Games Linda Plays

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I was playing at being a detective while my wife play her own game.

I used to fantasize that I was trying to catch my wife cheating on me. I don't know why I got a thrill out of doing that but I did. My wife never had any idea of what I was doing. There wasn't really any reason for me to be suspicious of Linda as she had never given me any reason to doubt her. I didn't check up on her because I thought she was cheating, I did it because it entertained me. I don't know if you can understand that because I'm not sure I understand it.

I pretended that I knew Linda was cheating on me and would sit around trying to think of ways to find evidence to prove it. I would watch her dress for work in the morning and make a note of the kind and color of her panties, bra, stockings she put on, then when she came home at night I would make sure that she was still wearing the same under garments. When she undressed for bed I would go through the laundry hamper and check her panties for cum stains or other substances that you wouldn't normally expect to find there.

Once or twice a week I would follow her as she went out for lunch to see where she was going and with whom. On weekends and evenings when Linda was going out shopping by herself or with friends I would carefully follow her to make sure she was doing what she said she was doing. Once I even told Linda I had to go away on a business trip and then spent three days spying n her. I found ways to question Linda about different things she did so that I could ask her about the same subject two different ways at different times to see if I got the same answer.

After playing this game throughout six years of marriage I had never found any incriminating evidence nor did I ever catch Linda in a lie. The fact is I never expected that I would. I knew Linda loved me and we had a good marriage. Remember I only did this as a fantasy, a game to entertain myself... The odd thing is that I sometimes felt disappointed when I didn't find a little trace of cum in her panties, or see her at lunch with some guy I didn't know, then catch her in a lie about what she did that day. I guess that I was disappointed because I worked so hard looking for evidence that I felt I was a failure for not finding any.

About six months ago I started to notice some changes. The first thing I noticed was that Linda started wearing only dresses or skirts and blouses to work. No more pants. Next she started wearing sexier panties, silky white and lacy, sheer black, satiny red, etc, and all were bikini cut or thong style. Linda also stopped wearing pantyhose and began wearing those thigh high stockings with the lacy elastic tops to hold them up. While it excited me to watch Linda dressing this way it worried my because I knew she wasn't doing it for me. As it was Linda didn't know that I watched her dress and undress. She was unaware that I knew what she was wearing under her dresses and skirts each day.

One night about a month later I had to work late and didn't get home till around 11:00 PM. Linda was already in bed when I got home so I just went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. The last thing I did before heading for bed was to look in the laundry hamper for Linda's panties. Usually the panties she wore that day were right on top, but that night they weren't. I had to dig down about halfway through the laundry in the hamper to find the black thong panties I had seen her put on that morning. When I examined the panties I noticed that the crotch felt a little stiff and there was something white and crusty coating the inside of the crotch. There were spots of this crusty white stuff on the thong part of her panties also. I held the panties up to my noise but I wasn't quite sure what I smelled. Being the great detective that I was I dampened the crotch with a little water and held them to my noise again. This time I could identify the slight scent of semen. This was not conclusive but I now had evidence that my beautiful and loving wife might be getting fucked by another man.

The realization of this left me a little confused. I felt excited that finally after six and a half years of searching I had actually found evidence of my wife cheating on me. But on the other hand finding out that Linda may actually be cheating on me was making me sick. I stayed up most of that night trying to decide what to do about Linda. I finally decided that I would not let on what I had found out and would continue to watch her even closer now, if that was possible.

For the next couple of weeks I found nothing unusual in Linda's panties or in her behavior. As a matter of fact our sex life, which had always be okay was suddenly getting much better. Linda seemed to be enjoying sex with me more and was becoming more aggressive in bed.

I was beginning to think that maybe Linda had a one-time fling and that her increased interest in sex with me was do to guilt. This was what I was thinking one evening when we had just sat down to eat and Linda got a phone call. When she came back to the table she said that her friend Carol had just called and that they were going to run over to the mall after dinner to pick up a couple of things. I asked "Like what." and Linda said she needed a new dress for work.

This didn't sound unusual to me but I decided to make very sure. After clearing the table Linda went up to change clothes. I followed and stood outside our bedroom door and spied on her like I do every day. What happened next made me very suspicious. First Linda took a quick shower and when she got out and dried herself she pulled a little bag out from under her dresser. The name on the bag was from expensive lingerie store at the mall. She removed a matching bra and panty set from the bag and put them on. The white panties were so sheer that I could see the triangle of dark hair above her pussy and when she sat down to put her stockings on I noticed that I could see the lips of her pussy through the thin material as well. The lacy bra displayed Linda's outstanding breasts to their best advantage. As I looked at Linda through the crack in the door I realized that I had a tremendous hard on. I couldn't understand how I could be sexually aroused looking at my wife when she may very well be preparing to go out and make love to another man...

As Linda was putting her dress on I went back downstairs. She was still getting ready to go when I called up to her and said that I had to run over to my office to get some papers and that I would see her when she got home later. Then I said, "Maybe when we get home we could make love".

Linda's response was, "I don't know, I'm not feeling real well. I'll probably just want to come home and go to bed. How about we plan to do it tomorrow night?"

I left the house knowing I should be angry but I actually felt excited. Not so much sexually but more like the excitement of the hunt. I pulled out of the driveway and headed for Carol's house. Carol only lived four blocks from us on the same street. I went one block toward Carol's house then made a right turn went part way down the block and turned around and drove back up to just short of the intersection and parked the car. This way I would be able to see Linda coming down the street and she wouldn't see me parked around the corner. Then as she passed I could pull out and follow her at a safe distance to Carol's house then follow both of them to see what they were up to.

Linda must have been in a hurry because I saw her approaching the intersection where I was waiting only a couple of minutes after I got there. I started my engine and waited for her to pass, but to my surprise she didn't pass. Instead she made a right turn causing me to have to duck below the door so she wouldn't see me. When I sat up again she was headed down the street I was parked on but in the opposite direction. There were four or five cars coming up behind me so I couldn't pull out and make a U-turn to go after Linda. By the time I was able to pull out Linda's car was out of site. Then it dawned on me that it wasn't Carol that called Linda at dinner and Carol is not involved in whatever Linda was up to tonight. It had just not occurred to me that Linda was lying about the phone call. I blew my chance to follow her by assuming that she wouldn't lie to me.

I drove out to the mall hoping that maybe she was meeting Carol there but I saw no sign of either of them so I went home. I felt like a miserable failure. My wife may very well be on her way to having an affair and I lost track of her one minute from the house. I tried to read but I couldn't concentrate, and the television was just annoying so I just sat and pondered what might be going on. I suddenly had this image of Linda standing in her very sexy under things in front of some guy. Then I visualized her sucking on a big cock. Then I imagined her being fucked by some stranger and he has his orgasm inside Linda's cunt. At first these images were making me sick but after awhile I realized I had a hard on and was getting excited thinking about Linda getting fucked.

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