screaming so loud that for a moment I thought the whole hotel would hear her.

Marvin simply grunted, "it isn't like this with white guys or at least all the white women and some Sistas tell me." He slammed in her with another violent thrust, causing her mouth to open in a silent scream. "Most of the women I know fucking hate white boys." Then turning to me he added, "Especially white maggots like the man you're married to."

I felt my face burn bright and red at these words and screamed in my gag as hot tears fell from my eyes. This man's dark black skin moving agains't my innocent brides plus the comments that a nigger was making was driving me to the brink of madness. White men are surperior was what I had learned and firmly believed in, yet this hulking nigger was saying the opposite. I found myself starting to doubt everything I believed yet at the same time I still held firmly to what I had been taught. My bride was pretending to enjoy this, I firmly told myself.

"Now I, AAAH!" This cry out in orgasm sounded so geniune I began to feel that belief crumble like dust after she calmed down, she continued grunting on occasion, "I find that hard to believe. Most of my white friends don't really like black men and find them very barbaric!"

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