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Desc: Sex Story: Older married man, young single girl. Internet lovers meet. Lots of sexual tension!

We were meeting as friends, at least that's what I kept telling myself as I drove to the cafe/bookstore, but in the back of my mind I knew there was potential for something more. "But not tonight," I told myself as I put a hand over my fluttering stomach. I rolled my eyes. Here I was talking to myself while checking my make-up in the review mirror and trying to maneuver through traffic all at the same time. I would be lucky if I made it in one piece.

"He's already seen you naked, what are you so worried about?" I asked myself, my face blushing as I thought of the nude pictures I had sent him periodically, at his request, mind you. Just the thought made me want to turn around and go home and bury my head under my pillow. It was too much. No matter how many times he told me he loved to see me nude, no matter how many times he told me he dreamed about touching my breasts or playing with my pussy I still couldn't get over my mortification of those pictures. Each time I muttered and blushed with embarrassment as I posed myself for the camera, and then waited frantically for his response to them, even though he had been consistent in his approval.

"Well, you'll find out if he was being straight up with you tonight, sweet cheeks," I mumbled to myself as I pulled into the parking lot. I grabbed my purse and gave myself one last look in the mirror, trying not to groan. I let out a deep breath, "The moment of truth," I told myself and headed into the cafe.

The place I'd chosen for our meeting was one of my favorite places to go to relax. It was a small coffee shop that served a few entrees, but was treated mostly as a coffee shop by its loyal patrons. The wood floors were soft, as was the lighting. There were a few small waterfalls that lead into the bookstore and there was a soft relaxing melody playing on the speakers overhead. I inhaled the wonderfully earthy aroma of the place and felt my body immediately begin to relax. I looked around but couldn't see him at any of the tables. I was a little relieved. I sat down on one of the high stool-chairs at a little table in the corner and ordered a French vanilla coffee, and set myself to the task of breathing normally and slowing my heart rate.

I managed to pull my hands apart from their death grip on my purse just as the waitress arrived with my coffee. I smiled up at her and thanked her, and immediately wrapped my hands around the hot mug. At that moment I needed the warmth of the steamy liquid more than I needed the caffeine. I sat there for a few minutes, absorbing the heat and staring off into space, wondering if I had finally lost my mind. I shook my head giving myself a sarcastic half-smile as I finally brought the mug up for a first sip of the rich liquid.

"Hi," said a deep voice with that adorable southern accent I had heard only at the end of a few long distance calls. My hand froze in midair and my eyes flew up to the voice. I only glanced at his face for a second, but I knew before I looked who it was.

"Hi!" I said, a little too over-brightly as I sat ramrod straight in my chair, my hands clenching around my mug. I tried to disentangle them from the mug, and finally succeeded. I stuck out my hand to shake his. A little formal, but I wasn't sure what he expected. He was a married man after all, there were boundaries that I couldn't cross unless given the go ahead from him. He took my hand, but he didn't shake and release as I'd expected. I finally looked up at his face, and it seems this is what he was waiting for. He turned my hand over in his hands, and kissed the palm of my hand. He looked up at me again with a small smile, "Hi," he said again, only this time in a whisper.

I caught a gasp half-way in progress before I was able to stop it. I gave him a wobbly smile that was more blush than dimple and swallowed hard. I finally gained the ability to regain possession of my hand and I gestured to the seat across from me and motioned to the waitress. He gave her his order and waited for her to walk away before he turned his gaze back to me.

"Finally we meet," he said.

"Yeah," I said dumbly. "How was your flight?"

"A little long, but I'm sure anticipation made it longer."

"You found your hotel all right? The city can be a bit confusing to drive in for first timers."

"Yeah, I found it all right. The car rental agency gave me a map."

"Oh, that's good. I would've picked you up at the airport if you'd wanted," I told him.

"That's OK. I wanted a little time to freshen up before we met," he told me as he took his coffee from the waitress.

The distraction, even if for a moment, was welcome. God, I wasn't any good in awkward situations. I looked back at him only to find him not looking at me for the first time since he'd walked in. Well, I shouldn't say he wasn't looking at me, it was more like he wasn't looking at my face. I followed his gaze and immediately blushed a deep red when I realized where he was looking. My blouse was hanging loose around my neck and there was quite a bit of cleavage from my DD's showing. My first reaction was to pull it up, but I stopped myself. I may not have been much of a seductress but I knew if I pulled up my shirt he would take it as a definite sign that I was off limits. Even in my embarrassment I didn't want to shut any doors so soon.

I finally got up the nerve to do a little teasing, I figured it might break the ice, "Enjoying the view?" I asked with a chuckle in my voice.

He looked up at me, not at all surprised to be caught. I realized he wanted me to see him looking. The idea alone made my nipples go hard and my pussy start tingling.

"Absolutely," he said with seriousness. "After seeing only carbon copies, to see the real thing, even if it's only a small glimpse is enough to make the trip worthwhile."

This was definitely NOT what I had expected. I figured we would both just pretend the pictures never happened, but I was obviously very wrong. I cleared my throat, "Well, well. I'm not used to my friends getting such an eyeful," I said a little chastising. He'd forgotten what he'd told me repeatedly throughout our online conversations, which was that we were meeting as friends. He wanted me to know that he was interested in me as a person and as a woman. I believed his intentions were true, but I didn't want him to rush into something he would later regret. It would be better if things went a bit slower.

He smiled at my chastisement. "I'm sorry, you're right. The least I can do is wait until tomorrow to leer at you."

I burst out in surprised laughter. I laughed until my sides ached, but I knew things were going to be fine from that moment on. This was the man I knew. He hadn't changed once the computer screen was gone.

We talked and laughed until closing time. He was a man who loved books, and I was a woman who adored them. He had a good sense of humor and laughed good-naturedly at my teasing. I felt a warmth that spread through my body when he smiled and looked at me so intently through our conversation. Occasionally our hands brushed and I would feel a little shock go through my body. My nipples had gotten hard earlier and they had not softened throughout the night. I was still buzzing with a slight feeling of arousal. My pussy was moist, and warm, primed and ready for any kind of stimulation. At one point I folded my arms across my chest and the contact between my arms and my nipples made my eyes widen and my throat gasp. A flush of warmth rushed up into my face. He had looked at me curiously, but didn't ask about my sudden reaction. I continued to softly tease my nipples throughout the conversation. Not being able to stop myself I pushed my thighs together, clenching my pussy until I could feel my clit throbbing with desire. I tried to not give myself away, but he gave me little knowing half-smiles throughout the conversation, but he never said anything.

We walked out to the parking lot together, stopping next to my car. I leaned back against it while he stood in front of me. We made plans to meet the following day and I reached into my purse to find my keys. When I looked up he had moved closer to me. I stood still, waiting to see what he would do. He leaned forward, giving me a tight hug.

"I'm so glad I decided to do this. I had a wonderful time tonight," he said against my ear. His breath was warm and I could feel my reaction to it clear to my toes. He stepped back after a minute, but his hands were still at my waist, just under my breasts. So close to my aching nipples that it took all my discipline not to grab his hands and bring them up to cup my breasts.

I smiled and breathed a little shaky. "Yeah, me too. Can't wait for tomorrow," I whispered.

He leaned forward again, brushing a light kiss on my cheek. "Sweet dreams, baby," he said with a slight grin as he brushed his hand across my nipples as he released me and walked to his car.

I stood frozen in place as the shock of his touch pulsated through my already aroused body. I grabbed my keys and after a few unsuccessful stabs I finally found the keyhole on the door and managed to crawl into the driver's seat, soaked panties and all.

That night I slipped under the cool sheets of my bed, my naked skin still hot and tingly after the frustratingly arousing first meeting. The soft cotton sheets felt like sandpaper on my red, swollen nipples. I gritted my teeth as I slid deep under the covers. I closed my eyes, but scenes from the evening flashed before my eyes. I knew I would get no sleep unless I released some of my pent-up frustration.

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