Jungle Treatment

by Mad Gerald

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Lactation, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A witness report filed by Sergeant Michael Sands of the Irish Rangers concerning the events in Sierra Leone in September 2000 when he and other UK personnel were held captive in the village of Masuri in central Sierra Leone. This concerns the treatment during captivity of Captain Jackie Ward.

© 2000

This is a witness report filed by Sergeant Michael Sands of the Irish Rangers. It is compiled concerning the events in Sierra Leone in September 2000 when he and other UK personnel were held captive in the village of Masuri in central Sierra Leone.

This concern the treatment during captivity of Captain Jackie Ward, Jackie is a Territorial Army medical officer with the British Army in Sierra Leone, a blonde statuesque nurse of 24 years, she is very polite, kind and gentle, Jackie was a big girl, she was 6 ft in height, and naturally muscular. She was also quite shy. With a beautiful face and huge blue eyes, she was definitely pretty with a wide pouting lipped mouth. It was her truly enormous bust line that got her noticed. She had got pregnant off another doctor back home in Lincoln and sadly lost it.

It left her depressed with heavy milk laden tits. Then she was ordered to Sierra Leone in support of the UN peace effort there. She was relieved as it meant getting away from it all. A change as good as a rest.

She travelled to Freetown first, the capitol of Sierra Leone. From there she went on with a detachment of Irish Rangers to Masuri.

There she found an orphanage run by beleaguered locals. The war had caused lots of Orphans. Especially babies. She had long been teased over the freakish size of her breasts... And now she was wet nursing! Jackie found herself able to assist as a nurse and wet nurse to the babies on the ramshackle wards. Her breasts reacted quickly and within days she was producing gallons of milk which she used to good effect feeding up as many hungry mouths as there were.

The Hospital and Orphanage are a collection of colonial buildings set in a valley on the edge of a river tributary, it is between the road from Freetown and some Mangrove swamp land. The main building is the hospital, which has a compound to the front. This is surrounded by an open school house to the right, the Orphanage to the left.

Two store huts face it off set to the right. The compound is approximately 40x40 metres, with a large light supported on a thick metal flag pole about 15 Metres from the front of the store huts, one of which houses the generator for the hospital and compound. Across the road is dense jungle.

We had three Landrover's. There was Captain Ward, myself and another seven rangers and two male medics. I set up a 2 hour guard roster with a point of entry guard at the entrance to the compound. The climate was tropically hot, really humid and close.

Then in the middle of the night RFU Rebels attacked and killed the two rangers on point. They quickly overran the compound and took us prisoner as we leapt from our beds. They ransacked the hospital, The surviving Rangers and staff were herded into a hut.

One of the medics quickly told me he had last seen Captain Ward in the hospital ward she was grabbed from behind, unaware at first who grabbed her and was roughly pulled around, her face slammed into the concrete wall. Strong, powerful black arms had rammed her into the wall twice to daze her. She had been spun around just in time to catch a dark blur as a hand came up across her face.

Only Captain Ward was singled out it was obvious why. I managed to get to a hole in the lower wall of the hut we were locked in. Outside Three Rebel guards stood. I looked out between their legs on the compound. It was the early hours of the morning.

The compound was lit by the strong electrical light on the metal pole, it lit it harshly. That and fires that had started during the looting. I could hear some of the female staff screaming and sobbing as they were raped in the school house.

The place was quietening down when I heard a huge uproar, as a hoard of RFU troops, including 2 officers, dragged someone, a blonde woman, into the compound. It was obvious that they were all very excited about this woman. In fact, it took the Rebel Leader himself to break up the chaos. As he pulled them away and regained order I realized it was Captain Ward.

You could see that the soldiers regarded her as their most exciting trophy. The horde crowded in on Jackie, Salivating over her impossible figure, impatient to rape her.

The Rebel Leader stood in front of her grinning. he was an imposing figure, dressed in army style boots, camouflage trousers and a black Nike vest. He wore a pistol in a holster and a large combat knife strapped to his thigh. He had a riding crop in his hand which he used to pose with. His hair was cropped short. His face creased with a livid scar from below his left eye across his lips to his chin.

Captain Ward was shaking, dressed in her combats. Boots, trousers, green army t shirt stretched tight over her huge chest. She looked dishevelled. Her hair still partly tied up in a bun at the back. a livid bruise stood out on her cheek.

"Hey bitch take the uniform off! take it off now whore!"

He had a thick south african tainted accent. She stared at him defiantly,

"I will not I am a British Officer and should be treated in accordance with the... "

"SHUT UP YOU WHITE SHIT!!" he screamed at her.

She swallowed the rest of her words and looked fearfully at him.


She began to pull her t shirt out of her combat trousers... I was almost deafened by the troopers uproar, they watched as she struggled the shirt over her head, revealing her straining white cotton bra which cupped both heavy jugs tightly. Both huge mammaries bulged out over the top.

She went to undo her trousers, her face crimson with humiliation.

"No Bitch get those tits out first, tits first you hear!"

She reached behind her and undid the clasps. As Jackie's ridiculous breasts spilled out from her nursing bra. The troops went crazy chanting and whooping. Two soldiers grabbed Jackie, and wrenched her arms behind her back, making her stiff globes wobble and shake stiffly. They held her as two others cut her trousers off. she struggled and screamed "NO!" as they tore her white pants off.

She stood silently now naked but for her boots and dog tags, Her tall body tanned on her face, arms and in a 'v' down into her cleavage. Her tits were two massive weighty globes of hard flesh, her aureole two large coral disc's mounted by her semi erect pinkish nipples. The rest of her seemed startlingly white. Her strong legs fattening as the went up to her chubby dimpled arse cheeks. As they held her arms behind her back. Her big eyes darted helplessly over to the hut were I looked out as if she could see me; she looked at me with nothing other than a face of sheer terror.

Rebel Leader approached Jackie. Now exposed and vulnerable, her giant milk laden breasts hung down to her groin! With a shaking voice, Jackie attempted to reason with him,

"Look sir, Hello, my name is Captain Jackie Ward, I work in the hospital here. I'm a medical Officer, I can help your men, treat them, treat your wounded, I'll be no use to you once you've, you've... (She faltered) Please, PLEASE let me go! Please!"

"Once we've played with your big udders cow?"

"Don't call me that, I'm a British Army Officer, I demand to be treated correctly as a Prisoner of War!"

Rebel Officer stood over her, but did not answer her. Instead he sneered and began comparing her to a cow.

"Well, you don't look like a fucking soldier to me. You look like a big fat titted cow. Does your British Army feed it's Officers grass?";

" They should hang a bell around your neck cow! Where is your bell? a cow with such big udders should wear a bell? so they can find you at milking time"; the others jeered and laughed.

She looked at him with horrified disgust. shaking her head.

"Do you feed the army kitchens with milk each morning for your tea?";

"Now look I..." she stammered

"Or are you too busy playing with your udders in bed?";

"Don't be so disgusting!"

"Would you like us to tug on your udders? My men are hungry would you like to feed them?";

"No I would not!"

"I bet your big fat teats are sensitive huh? when was the last time you had them sucked, or bitten?".

There was much more like this for a while, each comment being received with gleeful cheers. It was typical of Jackie that she actually tried, obstinately, to answer his wicked questions.

Then the Rebel Leader's face took on a more evil look, and the background laughter eased a little.

"Can you guess what we are going to do with you?" he said menacingly.

Jackie gasped shaking her head, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Can you imagine what we are going to do to those breasts?!!"

Uproar from the surrounding ranks. He prodded each heavy boob with the riding crop. Jackie was breaking down; tears were flooding, and after a series of little squeals, she began pleading to him.

"Oh no please don't hurt me, please don't, please; I beg you!"

SLAP!! He hit her once only, then leaned down to her tearful face and boomed out.

"Hold her hands out!".

Jackie's arms were forced forward, wrists together, the muscles on her arms stood out. The rope that hung from the metal pole which supported the light was dragged over and was quickly lashed around her wrists, in an instant her arms were whipped up above her head as the troops yanked the rope down on the other side of the pole.

Her tits bounced and slammed together, the stiff heavy flesh white and glistening with sweat in the humid jungle heat.

"P-please, oh god... Why? Why are you doing this to me? Please l... let me go."

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