Bounty Hunters

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: They take her bail jumper husband back to stand trial and take her and her mother in because they are broke.

Bradley Parker lived in the near desert east of Carson City Nevada. He had no neighbors for several miles. His massive stone house had been built as a mine building during the mid-eighteen hundreds when the gold rush was in full bloom. The place was built as a strong defense against claim jumpers and robber gangs. Brad had bought the place in 96, he had become tired of being a big city cop and decided to become a Bounty Hunter. The money he made on his first few apprehensions of bail bond jumpers went toward improving his house. It was a thing of luxury when he was done. Brad paid to have a power line brought to his house. That let him have phone service.

The place had a well when Brad bought it, after several rains the water got muddy, Brad had a deep well drilled and had an unlimited source of clear cold water.

The building had been built near the edge of a canyon, the old mine tunnels were below it. The excavated rock had been dumped over into the canyon bottom three hundred feet below.

By 98 Brad had finished his house. He had never had a guest there, when the urge to enjoy a woman's company came upon him he would go to Reno and spend a few days with one of the thousands of prostitutes. He felt no desire for a permanent relationship.

Brad returned from a job in Los Angeles with a bond jumper, he turned him in to the Sheriff at Carson City and drove his weary butt home.

It was early in the afternoon when he drove up to his house. He had company. A new looking four wheel drive F250 four door pickup was parked in the shade in the front yard. A guy was in a folding recliner next to it. He was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. He was camping and had been there several days.

The visitor grinned and said "You must be my uncle Bradley Parker, If you are I am your brother's son Hubs Parker."

Brad had attended his brother's funeral eleven years before, was this the skinny wimp of a kid he had met then? Hubs was as tall as Brad was and filled out and all muscle now. He was even better looking than his father had been.

Brad asked what Hubs was doing out this way. Hubs said he had just taken a discharge from the Marine Corps and was bumming around before finding some kind of job and settling down.

Brad invited Hubs into the house, he told Hubs he had been away on a job for six days.

Brad got out beers, Brad chugged his first one down. Brad asked Hubs what he had done in the Corps. Hubs replied he had been a hand to hand instructor and a M.P. his first enlistment. He had been sent to Bosnia first then to Afghanistan second during his next enlistment. He said he was burned out with the 'killing' and not able to understand saving Moslem asses in Slovenia and killing them in Afghanistan.

Brad told Hubs that those leaders of our nations had to be smarter than we common men because they all said they were. Both Brad and Hubs agreed that a lot of them were lying.

Brad brought in his things from his truck, he asked Hubs if he was staying and if so to pick anyone of the other bed rooms he liked and move in. Hubs thought he might like to stay a few days and moved his few belongings in. That few days stretched into a month.

Brad and Hubs became close, they liked each other.

Brad shot a few rounds once a week, he told Hubs he needed to stay in practice. Brad found that Hubs was just as good with firearms as he was.

Hubs fixed the lawn tractor and began to mow the lawn once a week. Afterward Brad would turn on the irrigation system and water the lush sod. Hubs began planting shrubbery and Brad's house yard took on the look of an oasis in that stark landscape.

Hubs had been living with Brad a month when a call came in on a special cell phone early one morning. Brad answered and walked out on the deck near the canyon rim. Hubs saw Brad take out a note pad and write details down. After several minutes he cut the phone off and gazed at the canyon bottom.

Brad came back in the house and asked Hubs to join him at the kitchen table.

Brad said "Hubs I am going to have to be away for a while, that call was business." He went on to say "I am a Bounty Hunter, I make my living by finding bail bond jumpers and bringing them in." Brad told Hubs that he had hundreds of 'Snitches' all over the country. Those people got a share of the bounty when they gave Brad enough information to find a wanted fugitive. Brad said he would pack now and leave. He invited Hubs to stay on at the house while he was gone. Hubs asked if Brad could use some help, he said he would be glad to go as 'backup'. Brad took him up on that.

The call was from a bar in Del Rio Texas. Brad said the guy in Texas thought he had a line on a James Barton. Barton had fled before trial on a charge of bank robbery. There was a half million dollar bond on him. Brad would have to make his deal with who ever wrote the bond.

Brad got into his computer and found the proper program. He asked for information on James Barton. A mug shot came on the monitor and all the information on the bail jumper followed. Ace bonding of Sacramento California had written the bond.

Brad called Ace bonding. He talked to a Mr. Swartz, Brad told him he may have a lead on one of their 'jumpers'. Brad named James Barton. Swartz asked someone for a file. In a minute he was back on the line, he said his company had written a five hundred thousand dollar bond on the man. Brad told Swartz his fee would be two hundred, fifty thousand for bringing Barton in. Swartz agreed and Brad promised to be back in touch. Brad printed four 8 x10 color photos of James Barton before shutting down the computer.

Hubs asked Brad when he wanted to leave.

Brad told Hubs to get ready, he could be ready in ten minutes himself. Hubs packed two sets of jeans and shirts with clean shorts and sox. His small bag with a shaver and morning things went in the tote bag with his spare clothes. He was ready in five minutes with a small gun case.

Brad asked what was in the gun case. Hubs told him, a M16 with four thirty round clips and a short 12ga. Shot Gun with a box of buck shot.

Brad asked "No hand gun?"

Hubs held his thin denim jacket open and displayed a S&W 9mm semi in a quick draw shell holster.

Brad told Hubs he was fully dressed.

They loaded up in Brad's P. U. and left.

Brad drove until he was tired, Hubs finished the trip to Del Rio. Brad directed him to Stan's Saloon. There was only one bartender on duty and two near drunk cow hands at one end of the bar.

Brad asked "You Harvey?" The bartender admitted he was. Brad said "You gave me a call this morning, we came on down to see what you had for us." Harvey told of a young girl coming in each week, she would get there at eight on the dot and have a beer. She came on a Wednesday or Thursday evening each week. In a few minutes a guy would join her, finish her beer, and they would leave. Harvey said the girl looked out of place with a guy like that. The guy wore Mexican clothes and a sombrero. He looked like a Mexican range bum.

She looked like a Queen.

Harvey told of getting some new wanted posters and while putting them away taking a long look at the flier on Barton. It struck Harvey that with a thick handle bar on his lip he was the guy meeting the girl each week.

Brad took out a mug shot and altered it with a felt tipped pen, like this he asked Harvey. Harvey added curled up 'Rat's tails and widened it a bit and said "That's him." Brad said "If he is our man and we pull off a good snatch, our cut is a quarter of a million, you get ten per cent Harvey when we get the money. Harvey was all smiles.

Brad and Hubs left and had dinner. Brad thought they should return before seven thirty, they could look the place over after dark. Brad reasoned that it would be better to take James Barton outside before he joined his lady friend. It would be neater that way.

Just before eight an old VW bug drove in to the parking lot and parked near the street. A young lady got out and looked around. She went in the Bar. A block down the street a junk pickup started and then drove through the bar parking lot.

Both Brad and Hubs had been hidden behind Brad's PU. They saw enough of the driver to be sure he was their man. Brad said "It's Barton, I will distract him at the door if you will send him to the 'Land of Nod'.

Brad slipped into the covered recess at the door, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his prick.

Brad stepped out into the dim light and began to piss as Barton got near. Barton stopped, saw what he thought was a drunk cow hand taking a piss and started toward the bar again. His hand was on his gun under his jacket. Brad asked "You think I could bum a cigarette and a light mister?"

Barton wanted to get away from a crazy drunk cowboy. He took his hand off his gun, took out a pack of cigarettes and held them out for Brad. Hubs was behind Barton then, he swung a mighty blow with his hand gun into the top of Barton's head. It was all over then. They threw Barton into the bed of the truck and pulled out. Two blocks away Brad pulled in behind a empty building and they prepared Barton for a long ride. Brad put hand cuffs on his wrists and pulled his arms to a eye bolt under the tool box and at the front of the bed. Leg irons secured his feet to another eye bolt at the tail gate. Barton was secure for that long trip to Nevada. They hid him from sight by snapping a rubberized canvas cover over the bed.

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