Kim's Pay Rise

by Cueman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kim, an 18 year old slut, lets her older boss use her as a sex toy to try and secure a pay rise.

Kim was an attractive 18 year old brunette with lovely long legs and the most amazing pair of tits ever - 38 DD. Although she was really proud of her body, since she had met her boyfriend 6 months ago Kim had dressed far more conservatively. She rarely wore a short skirt anymore, and tended to wear baggy tops now rather than the tight low cut cropped tops which she wore when she was single. Kim was determined to be faithful to her boyfriend, and this way she got less attention from other guys, who wanted to get into her knickers.

Kim's main problem was money though. Her job as office junior was really poorly paid, so in the past she had tended to just buy whatever she wanted on her credit card. There was the holiday abroad in the summer, that all went on her visa, as did most of her new clothes. Now she was at her limit, and struggling to make even the minimum payment each month. She couldn't ask her boyfriend for help as he was out of work, and broke himself. Kim's only hope was that she got a pay rise when they were announced at the beginning of April - in 3 weeks time. The problem was that there were rumors circulating around the office that no-one would be getting a rise this year. She got on really well with the office manager, Dave, and decided to have a word with him to see if he would put in a word for her, as she knew he had influence with the partners of the firm.

"Do you reckon I'll get a rise this year Dave?" she asked one Saturday morning when they were working alone together.

"I dunno Kim. I know they can't afford to give everyone one."

"Oh right. But I am really good at my job aren't I ? You think I'm a good worker don't you ?"

"Hey if it was up to me I'd give you double," he said smiling at Kim.

Kim grinned back. She had always really liked Dave, and he had asked her out once, but at the time she had decided it could get too complicated to fuck someone she worked with, so she had turned him down.

"It's just that I'm really broke, and I've got a massive credit card bill. I really do need a rise. I don't suppose you'd put in a good word for me would you ?"

"Mmmm well I might, but you'll have to be extra nice to me," he said jokingly.

"I'm always nice to you," she said laughing, "but I'll try really hard."

Kim had heard that Dave was going to the partner's meeting the following Friday, at which pay rises were to be discussed. Over the weekend she tried to think of ways to get him on her side before then. It was her only chance.

Kim decided to flirt with him a little and make him really notice her. She dressed for work that Monday like a little tart. She dug out one of her old miniskirts, the shortest she could find. It was tight and black, and only just covered her bum, and yet still had a small split up the back. She had completely shaven her pussy the night before, so she could wear it with her favorite g-string panties. The sexy teenager chose the most see-through white blouse she owned, so that the tiny white lace push up bra she wore could be seen underneath. Her large nipples could clearly be seen poking through the thin material and she deliberately left the top 2 buttons undone. She wore lots of tarty make up, and sprayed on loads of her favorite perfume. Finally she set off to work, wearing a pair of high heels that made her legs look even longer.

Dave could hardly keep his eyes off her all morning, which wasn't really surprising, as she looked like a cheap whore, although he kept telling her how nice she looked, and how she should wear short skirts more often, as she had "great legs". Kim kept bending over his desk making sure he got a real eyeful of her cleavage too.

At lunch time they ended up alone together in the rest room, so Kim decided to give him a bit of a show, hoping that would secure her rise. She sat opposite him, her legs crossed, pretending to read the newspaper. She new she was already showing of loads of leg, but wanted to show a bit more. She uncrossed her legs and sat with them just a couple of inches apart. Her skirt was so short, Dave could clearly see her skimpy white panties. He sat there stroking his dick through his trousers as he admired the young slut's fabulous long legs and the way in which her pussy lips were "eating" the gusset of her panties. Kim could feel his eyes burning into her, although she didn't dare look at him, she just stayed behind the paper. She felt her nipples begin to swell, and her pussy start to juice up, as she felt the thrill of how her body was turning her boss on. After what seemed like ages, Kim gave him one last really good look at her, opening her legs really wide, her panties disappearing further up her wet cunt. Then she stood up and went to the ladies.

Kim looked at herself in the mirror. Her nipples were so erect, poking through her bra and blouse. She was feeling really horny, hornier than she had for a long time. Sex with her boyfriend had become a bit dull - she only usually got fucked once a week, twice if she was lucky. Kim started running a hand all over her tits, rubbing her nipples, pinching them, making them harder still. She started groping her lovely firm bum with the other, imagining that it was Dave's hands all over her. Then she moved her hand up her short skirt, pulled her panties to one side and plunged 2 fingers deep into her wet hole. She knew she didn't have long, but she just had to come. Kim was so horny that it just took a couple of minutes for her to get herself off, using one hand to ram 3 fingers into her pussy, as she pulled on her nipples with the other.

"God I needed that," she thought, as she straightened herself up, and then went back to work. When she got back to her desk, she found a note which Dave had left for her. It simply said "Tomorrow : No Panties." Kim screwed it up and threw it in the bin, feeling herself blushing. She looked across at Dave, who was staring straight at her, and smiled at him.

The following day Kim dressed almost exactly the same for work, except that she wore no knickers as instructed by Dave, and she wore a black bra under her thin white blouse. All morning Dave tried to get a look up the teenage tart's skirt, but to no avail. Kim kept her legs firmly together, wanting to tease him a bit, before he got a good look at her at lunch time.

They sat opposite one another in the rest room again, Kim reading her newspaper. This time she didn't waste any time, she just opened her legs really wide so Dave could see right up her shaven slit. She heard him gasp, and he just sat there admiring her lovely pussy. He hadn't realised she was completely bald. He moved over to her, and knelt in-between her legs. Kim knew what was about to happen, and just didn't know what to do. It was one thing to flash herself at her boss, but now he was about to touch her. She didn't really want him to, as she really wanted to be faithful to her boyfriend, but what could she do. If she stopped him, she'd never get that rise. In the end she just buried her head in her paper as she felt his hand move up her thigh all the way until it met her exposed pussy. Kim groaned as he ran his fingers up and down her slit, she could feel herself getting wetter all the time. She gasped as he slid a finger into her and started to fuck her with it. Her nipples were in their usual state, and she longed to touch them. As he slid a second finger up her tight wet fanny and she could take it no longer. She closed her eyes, put down her paper and began to unbutton her blouse. As Dave finger fucked her, she rubbed her nipples through the tiny black bra. The young slut started to get breathless as he frigged her harder and faster, and before long she started to come.

"Oh yes! Don't stop! I'm coming honey," she panted as he brought her to a sticky climax. Then he pulled his fingers out of her wet cunt, and offered them to her mouth. She licked all of her juices off them. Mmmm she loved the taste.

Dave then went back to work, and Kim straightened herself up. She hoped that that would be it. That she had done enough to earn her rise, and well, she hadn't really been unfaithful to her boyfriend. It's not like Dave had shoved his dick in her and fucked her brains out.

Dave had different ideas. He had fancied Kim for ages, and now, while he had the chance, he was going to use her like a teenage fuck slut. That afternoon when they were alone, he crept up behind her, put his arms around her, and his hands on her large tits, his fingers immediately finding her erect nipples.

"A drink tomorrow night. Meet me in the pub after work. Dress sexily." He whispered in her ear as he pulled on her nipples, pushing his hardening dick against Kim's cute ass. He held her like that for about 10 seconds before returning to his desk.

That night Kim just couldn't decide what to do. She knew if they went out, she might end up going further with him, maybe even fucking him, but if it meant getting a rise, then it would be worth it. After all it would be only a one off, and she might even enjoy it. Dave's dick had felt really quite big, when it had been pressed up against her bum earlier in the day. She decided to go along with it, for now at least.

The next day Kim decided to dress slightly differently. She wore a slightly longer skirt, with stockings and a suspender belt underneath, and still no panties. She dispensed with her blouse, and wore a really skimpy tight white vest top with no bra underneath. Her tits looked immense.

Kim went to lunch a little before Dave, and when he came into the rest room, she was surprised that he sat down right next to her, instead of opposite. She had wondered if he would be wanting another show. Before she could say anything though his arm was around her, and he was kissing her neck. He moved his other hand straight to her tits and started to grope them through her skimpy top.

"Stop Dave," she said as he tried to put his tongue into her mouth. "I can't do this. I have a boyfriend you know."

"Of course you can. You want a pay rise right. The only way you'll get one is to be my little tart for a couple of days, and do whatever I tell you to," he said, his fingers still stroking her nipples.

"Ok," said Kim after a couple of seconds thought, "but you gotta promise me a rise."

"Mmm sure honey," he said as he slid his hand up the front of her top, and touched her tits properly for the first time. God they were enormous.

Soon they were French kissing like long lost lovers. Dave pushed Kim's hand down onto his crotch and she rubbed his hard dick through his trousers. His hands were all over her. One minute up her top groping her tits, the next up her short skirt, sliding up and down her stockinged legs.

"I want you to suck me off, you little slut," he panted, pushing her head towards his crotch.

Kim just did as she was told, constantly thinking that all this would be worthwhile when she got that extra money. She unzipped his trousers, and pulled his dick out of his boxers. God it was massive. Kim had had a lot of cock in her time, but this was the biggest ever. Loads bigger than her boyfriends dick and much wider too. She just stuffed it all in her mouth, taking it all the way in, deep throating him.

"Oh you little bitch," groaned Dave, "you give the best head ever."

Kim was just starting to enjoy herself, when Dave came in her mouth without any warning, pumping it full of his hot spunk. There was loads of it, but Kim managed to swallow nearly it all, with just a little dribbling down her chin and onto her chest. After he'd finally finished coming in her mouth, Kim used her tongue to lick Dave's dick clean of his come and her lipstick, before putting it back in his trousers, and zipping him up.

"I'll see you in the pub later," he said, as he went back to work.

Kim was in a daze most of the afternoon, constantly thinking about how she'd sucked off her boss at lunch time and let him come in her mouth. God knows what he had in store for her that evening, but what ever it was, Kim knew there was no going back now.

She was still in a daze when she got to the pub. Dave was already there. He bought her a drink and they found a quiet corner to sit in.

"Did you enjoy lunch today," he asked her. Kim felt herself blushing, and then felt Dave's hand on her leg. He moved it up her thigh and under her skirt, until it was just above her stocking top. "You enjoyed sucking me dry, didn't you Kim."

"Mmm. It was really nice," she said, trying to sound as if she meant it. "I loved it when you came in my mouth. I just hope my head was good enough to get a big pay rise."

"Well, you'll definitely be getting a rise, but as for how big, well that depends on you Kim."

"Oh right, I suppose you want me to blow you right here do you?"

"No, but I think we ought to carry this conversation on in the toilets. What do you say?"

Kim knew she had no choice. She let Dave lead her into the gents, and he locked them both in a cubicle. She had her back to him, and he slid his arms around her and started to hitch up her skirt above her stockings.

"I'm gonna fuck you senseless you little slut," he whispered as he pushed his hand further in-between her legs, and started to finger her wet pussy.

Kim reached back and undid his trousers. Soon they were around his ankles along with his boxers, and she had his dick in her hand. He was already quite hard, as she started to wank him. Dave bent her over the toilet, and she moved her legs apart for him.

"I hear you love being screwed from behind," he said, as she rubbed his dick up and down her slit.

"Oh yes. I love it any way I can get it," she said.

Kim gasped as he pushed his enormous dick straight into her wet little hole. She hated to admit it to herself, but having him inside her was the best feeling ever. He fucked her really hard, her pussy getting wetter and wetter all the time, his hands inside her top groping her massive tits, pulling really roughly on her hard nipples

Kim started to cum really hard. She started to scream really loudly, and then remembered where she was, and somehow managed to surpress her yells. Dave was now fucking her so hard. She could feel his balls slap against her, every time he rammed his big dick deep into her.

"Oh Dave! Oh yes! Keep fucking me! Don't stop! Fuck me really hard honey," she gasped.

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