Hotel Shilton

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dr. Balwinder Prasad went to Brighton, England to attend a 'Study Workshop' and stayed in 'Hotel Shilton'. There he learnt more than he had bargained for...

Dear reader I wrote this story to participate in an erotic story contest. The rules of this contest were:

The requirement (set of criteria) of the contest was that the story contains the following (That means incorporating all of the criteria required into the story in a way that everything is involved - not just mentioned)

1. A masquerade (Up to you how you interpret this) 2. Something 21st 3. Clip on earrings 4. A quote or poetic verse 5. Silver and gold.

The restrictions were that the length should not exceed 12,000 words and it should be 'postable' on the site i. e. no rape, no incest, no bestiality, and no under age sex.

The stories were to be judged for: -

1) Plot 2) dialogue 3) realism/suspension of disbelief 4) characters 5) sex scenes 6) originality 7) technical aspects 8) base information (set of criteria) 9) title and 10) overall impression.

Each of these carried 10 marks i.e. in total 100. The aggregate was the final score.

The jury has given their verdict now you are the judge.

Dr. Baleshwar Prasad Ph.D., Ballu to his friends, is a good friend of mine. Ballu is quite a ladies man. He is tall, slim and handsome. He is also very virile. Many times, I think that his libido works overtime. He heads a large government educational institute. He was selected by the government to attend a four week workshop on 'Challenges of Education in the 21st Century' to be held in Brighton, UK. I think it would be better if you hear what happened during his visit to Brighton in his own words.

Early in 21st century I found myself in Brighton,

There I checked in a place called "Hotel Shilton,"

The place was small but friendly, neat and clean,

This suited me, as my budget was also quite lean.

I was selected by the government to attend a four-week workshop on 'Challenges of Education in the 21st Century' to be held at Brighton, England. In addition to the four weeks, I had taken a weeklong leave to visit a friend in London.

On a warm pleasant morning in spring of the first year of the 21st century, I arrived in Brighton. The hotels recommended by the "workshop" organizers were very expensive. It is well known that governments, especially ours, are not very liberal with the travel allowance of their employees. Therefore, after some inquiries I found a reasonable place called "Hotel Shilton."

As it was off-season, the proprietor Mr. Potts gave me a good deal for both board and lodging. The hotel was quite small but very neat and clean. It was housed in a three-story building not too far from the beach and the entertainment wharf. The public rooms and the kitchen were located on the ground floor, eight rooms for the guests were on the first floor and Mr. Potts with his family lived on the second floor. The hotel was owned and managed by Mr. Potts. He ran it with the help of his family and a maid named Mary, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

Hotel's proprietor was Harry Samuel Potts,

His spouse Ulla, a Swede gave me the hots,

Their twain daughters were identical twins,

Who interchanged identities at their whims.

Mr. Potts was a jovial, graying man of 55 years. His red nose and potbelly bore witness to his fondness for a good drop. His wife Ulla was around 40 very sensuous and a beauty. She was of Swedish origin, 5"7"" tall, green-eyed blonde with a figure, which would even make the top models of today jealous. She moved gracefully, like a tigress looking for a prey. She was so beautiful and moved so sensuously that I could watch her all day without getting tired. Each time I saw her I got hard.

Their daughters Sheena and Sheeba, around 20, were identical twins. 5"6", blonde with excellent figure, green eyes and nice firm tits, very fun loving and sexy. They had inherited their hair, eyes, body and figure from their mother. Only their face showed a glimpse of the father leaving no doubt as to their parentage. They not only looked alike but they wore their hair in the same style and donned identical clothes. Their voice and mannerism were also alike.

Both of them were full of mischief all the time. They enjoyed masquerading as each other and did their best to confuse everyone as to their identity. They had finished their school and now helped their parents. On the side, they were doing a part time course related to the hotel business. Like their mother in their case, also I got a hard on when ever I saw or talked to them. I started harboring thoughts of fucking them and giving my cock a taste of their love tunnels. Well, at least the cunt of one of them if not both.

The maid Mary, a redhead, was an immigrant from a communist country, in her late thirties, 5" 4" tall, attractive looking with a good figure (though a little thick round the waist) and big boobs. She spoke English with a heavy accent, sometimes making it difficult to understand her.

Sheena and Sheeba were like two peas in a pod,

To tell them apart one had to be clairvoyant or God,

I was fooled until I was told to look at their finger,

Sheena wore a gold band and Sheeba wore silver.

When I checked in there were only two other guests, who were there for a day or two. On weekdays the "workshop" started at 8.30 a.m. in the morning and gave over at 1.00 p.m. I had the rest of the day and weekends to myself. The atmosphere in the hotel was very informal and friendly. It was nothing like what one reads about the British being "reserved and formal." In no time, the family and I were on first name basis. For the first two days, I bore the brunt of the twins masquerade and pranks. I also noticed that the family could tell them apart quite easily.

One evening I asked Harry, "Please tell me, how you tell them apart?"

Harry laughed, "They are so alike that in the beginning we also could not tell them apart and the twins played havoc with us. One day I put my foot down. I told them to either wear different clothes or some distinguishing sign. I will tell you but don't tell them that I let you in on their secret. Sheena wears a gold band on her finger and Sheeba has a silver one."

Though armed with this knowledge I continued to act confused about their identity. Many a times I stumped them by identifying them correctly.

One day they asked, "Ballu how do you manage to tell us apart when no one else can?"

"Because I love you, dear girls that is why" I teased them.

In "Hotel Shilton" on my very first Sabbath,

When I came out stark naked after my bath,

Ogling at my erection stood Mary the maid,

To bed, I led her and she enjoyed getting laid.

In the mornings, I attended the course and after resting in the afternoon went out in the evenings exploring the town, hoping to find some female company. I had never fucked a white woman before and was keen to fill that gap that is, fill her gap with my cock. Three days after my arrival on my first Sunday, the family had gone to the church. When I entered my room after a shower, I was naked. I saw Mary, who thinking I was out was cleaning my room. We saw each other at the same time. Seeing her my cock stood to salute her. Mary looked at me, rather at my erect cock with open-eyed amazement. She stood mesmerized and could not move. I could see desire and lust in her eyes.

I walked up to her and said "Mary come, I will give you a taste of a real Asian cock."

"No, no" she protested but let me lead her to the bed and lay her down. As I did not know when the family Potts would be back, I did not think it prudent to undress her completely. I raised her skirt and helped her out of her panty. Her crotch was covered with thick red hair. I kissed her and pressed her large boobs. She was already very hot and started to moan loudly. I raised her legs and placing them on my shoulders pushed my cock in.

"AAHHh," she sighed, as my cock entered her already pre-cum-lubricated cunt. I started to move my cock in and out of her cunt. At first slowly but then I steadily increased my speed. She kept repeating 'sir it is nice. Go on. Don't stop. Please more. Yes, yes harder." After ten minutes or so, she came with a loud "AAAAHHHhhhh." By the time I shot my load, she had wetted my cock stem three more times with her copious emissions.

After we had finished, she started to wear her panty. "What is the hurry Mary? Stay here a little longer we will fuck again" I said.

"I would also like to but it will take you some time to get hard again and it is already late. Madam will be back soon. I must get back to the kitchen I have lots of work left," she said.

"Who says I will take time to get hard?" I said and pulled her on to the bed. By the time I had straightened her out on the bed I was hard again and rammed my cock into her fuck hole.

"What! You are already hard? Sir you are a remarkable man" she said. It took me about thirty minutes of hard grind before I deposited my seed in her cunt again. In the mean while she had come several times. (I must mention here that Mary spoke in broken English intermingled with few words of her native language. As I do not remember her exact words, I have given here the sense of her words she spoke. In my subsequent sessions with her, she told me that Mary was not her real name. Her name was long and difficult to pronounce. As she was named after Virgin Mary, she had taken up Mary, the English version of it, as her name when she came to England. She also told me that since her arrival in England some years ago she had not been with a man and her cunt was thirsting for a good solid fuck).

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