Hotel Shilton

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dr. Balwinder Prasad went to Brighton, England to attend a 'Study Workshop' and stayed in 'Hotel Shilton'. There he learnt more than he had bargained for...

Dear reader I wrote this story to participate in an erotic story contest. The rules of this contest were:

The requirement (set of criteria) of the contest was that the story contains the following (That means incorporating all of the criteria required into the story in a way that everything is involved - not just mentioned)

1. A masquerade (Up to you how you interpret this) 2. Something 21st 3. Clip on earrings 4. A quote or poetic verse 5. Silver and gold.

The restrictions were that the length should not exceed 12,000 words and it should be 'postable' on the site i. e. no rape, no incest, no bestiality, and no under age sex.

The stories were to be judged for: -

1) Plot 2) dialogue 3) realism/suspension of disbelief 4) characters 5) sex scenes 6) originality 7) technical aspects 8) base information (set of criteria) 9) title and 10) overall impression.

Each of these carried 10 marks i.e. in total 100. The aggregate was the final score.

The jury has given their verdict now you are the judge.

Dr. Baleshwar Prasad Ph.D., Ballu to his friends, is a good friend of mine. Ballu is quite a ladies man. He is tall, slim and handsome. He is also very virile. Many times, I think that his libido works overtime. He heads a large government educational institute. He was selected by the government to attend a four week workshop on 'Challenges of Education in the 21st Century' to be held in Brighton, UK. I think it would be better if you hear what happened during his visit to Brighton in his own words.

Early in 21st century I found myself in Brighton,

There I checked in a place called "Hotel Shilton,"

The place was small but friendly, neat and clean,

This suited me, as my budget was also quite lean.

I was selected by the government to attend a four-week workshop on 'Challenges of Education in the 21st Century' to be held at Brighton, England. In addition to the four weeks, I had taken a weeklong leave to visit a friend in London.

On a warm pleasant morning in spring of the first year of the 21st century, I arrived in Brighton. The hotels recommended by the "workshop" organizers were very expensive. It is well known that governments, especially ours, are not very liberal with the travel allowance of their employees. Therefore, after some inquiries I found a reasonable place called "Hotel Shilton."

As it was off-season, the proprietor Mr. Potts gave me a good deal for both board and lodging. The hotel was quite small but very neat and clean. It was housed in a three-story building not too far from the beach and the entertainment wharf. The public rooms and the kitchen were located on the ground floor, eight rooms for the guests were on the first floor and Mr. Potts with his family lived on the second floor. The hotel was owned and managed by Mr. Potts. He ran it with the help of his family and a maid named Mary, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

Hotel's proprietor was Harry Samuel Potts,

His spouse Ulla, a Swede gave me the hots,

Their twain daughters were identical twins,

Who interchanged identities at their whims.

Mr. Potts was a jovial, graying man of 55 years. His red nose and potbelly bore witness to his fondness for a good drop. His wife Ulla was around 40 very sensuous and a beauty. She was of Swedish origin, 5"7"" tall, green-eyed blonde with a figure, which would even make the top models of today jealous. She moved gracefully, like a tigress looking for a prey. She was so beautiful and moved so sensuously that I could watch her all day without getting tired. Each time I saw her I got hard.

Their daughters Sheena and Sheeba, around 20, were identical twins. 5"6", blonde with excellent figure, green eyes and nice firm tits, very fun loving and sexy. They had inherited their hair, eyes, body and figure from their mother. Only their face showed a glimpse of the father leaving no doubt as to their parentage. They not only looked alike but they wore their hair in the same style and donned identical clothes. Their voice and mannerism were also alike.

Both of them were full of mischief all the time. They enjoyed masquerading as each other and did their best to confuse everyone as to their identity. They had finished their school and now helped their parents. On the side, they were doing a part time course related to the hotel business. Like their mother in their case, also I got a hard on when ever I saw or talked to them. I started harboring thoughts of fucking them and giving my cock a taste of their love tunnels. Well, at least the cunt of one of them if not both.

The maid Mary, a redhead, was an immigrant from a communist country, in her late thirties, 5" 4" tall, attractive looking with a good figure (though a little thick round the waist) and big boobs. She spoke English with a heavy accent, sometimes making it difficult to understand her.

Sheena and Sheeba were like two peas in a pod,

To tell them apart one had to be clairvoyant or God,

I was fooled until I was told to look at their finger,

Sheena wore a gold band and Sheeba wore silver.

When I checked in there were only two other guests, who were there for a day or two. On weekdays the "workshop" started at 8.30 a.m. in the morning and gave over at 1.00 p.m. I had the rest of the day and weekends to myself. The atmosphere in the hotel was very informal and friendly. It was nothing like what one reads about the British being "reserved and formal." In no time, the family and I were on first name basis. For the first two days, I bore the brunt of the twins masquerade and pranks. I also noticed that the family could tell them apart quite easily.

One evening I asked Harry, "Please tell me, how you tell them apart?"

Harry laughed, "They are so alike that in the beginning we also could not tell them apart and the twins played havoc with us. One day I put my foot down. I told them to either wear different clothes or some distinguishing sign. I will tell you but don't tell them that I let you in on their secret. Sheena wears a gold band on her finger and Sheeba has a silver one."

Though armed with this knowledge I continued to act confused about their identity. Many a times I stumped them by identifying them correctly.

One day they asked, "Ballu how do you manage to tell us apart when no one else can?"

"Because I love you, dear girls that is why" I teased them.

In "Hotel Shilton" on my very first Sabbath,

When I came out stark naked after my bath,

Ogling at my erection stood Mary the maid,

To bed, I led her and she enjoyed getting laid.

In the mornings, I attended the course and after resting in the afternoon went out in the evenings exploring the town, hoping to find some female company. I had never fucked a white woman before and was keen to fill that gap that is, fill her gap with my cock. Three days after my arrival on my first Sunday, the family had gone to the church. When I entered my room after a shower, I was naked. I saw Mary, who thinking I was out was cleaning my room. We saw each other at the same time. Seeing her my cock stood to salute her. Mary looked at me, rather at my erect cock with open-eyed amazement. She stood mesmerized and could not move. I could see desire and lust in her eyes.

I walked up to her and said "Mary come, I will give you a taste of a real Asian cock."

"No, no" she protested but let me lead her to the bed and lay her down. As I did not know when the family Potts would be back, I did not think it prudent to undress her completely. I raised her skirt and helped her out of her panty. Her crotch was covered with thick red hair. I kissed her and pressed her large boobs. She was already very hot and started to moan loudly. I raised her legs and placing them on my shoulders pushed my cock in.

"AAHHh," she sighed, as my cock entered her already pre-cum-lubricated cunt. I started to move my cock in and out of her cunt. At first slowly but then I steadily increased my speed. She kept repeating 'sir it is nice. Go on. Don't stop. Please more. Yes, yes harder." After ten minutes or so, she came with a loud "AAAAHHHhhhh." By the time I shot my load, she had wetted my cock stem three more times with her copious emissions.

After we had finished, she started to wear her panty. "What is the hurry Mary? Stay here a little longer we will fuck again" I said.

"I would also like to but it will take you some time to get hard again and it is already late. Madam will be back soon. I must get back to the kitchen I have lots of work left," she said.

"Who says I will take time to get hard?" I said and pulled her on to the bed. By the time I had straightened her out on the bed I was hard again and rammed my cock into her fuck hole.

"What! You are already hard? Sir you are a remarkable man" she said. It took me about thirty minutes of hard grind before I deposited my seed in her cunt again. In the mean while she had come several times. (I must mention here that Mary spoke in broken English intermingled with few words of her native language. As I do not remember her exact words, I have given here the sense of her words she spoke. In my subsequent sessions with her, she told me that Mary was not her real name. Her name was long and difficult to pronounce. As she was named after Virgin Mary, she had taken up Mary, the English version of it, as her name when she came to England. She also told me that since her arrival in England some years ago she had not been with a man and her cunt was thirsting for a good solid fuck).

Quickly dressing and repairing her makeup she said 'thank you sir it was very, very nice. Shall I come again next Sunday when the family goes to church? Another thing, sir if you require any thing just tell me I will be happy to do your bidding."

"Yes I would like that. Come earlier if you can" I said. After promising that she would try to come earlier than Sunday if possible, she left.

After she had gone I thought "Ballu, Mary's cunt was a bonus for you. You had not even thought about fucking her at all. Well, a cunt is a cunt whether it belonged to a lady or a maid.

Few days later while walking in a fun park,

There I met our Sheena, we both had a lark,

As we kissed bye, my staff did she squeeze,

It is for you, I said take it when you please.

Couple of days later one evening I was strolling in an amusement park on the wharf when someone closed my eyes from behind and said in a deep throaty voice "Ballu, guess who?"

I laughed and said "One of the beautiful twins. I find it difficult to tell you apart with my eyes open and now you expect me identify you with my eyes closed." She released me and laughed. "First tell me which twin are you?" I said showing my ignorance about her identity.

She laughed again and showed me her finger and said 'see, gold band I am Sheena. Don't play the innocent. Papa has told us that you know."

"What a pleasant surprise to see you here. What are you doing here?" I asked, changing the subject.

'There was not much to do at the hotel and I was getting bored, so I came here to amuse myself," she replied.

'That is great; it is exactly what I came here for. Why don't you join me and we can amuse ourselves together?" I suggested.

"Why not? Come with me I will show you the best rides," she said pulling me with her.

For the next few hours, we amused ourselves taking numerous rides, walking hand in hand, and eating ice cream and popcorn. She was happy and enjoying herself. Clinging to me, she screamed and shouted on each ride. As dinnertime approached, we returned. It had become quite dark.

Outside the hotel door she said 'thank you Ballu, I had a great time. We must do it again sometime," and turned to go.

'Sure any time. I also enjoyed myself. Sheena don't you think Ballu deserves a kiss as a reward for the great time you had this evening?"

'Sure," she laughed and gave me a quick peck on my lips.

"Is this the way you kiss in this country? Let me show you how we do it back home," I said and pulled her to me and pressed her lips to mine and gave her a long passionate kiss. While kissing her, I placed my hand on her boob and squeezed it gently. She responded by putting her hands behind my head and crushing her lips to mine. I kneaded her tit harder. She kissed back harder. Releasing her tit, I placed both my hands on her shapely butt and pressed it to me, grinding her crotch against my hard on.

After a long kiss when we came up for air we were both panting and she said, "Ballu, this was fantastic," and suddenly grabbed my head and kissed me again. Taking one hand away from my head she put it between our bodies and started to squeeze my hard on. The scene was something like this. Our lips were glued to each other. She had one hand behind my head pressing it to her lips. With the other hand, she was squeezing my cock. One of my hands was massaging her tit and with the other, I was pressing her butt against my hard cock. This went on for few minutes and then with a loud "AAHHHhh," she released me. Panting, looking me straight in the eye she said "Wow! Ballu, you sure have a nice big one down there."

Without breaking eye contact I told her "It is all yours sweetheart, all yours. Ready for you whenever you want".

She laughed and opened the door and winking at me went in. I stood there for few minutes thinking "Ballu, she was definitely hot and leaking when she left. I think she even came. You have made a good start today. Sheena will not easily forget this kiss and your cock." With a satisfied smile, I went in for dinner.

Both the twins and I together went to the beach,

With their hands, as they could not easily reach,

On their backs, they told me to apply sun block,

Guys, I tell you this played havoc with my jock,

As I lay in bed, I felt very horny. My cock would get erect every now and then. I wondered whether without any relief, would I be able to sleep at all that night. Then I heard a light knock on the door. I thought that maybe Sheena had come. When I opened the door, I saw a smiling Mary. I was happy she had come and invited her in. She came in, went straight to the bed, and lay down.

She said, "I know Ballu sir, you are feeling very horny tonight. I saw and heard everything that happened outside the door earlier. Don't worry I know young girls. She will come to you."

I said "Inshallah (God willing)," softly under my breath.

'She is yours but for now I have come to give you relief. Come on quickly, I don't have much time as madam is waiting for me in the kitchen. This will also help you to sleep better tonight" and pulled up her skirt and displayed her naked love nest. Mary had come prepared. I gratefully pushed my cock in her waiting gap. After a very satisfying but a quick fuck she left after kissing me good night. She was right I did sleep well that night.

The next day when it was time for tea Sheena asked Ulla "Mummy, it is a nice sunny day may we go to the beach for an hour or so?" Ulla just nodded her approval. Then turning to me she asked, "Ballu would like to join us?"

As I hesitated she said, "Don't worry if you don't have a swimsuit then I am sure papa will be pleased to lend you one."

I looked skeptically at Harry and asked, "You think it would fit me?"

Harry laughed, "Ballu, I have a good swimsuit that would fit you from my younger days."

Borrowing Harry's old swimsuit we headed for the beach. When I saw the twins in their two-piece swimsuit, my cock became hard as a rock and wanted to come out to see the beauties for himself. Their swimsuits were blood red in color contrasting with the color of their skin and hair. The swimsuits were very tight fitting. I could see the tits bulging out. The contour of their pointed nipples was clearly visible. After a quick dip in the sea, we settled down on the beach. Sheeba asked me to rub some sun block on her back. While I was rubbing her sexy back, my cock remained hard.

After I had finished rubbing sun block on Sheeba's back, Sheena said "Ballu, now it is my turn," and lay down on her stomach and promptly undid her top. I rubbed the sun block on her back too. I had to change my position several times to adjust my bulging hard cock. When I had finished with her back I asked her with a twinkle in my eye, "Do you want me to rub sun block on your stomach and legs too?"

She laughed and said, "No thank you sir. I can reach those areas on my own," and started to get up.

When she was about a foot above the ground, she realized that her top was bare. She quickly lay down and put the top on again. Nevertheless, I did get a good look at her lovely firm tits and their pointed pink nipples. Seeing this heavenly sight, my cock kicked wildly in my swimsuit.

After a while, the girls decided that it was time to go back. I was in no condition to get up. I told them to go ahead and change and I would go in a few minutes but after changing, I will be waiting for them here. They giggled knowingly and with a big mischievous grin went to change. As soon as they left, I grabbed my towel and hiding my erection ran to the change room. After changing, I was waiting for them when they came back.

That night I could not sleep. The vision of Sheena's naked tits with pointed pink nipples hanging from her beautiful body kept floating before my eyes. In the small hours of the night, I had to take a cold shower to calm myself. Thereafter I fell into an uneasy sleep. In the morning, I was feeling very sleepy but had to go to attend the "workshop." After lunch, I went to my room to rest. As it was an unusually hot day, I lay down naked on the bed and went to sleep.

Sheena came to my room; we had a glorious fuck,

Switching rings, Sheeba came to screw and suck,

In ecstasy, she said, Sheena was right you are great,

To screw you together I said is my desire ultimate,

While sleeping, I suddenly felt a pleasant sensation in my loins. I opened my eyes and saw one of the twins kneeling on my bed and sucking my erect cock. "Oh, oh it is very nice," I said.

Seeing that I was awake, she released my cock and said, "So my sleeping beauty is awake? Do you like what I am doing? You want me to continue?" she asked.

"It is very lovely. Please continue but first tell me which one are you?" I replied. Immediately she made a face, pouted her lips, and said, "I am Sheena of course," displaying her gold band. "Don't tell me that you have been offering this lovely piece of meat to my sister Sheeba also or are you just trying to make me jealous?"

I laughed and said, "Of course not. How can I dare to do that? I am just teasing you. Please finish what you were doing."

She then started to give me a blowjob in right earnest. I started moaning with pleasure and kept encouraging her to continue. Soon I was about to come. I placed my hands on the back of her blonde head and said, "Oh it is lovely. Don't stop I am about to come. Please Sheena faster."

Then with a shudder and loud "AAAHHhh," I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed all my cock had to give her.

She said, "Ballu, your cum tastes very yummy. It is so thick and creamy." For a minute, I lay with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation.

When I opened them, I saw Sheena was getting up. "Where are you going?" I asked. She did not reply but only laughed and moved towards the door. I sprang up from the bed saying, "Come back here you she devil," and in two long strides caught her by the waist and pulled her back and threw her down on the bed. She kept laughing and giggling all the time. I started to kiss her hard. I could make out the salty taste of my cum which still lingered in her mouth. While kissing her, I kneaded her boobs. She was now moaning loudly. Despite the fact I had just come a few minutes back my cock was rock hard again. My need for her lovely body was very urgent. I also did not want to lose this beauty.

I tried to take her clothes off. In my haste to undress her, I was very clumsy. "Ballu stop. You will tear my clothes," she moaned.

'Sweetheart, don't be so cruel. Please help me," I requested. Then with her help, I undressed her and she lay naked before me. I saw her lovely body. Her firm boobs and the erect pink nipples pointing towards the ceiling. Her love nest was covered by light colored hair. The pubic hair were nicely shaped and clipped short. Her button of pleasure was hard with excitement and peeping out from between her wet cunt lips. I said 'Sweetheart you have a very lovely body," and kissed her tits. I started to lick and suck her hard nipples and they grew harder. She kept moaning with pleasure. I moved down to her slit. I kissed it and licked it. Then taking her erect clitoris in between my lips started to suck it. She moaned so loudly that I was afraid that any one near my door would hear her. Throwing all caution to the winds I continued to suck her clit.

She said, "Ballu, this is lovely. Please don't stop," and moved her hips in fuck motion. In a few minutes, she came with a loud "AAAHHHhh." Her cunt juice gushed out of her love tunnel and leaving a big wet spot on the bed. She grabbed my head and gave me a long hard kiss. I was aching to get into her. I got on top of her and she spread her legs wide. I placed my cock on the entrance of her well-lubricated fuck channel and I started to enter it.

She said 'Stop Ballu, use some protection. I don't want to have an international baby." I explained to her that I can't make babies and slowly entered her. "AAHHh," she said loudly with closed her eyes and lay waiting for more intense pleasures to come. I moved my cock in slow long strokes at first. Then a little faster, then slow again and so on. I kept varying the length and the speed of my strokes. Soon she was in throes of pleasure.

She was shouting, "Please, Ballu more. Yes, like this. Fuck me harder, still harder." Then suddenly she heaved her bottoms and pressed them to my moving body and with a loud "I AAMMM COMMMMIIIINNNGGggg," she came and fell back, panting on the bed.

I did not stop. I continued to fuck her. In minutes, she was hot again and her hips started to move in rhythm with my strokes. By the time I felt my seed rising, she had given out her love juice four times. I was now moving very fast with short strokes. I said 'sweetheart I am about to come."

"Come darling, come. I am also ready," she said. As I shot my-cum into her heavenly fuck tube, she with a loud scream of pleasure drenched my cock with her emission. We lay still for some time our lips glued together savoring the lovely sensation.

After some time she said "Ballu this was the best fuck of my life," and gave my joystick and me a big long kiss. After that, we fucked one more time. As it was nearing tea hour she dressed and left, promising to come back the next afternoon.

The next afternoon we fucked, kissed, licked and sucked each other nearly non-stop for over two hours before we had to break up as it was getting late and agreed to meet again the next day at the same time. When she came the next day, I was waiting for her. We kissed passionately and then undressed. On seeing my cock in its full glory, she squealed with joy and grabbed it and started kissing, licking and sucking it.

"Let us get on the bed, we will be more comfortable and I can also give you pleasure," I told her. On the bed, she continued to give me a blowjob while I licked and sucked her swollen clit. After some time we came together. She swallowed my-cum and I lapped up her nectar.

After resting for a few minutes she said "Ballu, I am feeling very horny please fuck me. I rammed my cock into her cunt and started to fuck her. At first, I fucked her with long slow strokes. Then slowly increased my speed. I kept varying the pace as well as the length of my strokes. Sheena was mad with lust. She gave voice to her feelings "Yes Ballu this is the way, faster, oh, hit me harder. You are killing me. Oh please don't stop. H... yes h... yes now, more, now oh, oh I am about to come oh god Ballu I am there h... yes I AAMM COOMMMMIIINNNgggg and came with a loud sigh of satisfaction and lay back panting on the bed.

I however kept moving in and out of her cunt to prolong her sensation. In minutes, she was yelling again "My god I will come again. More Ballu more, please fuck me harder and faster. H... yes yes do it. Oh, oh Ballu you are good I have never felt like this before. I am in heaven. Sheena was right you are the best. My god Ballu I am coming h... yes GOOODDD DAMN IT I AAMM COMMMIIINNNGGGGgggg," and grabbed me and pulled my lips to hers and gave me a passionate kiss. At that moment, I also shot my load into her waiting hole. In her ecstasy, Sheeba had let the cat out of the bag.

After I had withdrawn from her I said, "I see Sheeba you are again masquerading as Sheena.

"I hope you don't mind our doing the switch on you. From the first day when we met you we liked you. To get to know you better Sheena followed you that evening to the wharf. When she came back, she was leaking. She told me everything in detail especially about the kiss and your joystick. By the time she finished telling me every detail, I was also wet. I wanted to see your wonder rod for myself. This was the reason we went to the beach. I watched your stiff tool as you rubbed sun block on Sheena's back. Oh, how it jumped and kicked when Sheena purposely let you see her tits. That evening we decided to try out your prick. Later when Sheena told me that not only is your cock nice and big but you also knew how to use it. I couldn't resist and I had to come and taste it for myself," Sheeba explained.

"No, not at all, on the contrary I am very happy. I wanted to fuck you too but was wondering how to go about it without annoying Sheena," I told her. Then we fucked two more times enjoying every minute of it.

When she was leaving, I asked her "Which one of you will come tomorrow?"

"Naturally me. Sheena has been with you two times and I have been here only once."

"What happens after that?" I persisted.

"Well, I don't rightly know. I suppose we will do what you want," she replied.

"It is a deal," I said and we sealed our bargain with a kiss. Sheeba came the next day as promised and we fucked and sucked each other to our hearts content. When she was leaving, she asked me as to which one of them would I like to come to me the following afternoon.

I said, "I would like both of you to come together."

"What! You want to fuck both of us together at the same time?"

"Sure, why not? It will be fun I assure you. Remember our bargain, it is my choice."

"You sure are a naughty man. Of course we both will come. We don't break our promises," she said and left.

That night as I lay in bed I thought Ballu you lucky bastard, tomorrow you are going to fuck both the twin sisters together. With this pleasant thought, I fell asleep.

Who screwed you for the first time? Mary tell,

On false charges, police put my father in a cell,

The Chief opined "Fair exchange is no robbery,"

To free my father, he robbed me of my cherry.

The next day was a Sunday. At breakfast Sheena told me that papa had asked them to do some chores for him in the afternoon therefore they would not be able to come to me that afternoon. Seeing doubt in my eyes, she hastily added "No seriously Ballu darling, I am telling the truth. We will definitely come tomorrow."

I was not too disappointed as it was Sunday I knew Mary would be coming. Around ten o'clock Mary came to my room. I helped her to undress. For the first time I saw her naked. She had a liberal growth of flaming red hair covering her valley of love. Her figure was good and her tits firm and hard. We kissed and taking hold of my erect tool she said, 'Sir please don't wait just push the lovely weapon of yours inside me and fuck my cunt as hard as you can. My cunt is thirsting for your rod since many days. I finger fucked her for few minutes and then mounting her rammed my cock in her wet love hole.

She said loudly, "AAHHh that is the way I like it rough and hard." After a satisfying fuck, we lay kissing each other.

I asked Mary to tell me when and with whom she had sex for the first time.

She said, "Ballu sir, you know that in our country life is hard. We have to live with shortages though every thing is available on the black market. One day the police, while raiding a black market operation, caught my father who was there to buy some essentials for the household. Any amount of explanation did not cut any ice with the police. My mother accompanied by me also went to see the Chief of Police but that also did not help. I was then fifteen years old and still in school.

Few days later, the Chief came to our apartment and said clearly that he would let my father go if I came to him. My father would have gone to jail for several years. We had no choice and I went to him. After that day, the Chief continued to call me whenever he wanted and kept my parents happy by bestowing favors on them. Few years back my parents died in a train accident. I was left alone. I told the Chief that I wanted to go to the west. With his help I came here and am now happily lying naked next to you wondering when you will fuck me again."

I laughed and said, "Right now my sweet," and translated my words into action. When she was going I requested her that if she can then she should also come to me after lunch. She promised to try and left. In the afternoon, she came to me twice for short spells and each time we had a quickie.

That night in bed, I said to myself, "Ballu, my boy you have done yourself proud. You are now ten days in England, you have had the red haired Mary, and you have also fucked the gorgeous blonde cunts of the twin sisters. Thinking about having the twins together, I drifted into deep slumber.

As promised next afternoon they came together,

First I plugged Sheena then I banged her sister,

Both had given their cherry to guy called Wade,

Who still doesn't know about their masquerade?

The next afternoon as per their promise, both the twins came to my room. They said in unison as if previously rehearsed, "Ballu my dear we are both at your disposal. Do what you like. What do you want us to do first."

I sat down comfortably on the bed and asked them to undress slowly. I watched them bare their beautiful bodies. They were like two peas in a pod even when naked. Their boobs were of the same size and shape. Their blonde pubic hair was trimmed in the same style and to the same length. I then lay them on the bed next to each other and started to inspect their bodies minutely.

"What are you looking for? Sheena asked.

"I am looking for some distinguishing mark or sign by which I can tell you both apart," I told them.

"You can spend hours looking but you and will not find any. We have tried this many a time without finding any such mark or sign. Ballu, please don't dally on this futile exercise and fuck us we are both feeling very horny today."

I then started to lick Sheena's cunt and finger fucked Sheeba at the same time. Promptly both of them started to moan. I then switched my mouth to Sheeba's cunt and finger fucked Sheena. I continued to do this until they both were ecstatic with pleasure and started to move their hips up and down in fuck motion. It was not long before both of them gave a low scream of pleasure and released their juices. I quickly lapped up their nectar.

I then gave them my cock to suck. They started to lick and suck it. While Sheena sucked my cock Sheeba licked and squeezed my balls and then they would switch operations. This continued for some time. I was enjoying their joint operation. I felt my seed rising and I asked them, "Girls I am about to come. Which of you would like to drink my-cum?"

Without stopping their activity, they both raised their hands. When I was about to shoot my load, I told them to share it among themselves. Sheeba took the first two spurts in her mouth and quickly pushed my cock towards the open mouth of Sheena, who gratefully sucked out the balance cum to the last drop. I then lay down between them with Sheena to my right and Sheeba on my left.

During this time, we kissed and they played with my cock and I kept running my finger between their lower lips. When I was hard as a rock again, I asked them to bend their legs and raise them. Looking at them lying next to each other like this I could simultaneously see the gaping cunts of both. I got on my knees, inserted my cock in Sheena's love tunnel, started to stroke it, and inserted my finger in Sheeba's sheath. Sheena lay with her eyes closed moaning with pleasure. After giving her about fifteen strokes, I withdrew and pushed my cock into Sheeba's cunt.

Sheeba said, "AAHHh," and Sheena cried, "Ballu, why have you withdrawn?" and opened her eyes. She saw that I was now fucking Sheeba and smiled her approval. I inserted my finger in Sheena's cunt and she squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples to keep the pleasant sensation from receding too much. For the next thirty minutes or so I kept moving from one fuck hole to the other. The girls came twice before I felt that my moment had come. I told them to be ready to receive my seed. I shot two spurts into Sheeba and then switched to Sheena's waiting orifice and released the balance in it.

After the fuck, we lay down to recharge our batteries. I lay in the center with Sheena on my right and Sheeba on my left. I put my arms round them and pressed their beautiful firm boobs while they played with my flaccid cock occasionally bending forward to give it a lick or a suck. "My beautiful ones, tell me how you lost your virginity?" I asked.

"You sure are inquisitive," Sheeba laughed.

"Why not? If those guys had not deflowered you, maybe I would have been the lucky one to pop your cherries," I said with a laugh.

Both of them laughed again "May be."

'Sheena you tell him. I'll pitch in where ever necessary" Sheeba said and started to lick and suck my cock.

Sheena started to tell her story. "It happened about two years back. I used to date a boy named Wade. He was a year older to me. One evening after seeing a movie, we drove to a secluded spot on the beach and started petting. Wade had some beer in the car. We sat sipping beer and smooching. We got hotter and the petting wilder. We left the car and lay on the sand wildly kissing each other. One thing led to another and Wade's cock put an end to my virginity.

"It hurt a lot the first time but by the time he had finished fucking me for the third time I was really enjoying it. When I got home, I told Sheeba. Sheeba also wanted to fuck Wade. I told her to let me do it one more time with him then she could check him out. On my next date, Wade again took me to the beach and we fucked. This time I liked it even better. Naturally, I told Sheeba everything that happened on this date also in detail. On the following date Sheeba masquerading as me took my place."

Here Sheeba took up the story and Sheena transferred her attention to my hard on. "Wade had no idea that I was masquerading as Sheena and took me to the beach also. We kissed and smooched. Then Wade pushed me on the sand and rammed his hard cock in my virgin cunt. I screamed out with pain. Wade stopped and looked at me with surprise written all over his face. "Wade my dear this is no way to take a girl's cherry," I chided him mildly.

"Cherry? But... but... I... I... w... we... the other day..." He stuttered.

'The phenomenon of the two cherries was too much for him. At that moment, he was in no mood to solve the mystery of two cherries. The thought uppermost in his mind was to fuck me. Finding his cock fully engulfed inside me he started to fuck me hard. The saying, "When a man's cock stands his mind stops working," was proved correct again. As in Sheena's case, I did not enjoy my first fuck but by the end of the evening, I also enjoyed it.

When I came home, I told Sheena what had transpired. I told her that the look of bewilderment and surprise on Wade's face was a sight worth seeing. We both had a good laugh at poor Wade's expense. I went out with him again the next day and we fucked again. Until today Wade doesn't know that he has deflowered both of us and we naturally have not enlightened him. Even today, he thinks he has only been with Sheena. We both started dating him in turns.

After a year or so we drifted apart. After that day Sheena fucked my boyfriends and I her's, without anyone ever finding us out. Ballu, you are the first man who knowingly has fucked both of us, not only individually but also together."

I then fucked them both one more time each before we dispersed. We continued to meet each afternoon and enjoy ourselves.

Twins planned a big party to celebrate their 21st birthday,

The date was also the 21st and it was the coming Saturday,

To be equitable they organized a "clip on earring" dance,

Leaving the choice of dance partners thus to lady chance.

On the following Sunday, Mary was again with me and we enjoyed ourselves until it was time for the Potts family to return from the church.

In the afternoon, the girls came to my room and told me that on the following Saturday they planned to celebrate their 21st birthday.

"What a coincidence," I told them, 'Saturday is the 21st of the month and you will be celebrating your 21st birthday that is also in the 21st century. Are you girls planning a big party?" I asked.

"Well, not too large, only about twenty friends. We have yet to finalize things. We will have dancing and there will be loads to eat and drink," they said. "Oh, another thing, you are also invited to the do," Sheena said.

'Thank you ladies, I am grateful. Tell me, will you also be inviting Wade?" I asked. "Of course. The party would be no fun without Wade our first man and you, our last," and after a small pause added, "as of today," and laughed merrily."

Then in a serious tone Sheeba said, "But your invitation comes with a precondition."

"Precondition? What condition?" I asked.

"You will not touch any of our friends and keep your libido under control."

"Aw shucks, you girls think this is fair to poor little me? I said making a face.

"Do you want to be uninvited?" Sheeba threatened.

"Of course not," I hastily assured her.

"We do not intend to share you with any one else. Therefore we are making this precondition," Sheena said by way of clarification.

"I tell you what I will do. I will walk with a stick and tell everyone that I have sprained my ankle. This way I will not be tempted to dance and 'touch' your friends. Satisfied?"

'This would be just great," they said.

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