Carree Loves Billy: Summer Internship II
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the 2nd part of CARREE'S SUMMER INTERNSHIP. It picks up after (preparing) I missed William more than ever while and after writing this. This truly was the "summer of our lives", and the time of our lives. To me, it put a real signature on our love and what we meant to each other.

By the time I finished my last exam that semester, Bill was already in New York starting his internship at Time, Inc. Although he had made arrangements to have his car in New York, the price he had planned on paying for parking was for a month, not the summer as he thought. Living and working in New York City, particularly near Penn Station, the need for an automobile was minimized. Unless you absolutely had to drive to a place that had no train, bus or subway service, it was a foolish endeavor. Although Bill was to start on a Tuesday, he, along with his Mom and his Dad went to New York on a Friday night and spent the long weekend seeing New York, and doing New York things. A ballgame, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center and all the standard tourist things to do. The only thing he didn't do was, CALL me. I was freaking out between exams checking my messages to get one word from him. I should have been happy that he and his parents were having such a great time, but I really hoped to hear from him and get some encouragement about exams. I wasn't totally freaking out, but until the first time I saw him at my doorstep in Baltimore, I would never really believe that I would see him all summer.

My last exam, Art, was on the Wednesday after Bill started in New York. I had little luck reaching him when I tried to call, and had left a pile of unanswered messages. I received one message on my answering machine Wednesday just before I packed up to leave home. Henny, Maria, Russell, Mark and myself chipped in for a storage unit close by, to keep our dorm belongings for the summer. Refrigerators, TV's, microwaves and some furniture and other items seemed crazy to cart home, when we were going to move it back in a few months again. By the time we figured what we really had to bring home, I called my Dad and told him that Russell would bring me back. We had envisioned a truckload of things, but with the 5 of us planning on returning, and staying as roommates, Henny, Maria and myself, Russell and Mark, the move seemed un-necessary. I just brought home tons of clothes and boxes of HBA, leaving Russell to comment that it looked like we had robbed a GAP and a drug store overnight, with all the clothes and health-beauty aids in his car.

Russell had turned into a good friend after our mis-understanding. He realized what a resource I was for advice as he went through girlfriends and relationships. I was no Dear Abby, but he sometimes failed to see the difference between a person seeking a bedmate for the night, or a lasting relationship. Russell had a tendency to fall in love with any girl who would drop their undies for him. When I would break the news to him that she was doing the same thing he was, trying to get laid for the night, and that's it, he would label her a tease and a whore. After having his heart broken more than few times, he finally began to "get it".

Once home on Wednesday night I called and left more messages for Bill, but I still heard nothing. I was beginning to worry. I really hated to call his house in fear they would tell me to leave him alone to work, not to spoil his opportunity, blah, blah, blah. I was sick of hearing the whole spiel. Damn it, he was my husband and I had not heard from him in days!

I moped around the house afraid to leave, not wanting to miss Bills call. I knew I was driving my mother crazy, and my Dad called that afternoon from work to say he was taking the 3 of us out to dinner that night. Not wanting to hurt his feelings I told him I would be happy to get out with them. In reality I knew I couldn't digest any food until I knew he was OK.

As it got close to 4 o'clock my Mom asked if I wanted to get in the shower first to get ready for our date with Dad. I had just agreed when the phone rang and I shot down the stairs to answer it. It was Bills Mom and she had wondered if we had heard from him since they left him on Monday evening. I was in total freak out now. I was sure he was mugged and dragged into a subway tunnel to die. Bills Mom asked me to repeat the work phone number I had for Bill and she compared it to hers, they were different. We compared his home numbers and they were different too. My Mom took out the letter Bill had sent them and the numbers he gave them were a third set altogether. Totally confused, Bills Mom was going to call the intern office where Bill had his original contact, and got his keys and ID badge when they went there last week. She had the man's card.

"Mrs. Wilson, err Mom (Bill had insisted), would you mind if I called instead of you? Could you give me the name and number?" I asked.

"Carree, you may be going to marry him, but he will always be my son, and I am worried." She protested

"Mom, he will always be your son, but he will always be my husband, too. Do you think he would be embarrassed if his Mommy called looking for him because he hadn't checked in?" I asked her.

"Oh, damn Carree, I suppose you're right. I was ready to go to the mat on this one, but you ARE right. He would hold his head and say "GEEZ Mom!!" I'm sure." She admitted.

"He's going to say "GEEZ Carree" as well, but better to have his wife or intended call for him." I reasoned, "Umm, do you suppose the city will take the "geez" out of his vocabulary." I added to show a little levity and show her I wasn't worried, although I really was.

"I doubt it, he adds it to his spellchecker when he uses a word processor or computer, you know. " She said making me think I put her mind at ease a little.

Mrs. Wilson gave me the name and number and I quickly dialed.

I got a secretary for the man I wanted to contact, and I explained the situation to her. I suspected she was an intern too; who also had a boyfriend, because she thought it was important enough to put me through.

"Scott Wilkens, can I help you?" he answered politely.

"Yes, umm Hello. I'm Carree Kasc and my future husband is interning..."

"Ohh, Carree!! I'm so sorry I forgot to call you. Billy Wilson gave me your number and wanted me to call you, and you to call his Mom. He got a chance to string along with a feature writer who went to the wild fires in SoCal. His aide had a root canal go bad and he and his photog needed a gopher on a moments notice. Bill jumped at the chance to go. I am so sorry I forgot to call."

"Mr Wilkens, can you explain that a little slower so I can get it all. I was pretty worried and confused, plus I want to make sure I have the right message for his Mom." I asked quizzical.

"I'm so sorry Carree. We sent a feature writer and photographer to Southern California to cover the wild fires. He has an aide that usually takes notes, makes appointments, and does a little dirty work for him. That fellow had a root canal go bad, and there was no one in the pool to go with him. I volunteered Billy, described the kind of work he had done, and the reporter took a chance with him. He left Monday night and should be home early tomorrow, Thursday," he explained less frenetically.

"OK, I feel better. Number one, would you please call him Bill, he was Billy in the third grade, and secondly, was there a message?" I asked, a little snotty, but not really on purpose.

"Sure, there is Carree. I'm really sorry for causing all this angst. He said, "Guess what, I'm on assignment. I'll call on Thursday. Don't call me, all of the numbers I have are wrong. New phone system, hard to explain." And then he says he loves you forever and ever. I wouldn't have read that part, but I've jerked you around and caused enough trouble for you already. Carree, I'm really a lot more organized than this, and don't worry, he wont be in the field anymore this summer, I promise you. This was a real odd emergency. He knows you are upset and wants you to know it wont be a regular thing. Can you call his Mom?"

"Yes, I can Mr. Wilkens. Please don't think I'm a snot or anything. I wasn't trying to be a wise-off, and obviously he explained I would be upset. But, if I had the message on time, I wouldn't have been. It's a great opportunity for him. Hopefully we can meet in person some day and we can get off on a better step."

"I'm sure, Carree. Congratulations on your wedding, Bill told us you were getting married. He's a fine young man, Carree." Mr. Wilkens said.

"Thank You, I know. Well good-bye, I'll call his Mom now," and I hung up.

After explaining to my Mom, and then Bills, I felt great. Now I was ready for that dinner date with Dad. I told my Mom to go ahead in the shower, and I would follow her later. I wanted to make some calls. Mom finished her clothes folding, getting me ready to go away, and headed for the shower.

As soon as I heard the water begin to run I went up to my room and closed the door. I got out of my sweats and hopped on the bed and put my hands between my legs. I had a little excess tension to burn, and hearing Bill had said he loved me forever, plus bragging about marrying me, was all I needed to think about sex. I worked my fingers around my clit and then grabbed my lips between my fore and middle fingers. As I sawed them together, I strummed my clit with the side of my thumb. Once I knew my orgasm was imminent I brought my middle finger up and ran it over my slick clitoris, dipping it inside on the down stroke. I felt I could have went for broke if I went a little deeper to find my G-spot, but it was going to be hard enough to keep quiet with this the way it was.

My breath caught in my throat and I went over the edge fast. All I could think about was Bill licking on my vagina and how much he enjoyed it. I thought about how I would greet him the first time he came to Baltimore to see me.

I heard the water go off in the shower and I quickly came back to reality, relieved in a more ways then one. The simple fact that Bill had made sure Mr. Wilkens told me that it wasn't a regular thing let me know he knew I would be upset, and that it bothered him.

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