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by cowgirl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: I decided I'd write a story where, for ONCE, the guy was the victim of humiliation. So, this one's for all those gals who'd like to see a creepy dude get what coming to him.

I decided I'd write a story where for ONCE the guy was the victim of humiliation. So, this one's for all those gals who'd like to see a creepy dude get what coming to him.

This story is dedicated to my most amazing best friend in the whole wide world, Emily.

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I was on the street when the green Mercedes drove up. I spent a lot of time on the street these days, and was expecting the typical look passangers gave me with my smelly clothes and my cardboard sign. The street was otherwise empty as two woman in a car pulled besides me. The window whirred down and a female voice called me over

I looked inside and saw the first woman who must have been in her fourties, slightly plump, and looked like somebody's mother. She wore a plumb blouse with ruffels down the front and a lavender skirt and jacket. She looked a little too dressed up, like a state worker or something, but her expression was grim and humorless.

As I leaned into the window, I saw in the other seat was some pretty collage aged girl who could have been her daughter. She had blonde hair pulled up in the back and have glasses on. She wore a mauve colored buisness suit with a trendy little buisnes blazer which stoped 2 inches below her modest sized breasts. She looked like a Heather Locklear wannabe. The blonde girl clearly was grossed out by me and wouldn't even make eye contact. Whatever.

The older woman driving fingered me closer and spoke in a conspiritoral whisper.

"you wanna make a mess on her?"

"huh?" I stammered.

"Your heard me. Be a good boy, run around to her side and whip it out. Work yourself up to it, then do your buisness across her jacket in the next three minutes. You game?"

I stared at her dumbly, trying to process if I'd heard her right, the words not matching the picture. They looked so normal, and if I'd misunderstood, I could spend the night in lockup. The older woman sighed impatenly, as if she'd been through this too many times.

"Oh for heaven's sake, you CAN get it up, right? " she asked like a school teacher or something, but her question pissed me off. I nodded frowning at her. The other girl stared out her widow sharing my embarresssment and thankfully avoiding my eyes.

"Uh... yeah. I can get it up!" I cleverly shoot back.

"They hurry op then, before you loose your chance. You've got two minute left. " She scolded and I found myself getting aroused at why this younger girl was just sitting there and accepting all this? I sure wouldn't.

As I speeded over to the passengers side, wondering if the pretty girl would let me ACTUALLY do this, I noticed the girl had that ugly contorted look people's faces get after the've been crying, which made me harder yet.

"One minute little man. " the plump bitch said, pissing me off. Why did she have to keep pressuring me? It sure didn't help.

But the moment the younger girl looked at me with that sad expression, she suddenly made me feel self-concious and I found myself lossing my hard on quickly! I panicked and shot a look to of guilt at the older woman, my eyes pleading for assurence and confidence.

"Fourty five seconds, oh don't worry. She does this all the time. Beside's, the night's young, and I think her tears make her look prettier, don't you?"

I nodded stupidly as I strocked my now growing naked cock and pointed it toword her face. The woman stared daggers at me through her tears, but instead of melting my errection, the humiiation burning through her rosed checks just seemd to make me even hadrer!

After a few minutes of me pumping away, at the dumpy woman's instruction, the pretty girl straightend up and with a flinched expression, positioned herslef close to me so that I my spunk would land on her jacket, which she had dutifuly buttoned back up, through her tears stained face. The older woman leaned into the girl's face as if they were sharing an intamate moment, then spoke to me, cheek to cheek with the younger girl:

"Now, remember, you misserable piece of garbage, stain her little jacket up nice and sticky for our little sweetie cakes, okay?"

The woman's insulting tone drove me on, well, that and the girl's look of pleading, like a wounded animal.

But, for some damned reason, I just couldn't get off! It wasn't any sort of guilt thing either. I just started to panic as I watched my dick getting limp when I needed it the most!

"Well... looks like we... over estimated you, didn't we buddy?" the plump woman smirked, and suddenly -


Their car just drove off down the street, and I swore I heard their laughter and looked up to see two hookers across the street snickering at me with my pants around my ankels and my limp dick in my hand, face burning brightly.

I was pissed and frusterated, and I only had myself to blame. I was sure they'd stuck a camera in my face at the last minute. My eyes still saw lights. What kinda mind fuck was this? I frowned, as I noticed they were gone.

For days I couldn't get my mind off those two freaks. I'd been offered a shot at whacking off in some pretty girl's buisness suit, and I'd blown it!!! For a poor sucker like me, this chance would probably never happen again. I felt angry at myself and swore I'd come on that bicth's prissy little buisness suit if it was the last fucking thing I did.

A few weeks later I'd pretty much given up on ever seeing either of them again, when I happened to see one of them totally by chance while I was trying to steal some donnuts from a food cart on the first floor of one of those swank buisness buildings. I keep gawking in amazment, but there she was! The plump lady who was driving. She was sitting behind a desk in a crisp looking office and seemed to fall all over herself when a man in a buissness suit barked orders to her, which made me instantly hard! When I finally saw she was alone at the desk, I scurried up to her with a smug look on my face.

"uh... hello." I said, unsure of what else to say.

"yes sir? And you're here to see?" she asked automaticly without looking up.

"No... it's ME. Remember? From the street? A couple of day ago?

She started, trying to place me.

So you guys is secretaries huh? Is your "girlfriend" one too? " I said grinning like a fox.

Finally I saw the color drain from her face and it went hard and cold.

"How did you find - oh, never mind. And stop pretending to think, just tell me what you want?" she demanded coldly.

"I... well... i just, that is... I was wonding if you'd like to, well..." I stammered, surprised at her confidence. I was supposed to have her off guard, here at work.

"Oh, you want some more, huh ?" She said, frowning impatiently. I noded with a smile.

"Look - you don't belong her. Your had your shot, and you blew it. Get lost, or I'll have you forcably REMOVED from the building, understand??????" The plump lady nearly screamed her whisper.

"uh... I'll... tell what happened." I tried. "Yeah, let's see who they believe." She shot back.

I picked myself up off the street after the two security guards helped me out. I decided to wait and see if her younger friend would show up. It was my last chance for free sex, and I realised how dumb it was to try and manipluate the one giving the orders! I'd stick to the lowly office girl slut, or whatever she was. I already knew this other chick was WAY more submissive than that bitch of a secretary!

I staked out a spot on a near by bench, and started to get bored. I soon had almost given up, when I saw her.

The pretty girl who's jacket I'd been this close to dirtying with my cum stains! She wore another trendy pastel pink dress and jacket combo, much like the one from a couple of days ago, only with retarded looking trendy larger white buttons across the front. I rubed myself just looking at her in that stupid suit! She was surrounded by two other women dressed in trendy looking buisness suites too. I called out:

"Well, LOOK who it IS!!! I haven't seen you in... how long has it been? " I tried like she's was a long lost realitive.

Her co-workers, didn't buy it, and sensing my "street person" staus, formed in a protective circle around her. The young girls eyes shifted to her co-workers and back to trying to gage the situation.

"Jennifer, you know this... guy?" one whispered.

"uh... yeah. I... just... It's okay. I'll be okay. Just go back up to work. I'll be up in..." Jennifer quivered.

"... in about a half hour." I finished her sentence for her smiling.

" you sure hon?" on asked frowning me down.

"yeah." She said in a defensive voice. The woman glared at me, but went back into the building just the same.

Me and Jennifer were soon behind some dumpsters. I wondered if she would do as I said without her her secretary co-worker there to order her. That sure was a freaky relationship. I would have to see if I couldn't get her to tell me some dirt about that too, after I had my fun first. She stood before me with her arms folded angrily and I got worried, as she didn't look very complaint.

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