Her Cheating Heart

by Birdman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Cheating, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man believes his wife is cheating on him, and then he finds out that she is.

"This is the hardest thing I have ever done," I said to the private detective. "I don't really know where to began."

"Start at the beginnings, it is easier to follow the story that way and I'll ask questions along the way to fill in the blanks," he replied.

And that is the way that this all begin. However, let me step back and explain everything from the beginning.

My name is Jack and I first met Tammy on line two years ago. We chatted on IM for six months and I passed my number to her. Soon we ran up the phone bills talking to each other every night. We talked about our friends and family. I come from an old and well to do family down South, and she was from a average mid-West family. We also had both come off some bad relationships and we each needed someone to help get over them.

It wasn't long that we discovered that we had deep feelings for each other. Tammy decided to come down to Georgia from her home in Michigan for a two week vacation. Well to make a long story short we hit it off right away. We made love everyday that she was here.

Before Tammy left to go back I asked her for her hand in marriage. I was thrilled when she said yes. Then six months ago we were married and it was pure bliss. That is until three weeks ago.

I came home from work one day and Tammy seem a bit cool toward me, as if something was bothering her. I noticed that she hadn't yet started dinner so I suggested that we go out to eat. She said no and by the time I was finished taking a bath she had heated up some leftovers.

All that night she seem to be someplace else. When I asked her if something was bothering her she said no or said nothing at all. Finally I quit asking. I tried to put this out of my mind thinking that it was just one of her moods. But it lasted, and then I started noticing some clues around the house. I found a book of matches from a motel in the area. I looked in the phone book and the place was circled. We had never been there.

Several times over the next week I tried to call her during the day, yet she never picked the phone up. That little voice in the back of my mind said something was up. I tried to ignore it but it kept bugging me. Thoughts ran through my head, and I imagined the worst, that my Tammy was cheating on me.

I asked her if se was cheating and then Tammy went from cool to down right cold toward me. Now she seem to avoid even my touch. She would not speak to me at all and took to sleeping in the spare room. I knew that this was the end of us. How could I love and live with someone that was cheating? Now, I was afraid that she might take me to the cleaners in a divorce, so I decided to get something on her to protect myself. That is why I went to a private detective.

Now just a week later I sit in the same office listening to them tell me that they had proof that my sweet Tammy was n fact cheating on me. My heart was pounding as I heard the words and my head felt as if it would explode at any minute. I could not believe that it was really true.

One of the detectives went to the VCR and popped in a tape. I watched as Tammy's car pulled into the motel parking lot. The same one where the matchbook was from. Tammy got out and then the other person slid out. I thought I would faint when I saw their backside. It was another woman!

They fast forward the tape some. Somehow they had gotten close to the room and were able to place the camera between an opening in the curtains and see inside. The other woman's back was toward me and I saw Tammy walk over to her and kiss her first on the cheek. The other woman wrap her arms around Tammy and they kissed on the lips.

As sick as I was seeing my wife kiss another woman I was a bit turned on as well. I saw Tammy pulling the woman's sweater up over her head. Again they embraced. Tammy unclasped the bra and it fell to the floor. Now I saw Tammy's head go down to the other woman's chest. I could not believe it. Tammy was sucking on another woman's tits.

"Turn the tape off I have seen enough," I said. I was torn, I felt sick that my wife was cheating.

"It does get worst," one of the men said. "We have them both in bed together," he said.

"I don't want to see anymore," I told them.

After paying them I took the tape and started driving around. I felt torn, I was sicken by seeing the love of my life with someone else, and strange as it may seem it was thrilling seeing her with another woman.

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