Covet Thy Neighbor's Ass
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The neighbor lady was pregnant and her husband had lost interest. I tried to help. Reluctant at first, her passion soon erupted like a bottle of champagne.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Cheating   Cuckold   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Lactation   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Once in a while comes a perfect day, and this one was looking good for it so far. It was late March and yours truly, John Leven, had three days off in the middle of the week. No particular projects that HAD to be done, though God knows, there were plenty that could be taken care of... Well fuck that! Some serious goofing off held far more appeal.

My life was going just fine and the prospect of a few free spring days had me in a fine mood. All this was simmering around in my teeny little brain as I was jolted midstretch by the sound of my neighbor's slamming door. I had awakened about ten minutes earlier with an aching erection. Now I couldn't decide whether to get up and take a whizz or jack off.

The slamming door puzzled me. It was unusual for Jerry and Louisa to make much of any noise at all. They generally tiptoed around and were very loath to do anything that might disturb the peace.

It was the peace I thought of, rolling over and closing my eyes again and gently thrusting against the mattress. This action did nothing at all to diminish my arousal so I rolled back over and reached down to take matters in hand...


"Uh oh. What shithead's at my door at 8:30 in the goddamn morning," I muttered, jerking out of bed. I threw on a robe, and hesitated as I looked down at the tent my boner was making. Well screw it, they're the ones bugging me, I thought; let'em be offended.

I walked to the front door and opened it a crack. Oops! It was Louisa, and she didn't look too good. Ahh well, let me qualify that, she looked beautiful, but she'd apparently been crying. As my eyes drifted lower, I saw her boobs were unhampered by a brassiere. They moved deliciously to and fro as she shifted uncomfortably on my porch.

"Hi Lou! What's the matter?" I opened the door further and then remembered my 'condition', and kind of fanned the door and shuffled behind it. "Sorry. I'm being pretty lazy this morning."

She was totally flustered, "Oh God John, I got you out of bed. I'm so sorry!"

"Not a problem, I was just waiting for some motivation to get up. I should thank you in fact," I lied gracefully.

I noticed with a mixture of embarrassment and stimulation, that she was making an obvious effort not to look at the hill in my robe.

"Listen, the guys are coming from the thrift store to pick up our old guest bed, and Jerry had a little hissy fit this morning, and wouldn't help, and I can't move the damn thing by myself, and, uh, could you maybe give me a hand with it?"

"Sure I could. Just give me a second to get dressed."

She looked relieved, embarrassed, and I couldn't help noticing her nipples had perked up.

Jeans, t-shirt, and running shoes took me 30 seconds, and I was at her door in a couple of minutes. "What got Jerry's back up?" I smiled.

Oooh! Wrong thing to say!

Louisa teared up immediately, "Oh Christ! I don't know what's wrong with him! He's mad at me all the time. And I thought I was the one who'd be getting moody during pregnancy," she tried a little smile at that.

I eyed her belly appreciatively and smiled, "Well congratulations! I didn't know. It must be a while yet."

She actually smiled and shrugged, "Well August isn't all that far off," she hung her head, "and Jerry says I look like a cow."

"Oooh! He SAID that? He's lost his mind, or his eyesight. Or both," I laughed.

Louisa looked me in the eye smiling, and said, "You are really a nice guy, John. You know that? And now I'm going to repay you by making you work. Sheesh! How 'bout letting me make you breakfast after we're finished with the bed?" She reddened a little, "Uh, I mean getting the thing downstairs."

"Great! Let's do it." Now I turned red. "I mean bring the bed down!" Jeez, the innuendo was making me dizzy here, but it made Lou laugh out loud, and I took that as an improvement.

We scrambled up the steps and I followed her to the guest bedroom while she chatted about her plans to turn it into a nursery.

I took the opportunity to check out her rear end. It was displayed beautifully in a black skin-tight, knee length thingy, and there were no panty lines evident to my practiced eye. Louisa had a lot of Latin blood and with it came the small waist and round ass. She was fairly tall, only about eight inches less than my 6'2", and she couldn't walk without swaying that fanny if her life depended on it. I thought she might be moving it a little more than usual today. Women do that when they want to be noticed don't they? Like when a husband compares them to a cow? That probably calls for the sort of emotional salve that the attention of another man might provide. Hummm, Dr. Freud?

Now that I knew to look for signs of pregnancy, I could tell that she had put on a few pounds, but it just meant that she had a normal waist now instead of the perfect hourglass shape she'd had a few months ago, and her boobs had filled out dramatically. An image of her nipples all puffy and tender flew into my head. I tried (not very hard), to squelch the evil thoughts that bubbled up with these observations...

With some difficulty we got the bedframe through the door and down the stairs to the curb. Then the struggle with the mattress had us both giggling like teenagers.

"Whew!" said Louisa. "Thank you SO much, John. I've been trying to get that done ever since I found out I was pregnant."

" Ah, forget it Lou. You should have said something before."

"Yeah, well I figured my husband might do it, but if I waited for him the baby'd be sleeping in our bed," she said sourly. "Anyway. Breakfast!"

"You don't have to, you know."

"Oh I promise you, it'll be the highlight of my day. Come on in and let me get you a cup of coffee."

We walked back into the house and she poured me a large cup from the carafe on the kitchen counter. I sat on a stool on the other side while she gazed at me thoughtfully. " God it's nice to be around somebody who's not pissed all the time!"

This subject made me somewhat uncomfortable, but I was curious too. "So is Jerry not happy about having a kid?"

She busied herself with wiping an invisible stain from the counter, looking glum, "Well, he's not happy. Why, I'm not exactly sure, but he's made it pretty clear he doesn't find my pregnant body very attractive. Maybe that's all it is, I dunno."

This honestly bewildered me and I said, "I can't understand that. I always thought it made women extremely sexy."

She grinned, "Oh yeah? Is that what you were thinking about when you answered the door this morning?"

I smiled sheepishly, "Ahem! I thought I'd gotten away with that."

Louisa moved around the counter and kissed me gently, "I'm pregnant John, not blind, and by the way; you were looking pretty sexy yourself. Now what would you like for breakfast?"

She started to move away and I caught her around the waist and took a big gamble, "Well, since you ask; how about YOU, my dear? If your idiot husband doesn't appreciate such a spectacular girl, perhaps you could let me."

In the frozen silence that followed, the distant sound of a lawnmower seemed very loud. She was quite still, evidently fighting an internal moral battle.

I watched her, slightly ashamed that I'd folded on the moral issues without any battle at all.

"You know," she said quietly, "so far we've been flirting fairly harmlessly. If we go further it might be..." She whispered, "Bad."

My hands were still holding her waist, and I pulled her toward me and whispered, "Yeah it might be."

She wrapped her arms around me as I stood up, and we looked at one another for a moment. Perhaps pheremones pushed us into it, or just proximity. Whatever the reason, we both leaned into a kiss that went from zero to passionate in a split second. Her ass bumped the counter as I pushed against her, and my hardon was back with a vengeance.

"John, I don't think this is such a good idea," she gasped weakly and squirmed around breathing hard until she had her back to me, still against the counter.

I reached around and cupped her tits, squeezing gently, "No it's probably not, Louisa," I agreed quietly. "Us being neighbors and all." Her back arched and she thrust her breasts into my grasping hands and her butt onto my tented jeans.

She whispered again, "Oh God! That is SO nice!"

And just like that, her struggles ended.

She wagged that soft round ass against my crotch like a cat in heat, and I responded like a swollen Tom. I leaned into her, bent over under me, and ground hard against the cushion of her butt.

We straightened up and Jerry's lovely wife took me by the hand, bright-eyed with anticipation and breathing raggedly, " OK. You want to use that bed in the front yard?"

I love it when a woman wants it as much as you do, and can just make up her mind to be naughty. Smiling at her suggestion, I said, "Nope. I wanna use your dining room table."

Louisa groaned and knelt in front of me, fumbling with my pants. I helped her, and together we were able to free my swollen cock. It sprang out smacking her in the cheek and she sort of sighed warm air over it. Blowing softly on my dangling balls, she reached up and fondled my dick. "Ooooh, I'm going to enjoy this more than you know!" she murmured, holding it in both hands, and nibbling gently around the shaft. She left some lipstick on the edge of my circumsized knob. For some reason, that image was violently erotic to me, and I reached down and pulled her to her feet.

"Before you get that thing all wet and sticky, I want you naked!" I growled.

With that I pulled her blouse apart, shooting buttons all over the place. Dimly I heard one ping off the toaster as her tits danced into view. Oh my! What child wouldn't stop crying at the sight of those perfect globes? Her nipples were dark and long, and pointed straight ahead.

I noticed a few droplets running from the tips, and I ran my palms over them in awe and squeezed like I was moulding a clay pot. More fluid leaked out, and I realized with a start that she was already lactating.

Louisa looked down at my hands and moaned quietly, "that feels soo fucking good! Squeeze'em a little harder and you can have a taste of milk."

She was flushed and a little embarrassed at saying that, I think, but I could see that she was totally turned on by the idea of feeding me that way.

I went down on one knee and slurped a nipple into my mouth. I sucked my first taste of mother's milk in three decades, and it was fine! Very sweet and runny. She held my face in both hands and trembled as I suckled her. Slowly I ran my hands down to her hips to slide the stretchy pants down. They hung up on her butt, so I let go of her nipple to free them, gently squeezing her ass cheeks as I did so. Louisa had her eyes closed and her mouth partly open, but she came to then, watching me between those incredible tits. I focused on the rest of her as the pants slipped off and she stepped out of them.

This was one well put together woman! She was becoming noticably rounded in that female way; low on her abdomen. It looked incredibly hot to me. I wanted to stand back to look and step up to feel at the same time. Her pubic hair was black and plentiful, and kneeling in front of her put me face to face with it. I ran my fingers lightly over her mons and inhaled her scent. She was so wet that her natural lubrication was running down the inside of her thighs. I trailed my hand in between her legs and my fingers slid right into her warm vagina. She sagged against the table, reaching around with one arm to brace herself. A vase tipped over on the table and she shoved it off onto the floor. She lay back on the table and let her legs fall apart.

I yanked my t-shirt off and took off my shoes and pants on autopilot. I don't recall ever taking my eyes off her. There was a chair beside me, so I pulled it over and sat down between her legs which she dropped over my shoulders.

The thought that a brief grace might be appropriate here almost made me laugh, but I managed to stifle it.

Louisa's cunt was a thing of beauty. Her lips were very pronounced and now spread apart by her fingers idly swirling around her clitoris. I could see why they're referred to as a 'butterfly'. She had dropped an arm over her face like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. She was obviously not used to displaying herself so wantonly, even though doing so had clearly excited her enormously.

I leaned into her muff, pushing her hand out of the way, and sucked one of her lips into my mouth running my tongue gently over it. She jerked like she'd been shot, and clamped her thighs around my head. I licked the swamp in between her thick labia, and she tightened her legs around my head and raised her ass off the table.

She craned her neck and looked shyly at me, saying softly, "That is so incredible! Jerry's never done it to me. Is it alright?"

I ignored that amazing revelation about her husband, and without taking my eyes from the prize, I said, "Lou, it's a lot better than alright. Are you comfortable?"

"Yeah, I'm - Ooohhhh... !!" She hissed as I buried my face in her pussy. It was so slippery, I could slide from her anus to her clit with ease. I can really get into cunnilingus, and this was a wet beauty spread out for my enjoyment. Her clitoris had swelled to a very impressive length, and I soon took it between my lips and sucked it back and forth. Louisa's hips were moving around, trying to maintain as much contact as possible with my mouth, and her thigh muscles began jerking as she peaked. I backed off her clit to try to hold her there for a minute, and she pulsed a little urine out! Wow! It was a first for me, and without hesitating, I lapped it up. It tasted different from her other secretions, and seemed to enhance her womanly odor. I was powerfully turned on, and pushed her thighs apart, slurping furiously. I brought one hand to her ass and gently pushed my forefinger into her anus as I sucked and licked her clit. Her stomach muscles rippled and she grabbed my head with one hand.Her other was busy pulling on her right nipple. Louisa opened and closed her mouth silently, and then she groaned long and loud. She remained rigid for several heartbeats, then shivered delicately and went limp.

" Ohhh God! You can do anything you want to me, anytime." she said softly, looking at me in amazement.

My face probably looked like a glazed donut as I grinned at her. "Watch out lady, I might take you up on that! But right now I'm gonna slip into this luscious pussy."

"Oooh! I was hoping you would! Are you gonna do me on this table?"

"Unh unh. I want you to stand up, hold onto the sink, and watch Mr. Harriot mow his lawn."

"Oh my God! He'll SEE me!"

"He will not. The goddamn sun's right in his eyes. Do it!" I urged.

She got up, leaving a big wet spot on the tablecloth and hesitantly stepped over to the sink, peering out the window.

"Oh man, this is so nasty. You bad boy!"

But she was smiling over her shoulder and waving her ass at me. Her eyes widened as she took in my straining cock, and she wet her lips, "You sure you don't want me to suck on that big thing a little bit?"

"Baby, if you put your mouth on it now, I'm afraid I'd choke you."

I pushed down on her back and fondled her hips softly, "Stand on tiptoe for a sec."

Holding my dick, I slid the head around in her sloppy muff till it was nice and slippery. She helped by wiggling her bottom gently. I lined up carefully between her big lips. "Now down."

"UMMM! Sooo niiiice Johnnie!" She drew out my name as my penis slid all the way into her slick tunnel. Louisa arched her back in that fetching way she had, and moved her ass in a broad circle. I could hear her juices squishing around as my hips slapped her butt cheeks. God she felt good! Her labia actually enveloped part of my scotum when I was all the way inside her. My balls were warm and happy, and my cock was positively ecstatic. I knew I wasn't going to last long.

I grasped her hips firmly, and pulled way out till just the head was inside her. She moaned in frustration and pushed hard off the sink, sticking her fine ass way out, the cheeks parted obscenely. I enjoyed the view of her wrinkled little pucker, briefly thinking about the 'anything' she'd mentioned, then pulled her back onto my cock quickly. I used my grip to fuck her rapidly and deeply. She began a low wail as another orgasm started. The forgotten Mr. Harriot paused behind his lawnmower and squinted at the window, as I thrust up tight against her cheeks and lost it. My sperm bathed Louisa's womb while she rocked her ass sensuously against me, moaning her pleasure. When I was able to breathe again, I leaned over and gently kissed her on the shoulder.

She sighed her contentment, "You were thinking about sticking it in my ass, weren't you?"

"Guilty as charged." I smiled down at her.

"Well I've never done it, but the idea isn't totally unappealing. God what a nasty girl I am!"

I straightened up, and pulled out of her, which released a load of our mutual juices. A large dollop of come fell on the floor between our legs while more ran down her inner thighs.

She giggled, remaining on her elbows at the sink.

"Boy you ARE," I laughed and slapped her ass, "BAD girl!"

Louisa stood up and shivered, stepping close to embrace me. She whispered in my ear, "I haven't been laid in so long I can't remember, and I have NEVER been fucked like that!" She pulled back and looked at me, "I meant what I said, you know... Anything." She looked meaningfully at me to emphasize the point.

I couldn't help but play with her then, "You mean... ANYTHING?" I did my Groucho eyebrow thing.

She hit me on the arm, and allowed that she might change her mind since I was such an asshole.

"I have to pee, but I'll be right ba -- "

The phone rang at that moment, nearly giving us both heart attacks. And incredibly, she picked it up!

It occurred to me, that I should keep in mind that I was naked with a slippery, freshly fucked, half hard cock in my married neighbor's kitchen. Not exactly the soul of discretion...

Louisa was apparently talking to a girlfriend. She immediately adopted that hipshot stance, leaning on the counter, which told me that this was someone she was comfortable with. I was amazed at how fast she shifted gears from passion to more mundane chatter.

"Perhaps", I thought lecherously, "this is an opportunity".

I slipped close behind this now oblivious woman, and put a hand on her belly while my dick nestled between those taut cheeks. She looked at me questioningly, as my hand found her sopping pussy and searched out her big clit. Louisa gasped and her eyes went wide.

"No no, I'm fine. Just stubbed my toe." she said into the phone. The barely audible voice on the other end made sympathetic noises. Her hand clutched my wrist as she gave me a severe look. She might as well have dumped gas on the fire. I backed up slightly in order to run my other hand between her cheeks which earned me another look. Louisa was grinning and shaking her head back and forth as she tried to elude my grasp, but I had her at my mercy now. She huffed and squirmed as I stroked her clit between thumb and forefinger, trying to keep her voice steady. As she pulled away from my teasing fingers, I slid a finger partway into her asshole.

She yelped. "Aahh, oh!" More questions buzzed from the other end, "Yeah, well I'm a little untogeth -- Ooohh!" I 'd slipped my finger all the way into her butt this time, and was continuing my frontal assault. She knew she was in trouble.

I said in a stage whisper, "You'd better haanngg uuuup!"

She said shakily, " Bert, let me call you back, OK? I just spilled coffee everywhere... OK sure... Bye."

"Oh man! You are so bad!" she scolded me, setting down the phone.

It's hard to look contrite for a woman whom you have skewered as I did, but I gave it my best shot, as I fiddled with her clit and continued goosing her. She was panting loudly and moving her hips forward and back, first onto one hand and then the other.

"Baby you're gonna make me do it again, and I've got to pee! I'm gonna..." her voice rose an octave. Suddenly the dam broke and she was trembling all over. Urine splashed on the linoleum floor in jerky spurts while she made a noise of pure sensation.

"Aaahhhh... oh oh... ahhhhh." Louisa gave up trying to control it, and pissed in a large arc on the floor, the chair I'd been in, even getting some on the table.

It was by far the most sexual experience of my life, and I was right on the edge of squirting on the floor too. I found I could make her stream go in a complex helix by diddling her overloaded clitoris. As she slowed to a dribble, she sank to her knees to swallow my slick cock. Her tongue bathed me expertly, as I thrust firmly into the back of her throat. She was looking up at my face trying to gauge the moment of my climax.

It was imminent, and breathing hard, I said, "Now, baby!"

Even with the warning, my first spurt took her by surprise, and she coughed, jerking her mouth off my prick, and opening her eyes wide. Another healthy shot caught her square in one open eye and she flinched sideways, trying to blink it out. Then two more streams of the white stuff coated her right cheek, and ran down her jaw. My final twitch hit her smack on the lips as she turned back to me. Her tongue snaked out to lick the come off her lips, and she gobbled my dribbling penis back into her mouth with a muffled groan.

I surveyed the scene in the kitchen with some amazement as Louisa softly sucked me clean. There was piss everywhere. A busted vase on the far side of the dining table. Her torn blouse was soaking up various secretions on the floor as were my clothes and shoes which she had soaked liberally with urine, and several buttons were scattered about, one floating on a large glob of sperm on the counter. The counter?

Finally Louisa let my wilting member slip free, and stood shakily, making her way cautiously to the sink, a hand over her eye. She splashed water in her face and looked at me, dripping both water and semen.

"Goddamn we made a mess!" I said in wonderment.

As our eyes met we both began giggling hysterically. I had tears coming out of my eyes as she nodded happily, "Sure did! Want to do it again tomorrow?"

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