Perfect Aphrodisiac

by Paul Phenomenon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Oversexed wife discovers the perfect aphrodisiac to match her husband's sex drive more closely to hers.

Gail fondly remembered when her husband, John, had looked like the young man setting the fancy drink on the table next to the lounge chair where she reclined. She tore her eyes from the prime male specimen serving her to her husband. He'd softened some and was thicker in the waist, but he still excited her more than any man, and whenever he smiled at her she wanted to lie down and...

She shook away those thoughts and watched the hunk cockily stroll away. He was ripped. A real hard body. She could almost feel her hands on his tight buns, squeezing, fondling. She tried to imagine what his cock would look like if it were erect and angry. Realizing her imagination grossly exaggerated reality, she chuckled.

John's eyes opened, and he raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow, an inquiring look indicating he wanted to share whatever had tickled her.

"Later," she murmured and closed her eyes, lying back and letting the sun toast her lithe body. John had let himself go a little, but with a stringent diet and daily exercise she had maintained her girlish figure, and it wasn't easy. Each year it became more difficult, but she knew she still looked good in the bikini she wore, and the hard body that had just served her proved it. His eyes had lingered on her long, slim legs and then made a stop at her barely covered, full breasts. His furtive glances pleased her and had lengthened her large nipples a little and sent twinges of arousal to her pussy.

She sighed inwardly. She was horny again - still. She had read somewhere that the sexual peak in males occurred in their late teens, and if the article had been accurate, at thirty-two she was approaching her peak. From her perspective, at least, the article had validity. Her husband had just turned thirty-six, certainly still randy as ever, but even when they married eight years ago, her sex drive had been slightly stronger than his. Yet again another unaccountable difference between males and females had expanded the gap between husband and wife. She groaned inwardly with despair. Her sex drive was increasing as his diminished - a dire situation to her mind. How compatible would they be five years from now? Ten years? Whoever considered life fair, was a dumb shit. That morning before they left their room, she had enticed and seduced until both of them had collapsed sweaty and momentarily sated. She knew she couldn't interest him in another bout in bed, or anywhere for that matter, until that night, at the earliest.

Half-opening one eye she peeked at John. So what if he was getting a bit soft here and there? The sight of him still turned her on. And his hands! He had marvelous hands, especially when they roamed over her body. She loved him, probably more today than on their wedding day. He was a good husband and a great father to their two children. He owned his own boring business, which didn't bore him, fortunately, and his boring labors provided a very nice life for her and the kids. And like her, he'd been faithful, or if he hadn't, no word had come back to her from any source. She knew he adored her, and this short trip had been designated a second honeymoon, that and an opportunity to get away from the kids and the blustery winter back in Chicago for a few days.

Still, her exaggerated image of the hunk's elongated dick kept intruding. If she were approaching her sexual peak, she reasoned, she should hook up with someone like the hunk who served her, someone close to his sexual peak, which would make his sex drive and hers more compatible. Even then, she'd still have plenty left over for her husband. Yeah, sure, and the sun comes up in the West. She chuckled again.

"What's so damned funny?" John asked.

"Remember the young man who served us our drinks?"


"Quite a hunk, huh?"

"Oh, you liked that, huh?"

"Uh-huh. My imagination went a little wild."

"Oh, how so?"

"Before I tell you, let me ask you a question. When you look at young women built as well as the hunk, but in a feminine way, do you ever undress them in your mind?"

He laughed. "Guilty as charged. Is that what you did?"

"Uh-huh. I laughed at the image my mind created. It was definitely exaggerated."

He chuckled. "That big, huh?"

"Yeah." Her affirmative answer gushed out before she could stop it. She glanced quickly toward her husband, but he didn't appear disturbed by her comment. She feared it would attack his male ego. Men were such fools about the size of their cocks. John's was perfect for her, and the last thing she wanted was to make him feel inadequate in any way. "Not that I'm complaining, honey," she added.

He chuckled again. "How big?"

"Long and fat and angry looking - all twelve inches, maybe more," she bravely stated with a self-conscious giggle.

His chuckle turned into a belly laugh. "Definitely exaggerated," he said when he recovered. "But I've heard of men that large, even larger."

"Surely you jest."

"Not at all. Some women prefer large ones; I believe they're referred to as size queens. You've admitted to being a little wild in your misspent youth. Didn't you ever run into a really big one?"

Yes, but I don't know if I want to tell you about it, my adorable but slightly naÔve and sheltered husband, she thought. She also considered "run into" a curious choice of words. "Nothing that large."

"What's the biggest you've...ah, seen?"

She laughed. "Did you start to say...?" Her eyes glinted mischievously as she mouthed the word "fucked" to finish her question.

He blushed when he grasped the silent word. "Probably. Answer my question, please."

"I don't know. I didn't carry a measuring tape around with me."

"Some were larger than others, though. Correct?"

"Oh, yeah. Definitely. Before this goes too far, I want to be honest with you, John. I'm not a size queen, the moniker you put on women who prefer large men. You're perfect for me."

"Thanks, but my curiosity hasn't been satisfied. Did the size of one of your paramours ever surprise you?"

"Uh-huh." She eyed his swimming trunks and noticed a small bulge. Interesting. Maybe I will tell him about Sam. "Paramours? The word is archaic, John.

"Sometimes I feel archaic, so I use old words. So you were surprised once?"

"Well there was one a little larger than you."

"How much larger?"

Here goes nothing. "Three inches, maybe a little more." Like five inches to be more accurate. Sam had a foot-long dong. His nickname was Horse.

"Gawd, that would put him at ten plus inches."

"Yeah, that's about right. He was thick, too. I had a hell of a time taking him fully inside me." Definitely interesting. My hubby's getting a hard-on. We rolled around on the sheets an hour ago, and he's getting hard again already. Maybe I've found an aphrodisiac to even out our sex drives a little. She glanced around and quickly fondled her husband's hardening cock. "My, my, let's take this problem of yours to our room. I think I have just the thing it needs."

He didn't disagree, and in the elevator, she moved into his arms. He kissed her and curled her toes. "Umm, nice," she said but noticed his hard-on had wilted, and the kiss hadn't improved its flaccid state. It was time for another dose of the newly discovered aphrodisiac. "Damn, I've got Sam on my mind now. Sam was the guy I dated with the big one. His nickname was Horse."

John chocked. "Horse?"

"Yeah." It's working. He's getting hard again. Halleluiah! "Would you mind terribly if I thought about Horse just a tiny bit while we make love?" She rubbed his hardening cock with her dainty hand as she waited for his answer.

"Not at all, if..." He hesitated. "If you tell me what you're thinking."

Perfect. She wondered how strong a dose she should administer. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. "I'm going to be thinking about the time I fucked him. Are you sure you want to hear about that?"

A lustful groan provided the answer to her question.

The elevator doors opened and they hurried to their room. As soon as the door closed behind them, Gail jerked her husband's trunks down, and his lovely cock sprung up and bounced off his belly. Definitely hard again. She dropped to her knees and licked all around the crown. It was time to test her theory. "Sam's cock head was half again as large as yours, John. I couldn't do this to him." She dipped her head and sucked in half his length, and then rolled her tongue back and forth across the large vein at the base of his cock. She detected no negative reaction like jealousy, so she gobbled him up until she could feel his pubic hair at her nose.

She felt him reach and untie the top of her bikini as she sucked him. She shrugged and the bit of material fluttered to the floor. She did the same with the bottoms, pulled her mouth from his marvelous cock with a slurp and jerked him toward the bed.

"I want to be on top. That's how I fucked Sam. Okay?" I fucked Sam on top, on the bottom, on my hands and knees, everyway I could think of, she thought, but I fucked him first on top, and that's all John is going to hear about. Today, she modified. If this aphrodisiac works, I've a lot of stories to tell him. My youth won't appear so misspent after all. She crawled across the bed on her hands and knees, finally straddling John's hips and fisting his hard cock.

"I remember straddling Sam like this and stroking his monster..."

"No, give me more details. And call him Horse. How did you meet him?"

Curiouser and curiouser. If that's what hubby with a late-morning hard-on wants, that's what hubby will get.

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