Knowing Your Neighbors

by OneIdleHand

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Going to the beach was always enjoyable for Steven and Hayley. Sharing a beach house with their neighbors, Justin and Kate, would make the trip fun for both the adults and the kids. But the presence of outdoor showers offered Steven a rare opportunity. It was one thing to see a woman naked; it was another to see a woman you know, but would never be intimate with, naked!

As a lover of the beach, I always look forward to our summer vacation in South Carolina. We started going to Sullivan's Island several years after we were married, mostly because we wanted to go to a residential beach but also because we wanted to tour Charleston. Hayley and I went about every other year, rationing our vacation time between pleasure and family commitments, enjoying the intimacy of small house a block off the beach that was quite affordable. And as the kids came along, our trips became an annual tradition.

The house served well for several years, but as the kids became older, we needed more room. Our realtor recommended a house on nearby Isle of Palms for the following year's vacation. IOP, as it's known, is also a residential island and in many ways is better suited for families. The house that was recommended by our realtor was perfect. Unfortunately, this house, too, was across the street from the beach, but it remained affordable. It was located directly across from a pedestrian access with a clear path to a beach area that served only the nearby residences. There were always a few people around, but it was never crowded.

The house was also located near the IOP recreation center, which offered playgrounds and fields, and there were plenty of back roads to ride bikes on without significant traffic, which was great for the kids.

The house had a large den, a screened front porch, a large deck to the rear, and a fenced back yard. There were four bedrooms, which would be perfect if we invited another couple, which we planned to do because the kids wanted to bring their friends. The realtor pointed out that each year it seemed the owner added a little to the house, and outdoor showers had been the previous off-season project.

Several weeks later, we shared pictures of the house with close friends who are neighbors, whose kids played regularly with ours. Justin and Kate weren't quite as fond as the beach as we were, as they preferred trips to the mountains. Their kids been to the Gulf a couple of times, and they were eager for them to see the Atlantic. A reservation was placed for the following year.

Kate and Justin have been friends for years. We've watched each others' homes during vacations, double dated for dinner and movies, and borrowed the proverbial cup of milk. Kate looks great. She's about 5'6" with a really cute face. Kate has black hair, blue eyes... I'd estimate her figure to be 34-28-34 or so. A decent hourglass figure, but her curves became fuller some years ago when she became a mom. That, and her breasts are a little small for my tastes. Her husband, Justin, is... just a guy. A good friend. Not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but what do I care? Like me, he has a decent build and could benefit from more exercise. The upper 30's are catching up to all of us.

Well, except Hayley. She committed herself several years ago to get into shape (for which she was rewarded with a cruise), and she's maintained herself ever since. She's 5'5", brown hair, and blue eyes. Her 38" breasts have changed over the years, I suppose. They're slightly larger and are beginning to hang a little lower, but she's maintained her hourglass figure, and, at 38, her curves remain in all the right places. I wouldn't say that she has the face of a model. She doesn't, but she's very attractive. Great smile, a spark in the eyes, a perfect nose and lips that are full and inviting. She's gotten her share of looks from other men, and I haven't minded. It's a compliment of sorts.

The trip to IOP was without incident, and we finally got our keys from the realtor and unloaded the vans at the house. The kids were bursting with energy, so Hayley and I took them all to the beach while Justin and Kate went to the grocery store to stock up on groceries.

The kids all had a blast together, and it was nice for us not to have to entertain them as much. This left us free to throw the Frisbee on the beach, sit in the beach chairs, cool off in the waves and generally have a relaxing time. After a couple of hours and one large sandcastle, the kids were ready to return, so we packed up the chairs and a small cooler and headed back to the house.

The only aggravation I can think of at the beach is having to bathe after each trip. It's not like a pool where you can dry off and return a little later. The salt and the sand dries in your swimsuit, and it begins to itch. Besides that, it's also a nuisance because it gets spread throughout the house when you walk and in the shower when you bathe.

After washing our feet off with a hose, I remembered that the owner had installed outdoor showers, built under the rear deck of the house. Although Hayley had to go upstairs to get changes of clothes, soap, and shampoo, this was a minor inconvenience that we could prepare for next time.

One side of the shower was for women and the other for men. Simple enough. The boys were to take turns on one side and the girls on the other. It was quite a relief that our kids were finally old enough to bathe themselves.

While the kids showered, Hayley and I hung up the towels and rinsed the beach toys, chairs, and cooler. Kate and Justin's van was parked, so they were upstairs, probably unpacking groceries or resting from the drive. I told Hayley that I would wait downstairs until all the kids were done, and that she could go on upstairs to the shower attached to our room if she wanted to go ahead and bathe. She shook her head and said that she would wait. Then she winked.

It took only a moment for me to connect the dots. I pointed to her and then to me, and nodded my head to the shower. She smiled, and I knew I was in for a bit of fun!

The kids finally cleared out, and we entered our respective sides as if we were going to take our showers separately, lest the kids take notice otherwise. The showers were interesting. They were built side by side, each with lockable doors and a shower curtain dividing the space between a shower area and a dressing area. They were sided with wood fence siding, 6" wide slats that were 8' tall, with a solid ceiling. The floor was also wood, with gaps between the boards leading to rocks and likely a drain below. The outside and dividing walls were built in a shadowbox style. The fence boards were nailed onto 2"x4" studs in an alternating style on each side. The owner obviously knew that privacy was important, and the boards were placed more closely than usual for this construction so that a person couldn't see through the gaps between the boards into the other shower.

Or did he?

"Hayley, which side?"

"Mine." Good. She was still in the other side.

"Okay, be right there." I made noises like I was gathering my things and moved along the dividing wall, looking between the boards if there were any possible way to see into her side. After all, it wasn't that I wanted to spy on my wife, but... during the week, Kate might just be over there and... I wasn't finding any type of view. I could see the shower curtain at one point, but not very well. I looked down at my shampoo bottle on the floor. Ahh. Some of the boards had warped near the bottom, not out but sideways so that they were not straight. I knelt as quietly as I could, and with my head just off the floor, I found several spots that gave a limited view of the other side, and by moving my head slightly at each, I found I could see most of the shower area although in narrow vertical slices. Hayley, I was happy to see, had already pulled her suit off. And I could see all the good parts.

"You coming?" Her voice surprised me and made me flinch. It was almost like I was caught cheating or something.

"Shortly!" In more ways than one, I hoped.

"What's taking you so long?"

Sometimes, telling the truth, modified slightly, works. "I'm just checking that you can't see from one side to the other. I guess they built it like this so a breeze can blow through." And I could feel a slight breeze.

Mountain people. The following day, Kate discovered that, although she had fond memories of the beach when she was a kid and had been to the Gulf several times as an adult, she didn't like the heat. "I like the mountains because they stay so cool." After only an hour, she left to go back to the house. Drat. So much for my spying game. I had seen her in swimsuits at our neighborhood pool, so seeing her in a swimsuit wasn't something new, but it certainly had created a sense of expectation.

Hayley and I played Frisbee. She was wearing a one piece, but it was a sexy one that didn't hide the ampleness of her breasts. They were completely covered, but their shape was clearly defined because her suit looked glued to her. And I noticed that Justin kept peering her way from his seat, especially when she ran and her breasts jiggled. Well, bounced, really. If he was going to look, I figured I would go ahead and give him a reason, so I invited him to join us. He clearly enjoyed watching Hayley run for the Frisbee, so I made sure to throw an errant throw a little more regularly. Hell, I liked watching them bounce, too. Hayley wasn't a dupe however, and she gave me a "fed up" look when Justin wasn't looking. So I threw it better. But that wind can cause bad things to happen...

Back at the showers, the kids took their turns, and Justin left to go upstairs to the indoor shower.

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