Jenny's Evil Niece

by cowgirl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Reluctant, Coercion, Niece, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jenny's Niece and her friend discover I write erotic stories under the name cowgirl, and try seeing what they can get away with...

While I didn't write this one either, it's still very cool.

Someone mysteriously calling himself 'william typing' kept sending me chapters of a story he wrote called: 'Jenny's Evil Niece'.

It's a cool little tale about, well, who else? When I tried sending e-mails personaly thanking him -- he'd never say a word back. He'd simply send...

... more chapters!

I was sorta miffed he would only send chapters (and aroused by the mystery), but the spell was broken one day when he wrote me a normal e-mail, expressing how he felt my stories inspired him so much, he was Uninspred to finish this one... (and I thought I had self-esteem probs). But he's a sweet fellow, who wrote a cool little humilitaion tale, whoever he is.

Here it is...


Chapter 1

Ashley made herself right at home from the moment she arrived. Jenny's sister was going to Europe on a sabatical (Melissa was a well-known professor of History... Jenny worked in a women's clothing store as a clerk), and her daughter Ashley needed a place to stay for 6 months. Ashley made it known that she didn't want to stay with her aunt jenny, who she considered boring and stupid and totally beneath her... even though jenny was 12 years her senior. Jenny was uncomfortable about this arrangement too, as Ashley could be disrespectful and downright mean to jenny, but could think of no excuse to get out of acting as "babysitter". Besides, she frequently had to borrow money from her older sister and was deep in debt to her.

So when Ashley came to the door and handed jenny her suitcases, jenny decided to try and make the best of it. Maybe she could get Ashley to like her after all. Ashley was a pretty 14 year old, though jenny felt she was spoiled and a brat. Ashley had strawberry blonde hair, a budding figure and smooth white skin.

Jenny, meanwhile, was not a great beauty to start and she had gained a few pounds. She felt envious of her young niece and also a little scared of her, and at the same time the pleasant tickling in her stomach and wetness down below betrayed her lesbian desires , she felt ashamed of this, of course. What would Melissa think of her younger sister lusting after her daughter? Jenny tried not to think about this, or about Ashley's firm legs curled up on jenny's sofa, but wasn't having much luck. She stood, stupidly holding her niece's bags, and smiling, and staring at Ashley's cute toes, until Ashley said:

"Well, are you going to put those away, or are you going to just stand there and stare at me?"

"... Oh... I'm sorry..." jenny laughed nervously. " I'll put these away... If you want something to eat or drink, just make yourself at home."

"Yeah, I'd imagine there's LOTS of food in your kitchen, huh, aunt jenny"

Jenny's face began to redden at her niece's obvious reference to her weight, but chose to try and ignore it. She carried Ashley's bags into the only bedroom in her small apartment.

Chapter 2

One week later and jenny had just about had it with her niece. Ashley didn't warm up to her at all, as jenny had hoped, despite the fact that jenny did everything she could to please her. She made Ashley her favorite dinners, let her stay up late, let her have friends over on a school night, and was just generally sweet and forgiving.

But Ashley never had a nice thing to say. When jenny would try to start a conversation, Ashley would roll her eyes in exasperation.

By Friday night jenny was so upset she almost called her sister; though she knew that her sister would blame jenny, not her own daughter, for any problem. So when Ashley stayed out late without telling jenny where she was, jenny blew up. When Ashley walked through the door, jenny let her have it.

"Dammit Ashley... where have you been?!" Hardly pausing for her obviously upset aunt, Ashley mumbled an excuse and headed for the bathroom, but jenny cut her off. "Don't ignore me, Ashley!!... I've had it with your attitude!... I've tried to be nice, but you treat me garbage!"

Ashley rolled her eyes again but then realized her aunt was really upset. She decided to placate her. "Sorry aunt jenny," she said softly, " I guess I'm just upset about being away from my mom." Jenny was put off balance by the sudden change in her niece. Maybe Ashley was acting badly because she felt abandoned by her mother.

"Listen Ashley..." jenny said after a few moments hesitation, " I know it has to be hard for you, but I'm trying hard here to be your friend and you treat me like... like a servant. I't quite rude to only talk to me when you want something, and whatever I try to do you criticize. I know you don't want to be here..." and jenny softened her voice, "... but maybe we can start over."

She looked hopefully at the fourteen-year old, who smiled inwordly at her aunt jenny being such a pushover.

Ashley forced a smile: " Yeah, maybe we can."

"OK then, honey, just go get ready for dinner... and we'll talk more later"

Ashley nodded. "Thanks aunt jenny." She cooed. But as jenny left the room, she missed the cruel little smirk spreading across Ashley's face.

Chapter 3

Ashley's best friend was a girl named Amber. Amber was 16 years old and a beautiful young woman, with an already shapely body, short red hair, and big dark eyes. She was into the goth lifestyle, with multiple tatoos and piercings, a totally black wardrobe, and a cold and dark demeanor. She was also a computer expert; a fairly proficient hacker even at her young age.

When jenny came home Friday night, Amber and Ashley were on the computer. Ashley giggled nervously when jenny asked what they were doing, and pointed at the screen. On the screen was the text of a story... it was an unfinished erotic story written by jenny herself!

Jenny paused, stunned. The girls knew about her dark side... her lesbian and submissive desires.

"G-Get off there right now!" jenny ordered, but her voice cracked, not sounding very authoritative.

"What's wrong jenny??" Amber smirked. " not trying to hide anything, are you?"

"Ashley, I want Amber out of here right now... and you are in big trouble!"

Ashley just shook her head.

"I don't think so... Aunt COWGIRL!"

Jenny drew back; the girls had clearly read her stories and knew everything. Jenny began to tremble.

"Please, Ashley, this stuff is none of your business. Please just turn off the computer..."

Amber was changing pages now, and another story came up... jenny saw the title "The Loyal Daughter".

Through her mind raced all the erotic images she had put into words and what the young girls must think of her. Jenny tried to grab the mouse from Amber but Amber yanked it away and Ashley pushed her aunt away. Jenny fell back on her butt with a loud THUMP.

"What's wrong Aunt jenny," Ashley teased. "Don't you want to share your writing talents with the whole family? Don't you think Grandma and my mom would like to read your stories??"

"P-Please, Ashley, PLEASE! Don't do this!"

"OK Ashley," Amber said, "I've got all her stories linked to the e-mail, and ready to go."

Eyes wide, jenny asked: "ready to go where?!?"

"To mom, grandma, and all your friends in your e-mail address book, of course." Ashley giggled.


"Of course we can aunt jenny... can you think of a reason why we SHOULDN'T??"

Jenny began to cry; big baby tears that rolled off her chin.

"Maybe if you're a good girl, we won't send it" Ashley said, an evil smile briefly crossing her features. "What do you think Amber?"

"Hmmm... a good girl... what does THAT mean, Ashley"

"You know, Amber. If she does EVERYTHING she's told."

"What about it Mrs Cowgirl?" Amber taunted her. " Will you be a GOOD GIRL??"

Jenny moaned, almost inaudibly. She looked up at the two cruel girls, her face already swollen from the tears.

"Yes" she said softly. "I'll be a good girl."

Chapter 4

Jenny's niece Ashley stood over her, hands on her hips.

"C'mon, Aunt Cowgirl, quit bawling and go get us a couple sodas... we want to finish reading your stories."

Jenny wiped the back of her hand across her face, and sniffling, climbed to her feet and headed for the door. Amber whispered something to Ashley, and both girls giggled.

"WAIT!" Ashley ordered. Jenny turned at the door toward her tormenters, looking down at their feet.

"Amber thinks you should do stuff on your knees... like a real cow. I think so too."

"Please Ashley... don't do this..." jenny mumbled, her head bowed and her face red from both embarrassment and tears.

"Get on your knees, Aunt Cowgirl, and go get us those sodas!" Ashley's voice was stern, but as jenny obeyed, dropping to her knees and crawling from the room, she could hear the girls giggle some more.

It took forever to get to the kitchen, even in the tiny apartment, crawling on her knees. She felt utterly stupid and shamed, and unfortunately, not turned on at all by this.

She had always wondered what it would feel like if her fantasies came true, and now that it appeared they were, she wasn't enjoying it at all. All she could think of was her family and friends finding out. In just moments, her world had come apart, and nothing seemed real.

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