Long Affair

by totalofone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Cheating, InLaws, .

Desc: Sex Story: An affair with my sister in law stretching over 30 years. Not a very fast paced one though. Just every 5-10 years.

The "affair" started in 1968, before I was actually married.

Sharon was my fiancee. We had met at college and things had gotten very serious, very fast. Sharon was atypical for a Jew, with green eyes and blonde hair. She was cute, but a bit overweight. We had sex twice, got engaged, and planned on marrying when we graduated. I was 20.

In the summer of 1968 I worked doing surveying in Georgia. I had arranged to leave the job two weeks before school started in order to visit Sharon and her family in Cincinnati. Sharon had two sisters, an older sister, Lori who was in Europe, and a younger sister, Eleanor, who was 16. From Sharon I knew that Eleanor had been a problem. She was pretty wild. She had been suspended from school twice, once for liquor, and once for pot, and twice she had stayed out all night at parties. When I visited, she was grounded.

The visit was nice. They lived in an old big frame house. Each of the sisters had her own bedroom, and Sharon's had a second story porch off of it. I was put up in a guest room they had finished in the basement which had its own bathroom and was pleasantly cool in the summer.

Though Eleanor was grounded, her parents would let her go with Sharon and me to places like the zoo or the fair. Eleanor was much taller than Sharon with a leggy coltish body that teenagers often have. She had the same blonde hair and green eyes that Sharon had, but wore her hair long and straight. She was pretty sexy/ She tended to show it off a lot normally wearing very short shorts, a tied at the waist shirt, and sandals during the summer. She showed off a bit to me, but I generally ignored it.

One time when we met in the upstairs hall she was just coming out of the shower in a bathrobe. The bathrobe was artisitcally arranged to show deep cleavage, a view I certainly noticed. I knew she was teasing me, because when I glanced back at her she was looking back at me to see if I noticed. Another time when I was watching TV in the family room at the head of the basement stairs, she plopped down in shorts on the far end of the sofa, but within a minute had her feet in my lap and was asking me "whether I thought her legs were nice". I did and told her so, but shortly left because I was getting embarassed with her feet moving around. She also would occasionally bump into me, and always seemed to be a few inches closer to me than would be normal. I said something to Sharon about her sister, but she sort of shrugged it off, saying that is how her sister always behaved.

Though Eleanor was grounded, her boyfriend Marshall was allowed to visit and he was around a lot. I was pretty sure they were screwing because of the easy familairity he had with her, and because one night I had seen him sneaking downstairs from Eleanor's bedroom. I didn't think too much of Marshall. He was 17 and didn't seem to have much going.

I spent my time being perpetually horny as only a twenty year old can be. Sharon and I necked and petted, enthuisiastically and heavily, but Sharon always stopped me short of intercourse and short of relief. One night Sharon and I had talked till one in the morning on her porch. When we went inside, we started kissing and ended up stretched out on her bed. I was determined to seduce her, and I soon was sucking on her breast and massging her pussy under her skirt. Sharon was obviously very turned on. Her nipples were huge and when I moved my fingers around her clit she would gasp and moan, and her hips would pump against my hand. I kept massaging her, while sliding down my shorts. My cock was rock hard, and Sharon's hand soon found it and started sliding back and forth on it. Her hand stopped, though, as I kept massaging her. I knew she was near orgasm becaue of her gasping and the strained muscles I could see in her neck. I brought her off in what seemed to be a very big orgasm and then started to slide on top of her. Her hand moved away.

"No. Stop. I can't. Not with my parents in the next room."

She pushed me away. I lay back exasperated, and then got up and put my shorts back on. She was lying on the bed with her legs still parted, her skirt rucked up, and my cock was hard enough to hurt.

"You're not mad are you? Kiss me and tell me you are not mad."

I kissed her twice, and left. I was mad. I think the fact that she had had such a good orgasm was part of what angered me.

I went down the stairs and started down the downstairs hall to the family room and the basement stairs. Halfway down the corridor I smelled the distinctive odor of pot and heard the TV. When I walked into the family room, the only light was the TV. There was a visible haze of blue smoke despite the open window. As I walked clear of the sofa, I stopped.

Eleanor was on the floor with Marshall on top of her. Eleanor's legs were spread wide and Marshall was in her pumping her hard, his pants around his feet. Eleanor was looking right at me. For second she was startled and started to move, then the intensity of the fuck seemed to take her over. Her legs came high and started to pull at Marshall. I could hear her talking dirty to him even as she looked at me.

"Fuck me. Come on. Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me."

I was frozen in place. My cock was again rock hard. Eleanor maintained eye contact for a moment longer then turned her head towards Marshall, kissed him in a deep kiss, and pulled him against with her arms. Marshall moaned, plunged hard and sort of jerked a few times.I knew he was coming in her.

I quickly went down the stairs. In a few minutes I was in bed with my cock in my hand. The image of Eleanor fucking was sharp and incredibly arousing. Her lithe fifteen year old body was suddenly far sexier than Sharon's. I was getting close to coming when I heard a knock at the top of the stairs. I jerked my hand away and froze.

I could make Eleanor out in the light that came in the door as she came down the stairs. Eleanor was in her bathrobe.

"Steve, are you awake?" she asked.

I turned on the bedside light. She looked just like a girl who had just finished fucking. Some of her hair was sweaty damp and disarranged.

"Oh God. That was so embarassing. I am sorry you saw us. I thought you had gone to bed. Steve, you won't tell my parents will you?"

I paused. In a way I thought I should. Sixteen was too young. Eleanor probably wasn't taking precautions like she should. The pot could get her arrested. I was jealous of Marshall. I thought of giving her a lecture from my august age of twenty.

"No Ellie. I won't tell." was all I said.

"Thank you. Thank you."

Eleanor immediately came to the bed, bent over and kissed me.

"Thank you."

She kissed me again, on the lips. That should have been it, just a kiss, but we held the kiss. I felt her tongue push into my mouth, my arms went up to her and gently pulled against her. She came down onto the bed, on top of me, holding the kiss.

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