Everyone Loves Surprises

by Mesmer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two roommates cross the border between friendship and intimacy, finding comfort in the arms of each other.

Chapter 1

I think its safe to say that we're all had really close friends at least once in our life. You know the kind of friend that I'm talking about. That certain bud that you can tell anything and everything to.

And yet even to that person there are some secrets (skeletons in the closet if you will) that even they don't know. Yeah, I thought so.

Well, mine was a girl named Shannon and we had been best buds since before I could remember. We were the kind of friends who could sit together on a porch swing, not say a word, and be totally comfortable and relaxed. In fact we were so comfortable together that we had decided to share an apartment closer to campus and our classes.

And my secret was a rather extensive and complete collection of "entertainment" videos. Pornos to those with less sophistication. Like myself.

Personally, I was completely comfortable with keeping this little secret until Shannon came home from work one day, crying like there was no tomorrow. She threw her bag down next to the couch and flopped down beside me, wrapping her arms around me in a big hug. We just sat there, with the TV anchorman catching us up to speed on all the miseries of the world around us.

About an hour later a phone call startled the both of us out of our respective slumbers and caused us to disentangle ourselves in a very awkward moment. She looked at the phone very nervously and I noticed the tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

Interrupting the scene, I reached down and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I asked in a very level tone. The line was silent on the other end except for what sounded like very shallow breathing. "Hello? Is someone there?" I tried again. Again, silence. Getting frustrated I went to hang up the phone when I heard something from the receiver.

I picked the phone back up to my ear and asked, "What was that?"

"You heard me!! Who the fuck is this and where is that fucking slut, Shannon!!"

I must admit I was a little startled by this. But I wasn't going to let that keep me back. "What the fuck do you mean 'Who the Fuck is this'? This is Shannon's roommate, James. Who the fuck is this?!!!"

He was just then about to respond when Shannon snatched the phone from my hand and stormed off to her room screaming into the receiver. Slamming the door, she shut me off from her situation. So I sat there on the couch, pondering what had just happened, as I fell asleep on the couch.

I awoke almost an hour later to a light kiss on my cheek. Opened my groggy, half-shut eyes, I saw Shannon leaning over me. She was smiling through the dried up tears and running mascara, and her hair was in complete disarray. "Thanks for trying to defend me like that, James. You don't know how much that means to me," she stated.

I sat up on my elbows, expecting her to want to talk, but she pushed me back down to the couch and lay down next to me, pulling my arms around her. I began to ask her what was wrong and she responded simply with "Hold me. Just hold me." So I did, and we both fell asleep together on the couch.

The next morning didn't offer any new leads. Shannon was gone before I even woke up and a note on the fridge told me that she was out for the day and that she'd see me when she got back.

I had always wondered if it would be too weird if I told Shannon about my skeletons, because as far as I knew, she was honest about everything with me. But the Shannon that I knew was your average country chick, with the sweet southern drawl that goes with the image. How could I expect her to understand such desires? But with the previous night's events, I was starting to wonder. And I also wondered if it wouldn't make it easier for Shannon to open up to me, if I shared a secret of my own first.

I spent all day trying to figure out some way to bring my best friend into my private world, but in honesty, there really isn't any easy way to do it. Then of course there were the moments when my mind would wander back to the way I had felt as Shannon slept in my arms. I couldn't explain it. I had never thought of Shannon in a romantic way before, and it was a very unnerving sensation.

Then I reasoned that I was merely all worked up by the tension of the previous evening, so I decided to unwind with a little "entertainment". I perused my private collection and decided on a relatively nasty little flick involving anal sex. In the privacy of my apartment I could satisfy whatever sexual desires I wanted. And that was just how I liked it.

I set the movie on play and nestled up into the folds of the couch. The video started off rather action packed. A wily band of female cowgirls were raiding an Indian camp and were chasing women and men alike into the woods, as they charged on horseback. The scene then focused on a cowgirl who tackled a male Indian into some bushes, where he turned the tables on her and pinned her arms to the ground. Then the music started and I knew what was coming. Grabbing my dick in my hand I rubbed the head softly, trying to spread the precum around. Slowly I started stroking up and down the length of my dick, as the Indian male forced the cowgirl to deepthroat him.

Then the phone rang and I damn near ripped my dick off. There I lay, with my cock in my hand and my hand over my heart, and I couldn't help but let the answering machine catch it. Our silly greeting came on as we both interrupted each other during the message. Then I heard his voice again. It was the guy from the night before. I listened as he tried to explain about his wife and his situation. He tried to explain how he had been in need for love, and Shannon had shown that to him. How he had hoped that she would forgive him. Blah Blah blah. He carried on for what seemed like, hours, before he finally closed the message and hung up. I couldn't believe it.

By now I was completely out of "the mood" so I sat up from the couch and pulled my sweats up, heading to the bathroom. I washed and dried my hands, trying to piece together what I had just heard.

Then I was stopped short as I walked back into the living room to shut off the video. There was Shannon, sitting at the couch, staring at the TV. She had came home while I was in the bathroom and I hadn't even heard.

Slowly and carefully I crept down the hall towards the living room, but I don't think Shannon would have noticed if a Mac Truck had come crashing through. She was totally engrossed in the movie. Taking the initiative I stepped into the living room and stood in the doorway, startling her from the couch.

She stood up quickly and started to stutter out explanations "Oh my god, James. I just came in and sat down and I saw this on and I just... uh... I just."

All I could do was smile. Seeing my friend trying to explain herself to me.

She must have realized what I was thinking because she took a deep breath and smiled also. "So? This is yours huh? How come you never told me you were such a perv?"

Now I was the one with the speech impediment. I didn't know where to start. I tried to mutter a few explanations, but Shannon wasn't listening. She very purposefully walked over towards me and grabbed the bulge in my sweatpants.

"What do you say we give it a spin, hun," she teased as she grabbed me by the balls and looked back at the TV. I was speechless. And yet I managed a measly "Okay" before she wrestled me to the couch and began ripping my clothes off.

Caught up in the passion of the moment I never once questioned my actions. All I could think about was getting her clothes off as soon as possible. I fumbled clumsily with her bra like it was my first time. Giggling at my predicament, she reached around and helped me with the clasp.

Shannon had worked her way to my sweats by now and was trying to pull t hem down, but I had other things in mind. I lifted her up and set her back up against the headrest of the couch, and kneeled down in front of her. Tugging at the zipper of her jeans with my teeth I slowly opened her fly, and caught my first peek at her privates.

I gasped in shock. She was completely smooth. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea, and I was still a little shell-shocked from what I saw.

I guess I had paused for a lot longer than I thought, because Shannon spoke up. "Find anything interesting down there? Take a picture. It'll last longer."

With that said I chuckled and finished pulling off her jeans. With that done I spread her legs wide, across the couch, and found an even bigger surprise. The lower part of her clit, which had been covered by her jeans, was pierced.

"Just full of surprises, ain't you?" I whispered just before I lowered my mouth to her pierced lip and sucked on it.

With my first taste of her wetness I knew that I wanted her. Badly. But this was more than a simple matter of lust. I wanted this sweet little girl from my childhood more than I wanted anything else in the world. She started bucking at my face as my tongue traced the lining of her pussy. I could hear her breathing heavily and grinned slightly when she grabbed my hair and pulled me further into her pussy.

To tell you the truth I hadn't had much experience going down on a woman before, but I was doing my best to bring this girl off. I gripped her hips tightly and sucked hard on her little bud. I went at her sweetness, sucking noisily on her clit and tugging on her piercing with my teeth every now and then, when she suddenly began to sit up.

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