Shower Time Fun

by Sofskin4u2touch

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Desc: Sex Story: A couple finds bath time can be lots of fun if you have the right toys.

A cold rush of air greets me as I open the door and walk through the front door of our two-bedroom apartment. Damn it's cold in here, I think, its no wonder Susan walks around the place with hard nipples all the time. "Lucy, I'm home", I cry out using my very best Desi Arnez imitation. Moments later she walks in barefoot and wearing her favorite white terry robe. It's the one I bought for her two years ago on our trip to Martinique.

"Oh Ricki", she says as she slips into my arms and kisses me fully on the lips. Her voice will never be mistaken for Lucille Ball but she has the red hair and big green eyes of the slap stick comedian. My hands slip around to the small of her back and pull her tighter against me and I return her kiss in an even more intimate fashion.

As we stand embraced I get a faint whiff of Obsession, still lingering from where she applied it to her neck early this morning. It brings back my first memory of her years earlier when we first met. I was out with friends having dinner at a local club. I don't usually go out on weekends because I hate crowds. But it was amateur comedy night and my friends were able to convince me to go along with the promise of a night of good food and great fun. The club was jammed packed that Saturday night. Susan was seated at the table next to us with a person I assumed to be her lover. It was difficult not to overhear the argument heating up between them about another woman her friend been seeing After a few minutes of quarrelling her companion stands up, "That's just the way it is so deal with it. We're over and I'm outa here," and abruptly walks out leaving Susan alone and with a hefty tab. The waitress comes over and asks if there's anything more she can get her. Shaking her head no, she rummages through her purse only to find she hasn't enough money to pay the bill. Quickly assessing the situation I reach into my wallet and pull out my plastic and hand it to the dubious looking waitress. "Here, put it on my card," I tell her. Looking back at Susan, "It was rather rude for your friend to stick you with the bill. Why don't you stay and watch the show with me and my friends." She thanks me and did just that. That was almost five years ago and we've been together ever since that night.

I am brought back to the present when she asks, "I was just about to get in the shower, why don't you join me." I step back and loosen the terry belt tied around her waist. Her robe falls open and she is completely naked beneath it. My god she is beautiful. Long, flowing red hair. Just enough freckles across her nose to be thought of as tom-boyishly cute by some. Flawless skin, firm breasts. A soft, pillowy belly that many a night I have rested my head on while we watch TV. BBW proportioned with wide full hips and perfectly rounded ass cheeks. Thick thighs that have on many occasions clasped my head firmly against her smoothly shaved mons as I lick and nibble back and forth, going between her firm button clit and the tight rosebud of her asshole. I watch the rise and fall of two fleshy twin globes as I gently caress her breasts with my fingertips. I lean down and suckle one nipple for a moment and feel it harden as my tongue flicks lightly over it. She moans lightly in response to my touch but I stop and step away. "You go ahead and get in the shower," I say. "I'll join you in a few minutes."

As she turns away I slap her lightly on the ass, "And don't use all the hot water before I get there." She laughs and then disappears in the direction of the bathroom. I walk over to the dining room table and shuffle through the mail. Finding nothing important I put it aside. I loosen my belt and pants and pull my sweater over my head as I walk towards the bedroom. Going through a bureau drawer I find what I'm looking for and finish getting changed for our shower together. "Hurry up, she calls, 'or there won't be any hot water left."

"Almost there," I call out while standing in front of the mirror stroking and admiring my very hard, 9-inch cock.

I hear the shower running and Susan is singing a montage of show songs. Then, just as I walk in the bathroom, she breaks into a children's song... "Rubber dickey you're the one, you make bath time lots of fun, rubber dickey I'm awfully fond of you."

"Geeezzzz, if you don't know the words to the song." I say as I open the shower door and step inside.

"You sing YOUR songs YOUR way, I'll sing them MY way," she laughs as she throws a soapy cloth at me. "Here, do my back".

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