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Desc: Sex Story: A woman finds shelter from freezing. She is snowed in and finds love and a new life.

Peggy Darcy was the lone clerk in a Pack A Snack convince store when two 'Crack Heads' had robbed the place of two hundred fifty nine dollars. After the robbers had the money they discussed the subject of what to do with Peggy. One wanted to put a bullet through her head, the other did not want to be wanted for murder. They took her with them when they left. The Pack A Snack store was in the eastern part of Birmingham Alabama. The Punks headed east on I-20 and got off about thirty miles away on a Talladega County road. Five or six miles down it they turned off and drove down a wooded lane. Peggy was really scared then, she had been sitting in the back seat wondering what those dope crazed bastards were going to do with her. The car stopped at a pasture gate and Peggy was told to get out. The two 'Crack heads' pissed and told Peggy to bug off.

It was a cold night in the first week in December. Peggy had not had a chance to get her coat, she had slipped her shoes off as she clocked in and had put on thick knit sox to work in. She was not prepared for a walk in the woods in near freezing weather.

When those bastards told her to 'Get Lost' Peggy trotted to that gate and climbed over it. She was out of their sight in a minute. Peggy found a log to sit on and thought about what she needed to do. She was feeling extremely cold and knew she must keep moving until she found warm shelter. It was a long way back to those truck stops at I-20, she knew she could not get that far wearing no shoes. She needed to find a residence, some place where she could get warm. Peggy saw a Day-night light in the distance. She thought there might be a house there. She walked toward it. It turned out to be a cattle handling place, there was an open shed but no shelter for her. Another light down a farm road might be a house, Peggy went there.

There was a house, Peggy knew that homes in the country often had dogs so she approached carefully.

The house was large and there were dogs, they were inside a tall chain link fence that surrounded the house. There were four of them and they were running up and down the fence barking at her. They were all big dogs.

Peggy found a door bell and pushed the button. A male voice answered immediately, it asked what she wanted. Peggy told the man she was freezing and wanted to come inside out of the cold. The man said he was looking at her with a video cam and could tell that she was not wearing enough clothes. He told Peggy he would open the garage door she was standing in front of, she was to come in and stand in front of a door leading into the house. Peggy did as she was told and after the man got a good look at her he let her in. He asked Peggy what in hell she was doing out in the cold wearing just a light dress and no shoes. Peggy told the story of the store robbery and of being abducted. She said she had come to this house seeking help.

The man introduced himself as Coleman Nelson.

Peggy said "I am Peggy Darcy."

Cole led her through a kitchen to a large living room and to a fire in a big fire place. He opened glass doors and poked it to life and added more wood. The girl backed up to the fire and toasted her backside, soon she turned and warmed her front. Peggy sat on the raised hearth and soaked up the warmth. Cole came from the kitchen with a small tub of hot water he took her frayed sox off and put her bare feet in to soak. Peggy moaned in delight. Cole asked her if she would like a drink to help her warm up. Peggy said she did not drink liquor but if he had wine she would like that. Cole brought her a glass of a wine given to him by a friend. Kent made the stuff from canned grape juice and 190 proof grain alcohol. Kent mixed three parts grape juice to one part grain alcohol, it was strong enough to knock a woman's panties of he said.

Cole asked if she wanted to call anyone and let them know she was alright and to come and get her. Peggy said that there was no one to call.

Cole asked her if she wanted to call the Birmingham Police and tell them what had happened. Peggy asked what she could tell them that they could not get off the video tape from the camcorder in the store.

While Peggy sipped her wine Cole bathed the mud and cow crap off her feet and legs. He removed her feet to a dry towel and got clean water. That time he scrubbed with soap and a soft cloth. Cole did her hands and arms. Peggy was pretty drunk from her wine by then, she asked if he could do the rest of her body, it felt so good. Cole laughed and promised "Some other time maybe."

Cole left her and found a pair of his sweats she could sleep in. He made Peggy stand while he took her dress, bra and panties off and got her in those sweats.

When Cole did not have company the only part of the house that was heated and cooled were his bed room and the living and dining area. Peggy would have to sleep with him. He half carried her to his bed. Peggy snuggled in and was sleeping before Cole could slip his pants off. Cole got in bed with her and dozed off. An hour later Cole had a message from his bladder that he must piss. When he came back to bed Peggy slid tight against him and placed his hand on her tit. Cole went back to sleep thinking about how good that tit felt.

Cole woke at five A.M. his usual time to get up, he knew it was Saturday and he could sleep late if he wanted. Cole slipped into his pants a flannel shirt and a pair of western boots. He put the coffee pot on and got the morning news on the tube.

A disorganized weather front west of Birmingham last night had made up it's mind. It was a full blown winter storm now. There was already an accumulation of ice and sleet and roads were being closed. Everyone was warned to get ready for power outages and heavy snow. Interstate Twenty and Fifty Nine was closed west of Birmingham due to ice and sleet. Temperatures were predicted to go to zero by night fall. They would get no higher than twelve to fifteen degrees for the next five days.

Cole cut the TV off and opened a drape, sleet was coming down outside. He had put out hay for the cattle the day before, enough to last them over the week end. He thought he better put out more now before the weather got worse. Cole put on a pair of insulated coveralls with a fleece lined hood and insulated boots. He found his lined gloves and a flannel lined rain suit with a hood. Two hours later Cole was back, he was cold but the cattle were assured of feed for the next ten days.

Peggy was up and sipping coffee on the couch in the living room in front of the fire. She said "Bad out there, why were you out in that?" Cole told her what he had been doing and asked if she had heard the forecast. She had not and Cole told her what was coming, Peggy commented that she guessed he would not have a chance to get rid of her for a while now.

Cole and Peggy put together breakfast, after clean up Cole and Peggy sat at the table and he assured her that even if the power went out they were in good shape. Cole told Peggy that there was a month's supply of wood on the screened in front porch, he had kerosene heaters and candles and propane camp lights. The stove in the laundry room was gas and they could cook on it. Water would be a problem if the power was out, the well pump would be off. He said he had filled a one hundred gallon stainless tank in the attic before he left. There would be plenty of water for drinking and cooking from it. Cole told Peggy there was plenty of food on hand and two freezers nearly full in the garage.

Cole said there would be no way to bathe until the power was back on if it went out. He suggested that he fill the whirl pool tub in the bath and that he finish washing her body like she had asked the night before. Peggy blushed and said she would like that.

First though Cole took Peggy to a bed room in the unheated part of the house. He had her help him take a large trunk to in front of the fire in the living room. Cole told Peggy that when his mother passed away a year before his sister had packed most of her clothes in that trunk. He had never gotten around to disposing of it.

Cole said that after they had their bath she could see if there was anything she could wear in the trunk.

Cole started the tub to filling, he dumped in a small bottle of bath oil. He knew it would take ten minutes to fill. He returned to Peggy in the living room, she was standing at a front window looking out. She turned to Cole and said "If I had not found you I might be out there some where dead." "I am grateful to you for saving my life." Cole kissed her for the first time, the kiss was passionate.

They undressed in the bath room and got in the tub. Thirty minutes later they could wait no longer, they dried each other off and raced to the bed. Sex lasted for over two hours, first it was a savage thing then a tender loving thing. Cole found Peggy to be the most accomplished in sex of any woman he had ever met. She was eager to do anything he wanted. She had many huge gut wrenching orgasms and was insatiable.

After Cole was drained they had a shower to rinse off the sweat.

When they were through they returned to the living room dressed in clean sweats. Cole opened the trunk for Peggy. On top there was a tray with under wear, Peggy said "The bra sizes are mine and the panties are my size." She said "I can wear all of the socks and hosiery."

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