New Experiences

by Sahvannah

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman has her first sexual experience with a woman and her first threesome.

Chapter 1

I'm Katy. I'm a 28 year old secretary at an advertising firm. Lately, I've been so busy with work, that my love life has been nonexistant. It just seems that I'm always here and there, but never with someone I like.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago, a most interesting thing happened to me. I was leaving the office when I ran into Mark. Mark was one of the guys I went to college with. I could tell that not much had changed where he was concerned. He still had that wavy blonde hair. Those piercing blue eyes. Wide shoulders.

He was walking across the parking lot not far from me. So I called out to him and asked what he was doing there. Apparently, he had just been having a meeting with one of the junior partners. Since we hadn't seen each other in a long time, I suggested we go to a local pub around the cornor for drinks and to play catch up. So I hopped into my car, and met him in the parking lot of the pub.

Once we were settled at a booth, we started reminiscing about college. "You know Katy, I always wanted to screw around with you." I stopped cold, and stared into his face. Did he just say what I think he said.

"Well now why didn't you?"

"I'm asking now. Come on Katy come back to my house with me."

For some reason, and I dont know why I agreed. Shortly after that, I found myself walking into Mark's house. "Where's your wife?"

"Oh she was supposed to go out with the girls, she should be home soon." Mark started walking towards the kitchen, so I followed. "Let's have another drink. I've got some great wine."

I sat down at the kitchen table and watched as Mark got out two wine glasses and proceeded to uncork a nice bottle of red wine. "So tell me how do you like working in advertising?"

We started drinking the wine and talking about what had been happening since we had last saw each other. Mark didnt mention screwing me again. I suppose he was just joking. I heard a woman scream from the front of the house. "Mark, Mark are you home?"

Glancing towards the sound Mark said, "That must be Lauren, Lisa must be drunk. Come on into the living room." So I followed him into the living room. There were two women there, one who was a brunette leaning against a wall and the other a red head supporting her.

"I tell you Mark, Lisa just cant hold her liquor. She had three drinks and said 'Another round', then before the waiter could bring them, her head hit the table. She passed out."

Mark quickly picked Lisa up into his arms. "Well thanks for bringing her home Lauren. Oh and Lauren, I want you to meet an old college friend of mine. Katy, this is Lauren. Lauren... Katy.

Lauren turned towards me and we shook hands. We said the necessary pleasantries. Then she said her goodbyes. "Boy she's getting heavy, come on I gotta put her to bed. I want you to help me get her comfortable."

Once we were inside Mark and Lisa's bedroom, he had me to push back the cover so he could lay her down. She didnt notice when he started undoing the buttons on her shirt. She just lay there, deeply asleep.

The telephone began to ring and Mark told me he wanted to answer it in the living room, so as not to disturb Lisa. He asked me to finish undressing her. And with that he left the room.

I slowly walked over to the bed. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully. I knelt down beside her and reached out and slid her shirt from her arms. I didnt know where to put it so I layed it down on the floor. She was wearing a white lace bra. I could see her perky breasts. Feeling a bit embarrassed for looking at her breasts, I started to undo the buttons on her skirt. Lucky for me she had on one of those button down skirts. I knew it would be pretty easy to take it off.

What I didnt know was that she wasnt wearing any panties. Quickly I jumped up from beside the bed. I looked at her face to see if she was aware that I was spying on her. Nothing. I looked towards the door, and could hear Mark still on the phone. I looked back down at her pussy. It was shaved completely. It was a beautiful pussy. I dont know what came over me, but I reached out and slowly touched it. I looked at her face. She still showed no recognition of being awake. So i started to run my fingers up and down her slit. Cupping her pussy in my hand every few seconds. I could feel my juices making my panties wet. I began to run faster and faster. I glanced at her again and nothing. So I climbed on the bed and spread her legs wide. She didnt move except when I was moving her, so I leaned down and started to flick my tongue back and forth over her clit. Gosh she tasted so good. I began running my hands over her legs. Carressing her thighs, her hips. I forgot all about Mark being on the phone as I licked and sucked her pussy.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Oh no! I jumped off of the bed. Looking at Mark, I began to stammer "I'm soo sorry. I dont know what came over me. I started to finish undressing her, and the next thing I know I'm licking her. Really I'm sorry. Mark I cant begin to apologize enough. I'm so sor--"

He had this look on his face, I didnt know what he'd do to me. I felt so ashamed. "Did you like what you were doing?"

I didnt say anything. So he walked over to me and grabbed my arm ver tightly. "I said did you like what you were doing?"

I'm sure he could see the fear in my eyes. "Yes, I did. I've never done that before and I liked it."

He let go of me and began to pace the room. Finally he stopped and turned to me. "Well I was going to get you drunk and fuck your brains out. But it seems this is better."

I couldnt believe what he said. I didnt think he wanted to fuck me after not mentioning it since we got here.

Mark began to smile. It looked like a wicked kind of smile. "But now, you'll fuck my wife and I'll fuck you. Its perfect."

I began to tremble. "Mark I'm really sorry, I think I'd better leave."

"Oh but you cant, you see the way I see it. You had your way with my wife, so I want to have my way with you."

He walked over to me and lead me back onto the bed. Leaning up against my right side, he whispered into my ear. "Look at her, she's so beautiful. Her perky tits standing straight up. Her flat stomach. Creamy thighs and in between them. One of the most delicious pussy's around." He took my hand and began running it up and down her slit. I could feel the heat of her shaven pussy.

"Take your clothes off Katy. I'm gonna go get something."

So I began to undress and by the time he came back to the bed, he was also undressed and holding a very wierd looking object in his hand. It looked like a cock, except it had two heads on it.

"Now Katy, you'll do what I tell you to do agreed?"

I began to shake my head yes. Not saying a word, just looking at the double cock. Seeing me eye the wierd looking toy, he began to explain. "I want you to lick and fuck her pussy, while I watch. Then I want you to insert one end of this into her pussy and the other end into yours. Then I want you to fuck her with it, while you fuck yourself. Who knows I might join in or wait until you finish then fuck you."

I leaned down once again between her legs and began to lick up and down her slit again. I could smell her scent. Once again I could feel myself sink deeper into her aroma. I began to slide my tongue in and out of her. She felt very warm and slick. Faster and faster. I didnt want to stop, but I was very horny by this time. It didnt matter to me that she wasnt awake. All I wanted was to have a hard cock up inside of me. I stopped and quickly came up for air. Looking around, I could see Mark sitting in a chair not far from the bed. He was stroking his cock back and forth. I could tell he was getting off on watching me and his wife.

"Why'd you stop?", he asked. "I need that dildo thing. I'm so hot, I gotta have some cock. Where is it?

He took it from the nightstand and tossed it onto the bed with me. I grabbed it and began to work it up inside of Lisa's pussy. It slid right in. I assume its from all the wetness of my tongue fucking her. Once I thought it was in far enough, I squated above her and positioned the rubber cock upwards, so that I could slide down onto it.

Oh my, I could feel it. It felt so good. I began to move up and down. Working it further into me, until Lisa and I were practically joined together completely. Suddenly I felt movement that wasnt my doing. I looked up at Lisa's face. She was awake and smiling at me.

"Umm... I'm Katy." She didnt say anything. She just continued to gyrate her hips upwards. We began to move together. Slowly at first, then a bit faster until we were fucking each other. I dont know how long we continued. But I could feel Mark climbing onto the bed. Noone said anything, unless you count the moans from Lisa and I. I though Mark was going to have Lisa suck him while we fucked. He had other plans though. I felt him come up behind me and lean me over. He squeezed my ass for a bit. Then began to slide his cock up and down my ass. We slowed down our fucking long enough for him to insert his cock into my ass. Then we were all fucking at the same time. I watched Lisa have orgasm after orgasm. I had multiples as well.

Of course I think she had so many, because she was watching her husband screw me in the ass. Because I was fucking her so good with this dildo. And because she didnt expect to wake up to a woman screwing her.

I on the other hand, came alot because this was my first experience with a woman. It was also my first threesome. My pussy and my ass were both full. I felt so full, that I would come just from knowing I was getting a good fucking. After we had been at it for God only knows how long. Mark filled my ass with his sperm. We all collapsed on top of each other.

I'm not sure what happened after that, but when I woke up it was morning. I was in bed alone.

I felt sore all over, but I was happy. It had been a long time since I was screwed so good. I got dressed, then followed the sound of voices coming from the kitchen.

Chapter 2

Lisa was sitting at the kitchen table talking on the phone. I could see all she had on was a pale pink bathrobe. She spotted me at the entrance and waved me into the room. So I took a seat and watched her.

"Yes darling, I understand. No it's no problem. I'm sure she'll understand. I'll be sure to tell her. Yes, yes, ok bye I love you."

Smiling, she asked if I wanted a cup of coffee. Shaking my head yes, she got up and fixed me one. "Katy, I wanted to thank you for last night." After placing the cup in front of me, she sat back down.

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