Catching Up

by April

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, DomSub, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A new incentive for balancing the checkbook.

Shay Roberts was preparing breakfast for her family. While she was checking the toast her hubby had went out to check the mail. He returned and had not said a word since. The kids ate and were out the door on the way to school, she sat at the table quietly watching her husband Jon, finish his coffee. He got up from the table grabbed his briefcase and left without saying a word.

Shay was stunned, why would he act like that she had not done anything to cause him to ignore her such as that. Shay got up and cleared the dishes from the table, as she was cleaning up she noticed the mail on the table where Jon had been sitting, she noticed it was a letter from the bank. Oh dear, not again, surely she had not bounced a check again, she unfolded the letter, she felt her heartrate double as she read the letter to her herself, she had not just bounced 1 check, but 3. She nervously cleaned the house, all she could think of was the event which happened over 6 months ago, she had bounced several checks, Jon had found out, she made a promise to him then, it would never happen again. And, now,... it had.

Shay tried to go about her normal daily routine, housework, run some errons and then pickup the kids. She ran to the grocery store and picked up a few things for dinner. She noticed Ken Wallace, the manager smiling at her, she smiled back and hurried on her way.

She ran by the bank, to make a deposit, on the way out she ran into Tom Reeves, the bank president, he smiled and said see you tonight Shay. Whatever did he mean, she smiled and went on her way. When she picked up the kids from school, the principle Steve Dalton, was in the pick up line he grinned at Shay as she drove past.

When they got home the phone was ringing so Shay ran to the den to answer the phone, the kids went in there rooms to watch tv, before they left for the weekend on the camping trip.

Hello, Shay said.

Hi, said Jon in a stern voice.

We have company coming to dinner tonight, Just place the lasagna in the oven I will tend to everything else when I get home. Oh and I bought you an outfit to wear it will be delivered at 4 this afternoon. Wear that nothing more. Jon said.

I shall, Shay replied.

Honey about the bank, Shay began...

NO... I will discuss that later, Jon barked as he hung up the phone.

Shay puts the Lasagna in the Oven, then goes to get ready for the dinner party. Shay is a very attractive women 29 years old 5'8, 128 lbs, long brown hair and deep brown eyes. She loves to catch men staring at her, she is quiet a tease.

The doorbell rang, as luck would have it the kids had left for their weekend trip. So Shay puts on her thin cotton robe and goes downstairs to answer the door. She opens the door and there is a plain brown box. She opens the box and finds a short skirt and top set and a card from Jon saying;


Shay runs upstairs dresses and finishes getting ready for the party. She heard the door slam downstairs, "oh at last, Jon is home", she thinks to herself.

There is a knock at the door and Shay runs down the steps noticing the skirt Jon picked out was very short, and the blouse was very low cut for a simple dinner party she thought. Shay opens the door and lets the guest in. Hello again Shay, remarks Ken, Oh what a great surprise Shay exclaims. Tom and Steve will be here in a few minutes, Ken replies. n. Oh come on in, Jon is in the kitchen have a seat in the den while I get him.

Shay runs to the kitchen, Jon, Ken is here " Shay yells.

Jon in a stern voice replies GO sit in the den, Shay.

Shay walks slowly back to the den and sits in the large overstuffed leather chair. She can feel the leather on her thighs. The thin material does not cover much, and Shay begins to try to pull the skirt down some on her knees.

Ken laughs at Shays obvious attempt to cover herself.

Oh Hi Jon, Ken said.

Ken, I appreciate this very much Jon remarks.

Oh, Im glad to help Jon, No Problem he grins and they both laugh.

Shay looks to Jon curiously as the doorbell rings, Ken will you let the guys in please?

Sure Ken replies, as he goes to answer the door.

Ok Shay, I know about the checks and everything, we had an agreement, and you broke your end of the deal. Now You are to do everything that is asked of you tonight, these guys have agreed not to charge the service charges or sign a warrant for your arrest for the bad checks.

Shay looked up at Jon, Oh But I... she started.

Jon grabs her by the chin and holds her face tight Oh But you will do as I say, Understand?

Shay answered, "Yes, Jon"

No, Jon said. Its Yes Sir, I understand!

Shay gulped, Yes Sir, I understand.

The guys returned to the den. Hello guys glad you could make it, Jon greeted.

Our Pleasure, Steve and Tom replied.

Jon pulls Shay and the chair to the center of the room.

The guys sit on the couch in front of her.

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