Jungle Treatment

by Mad Gerald

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Lactation, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A witness report filed by Sergeant Michael Sands of the Irish Rangers concerning the events in Sierra Leone in September 2000 when he and other UK personnel were held captive in the village of Masuri in central Sierra Leone. This concerns the treatment during captivity of Captain Jackie Ward.

© 2000

This is a witness report filed by Sergeant Michael Sands of the Irish Rangers. It is compiled concerning the events in Sierra Leone in September 2000 when he and other UK personnel were held captive in the village of Masuri in central Sierra Leone.

This concern the treatment during captivity of Captain Jackie Ward, Jackie is a Territorial Army medical officer with the British Army in Sierra Leone, a blonde statuesque nurse of 24 years, she is very polite, kind and gentle, Jackie was a big girl, she was 6 ft in height, and naturally muscular. She was also quite shy. With a beautiful face and huge blue eyes, she was definitely pretty with a wide pouting lipped mouth. It was her truly enormous bust line that got her noticed. She had got pregnant off another doctor back home in Lincoln and sadly lost it.

It left her depressed with heavy milk laden tits. Then she was ordered to Sierra Leone in support of the UN peace effort there. She was relieved as it meant getting away from it all. A change as good as a rest.

She travelled to Freetown first, the capitol of Sierra Leone. From there she went on with a detachment of Irish Rangers to Masuri.

There she found an orphanage run by beleaguered locals. The war had caused lots of Orphans. Especially babies. She had long been teased over the freakish size of her breasts... And now she was wet nursing! Jackie found herself able to assist as a nurse and wet nurse to the babies on the ramshackle wards. Her breasts reacted quickly and within days she was producing gallons of milk which she used to good effect feeding up as many hungry mouths as there were.

The Hospital and Orphanage are a collection of colonial buildings set in a valley on the edge of a river tributary, it is between the road from Freetown and some Mangrove swamp land. The main building is the hospital, which has a compound to the front. This is surrounded by an open school house to the right, the Orphanage to the left.

Two store huts face it off set to the right. The compound is approximately 40x40 metres, with a large light supported on a thick metal flag pole about 15 Metres from the front of the store huts, one of which houses the generator for the hospital and compound. Across the road is dense jungle.

We had three Landrover's. There was Captain Ward, myself and another seven rangers and two male medics. I set up a 2 hour guard roster with a point of entry guard at the entrance to the compound. The climate was tropically hot, really humid and close.

Then in the middle of the night RFU Rebels attacked and killed the two rangers on point. They quickly overran the compound and took us prisoner as we leapt from our beds. They ransacked the hospital, The surviving Rangers and staff were herded into a hut.

One of the medics quickly told me he had last seen Captain Ward in the hospital ward she was grabbed from behind, unaware at first who grabbed her and was roughly pulled around, her face slammed into the concrete wall. Strong, powerful black arms had rammed her into the wall twice to daze her. She had been spun around just in time to catch a dark blur as a hand came up across her face.

Only Captain Ward was singled out it was obvious why. I managed to get to a hole in the lower wall of the hut we were locked in. Outside Three Rebel guards stood. I looked out between their legs on the compound. It was the early hours of the morning.

The compound was lit by the strong electrical light on the metal pole, it lit it harshly. That and fires that had started during the looting. I could hear some of the female staff screaming and sobbing as they were raped in the school house.

The place was quietening down when I heard a huge uproar, as a hoard of RFU troops, including 2 officers, dragged someone, a blonde woman, into the compound. It was obvious that they were all very excited about this woman. In fact, it took the Rebel Leader himself to break up the chaos. As he pulled them away and regained order I realized it was Captain Ward.

You could see that the soldiers regarded her as their most exciting trophy. The horde crowded in on Jackie, Salivating over her impossible figure, impatient to rape her.

The Rebel Leader stood in front of her grinning. he was an imposing figure, dressed in army style boots, camouflage trousers and a black Nike vest. He wore a pistol in a holster and a large combat knife strapped to his thigh. He had a riding crop in his hand which he used to pose with. His hair was cropped short. His face creased with a livid scar from below his left eye across his lips to his chin.

Captain Ward was shaking, dressed in her combats. Boots, trousers, green army t shirt stretched tight over her huge chest. She looked dishevelled. Her hair still partly tied up in a bun at the back. a livid bruise stood out on her cheek.

"Hey bitch take the uniform off! take it off now whore!"

He had a thick south african tainted accent. She stared at him defiantly,

"I will not I am a British Officer and should be treated in accordance with the... "

"SHUT UP YOU WHITE SHIT!!" he screamed at her.

She swallowed the rest of her words and looked fearfully at him.


She began to pull her t shirt out of her combat trousers... I was almost deafened by the troopers uproar, they watched as she struggled the shirt over her head, revealing her straining white cotton bra which cupped both heavy jugs tightly. Both huge mammaries bulged out over the top.

She went to undo her trousers, her face crimson with humiliation.

"No Bitch get those tits out first, tits first you hear!"

She reached behind her and undid the clasps. As Jackie's ridiculous breasts spilled out from her nursing bra. The troops went crazy chanting and whooping. Two soldiers grabbed Jackie, and wrenched her arms behind her back, making her stiff globes wobble and shake stiffly. They held her as two others cut her trousers off. she struggled and screamed "NO!" as they tore her white pants off.

She stood silently now naked but for her boots and dog tags, Her tall body tanned on her face, arms and in a 'v' down into her cleavage. Her tits were two massive weighty globes of hard flesh, her aureole two large coral disc's mounted by her semi erect pinkish nipples. The rest of her seemed startlingly white. Her strong legs fattening as the went up to her chubby dimpled arse cheeks. As they held her arms behind her back. Her big eyes darted helplessly over to the hut were I looked out as if she could see me; she looked at me with nothing other than a face of sheer terror.

Rebel Leader approached Jackie. Now exposed and vulnerable, her giant milk laden breasts hung down to her groin! With a shaking voice, Jackie attempted to reason with him,

"Look sir, Hello, my name is Captain Jackie Ward, I work in the hospital here. I'm a medical Officer, I can help your men, treat them, treat your wounded, I'll be no use to you once you've, you've... (She faltered) Please, PLEASE let me go! Please!"

"Once we've played with your big udders cow?"

"Don't call me that, I'm a British Army Officer, I demand to be treated correctly as a Prisoner of War!"

Rebel Officer stood over her, but did not answer her. Instead he sneered and began comparing her to a cow.

"Well, you don't look like a fucking soldier to me. You look like a big fat titted cow. Does your British Army feed it's Officers grass?";

" They should hang a bell around your neck cow! Where is your bell? a cow with such big udders should wear a bell? so they can find you at milking time"; the others jeered and laughed.

She looked at him with horrified disgust. shaking her head.

"Do you feed the army kitchens with milk each morning for your tea?";

"Now look I..." she stammered

"Or are you too busy playing with your udders in bed?";

"Don't be so disgusting!"

"Would you like us to tug on your udders? My men are hungry would you like to feed them?";

"No I would not!"

"I bet your big fat teats are sensitive huh? when was the last time you had them sucked, or bitten?".

There was much more like this for a while, each comment being received with gleeful cheers. It was typical of Jackie that she actually tried, obstinately, to answer his wicked questions.

Then the Rebel Leader's face took on a more evil look, and the background laughter eased a little.

"Can you guess what we are going to do with you?" he said menacingly.

Jackie gasped shaking her head, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Can you imagine what we are going to do to those breasts?!!"

Uproar from the surrounding ranks. He prodded each heavy boob with the riding crop. Jackie was breaking down; tears were flooding, and after a series of little squeals, she began pleading to him.

"Oh no please don't hurt me, please don't, please; I beg you!"

SLAP!! He hit her once only, then leaned down to her tearful face and boomed out.

"Hold her hands out!".

Jackie's arms were forced forward, wrists together, the muscles on her arms stood out. The rope that hung from the metal pole which supported the light was dragged over and was quickly lashed around her wrists, in an instant her arms were whipped up above her head as the troops yanked the rope down on the other side of the pole.

Her tits bounced and slammed together, the stiff heavy flesh white and glistening with sweat in the humid jungle heat.

"P-please, oh god... Why? Why are you doing this to me? Please l... let me go."

She was now on her tip toes her army boots lifting from the floor. her legs kicked and shook as nearly the whole of her weight went on her wrists. The rope was tied off.

"OH GOD what are you going to do please! PLEASE DON'T!!"

Their leader was given some red cord, 'para cord' from our stores. He grinned at her concerned terrified face. Then he slapped her big globes back and too, she trembled and tried to pull away. He wrapped the cord around the base of her left breast. He dragged it tight pinching her flesh as the cord tightened, forcing the breast up into a huge taut balloon.

"NOOOOOOOO Please, no please don't" she begged.

He twisted it round and round then he passed it around her back and lashed it tightly around the base of the other. He yanked it viciously making Jackie scream and kick. The troops laughed and jeered. them all stood around drinking and laughing. He tied the rest of the cord around her waist and went to squeezing each turgid breast.

"Stop it please... don't! please stop it!"

Jackie sobbed and gasped as he drew his fingers down each swollen milk laden jug. Her aureole were now full dark thick circles, her nipples two half erect thickening studs.

"You're hurting me please don't!"

Each breast was pulled in at it's root making both into two very fat elongated rugby ball shaped orbs crowned by her dark bloated goose fleshed teats. He flicked and pulled her nipples slowly enjoying the way she squirmed and writhed as he teased them into harder and harder nubs.

He grinned at her studying her anguished face. She looked on horrified biting her lip as he wrapped more of it around the mid portion of one dragging it tighter and tighter until she began pleading and sobbing as fore milk began to seep from her distended nipple. Then he did the same around the next bulged area of tense flesh.

"What are you going to do? please no!"

He chuckled and grinned at her as he drew it tighter and tighter as she stamped and squealed in pain. grinning he tied it off. Then he repeated the process with the other. I could see Captain Wards breasts clearly under the light. Two bloated swollen slabs of tit flesh, jutting out of her heaving chest begging to be sucked.

He patted and pawed each weighty globe, admiring the thick veins which were struggling to support her deep dark aureole and bloated teats.

I could see the colostrum leak from her breasts saw the increasing distension of her teats, he lightly touched each fat stud. She wanted to feed, desperately, an awful intense need. You could see it in her face, betraying her. Letting slip that she was desperate for let down, eager.

"Are they sore Brit whore? are they tender?"

"Yes yes they are!" she spat.

"They are very full, do you want to be suckled like a big Moo cow?"

He squeezed them hard. She shuddered and almost feinted from the rush as milk dribbled from each stiff nipple. He squeezed them cruelly trying to crush her breasts his thick black fingers digging deep into her hard white flesh.

"Yes YES! they are, please don't it hurts, HURTS!!" she complained.

He pulled them harder making her almost lose her footing. Both heavy jugs stretching cruelly as he grinned into her pained face. Her nipples were two thick elongated corks now.

"Moo for us cow, Moo to get your calves to you, like the big uddered heifer you are!"


He twisted and tugged them, squeezing her tits up almost to his face. She looked so expectantly as his mouth neared them and then pulled away.

"Moo for us!" the ranks giggled as she squirmed.

"Moo for us!"

He insisted his fingers pulling and shaking each bloated hard jug. She swallowed hard, tears rolling down her face.

"MOO!" she said her face flushing bright red.

He laughed and the others chanted.

"Moo cow, moo cow, moo cow"

"Louder Cow!"

He pulled and twisted her mammaries cruelly She sobbed and then shouted.

"Moo, MOOO! MOOOO!!"

His fingers squeezing and pulling in turn as he started to milk her like a heifer.

"That's a good cow, good cow!"

Thick streams of white liquid began welling up from her nipples, spilling down to run over his fingers to drip from the undersides of her monumental mounds to run in rivulets down her muscled belly.

"Moo, MOOO! MOOOO!!" she wailed.

He began to swipe his mouth over each teat in turn, dragging each teat back and too as he teased her bound jugs. Kneading them with terrible pressure, dragging the flesh toward his mouth.

"MOO... OH God, GOD!!... Suck! Suck them please you bastard, suck!"

Jackie's breasts erupted, at least a half dozen needle thin streams of hot milk sprayed out from each thick nipple, arcing out and splashing across the grinning rebel Leaders face and chest. bursting between his fingers.

"Moo you fat cow MOO!!" he urged her.

"MOO... OH God, MOO, MOO!"

He grinned a look of explicit glee in his eyes as he began making hard milking motions on both swollen heavy streaming breasts. I could see her whole body flexing and snatching her hips thrusting out of control as her cunt demanded attention.


His fingers digging deep into the hard flesh of each, squeezing, twisting, pulling, seeming gallons shot forth. She struggled and squirmed as he pulled her breasts making them squirt and squirt as she let out anguished moan after moan.

"MOOOO. Oh God please please it hurts. hurts so good!"

The torrent continued unabated. She was groaning and shuddering completely transported by the ecstatic feelings of sudden release, as she squirted and moaned.

"Mooooooo! MOOOOOO!"

While she was in the throes of let down some of the Rebel troops brought out two poles which they positioned and then drove into the floor of the compound on either side of her.

The Rebel Leader let go of her breasts and his men grabbed her legs and forced them up and wide.

"No don't stop, NOOOOOO!"

She fought madly, her strong legs straining and twisting in frantic desperation as they tied her knees to each pole. and her ankles. Subsequently forcing her to be suspended, sat in the air, legs spread wide, her wide chubby arse vulnerable. Her blonde haired cunt helplessly exposed.

Captain Ward was looking at their Leader with defiance staring at his grinning visage. You could tell, the way this filthy animal was looking at her made her feel so vulnerable... so DIRTY. The fact she was naked, vulnerable, I'm sure that's what made her shudder.

"You are now going to have your big fat tits milked and tortured, then you will be raped, both front and back, if you struggle and fail to please any of my men they will be cut off!!"

"No please you can't mean that! please I'll fuck you I'll be good I... I can suck you off. please.Sir?"

He smiled and nodded, laughing as his troops surged toward their prize. They seized her bosoms fiercely, causing a loud squeal from Jackie, and soon came the first spurts of her breast milk. They viciously milked both huge glands with their hands, while more Rebel soldiers attacked her cunt and ass.

Her body jolted and she screamed as rebels knelt behind her and yanked her big bum cheeks wide open, fingers seeking and finding her tightly clenched butt hole. Dragging her cheeks cruelly apart as they wormed thick fingers into her squirming ass, pushing into her anus. Forcing one then two fingers in.

"No not my bottom! Please don't! NO MY BUM!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Milk was now splashing everywhere. Jackie was now sobbing and screaming freely, as yet more assailants closed in on her: a mass of frantic hands mauling her lush breast flesh.

Her bosoms were milked, punched, stretched and chewed. She was forced to helplessly watch as they fought to breast feed from her. Her assailants gnawing, biting, pulling and sucking her fat nubs. Making her beg and plead, as they made their faces wet with her gushing milk.

Her heavy bound chest dangled before them vulnerably. She squealed and howled shaking and jolting her body quite violently as her asshole was invaded by more eager digits, thus making those breasts swing about wildly, inevitably resulting in great slapping wet collisions.

"STOP THEM! no not my bottom, please" she wailed.

Over Jackie's whimpers, the RFU Rebels laughed uncontrollably. In this position, her vulnerable jugs, ass and cunt were not safe for long. I watched as one hauled out an impressive thick long black cock and began to force feed it up her swerving ass.


As she was sodomized, her hands clenched and unclenched wildly in the air as the cramps tore up her insides.


She lunged forward screaming as it went in, bending with her tight reluctance as he viciously made it go in. Her strong legs straining and twisting against the bonds that held them to the rigid poles, muscles standing out as she fought to stop them invading her butt. She threw her head back her white teeth gritted as she snorted through the pain as her ring gave and gave, his fat black snake rippling into her quaking ass. You could see from their movements they were forcing fingers up into her cunt. Ramming them up into her.

There was a soldier raping her big ass, two more biting and sucking on her bosoms and another roughly fisting her cunt!!

"OH GOD you dirty black bastards, bastards!"

Soon her muscular frame was being repeatedly sodomized. One after another big black niggers shafting her helpless fat ass. The air full of her squeals, screams, constant begging, with a background of hard brutal squelching as her ass was speared time after time.

"Ooooh UHHH my god not so deep please!"

I could see her ass crack was smeared with her shit. Thick black fingers dragging and pulling those big white cheeks wide, her anus open, semen coating the inner walls of her buttocks. It dribbled out of her. Another pressed the thick pink slab like head of his cock to it, and forced it in, semen and shit oozed out of the sides as he grunted with effort pressing it up into her bowels with his fingers.

"OH please it's too big, TOO BIG!!"

Milk coursed from her tits as they gave up feeding from her and one stood before her and forced into her cunt. slapping and mauling her tits as he pounded up into her helpless form. Another forced into her ass and she wailed and shrieked as they packed her full of cock, slamming in unison up into her snatching sweat drenched body.

Her high pitched screams grated on my ears at first, she was very high pitched, but they blended well now with the more primal lower tones as more and more of her was opened up and violated.

That was when they made her cum, I could see by her movements and the way she began to urgently force back against their viciously brutal thrusts, getting faster and faster, she began to curse them as if in a chant

"Bastards! Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!"

Her arms twisting and hands gripping the rope as her sobbing chant became a shriek of animal lust as her body stiffened and jolted going rigid between them as she climaxed, straightening her bound legs as both rapists simultaneously jetted their loads up her.

The rebel behind her wrenched his cock out of her ass, more semen spurting up across her flexing bum cheeks as shit and cum fell out of her gaping arse hole. She wailed as the other pulled out leaving both holes open dripping semen.

In moments two more were filling her holes double fucking her with brutal efficiency. I lost count of how many of the bastards raped her cunt and ass. Eventually she was hanging there limply groaning as rebel after rebel emptied his seed in her.

As the raping frenzy was dying down, there was a slight hiatus, during which time, Some of them lowered her arms. One of them grabbed her shoulders and dragged them forward. I could hear little sobs and squeaks from Jackie, as they chatted in there native tongue as if what they were doing was an everyday occurrence.

He held her bent forward. Another lashed more rope around one knee, over her back to her other, he pressed it under the joint and drew it tight before tying it off. Now she was leant forward helplessly her cunt and ass open from the back. Her pendulous breasts hanging like two great bloated melons, her head hung down. she groaned as they finished tying it off.

The Leader grabbed her hair and dragged her head back, he held it while they tied more para cord to her hair, this held her head back tightly. He let go of her hair and went behind her.

He felt her reddened buttocks squeezing and testing them. then he pushed his cock into her ass too. He took his time slowly forcing his snake up up her well lubed shit chute. He had managed to force the head of his cock in her rear, and he was grunting, trying to ram all of it the rest of the way in. Slowly it disappeared, inch by inch inside Jackie's ass. She screamed and gurgled the entire time it passed through her asshole, painfully stretching her abused sphincter until the Leader's forearm thick ten inch cock was completely buried inside her rectum.

Jackie was moaning and grunting in hysterical panic from being so savagely stuffed up the ass by this massively thick piece of cock meat. He forced the last inch or so in and with her gasping in pain he began to ram deeply into her bowels, grunting as he sped up.

"Oh shit you bastards" she hissed, panting.

He had hold of her shoulders slamming into her splayed asshole, viciously reaming her squelching shitter. he forced deep so his pubes were against her white quivering cheeks. then he stayed there rotating his hips grinning, enjoying the tight heat of her narrowing guts. He pulled all the way out, jamming his cock back into her clutching ass, watching the way it rippled as it disappeared into her tortured hole.

Jackie was thrusting her hips back to meet every ass flattening blow from his muscular loins, her eyes wide, she began to let out a heavy moan. She sped up slamming back at him, her breasts banging back and to beneath her as she went rigid squealing as she came again. Their laughter stinging her ears as she shuddered to a halt.

"Oh yes, do you like having your ass raped Captain? My men enjoy your ass bitch, and so do I, there is nothing like butt fucking some high and mighty white whore, is there guys?"

They all cheered him on. Jackie lifted her head grimacing.

"Please I'm sore, it hurts... please?"

"Oh dear we don't want to spoil our new fuck toys ass now do we, shall I give her ass a rest boys?"

They all grinned and agreed.

He pulled his cock out and walked around to the front of her, his cock was a thick hard pole of dark meat rearing up at the end, smeared with her shit and the semen of all his men.

"I'll tell you what Moo cow you suck our cocks clean and we'll leave your ass alone, what you say bitch?"

She looked at him in total disgust and shook her head, clamping her mouth shut tight.

"Look see, you've got shit and cum all over it the least you can do is clean it!"

He pushed it to her face showing her the mess it was in. Her big blue eyes widened it horror and disgust. she shied away from it, terrified.

"Open your mouth Captain! clean my cock cow!"

She shook her head pulling it away, her mouth a thin line.

"Looks like we need my persuader, where's my persuader boys?"

One of them raced over to some packs and brought back a thick length of rubber hose, the kind that you have between radiators and engines. Jackie looked fearfully at him while he hefted it.

"P-pleaseeeee... I can't" She started to beg, through trembling lips. She tried to look through her tear filled eyes at the big man stood before her to see if he had any mercy for her, but all she saw was his huge, twelve inch, black cock aimed at her face.

"You ask to suck my cock cow, ask to clean it!"

"Please I'll be sick, I can't, No!!"

"Perhaps this will change your mind bitch!"

Without warning he began kicking at her sensitive pendulous hanging tits. again and again his boot smacked into both weighty targets. Jackie screamed and shrieked as he kicked her swollen jugs. Milk sprayed out with each impact.

He stopped and swung at both bouncing tits with the hose. The noise it made as it hit her tits was almost as loud as the scream she emitted. He laughed in sadistic glee as her jugs were belted back and too.

Jackie thrashed in her bonds screaming in agony as he vigorously whipped her giant tits. Both heavy mammaries started to redden with the marks he was leaving.

Whapp! WHAPP!! went down on her tender engorged bags, both volumous balloons smashing into each other, swinging to and fro under the blows. He rested panting and laughing as she shuddered and flexed her arms sobbing painfully, her tits were welted grotesquely across both globes

"Ready to suck cock now cow?!"


He lashed her left tit with the hose using a Vicious sideways swing, then backhanded her heavy right breast.


Her tits swayed wildly on her torso while she screamed and twisted, her head wrenching on her hair as she grimaced in and howled in pain. Her arms twisting and pulling frantically at her bonds, as her large jugs were batted around obscenely. I'm not sure which she hated more, the pain or the humiliation.


He laughed and beat her tits one way and then the other with the heavy hose. For about 15 minutes he continued the torture of her tits, while she screamed and twisted.

Eventually he stopped, she hung there gasping and wincing in agony. her tits were red raw, and dripping milk from each swollen bruised teat.

"You're going to suck me, cunt."

She started to gag as he offered the slab like head of his meat to her face. He grinned down at her, he held it before her quivering spit flecked lips, The look of revulsion on her face was delicious.

"Stick your tongue out, that's it, now lick it cunt! LICK IT!"

She shut her tear soaked eyes and with her face betraying her utter humiliation she pushed her tongue out and lapped at the thick head that had only just come out of her arse.

"That's it, open wide, there"

He forced it up her tongue and into her mouth, filling it and forcing her to widen her jaw as she was forced to start sucking his shit smeared cock.

"That's it bitch... Don't gag, suck like a good cow?"

Jackie was soon drooling out of both corners of her packed mouth as he forced himself in making her lips open wider to take in his big tool. He shoved his tool in her mouth. He made sure she knew that he was going to make her deep throat him.

"You're going to feel every inch of my cock you whore."

He was brutal to her. Squatting in front of her upturned face, he jerked his hips, impaling her throat with his fat ten inch cock. Jackie struggled, but there was nothing she could do. she was callously throat fucked by his full ten inches ball deep all the way. Jackie tried to pull away from the big, powerful black man but all she could do was hang there submissively and suck cock until he was satisfied and let her have his cum.

Jackie looked so ashamed as she was made to suck his filthy cock.

He grabbed her ears like handles and jerked his hips forward, making her gag and choke, wanting to hurt her, wanting to make her pay for interfering in his war. Again and again he rammed his turgid cock against her throat, her body brutally pinioned between the two poles, until she gagged violently and he pushed hard into her face. Seeing his cock slide down her pulsing throat, his hips slamming into her face, a feeling of power overwhelmed him as he took this British Officer whore before him.

I could see his cock was completely buried in her throat, his balls resting under her chin his troops gathered round watching as she began to struggle and go blue. He gasped laughing as he must have felt her throat spasm around his tool.

My cock was straining hard in my pants as I watched his cock start to stab in and out of her throat, fucking her face brutally, violently. He looked down at her head as he slammed his hips into her face again, his cock throbbing in her throat as he fucked her face. You could see a a grin of lust and hate twisting his lips as he looked down at her, bucking and gagging around his shaft.

He pulled out momentarily and lunged, driving into her throat again. He fucked her head like that for ten minutes or so. Making Jackie choke on his thick veiny black rod. Eventually he couldn't restrain himself.

"Swallow you bitch swallow!! Ahhhhhhhhh!"

He didn't pull out of her. He left his throbbing, ejaculating cock buried deep inside Jackie's throat while he emptied himself into her belly. You could see her gagging and choking as his hot sperm spurted deep down inside her. You could see he was loving it. The feel of shooting his jizz deep in her throat.

He jerked several times as he continued to come; glob after glob of thick, slimy sperm gushed out of his cock. The first couple of spurts filled her throat so he pulled back an inch or so, then rammed forward, Her cheeks blew out then sucked in as he shoved all that sperm down in one, almost solid mass straight down her throat.

He came for a long time, and had to "plunge" cum down her throat three more times.

"That's it, whore. Take my cum down your throat, ahhh!... ahhh!... yes... yes... swallow it, cunt."

When he finished he extracted his cock leaving Jackie gasping to breathe and coughing up white sticky sperm, gooey jism surging out of her nostril's as she tried spitting it out of her mouth. He laughed at her as she choked,

"what's the matter whore, too rough?"

"UHHH... UHHH you... you filthy UGHHH!!"

Another stood in front of her head, pulling it up by the hair he then forced his entire cock into her mouth with a grunt. She gags but does not fight him.

"Yeah, whore!" He growls. "Choke on me!"

Her face flushes dark red and she makes a gagging sounds as his cock shuts off her trachea blocking the air supply into her lungs.

"Bitch... fuckin' bitch."

He pounds her face holding her head still as he uses her face like a cunt, slam fucking her throat, he's at it for ages. Then he gasps, going on tip toe. He steps back, pulling out of her as a stream of thick white cum laced drool spills down her chin.

"Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming on this whore's face!"

He shouted as jet after jet of semen flew from his spasming cock, The others all laughed and cheered as gouts of cum splattered wetly on her cheeks and lips, covering her eyelids, draping themselves in her hair and down her forehead. Cum flew into her gaping mouth as she gulped in air.

One of the rebels got behind her and shoved his cock into her cunt he started fucking her fast and hard. Another pushed his ass soiled cock to her mouth and he shoved it straight in her nose was mashed straight into his pubes as they spit roasted her. Gurgling and squirming, She was trying to jerk her hips away from the thrusts, desperate to lessen the pain of the brutal fucking. But it was useless.

The cocks were just too large and the fucking too violent.

All of them were rough with her. Wanting to degrade and hurt her as much possible, they kept forcing their large cocks full up her stretched aching cunt or entirely down her throat.

Grabbing the back of her head with their hands and jamming her down on their cocks until her lips touched the base. Leaving their pricks lodged in her throat, they cheered as she gagged and choked with the effort. As each man ejaculated down her throat or in her face, they cursed her, and swore at her in their own thick dialect.

Roughly grabbing her by the back of her head another began to violently fuck her face. I could hear the slapping noise of her forehead hitting his belly and her grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat.

"Suck it you Brit slut! Take it all you whore!"

He fucked it with quick deep stabs. She was gagging and choking, her nose was mashed tightly against his belly when he finally came. Cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and shot from her nose. Thick strands of it dangled from her lips and chin. The guy kept fucking her face and seemed as though he'd never stop. Sperm dribbled down her neck. When he pulled his dick out of her mouth, she fought for air and coughed up more cum that was lodged deep in her throat.

"No more please please!" She begged hoarsely.

The leader went to her head and dragged her face up, her features were glazed with sperm, she blinked glaring at his grinning face.

"Ok Bitch, We'll stop, you tell me how many British troops are between here and Freetown?"

"I... I don't know, honestly I don't!"

He grinned at her and chuckled. "Joseph?"

"Yeah boss?" said one of his men.

"Do you think the men will enjoy dis bitch havin'a jog round the compound?"

"Sure boss, sounds fine!"

They quickly untied her legs, arms and hair. They dragged her to her feet. Joseph and two others tied her elbows tightly together behind her. Then they forced her up on her feet.

She stood there her tied back blonde head bowed her shoulders dragged back, arms cruelly lashed together. Her breasts stood out impressively two tightly constrained fat Zeppelins of taut fat flesh. Her teats two thick ruddy nubs poking out of her dark coral aureole. They pushed and manhandled her. As she was shoved her massive jugs shook and bobbed stiffly, her nipples leaking milk.

Each drop of milk dribbled out and ran down the pressured expanse of the front of her turgid globe to sit under the fat shelf and drip from the thin para cord which bit deeply into her pale breast. The drips landed on her high leg boots. Her dog tags dangled between her heavy tits, gangling as she moved.

They all gathered around her, squeezing her tits and butt, slapping and pinching. Jackie looked around her in terror as she saw some of them produce bayonets and machetes.

"Please leave me alone!"

"Run Moo Cow, run or we cut your udders off!"

"Run where? please"

Strong fingers grabbed her fat tits pulling them out a long glinting Bayonets perilously close, a sea of malicious grinning faces.

"RUN COW!!" they shoved her and pushed.

Jackie stumbled her breasts bobbing free of their grasping fingers. She turned desperately glancing about. Her heavy bound tits bouncing hard against her ribcage. She began to run as they laughed and gave chase. They laughed and jeered as she fled.

"Stab her tits! STAB THEM!!"

Jackie wailed in fear and ran toward the entrance to the compound. Her strong legs quickly picking up pace. Some of the rebels headed her off grabbing at her. She wailed and stepped past their outstretched arms. Now they were surging after her.

Her big tits were bouncing and slapping hard together as she swerved to avoid two more of them, a knife slashed alarmingly close. She side stepped again screaming as a machete slapped the side of her left jug.

They caught up with her, crowding round as she waddled as fast as she could, her colossal swinging bound bosoms were pricked and slapped by bayonet, and machete, milk dribbling from her nipples.

The rebel leader looked on grinning as she was subjected to this public humiliation in the compound, she was encouraged by slaps, shoves and bayonet to "run" naked around the compound for their entertainment until exhausted she was pushed in front of their leader.

"Jump up and down Moo cow, JUMP!!"

Fearfully she complied as they forced her to jump up and down her big boobs slamming up and down while she wept and sobbed. Her body was dripping sweat and she was panting heavily. The rebels laughed and joked. Each time she slowed they threatened her with their knives and fearfully she resumed jumping up and down shaking her bouncing tits for their entertainment.

The Leader barked orders and she was grabbed and held. Some of them dragged a table out of the school house and she was forced backwards over it. Her arms trapped helplessly under her. Her arse on the edge of the table. Men grabbed her legs and fought them open. They held her ankles to the legs on either side, while they were lashed there.

"I'll ask you again cow! you tell me how many British troops are between here and Freetown?"

"I... I told you I don't know, honestly I don't!"

Some of his men were toying with her tits, pulling and tugging on her stiff nipples, the huge globes were weeping blood in places from small cuts from her run. Another man held her backwards by the shoulders.

He grinned at her and chuckled. "Joseph?"

"Yes boss!"

"See if you can get your hand in her cunt!"

"My pleasure!"

"No please, don't!!" she squealed.

Please, you can't. It'll never fit."

"Oh, It'll fit. Eventually."

"It won't! You'll hurt me."

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