She, He and Me

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: I am having a beer on the way home from work. He wants her to give herself to a strainger. I make sure I am the stranger. We have a three way affair.

It was a Friday evening and I had worked late in my shop. I run a service for digital cameras, I take the photos from a camera and doctor them up and then print them. I have a lot of customers that do not own a computer but use my service to develop pictures they take. Some own computers but want a professional to alter and print from their camera.

My business had only been open for two months and I was already snowed under.

It was about nine when I parked and went in Dewey's Bar, he was an old friend from high school. I went in through the back door, all the help knew me. I got a beer from the cooler and told Kay to put it on my tab.

There is a dividing wall topped with corrugated fiberglass between the dance floor and the area that persons that had just come in for a drink or a beer use. I chose a booth there and sat down. There were a lot of couples dancing to the Juke Box, but I was tired and wanted only a beer and then to go home.

A woman's voice came over the divider, she said "Neal please don't make me do this, I am your wife and I don't want to let some man I have never met before screw me." A man's voice said "Kim I really meant it, I want you to get a man interested in you enough to want to go home with us and fuck you while I watch." He went on to tell her they were through if she did not do as he wanted her to.

She said "Neal I am your wife and I don't want anyone else, just you, I am yours only."

He told her she would not be his wife any more if she did not do as he had told her and for her to unbutton two more of the buttons on her blouse so more of her tits would show.

I had finished my beer and I wanted to see what they looked like. It had been three weeks since my live in, Janice, had moved out. She wanted to get married but I had decided she was not the one I wanted to marry months before. I was in need of a fuck and it sounded as if there was one just across that low wall.

I walked up to their table and asked him if he would mind me asking his lady to dance. He was all smiles as he told her to dance with me.

I could tell she was reluctant but she got up and I took her hand and led her to the dance floor. She was wearing four inch heels, those made her clumsy. He had made her loosen all but one of the buttons on her blouse. She tried to keep her tits covered but the blouse was too small, I saw the nipples on both of them as we danced. I got a hard cock ! I pulled her close and pressed my erection against her belly and told her I wanted her. I told her I wanted to take her out to my car and fuck her. She said that we could not do it that way, we would have to have her husband there if I wanted to fuck her. I told her that would be alright with me.

I took her back to her table and offered to get a round of drinks. Her husband wanted bourbon and coke, she had been drinking wine, she did not want any thing to drink. I got Willie the bar tender to use three jiggers of 190 proof grain alcohol in the coke and I had a beer.

While I had been gone she had told him that I wanted to fuck her. He had told her what a good little slut she was and said they would go as soon as he finished his next drink. The girl begged him one last time to not make her do this. He told her she was made to fuck and to make that pussy good for that stranger.

I brought the drinks back and asked her to dance again, I told her to take off her shoes. We danced to two slow ones and I could tell I was getting to her. I kissed her neck several times and ran my hand over her back and ass. She could feel my hard prick against her and pulled herself tight against it.

Back at the table he was slugging that strong drink down, he did not even notice that he was not drinking bourbon but was swallowing enough to knock him out. I guessed we could get him home before he crashed.

I told them we were going now and we left. They had gotten there on a bus, they did not own a car. We loaded up in mine. She gave directions to a large park of rental trailers. When we were there we had to help him get to the couch in the front part.

I kissed her and unbuttoned her blouse, her tits were not big but were beautifully shaped. She had puffy nipples that began to swell as I kissed them. I told her to take me to the bed. I was ready to just fuck her and leave. She led me to a neatly made bed and sat on the side of it. I began taking my suit and tie off. When I was naked she was still sitting on the bed watching me.

She said "God you are so much bigger than he is I am afraid it will hurt, promise me if it hurts we will stop. I told her I would be gentle with her. I took her clothes off. First that flimsy blouse then that mini skirt. She was nude then. She had kicked her shoes off as we entered the trailer, I rolled her net stockings down her legs. I had a chance to see all of her then. She had a pretty face but it was covered with make up. Her hair was dyed a platinum blond and frizzed into a wild mess on her head. She was slender, a flat belly and nice hips then very good long legs. Pretty feet. Her bush was trimmed and was glossy brown.

I told her to go in the bath room and get rid of all that crap on her face. When she came back her face was beautiful. I told her to get her hair pulled back from her face and to get in bed with me then.

I spent over an hour teasing those tits, sucking her pussy and fingering her cunt. She was begging me to fuck her soon. I had been stopping what ever I was doing to her before she could have her first climax. She was going out of her mind. She was begging me to let her cum.

I told her she could have it then and lay down on my back. She was desperate and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She screamed in pain as she took me in but did not stop until she had it all in her. She had her first orgasm after a few seconds. She convulsed around my cock so hard she hurt me. She screamed again.

Her husband came staggering in, he was drunk but sober enough to be afraid I was abusing her. He asked if she was alright. She told him she was getting fucked by a cock so much bigger than his that she had hurt taking it in but she was alright now. He said "Go for it girl, fuck him until you can't then I will take over and get you off some more."

I can hold off my climaxes as long as I want but after she had about a dozen fierce orgasms I spurted in her. Her legs were tiring and she needed a break. I told her to lay on her back and told him to suck her to another climax or two. He was eager to suck my juice out of her. She had three more screaming orgasms from his tongue and lips. She begged us to let her rest, she said she could not take any more, she said she was about to pass out.

She lay there quivering and crying, a mess of a girl to weak to go piss.

I was not through with her yet, I told her husband to help her get to the toilet seat. He was still drunk and they staggered into the chest on the way.

In a minute she came back alone, she said her husband thought he may be going to throw up. She told me she had never known that sexual coupling could be like what we had just done. She said she had never had any other man but her husband and she thanked me for showing her what real sex was like. When I told her we were not through and I would need to have at least one more climax she began to cry again and said she was done in.

I asked her to get on her hands and knees and promised to do all the work while we fucked again. She had never had it that way before, I had to tell her to spread her knees so I could enter her. I placed the head of my cock in her slit and worked it from her clit to her entrance for a few minutes. She moaned and began humping back at me. She finally began begging me to put it in her. I knew she was ready then, I started in that tight hole. She knew what to expect that time and opened up for me. I still had to push hard but I started in. She humped back at me so hard I got over half of my cock in her. She moaned her delight and said it felt wonderful. She asked that I begin to fuck her now that I was all the way in her. I did not tell her that she had only a little over half my tool in her. She would find that out for herself. I was making my strokes a little deeper each time. I was stretching her with each stroke. She asked what I was doing, it felt different this time, was I going deeper than before. I told her that I was and that this position would let me in deeper. She said it felt good and then had a shuddering climax. I kept on pumping and she had three more. I had been using her tits for handles until she had her first climax, after that I had to hold her up with an arm under her belly. She was too weak to keep her legs under her. Soon I let myself have my second climax in her.

I put a pillow under her ass as I placed her on her back to rest again. Her husband was back from the bath, he had forgot his urge to throw up when he saw his wife getting fucked again. He wanted to watch me pumping her. I told him to suck my emission out of her again. After about ten minutes she had a wailing climax and I told him to stop.

I was sitting on the side of the bed with another hard up, I knew the girl had more than enough climaxes for the night, it was nearly two thirty AM and I would have to open the shop in seven hours.

He was still dressed and drunk and not able to think clearly. I told him I had one last hard and he would have to take care of it since his wife could not. He asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him to suck me off. He started protesting that he was not homosexual and had never done that. I grabbed him by his shirt front and drew back my fist. I did not like the shit for forcing his wife to fuck a stranger, and I suspected that he had in fact homosexual tendencies. He cringed and whined that he would do it if I would not hit him.

I had him get between my legs and take me in his mouth, I had to tell him what to do but finally he got my load in his mouth. She had watched and listened to her husband become a cock sucker, her distaste for him showed on her face as I was getting dressed. Before I left she asked if she could see me again soon. I told her to be ready at seven thirty the next night, I would pick her up then. I told her to wear jeans, a nice blouse and jogging shoes. I told her to dye her hair back to the color her bush was. I told her she was to look like the 'Girl Next Door' and that I was going to feed her at my apartment. I looked at him and told him he could come if he wanted. He was still on his knees leaning against the side of the bed as I left them. I copied down the number on the phone and their names and address before leaving.

In my car as I drove home I wondered why I was not letting this be just a one night stand, why get involved with those pitiful people. Later in bed before I went to sleep I decided to see how things went the next night. If there was nothing to them I could drop them later.

I opened the shop on time and had a busy day. I did not take a lunch break I had customers waiting all day. I closed at five and ran a few errands. At home I took a shower and dressed in casual clothes. Dinner would be a salad, broiled Salmon steaks, Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes and white wine. Desert would be Key Lime Pie.

I blew the horn at their trailer and they came out dressed as I had told them. I really did not get a good look at them until we were in my apartment. I served her a glass of wine, he and I had a beer. She sat on the couch and commented on how nice my apartment was and wished they made enough at their jobs to afford one like it. She said they were saving for a car first. She was hoping that they could afford a good used one in six more months. I asked where they worked, she was a clerk at a copy service in town. He was a computer repair service man with an office supply house in town close to where she worked. Both were making slightly more than six dollars an hour.

They had met when they enrolled in Business college. They were both in a two year course in computers. They had been lonely and decided to get married. Both had the same jobs now a year later. He said he was filling out applications all over town but no one had considered him yet. She ( Kim ) said she had several offers for jobs that paid about the same as her present one but she had health insurance benefits where she was now and a two weeks vacation with pay. He ( Neil ) said he had been promised a dollar an hour raise at the first of the year and he guessed he was stuck at his job.

We talked about many other things, I found both of them to be bright and well educated. I was sure they would fit in with my friends. I wondered if either one or both would fit in with my expanding business.

Later we went in to the kitchen and I fixed our dinner. It turned out well.

While we were cleaning up I let her know that having sex with her was not on my mind for that night. She said she was glad, that she was prepared to give her self to me but she was very sore from the night before. She asked me to give her a few days to get over that and she was mine when I wanted.

Later in the living room I asked her if she could take the next week off and work for me in my shop. I told her what I did and said I would get the equipment to let her try out for a job with me. I told her if she was good at it I could pay her double what she was earning at her present job. I even promised to enlist my business into a group health insurance program for employees.

She was thrilled, she could not sit still.

I told him I would make him the same offer but he would have to wait several weeks. I had rented the adjoining space but I would not get it until the first of the month and it would take a week to make one big space of the two.

I told them both they would be on trial for their first month, I would decide if they were qualified and could get along with the customers. He was even more happy about my offer than she. We finished our Brandy and I took them home. She sucked me off on the way.

I had my every other weekly Bowling night the next night. The following I played poker with four friends. The next night I stayed home and watched a rented movie. I went to bed at ten.

I was getting a craving for a woman the next day. I called her at her work place, I could tell she could not talk because of others around her. I just told her I would pick her and him up at their trailer at seven. She said that would be fine. We hung up.

That evening she came out wearing shorts and a halter top, he was in shorts and a polo shirt. Both were wearing sandals. She was so glad to see me she began kissing me before he was settled in the back seat. All the way to my place I had pretty legs and that nice tummy to run my hands over. Inside my apartment she made it plain that if I wanted she was ready for bed right then. I told her we would eat first. I had picked up two large pizzas as we drove to my apartment. I poured large glasses of Spanish wine for our meal. We could not eat all of the pizzas.

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