My Master's Gift

by BBWGoddess

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is one evening out of many that have shaped my life (or would have if it were true).

You call me about 2 o'clock from work and tell me to get ready because you want to take me out for a special dinner. I take particular care to make sure I am dressed and done up just for you.

When you get home the look in yours eyes tells me you like what you see. You take me in your arms and kiss me deeply our tongues fighting and thrusting, we almost become one person. You pull me so tightly to you I know you can feel the chain I am wearing around my waist and the lock that closes it. We go out for a wonderful romantic dinner at a quiet local club. During dinner flowers are delivered to out table. You tell me its because you love me so much.

The other patrons must think us newlyweds because we can't keep our hands off each other. We touch and kiss and caress constantly.

After dinner we dance a couple of dances but don't stay long. The sexual heat radiates from us. On the drive home we can't stop touching, your hand slides between my legs and I can feel your rock hard erection in your pants straining to get out. When we get home you tell me you have a surprise for me. We go to the bedroom and undress each other slowly kissing and sucking as we go. When we are naked and burning with sex you lead me to the door that leads to the hot tub on our private deck. When you open the door I hesitate for one second you slide your hands down and grab my wrists telling me to behave or you will make it worse for me. The reason for my hesitation is the three naked men standing there waiting. All of them have huge erections but there is one black man with a cock that reaches his knees. I can't imagine having that in me. It has to be 14-16 inches long at least. And it is quivering with excitement. You lead me to the hot tub and they get in with me while you watch. They immediately begin kissing and caressing me sucking my breasts and fingering my already dripping pussy. I am cumming almost at once. They finger fuck my ass as well spanking me and pinching my tits making me moan and scream. I suck them all except the huge one he doesn't do too much he sort of sits there and strokes me occasionally as well as his cock. Finally after several orgasms the other two take me in their arms and turn me around. I realize they are positioning me so that enormous cock is pointing straight at my pussy from behind. He shifts slightly and holds it ready. I start to fight a little because I don't think I can take it. You come to the side of the tub and tell me to do it or else.

You reach down and pinch my tits until I am writhing in pain and pleasure while the other two men hold me tightly. Finally you slap my tits until I am almost screaming then you tell them to do it.

They lead me backwards until I can feel the cock pressed against my pussy. I know I can't take it. He starts to slide in, the pain is unbearable and I simply scream. He grabs my hips and starts pumping slowly, the other two guys move so that one of them is kissing me and he slides a hand down and shoves a finger in my ass and starts stroking. The other on starts sucking and biting my nipples and uses a finger to massage my clit. Soon I am cumming and cumming. Massive orgasms rip through me making me quiver with pleasure and pain from the huge cock ripping my pussy apart.

He fucks me faster and faster until we are both moaning and gasping. He finally strokes me so hard and fast that we both cum hard. He explodes inside me so fast and hard that it almost hurts me I can feel it all. He yells so loud and ferociously as he cums it's unreal. I almost pass out and we collapse in the tub. After a few moments rest you tell us we need to go into the bedroom for the next round of fun. You lead me in and the men follow us and watch closely what you do to me. You blindfold me first and then tie my hands behind my back. Then you take rope and bind my tits so that they stick out and get red and swollen. You slap them a few times and make me whimper. You also come behind me and spank my ass making me jump. Then you take a big vibrator and slide it into my pussy and a smaller one and slide it into my ass making sure they are on high. You make me kneel on the floor and motion for the guys to come over. You put my collar and leash on so you can force me from one to the other making me suck their cocks over and over and yours too. Finally when they are close you force me to sit there kneeling on the floor bound and blindfolded while you all jerk off and cum all over me. I am drenched in cum. After you take me and clean me off you bring me back and put me on our special table. I am kneeling and my legs are spread wide and my tits are hanging down under me and my head is resting on a special pillow.

I am arranged so that every hole in my body is open to be used.

You put the clamps on my pussy lips and use chains to pull the clips back and fasten them around my legs holding me open and exposing me. You take a butt plug and put it in fucking me with it a little making me cry and squirm then pushing it in all the way.

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