For Her

by AdamA

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Not a story as such, but a description of two people alone in a room.

I lead you into the room, the light flickers once and then springs to life illuminating the sparsely furnished room. There is a single cushioned chair in the center, which I lead you to. Taking a seat, I pull you down on top of me so you are sitting sideways, your left shoulder against my chest with my right arm supporting your back.

You feel my left hand take your right hand and slowly bring it towards my face. I turn it over, examining, it as if it was the first time I had ever seen such a thing. After opening up your fingers, I bring them close to my mouth. Delicately, I kiss the palm of your hand, and them move my lips to the tips of each finger.

I replace your hand gently in your lap and run my fingertips up you right arm to your shoulder. My hand makes its way over your shoulder to the base of your neck. I flatten my palm against your neck and move it up under your chin.

You feel me slide my hand down your neck as I press my lips lightly to the tip of your chin. Moving my hand back down your shoulder, I kiss and lightly tongue around your jaw line to just below your ear.

My left hand has now reached you right hand on your lap, and moves up slightly to rest on stomach. My fingers weave their way under your shirt and slip beneath it, pressing my warm hand against your stomach.

I kiss back around your jaw line, turning you head as I go, while my hand creeps ever higher. My mouth reaches your chin as my hand reaches the bottom of your bra, pausing only for a second before reaching up to cup your breast. I suddenly move my mouth up, engaging you in a full bodied kiss, while I run my hand around your breast in a slow circle.

I pull my mouth away from your lips, leaving you pouting into the air. Slowly, I move my lips up towards you eyes and gently place a kiss on each eye-lid. My left hand grazes your back as it moves up and under the back of your shirt. I move my mouth down from you eye-lid, to you cheek and press my lips lightly while I sneak my hand under the back of your shirt.

Reaching the cusp of you bra at the back, I unspring it in one twist of my fingers, releasing your breast in to my other hand. Moving the thin material of your bra, I finally cup your bare breast in my slightly cool hand, which elicits a small sigh from you, the only sound you had made so far.

My lips move down your cheek to your jaw line, where I delicately nibble the skin around to your ear. You feel the warmth of my hand move away from the undone clasp, tracing lazy circles down to the bottom of your shirt. I lightly kneed your breast as my other hand inches the hem of your shirt up your back, revealing the silky skin underneath. As my hand reaches the back of your head, you bend slightly forward so that I can move the shirt over your head.

Your hair springs out, covering your face as the shirt comes off your head, showering me with the magnificent view of your partially nude body. I increase the tempo of my kisses while I make my way behind your ear. This small distraction diverted your attention away from the shirt, back to your body.

Through the heat of the moment, you realize that your shirt and bra now lie on the floor at your feet, and my hand is back kneading your breast gently. My hand at your back grasps your shoulder and leans your back towards me, while my mouth leaves your ear and settles lightly on your chest. Slowly, with little kisses and nibbles, I make my way down to the edge of one of you heaving breasts.

Your breathing picks up as move my mouth across your breast, my hot breath washing over your sensitive nipples. A wet warmth closes over your nipple as I take you into my mouth, sucking gently and teasing your flesh with my teeth.

While I gently suck at your breast, you feel my hand cup your other breast. Your nipples respond by hardening in my mouth, and peaking out through my spread fingers. My other hand walks up and down your spine, eliciting small tingles up and down your back as I continue to pull and tease your nipples.

I raise my head off your breast, and take my hand from your breast, moving it under your knees. Standing slowly, I support your body in my arms and lower you tenderly to the floor. The soft carpet reaches up to caress your naked shoulders, and your legs a gracefully skewed to one side.

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