Taste Of Sweetness

by WickedLady

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Food, .

Desc: Sex Story: Waking up to find you cant see anything but darkness...Your body restrained...

I fall in to a dreamless sleep.

Waking to find I cant move.

Nor can I see... my arms and legs have been tied to the bedposts...and my eyes blind folded.

I sense your presence near.

I feel your breath in my ear as you whisper... "Relax and enjoy ".

I feel your fingers lightly touching me all over...your fingers brush against my nipples...making them get hard at your touch...your hands lightly brushing against my neck...brushing over my stomach...then down my thighs.

I feel your lips on my nipples...your tongue licking all around them...teasing them with your tongue.

Then sucking them in your mouth...biting them lightly... causing me to arch my back...wanting more of your mouth...but you pull away.

I feel your tongue on my neck as you lick and nibble it.

Your mouth covering mine...your tongue sliding between my lips...playing with my tongue...you don't let your body touch mine...but I can feel the heat from you.

I feel your tongue slide across my slit.

I raise my hips to your mouth but you only slide your tongue along my lips...teasing them.

I feel myself getting wet...your tongue moves downward...licking and teasing my ass...moaning softly.

You know I am getting so aroused...your tongue goes back to licking across my slit...you taste my juices.

I feel you move...and your mouth is on my nipples, biting them I feel you insert a finger in me.

Feeling how wet I am...moving it in and out slowly... moaning.

I feel myself getting tight on your finger...your biting my nipples a little harder now...they are on fire from your mouth...my body straining to touch yours...but you still keep yourself out of reach.

I feel your tongue back down on my slit...your tongue licking between my lips.

Tasting my juices.

I am begging for your tongue in me...but you tell me not yet.

I feel you move from me.

I feel your lips on my mouth.

Your tongue in my mouth.

I can taste myself on you.

I feel you move away from me.

I hear your footsteps walking away.

I hear you rummaging in the kitchen.

I can hear you walking back towards me.

I feel something cold dribbling across my chest...and down my belly.

And all over my pussy.

I feel your finger across my mouth...my tongue darting out licking your finger...hmmm I taste peaches...you take the peach half and rub it across my pussy lips.

The coldness of it making me tremble.

I feel your tongue licking all around my breasts...licking up all the juice...you sucking my nipples so hard making me moan...your tongue licking down my stomach...you feel me trembling under your tongue...you slide your tongue further down...licking the juice from my slit...your tongue teasing my now throbbing clit...my juices mixing with the juice from the peach...you suck my clit in to your mouth...causing me to arch my back as I moan louder and louder.

Begging for your tongue deep in me...but you wont let me have it yet...your tongue teasing my lips.

I am straining to your mouth...your driving me crazy...your tongue teasing my ass as I squirm against you...begging for you to plunge your tongue in me.

Your hands under my ass...your fingers teasing it.

You plunge your tongue deep in me.

I arch up hard against you...my pussy getting so tight on your tongue as you plunge it in and out...my legs straining to wrap around you...your tongue plunging in and out deeper.

Sliding across my clit.

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