The Cat And The Spider

by Mushroom

Caution: This Spiderman Fanfic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Humor, BDSM, Light Bond, Safe Sex, Petting, Size, Slow, Violent, .

Desc: Spiderman Fanfic Sex Story: Catwoman meets spiderman. Is she going to figure out his secret identity?

Foreward: This story takes place immediately after the second part of another story called "Batman And Robin", by Steve. In case you have not read it, this story is available on my web site.

After Tim (The replacement Robin after Dick Greyson left for his own comicbook) and Batgirl became lovers, Batman and Robin captured Catwoman. Bruce attempts to turn her back to her good side, but obviously, that is not meant to be.

It is a compilation of her, and my favorite comic hero, the Fantastic Spiderman. It occurs before his marriage to Mary Jane Watson, during one of his innumerable times of loneliness. After all, being a superhero can be a lonely job...

Finally! After a week of Bruce's attention, Selina was starting to go stir-crazy. Sure, she was realizing that she was in love with the eccentric millionaire, but there was another part of her damaged mind that screamed that she should let no man possess her.

Taking advantage of a lapse of caution during one of her lovemaking sessions with Bruce, she slipped into the bathroom to "clean herself up. She knew that she cared for him (love??? HAH!). She appreciated what he had done for her, even though she could not stay here. After all, cats are known for going crazy in confinement, even if the cage is make of silk and gold instead of iron.

Slipping into a black spandex outfit she had Bruce get her, she clipped through the tiny window of the bathroom, and into the night.

She quietly crept over to the garage, and grabbed the first vehicle that caught her eye. Bruce was a true collector, having over 80 vehicles of all kinds, sorted by type. Jeeps, cars, pickups, motorcycles, and others were lined up in the garage, sorted by type and class. And they were not necessarily very valuable. A classic 19641/2 Ford Mustang convertible sat next to a 1968 Toyota Corolla. Although the pony car was by far more valuable, he still seemed to treasure the classic family car next to it, as it was in just as fine a shape.

After spending 10 minutes creeping through the vehicles, she selected something she found in the back. The back of the garage was a workshop, with at least 8 vehicles in various states of restoration. In the back, was an obvious new arrival.

A black cover was removed to reveal a motorcycle. Black paint and chrome, with a fairing, large plastic saddlebags, and trunk. She looked at the cylinder heads, and saw a Honda logo. Then looking at the gas tank, the words "GoldWing" jumped out at her. She quickly walked through the workshop, liberating a few tools, and placed them into the storage areas. She checked the bike over, grabbed a helmet, and quietly pushed it out the door. "Shit this is heavy!" she thought, but was able to push it until it started the long downhill roll to the main gate.

She easily deactivated the alarm system, and opened the gate. Gunning the large 1,000cc engine to life, she made quick time to her apartment. Grabbing a spare outfit and tool kit, her cash stash, and some other sundry items, she tossed them into the trunk and saddlebags of the bike.

Feeling a slight twinge, she went back upstairs, and wrote out a quick note:

Dear Bruce,

I am sorry, but I just can not be what you want, at least not now. Do not worry, your secret will always be safe with me. If you could see it in yourself to sign the motorcycle over to me, I will pay you back when I get the chance. Just name your price, and it will be yours when I am ready.


PS: Can you please take care of my cats? I know you would care for them until my return. No matter what else, a fellow cat lover can not be all bad.

She made a quick call to Wayne Industries, leaving a cryptic message with her address. She knew Bruce (or Batman) would be over quickly, and find her gone, and the note. She passed off the concern for what she thought of Bruce as a way to have her cats taken care of. Although she knew it was a lie, she had to try.

Back at the bike, she got on, and roared out into the night, leaving Gotham City behind.

Peter was having another rough night. He had another nightmare about Gwen. Ever since Mary Jane had told him to get lost, he had been having nightmares about his dead girlfriend. Although he knew he could have done nothing, he still blamed himself.

He decided to go for a walk, and soon found himself here. Although it was over a mile long, it was relaxing to walk along the span of the Brooklyn Bridge. Although, most people do not walk it like he did.

Lifting his head, he looked down into the waters below him. He chuckled as he continued to walk, upside-down, his feet on the underside of the bridge. After making the Brooklyn side again, he crawled out from underneath, and cast a web, going into "Webslinger Mode".

Ahhhhhhh, the fresh NY air! The friendly banter of the cabbies! The mugging of an old lady! What?

There she was, cowering as a young Asian kid held a broomstick in his hands, obviously threatening her with it. She handed over her purse, and the kid turned to run, and smacked into a wall of webs. "Yeach!" he yelled, then turned to see a man, dark red and black, suspended in a squatting position, upside down just a foot away.

"I am sorry, but that just does not match your shoes."

Pulling back from the webs, Sonny Ho readied his stick, and assumed a fighting stance. With only the slightest pause, he let out a "Kia", then attacked, swinging the staff at the head of the man who mocked him. But he was no longer there!

"Want to try again, Hong Kong Fooey?"

He saw the figure flip right-side up on his feet, then stand just a few feet away. Sonny made a series of quick attacks, ones that would have made his Master proud if it had been a competition. But the Man was not there! He did not strike a single time, and watched as the figure agilely slipped just out of range each time he was about to strike.

"Hmmmmm, let's try this. I call it 'Sweet and Sour Jailbird'."

Before Sonny knew what happened, he was hanging upside down from a street sign, his arms and legs webbed together behind the staff. He saw Spiderman help the old lady return to her feet, handed her the purse, and slipped into the night as the police arrived. He was not sure which was worse, returning to jail, or having the cops laugh at him as he hung there, in such an undignified manner.

Selina drove all night, finally deciding on heading towards the Big Apple. New York was like a second home to her, having gone to College there. She was feeling tired, having not slept after the wonderful fucking from Bruce. She settled into a room at a cheap motel, and slept until just after sunset. It was only another 4 hours to New York, and the town she knew so well.

It almost seemed strange, returning to almost a different life. As the quiet and shy Selina, she rarely noticed what happened around her. However, as Catwoman, she saw all. Pimps, hooker, drug dealers, punks, and Wise Guys were all around. "Hmmmmmmmmm, I think I can make it here. After all, if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere." She purred quietly, amused at her little joke.

Grabbing a paper, she found a secluded little diner to grab a bite to eat, and scan the apartment listings. Almost immediately, a place in Soho caught her eye. Price was more than she was used to in Gotham, but fairly reasonable for NY. Having found 8 or 9 other possibilities, she paid and headed back to the bike.

She got there just as 2 punks were opening the trunk. "Meow!" she screamed, instantly going into her cat mode. The punks looked at her, and one walked towards her, a prybar in his hands as the other removed her bag from the trunk.

"Come on little chickie, we can have some fun... just the three of us. You do not have to get hurt, and might actually enjoy it." He gave her a disgusting leer, and lowered the bar, grabbing his crotch with his other hand.

"Hey, I got the stuff Joey, let's just split" his partner yelled.

"Not just yet, I think she likes me!" he called back, licking his lips.

Selina was suddenly furious. Visions of her younger self flooded back, always scared of scum like these. Of multiple muggings, and one attempted rape by such a punk. Only the intervention of 2 other students nearby had saved her from that. All sanity left her as she hissed, and scratched out at the punk.

She had her gloves on, and howled as 4 deep scratches appeared on the punk's cheek.

"Holy son of a fucking bitch! The bitch scratched me! Sister, your ass is MINE!" he screamed, lunging out with the pry bar. Selina moved quickly to the side, as the bar missed her. "I'm gonna fuck that ass of yours hard, to make up for this!"

"Oh well, will you now?" She quietly purred, knowing that any of the 2 groups that watched the line called "law" in Gotham City would recognize her voice. Both the criminals and police knew how dangerous a mad cat was. And a mad Catwoman was even worse.

"Yea, cunt!" he yelled back, obviously not catching on to the danger he was in.

"Joey, come on! I only agreed to help ya boost this stuff, not this! Ya said nobody'd get hurt!"

"Shuddup! This bitch scratched me, she's gonna pay!"

Selina noticed that nobody seemed to notice the noise. She saw people walking the street behind her, a couple entering the diner. Nobody seemed to notice the fight in the corner of the parking lot. "Typical New York" she thought to herself, then decided it was time to stop playing with her prey.

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